Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 8)


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Twinkle feels the pain but remains quite.. Kunj says have u left any option to me then y i shudnt b reactng this way.. U only wanted this soo fine.. Twinkle remains in silence .. Kunj realizes that with how much force he is holding her as now he could see the pain in her eyes.. He feels sorry and loosens the grip slowly..and says sorry i didnt meant to hurt u , he calms down a bit ..twinkle gets teary eyes.. Twinkle says i m fine by touching her arms as his grips were too tight for her .. She feels bad and leaves from there..
Kunj sighs that again he created a mess.. He talks to himself that how can he do that to her.. Looks at his hands..

On the other hand twinkle comes out of the college waits for some auto or taxi.. Kunj comes from behind and says come i have to drop u as uvi said..
Twinkle- i dont wanna go with u
kunj says again to come but she refuses..
Kunj goes near her .. Twinkle looks at him in surprise.. Kunj takes her hand in his ,calmly this time with care.and says by coming very close to her that even i m not interested in going with u but as ur brother told me to drop u so i have to complete my responsibility and u cant stop me from that. Twinkle looks at him ..they both walks till the car .. Hand in hand.. kunj looks at her with guilt.. but twinkle was not making eyecontacts with him…

Kunj opens the gate for her and constantly looks at her but she ignores…she sits ..he also comes in the car and starts driving ..both remain quite all the time.. when they finally reach twinkle’s home.. twinkle opens the gate …when kunj stops her by saying tw..wii..nkle..
Twinkle doesnot turns towards him but stops..kunj continues..
Kunj- im soo sorry twinkle..i really didn’t mean to hurt u in any way or at any time..i don’t know how..i lost my temper and…
Kunj wanted to say something but twinkle cuts his words.. and says its okay kunj thnx for dropping me..and she leaves without even looking at kunj..
Kunj feels real bad..and thinks I have to do something..


Twinkle gets home feeling sad about whatever happened and climbs up to her room..leela comes looking for her..
Leela-twinkle puttar?
Twinkle was sitting quietly looking outside her window..
Leela-arey tu aithe h or m harr jagah dhundh lia tere waaste…
Twinkle- (comes into senses) haa maa kuch kaam??
Leela- haa puttar I wanted to tell u that this year also family sports function is happening in our society .. in which even we have to participate…
Twinkle then forgets everything and gets excited about the program
Twinkle- sachi maa
Leela- haa puttar dekh ye card abki baar volley ball ka match h .. and in each team two family will b participating…
Twinkle—okay that’s nice..volley ball I so love it.. maa yaad h I have so many trophies from volley ball matches that I won
Leela – yes puttar how can I forget that that’s y only, I came to u first ..
Twinkle – great mom it will b so fun..


Amaya, kunj and usha

Amaya- bhai , v vl b participating in society volley ball match where in, in each team two families will b there
Usha- bdiya, haina kunj??
Kunj- kya ??
Usha- kunj puttar tera dhayan kidher h ?
Kunj _ realizes and comes to senses- oh yea mom it will b fun..
Amaya- hna bhai, and u know what which all families are participating?
Kunj – tell me (starts to think if twinkle’s family will also partipate)
Amaya- umm malhotra’s , arora’s , aggarwal’s , us ….
Kunj – bs?
Amaya- kyu is their some one left? (in a teasing mannner)
Kunj – no I mean just aise he , if u know yuvraj is also participating.. dear friend u noe ,, bs isliyee
Amaya- oohhhh dear friend
Kunj – yeah or kya but kya krei.. and gets up to leave…sadly..
Amaya- ahem ahem.. taneja’s r also participating..
Kunj suddenly turns and have a great smile on his face.. gets very happy
Amaya – ab khush bhai??
Kunj – umm haa thik h okay good (shys and smiles to himself)

Kunj then goes to his room and thinks of every single plan that he could do to make up to twinkle for his misbehave…and gets very happy. Then says to himself
Kunj- now wait and watch Ms. Twinkle taneja , how much happieness I will shower in your path and I WILL MAKEUP TO YOU…

****8th episode ends here*****

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Credit to: pali

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