Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 7)


They all go to the holy place and sits for a while when suddenly amaya remembers that she forgot the chaadar which her mother gave to her to offer it to the priest..

Amaya- bhai , hum chaadar laana bhul gye car se ..
Kunj – wait m laata hu ..
Amaya – 😉 no bhai m laati hu and smiles and leaves..
Kunj and twinkle were sitting next to each other silently..
Twinkle gets up to giver her chaadar to the priest when suddenly her dupatta falls from her head. As twinkle was holding the plate she was not abl to put it back.. When suddenly kunj comes in front of her and looks at her n asks may i?

Twinkle nods her head in a yes.. Kunj comes closer to her .. Took the dupatta from behind by coming more closer.. Twinkle keeps looking at him dis tym but kunj was not making any eyecontct.. Kunj then places it on her head nicely and tucks it on the back of her ear .. Twinkle feels the touch of his fingers n keep looking at him only..
Kunj then back off n says its done ..
Twinkle smiles keep looking at him and says thnkew .. Kunj nods and starts to leave .. She looks at him going as if she somewhere dont wanted him to leave ..

Amaya does the ritual while kunj sits on the stairs outside looking at the pond and fishes..
Amaya comes with twinkle outside .. Twinkle showers holywater on her head and all got up to leave when suddenly twinkle lost her balance n was about to fall but when she opens her eyes .. She could recognize the touch and smiles while opening her eyes .. Kunj holds her.. They both keep looking at each other lovingly when kunj breaks the eyelock.. And strts to leave with amaya ..

Twinkle stands there alone watches him going and feels he is actually not that bad what she thought and thinks what the hell is happeining to her she is thinking for that kunj sarna that khadoos sarna …

Next day

Kunj goes to drop amaya at her college and twinkle was also there to take her certificates with uvi .. Uvi sees kunj and waves a hi..all 4 meet but twinkle and kunj stands there awkwardly without looking at each other but were somehow finding way to look at each other… Yuvi says to kunj if he will stay he said yes i will go around to see the college.. Uvi says cool then u please drop twinkle home .. He remains silence and nods.. Uvi tells that kunj will drop u she feels awkward but uvi leaves ..

Amaya also leaves for her class .. They both stand there awkwardly
Twinkle-(in a way to start the convo) so u came to drop amaya
Kunj – nods a yes
Twinkle- soo u wanted to see the college come lemme show u …
Kunj- no i m okay i vl look myslf(and starts to leave when twinkle holds his hands and he turns) both look at each other .. Kunj sighs
Kunj- i said i vl go by myslf thnkeww..
Twinkle- bt i said that i vl show u so i will show u .. Twinkle drags him and kunj follows ..
Kunj stops and looks at twinkle’s hand in his hand .. Twinkle realizes she is still holding his hand.. And leaves it slowly.. (Awkwardness)

Kunj starts walking.. Twinkle shouts at him from behind that y r u behaving like this.. Kunj turns in anger ..
Kunj- i m behaving like what twinkle..
Twinkle- like this .. This anger ..

Kunj gets real hyper and pins her to the wall.. Twinkle feels his wrist getting tight on her arms.. Kunj is really dishearten and angry.. Twinkle feels the pain but remains quite…
Kunj- what the hell do u want twinkle..
Twinkle remains silent..
Kunj – (in anger) answer me twinkle u think I m bad guy right? So I m keeping my distance…

***7th episode ends here ****
I hope u like it.. keep commenting more …

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  1. It inspires me alot while doing my studies. Upload the next episode as fast as possible plz . Thankyou

    1. Studies , haha . Focus on studies also 🙂

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