Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 64)

Hey guys !! Thank you all, for the same love and support as b4..evry single commnt n appreciation means alot to me..n i actually wnna thank evry1 ,evry singl member of the tei fan pg that evry1 supports ech othr in a such a nice way ,it feels really good dat v r actually all unknown.. still there is this bond of undrstnding n respct for ech othr ..n this is really smthng out of the box..n evry single writer of the ff’s r just gr8 in der own manner,evry1’s style,evry1’s storyline..dey r all just awsm in their own way.
. i really bow down as a mark of respct of each one of u.. n specially our readers..der comnts n words of appreciation r so humble n kind …n dat wat really pushes all the writers to thnk more n more…i wantd to say this frm a long tym bck.so now got a chnc so srsly a gr8 groupie hug for all..love u all…

So now Comng bck to the last episode, thnkew guys for so many commnts..love u all..glad u liked it 

Keep the love in the air..BANG ON ..


Leela , twinkle and chinki sitting talking about chinki’s baby shower.

t- maa ! idc , watevr u may say bt this tym v all gonna enjoy at her bbyshower..its been so long for a family function in our house n wse b the bby will b the first kid of the family
soo der has to b smthng extra spcl ..
l- but puttar.. v also hv to b careful ryt for chinki? Chinki smiling endlessly
t- offcourse maa.dont wrry nthng will hpn..
l- hmm..
t-dekho toh mumma ko kinni hassi aari h
l- kya puttar m toh kahi ni hassri
t- oho maa..hmari new mummy ji ko toh dekho..
both looks at her as chinki was blushing ..
chhinki- kya h twinkle chup hoja tu.. maaa aaap b ..plz ASE MT DEKHO MJE..MJEshrm aari h..
t n l – hhahhaa..
chinki- n twinkle tje bht hassi ari hna..lets see wen u vl hv bby na wat vl b ur reactn..

suddenly smile fades frm twinkle’s face..rmmbering wat she did n acc to chinki wat really was her reactn she just killd her bby ..the realization was so strng dat she felt vry bad ..n immdeatialy gets up ..n starts running out of luthra’s
chinki- arey
l- arey puttar ..arey sunn toh..bt she had alredy lft..
chinki- isse kya hua?
l- pta ni puttar phle toh isne kbi ase react ni kia bbys ko lekr .
chinki- woi toh maa..she toh infct lv kids ryt
leela- woi…
twinkle cms running to hr room..n was crying..she feels very bad,…she goes n stnds in frnt of he mirror..
t- twinkle tune ye kya kia,.tu kitni selfish kbse ho gyi..she keeps her hnd on her belly..
t – u srsly killd ur bby..how can u do dat..hoowww cudd u…n she strts crying badly ..n in disappointment n slf anger she strts throwing evrythng ..she thorws all the magazines on the floor..a n in anger goes to the side table of the bed n picks the phootoframe not realizing it to b kunj’s frame..she was just abt to throw it too..wen she sees his face..n broings slowly near to her face..n without any strnght lft..she sits on the bed,,crying …while looking at kunj’s frame..
t- k..un.j..how cud i do this haa? How cud i kill our mark of love..our child..ik u nvr say it bt deep inside u must b feeling so bad ..ik u nvr said aythng frm th dat..bt..bt..ik..kuun..jj..i ..i..n she breaks down n hugs kunj’s frame n lies on bed crying..
after sm tym..kunj cms..he gets surprise to see twinkle like tht, the condition of the room..he rushes to her,
k- twinklke..twinkle,? twinkle gets up immediately hearn his voice ..she gets widened eyes tht now wat will i say..

kunj goes n holds her by her shoulder n makes her sit..
k- twinkle kya hua..kya hua tje? Y ..y u cring…n .nn wats all this…twinkle bolegi kuch..
twinkle composes herslf n clears her face..
t- kk.unnjj…wen..wen did u ,,u cm..
k- jus now forgt abt tht…just tell me ..w.wat..hpnd..y u crying.,twinkle looks n kunjs\’s eyes dose were tensed for hr…
t- kunj..wo..nthng..srsly..i jjuss..tt..ah..
k- twinkle just shut up n tell me/..wats gng,,on..tears falls frm twinkle’s eyes..n kunj has a cnfusd terryfyng look on his face not knong wats hpning..
t- kkunj ..will..u just..hug me..?
kunj gets a bck … n immediately hugs her..caresses her hair..twinkle wraps her hand tightly arnd him n takes a deep breath..both closes der eyes.. n fprgts abt evrythng..
k- u fine now? Still huggng ..
t- hmm..one more min plz..

k- i don’t mind evn if its forevr…
she opens her eyes hearng this..n smiles..n caresses his hair ..n thnks – i hv to bring evrythng bck to norml..i hv to gv him his happiness..n slowly twinkle breaks th hug..
kunj clears her face as her hair were all over her face.. n clears tears frm her face..
k- u okay?
Twinkle peacefully nods with a smile..
t- u wont ask y i was cryng..
k- umm actually no..smtyms its okay to evn not to say anyhtng..u noe..n its evn okay..to cry..if u feel bad..its not really imp da v shud n shud noe ech n evrythng abt ech othr..v shud act like a mature cuple n stnd nxt to ech othr at our breakdowns ryt?
Twinkle has no wrds for him..his lvl of intns maturity n love for hr cn b flt at ech n evry wrd of him..so she simply ..slowly holds his collar n sensually pulls him close to hr..both looks deeply inn echothr’s eyes..twinkle moves up a lill n kisses on his forehead..kunj smiles as sh does dis..she takes a deep breath n looks in his eyes..
t- i love u..he smiles n rubs fingers in her hair..
k- love u more..both smiles endlessly …
All were havng mrng breakfast sm1 makes an entry..

Ding dong
Amaya- ah .. m m dekhti hu..twinkle smiles drinking water..
The gate opens ..
Amaya- u?
Kunj looks at the gate…twinkle looks at kunj who was fuming..kunj turns n looks at twinkle n she gets scared a lil that by mistk she spills water on her..
t- ahh ..oh…noo….i m..sorry.,.kunj fumingly passes her a napkin .. twinkle holds the napkin to take bt kunj holds it tightly..twinkle gets surprise n looks at him who was hell shot angry..
t- kk..u..nj..kunj angrily leaves it..
manohar- who is he amaya..
Nikhil (amaya’s bf ) – sasriyakaal uncle ji ..peripona aunty. M Nikhil .. Nikhil singhania.. amaya’s bo…
T – dancer ..
Usha- kya..
Kunj looks at twinkle in surprise..
T- ahh ..wo actually ..amaya’s dance ..dance teacher..kunj gvs out a breath ..
Usha- amaya ne dance teacher kb lagaya? Quesionning look
t- haaa.,. amaya btaoo mumma ko..
amaya- ahaha.. ah…bha..bhha..aabhii. aaap he..u noe aahh aap he bta do na..ah..
twinkle rolls her eyes in worry..
t- amaya ..deadly glare to her..
amaya- bhabhi..puppy face..

k- twinkle y don’t u cm with me for a sec..twinkle gets surprise..
t- n,.oo no..i don’t..wanna..cm with with u…
k – deadly stare he immediately holds her hnd ..- yes u r cmng with me..n drags her out of the dining table n takes her to the kitchen..
mamohar- wat is hpning
k – i will just b bck dad..
t- noo..
k – shut up n keep walkng(less audibly)
usha- inn dono ko kya ho gya..
amaya n Nikhil looks at ech othr nervously..
kunj full angry mode ..
k- y the hell is he hre..
t- wo ..wo kunj..ah..i calld him..noo.. i mean amaya did..nahi wat i mean ..i ..i need sm water yes ..i need sm water..god i m so out of breath..
k- acha ..
twionkle turns n strts sipping water..kunj stnds der with hands folded looking continuously at her…
t- hhehhe.
k- ahahaha (angrily)
t- kun..knjj.. y u don’t u join..evry1..u noe..

k- wat is he doing here..
t- woo.. how..how..wud ik..i mean y u uu askng me dat..
k- oh hello..sharafat ka pitara…ik ,,, u noe exactly wat he s doing here..
t- how how wud ik kunj..tum b na..n she keeps the bottle fast n strts rushing out of he kitchen b kunj holds her hnd..
t- kkun..jj..llemme..go..
k-.just tell me the reasn..
kunnj pulls her towards him..kunj at her bck..holding her by wrapping his hnds arnd her waist..he brings his face near her face while hugging frm behind..twinkle strts breathing heavily..kunj closes his eyes n rubs his face angst her face n hair..sensually,,she too closes her eyes at his lovng touch..
t- kk..unn…jjj…
k- tw..inn..kl.ee
t- kunj…
k- shhhh…
t- kunj stop it,..sm1..sm1 vl cm..

suddenly manohar shouts frm outside..kunj immediately leaves her,,n twinkle giggles..
k-u..y r u laughing haa?
t- i m not laughing…
k- huh.. i m gng outside n tellng him to get lost do u get tht..
t- klunjj..no..kunj…
agn manohar calls dem n kunj rushes out of rhe kitchen ..
k- yes u…go..get out of our housee…
usha- kunj wat is dis way to tok to a guest..
k- guest maa..u don noe ..who he is..
manohar- shut up..u hv no sense to how to tok to sm1 .y noe who he is
k- wat u noe..
manohar- offcrse…he is leela ji’s guest..tht makes him our guest too..okay?
k- wat? Kunj looks at twinkle n she looks away..

usha- ha kunj..he by mistake got here..he was searching for leela ji’s house n sm1 dirctd him here..amaya n Nikhil told us evrythng ..,,kunj turns n looks at amaya n Nikhil who had a big smile on der faces leaving kunj to get red..
manohar- he is here to teach all of us sm dance steps for chinki’s bby shower,,
k- hei? R u guys..
m- u shh..
k- bt dad,,
m- just shh..shh,..u r leavng for ur offce ryt now..
k- bt dad srsly he is not..
m- wat is ur prbl,m.. i just said grab ur bag n leave.. ryt now..
kunnj gvs a death glare to all the 3 heroes of the momnt who were shaking hnds..kunj looks at twinkle who shiws him her tongue with a puppy face..kunj grabs his bag n moves outside..bt twinkle thnks dat he must b hurt ..so she also rushingly moves out..
t- kunj? Kunj wait..he stops ..
k- now wat?
t- ah.. i m srry ..fr watevr hpnd. Inside,,
k- oh plz… u don hv to b sorry..tumhe toh kuch pta he ni tha ryt?
t- kunj..ik..kunj don’t u thnk ..u r misinterptng..him..i mean v shud atleast gv him a chnc
k- not evn a sngl chnc..no more discussions i m gttng late..n thanks for the lunch ..
t- oh ya..wait..lemme..bring it..wait..
k- i don’t need..it..bye..
t-kunj..kunj..bt he leaves angrily..twinkle moves in n takes the 2 to her room..
twinj room-
amaya- bhai is upset ryt?
T(sadly)- ah no no..u don wrry abt him..i..i will manage him..
Nikhil- well bhabhi thnks to u i mean watevr u r doing for us..
T- actually yes u shud b thankful..uu noe..HOW DUMB U R
Nikhil-bhabhiii? With a puppy fce
t- u r so dumb dat u were actually abt to spoil evrytng coz u were abt to address urslf as amaya’s bf..
Nikhil- oh no.. i m..i m srry..
Amaya- god thnkgod..thnk u bhabhi..
t- ya its oky..i m kiddng well…now i need sm rest actually so u cn go..ah..as tody plan is also ovr so..okay
amaya- ya ryt..n they both turns to leave ..
Nikhil to amaya while gng- so v gng to ur room..
Amayya- ahh well..
Twinkle- hey u guys..both..bck here.. cm bck here. Both goes to hr..
t- u mr. back to ur room in ur house okay.. n amaya bck to ur room..alone..is dat clear..
amaya nd Nikhil gets wide eyes..- very clear(together..) n both runs outside her room n goes in opposite dirctns..
t- these teenagers..god..smiles..


MORE N MORE LOVE for ech :*

Credit to: pali


  1. Awesome as usual. I always wait desperately for ur ff. I have a confusion that twinkle was taneja or luthra before her marriage. Actually I remember that she was taneja. Plz clear the confusion

    • pali

      oh gosh ! guys i m so sorry ..for mntning luthra ,its just by mistkae..yes chehak it was taneja only..i myslf mistknly typd it as luthras..
      else toh it was taneja only..thnks for pointing it out…sorry for the mistk guys!
      n thnkew chehak for cmmntng.

  2. Pali!pali!pali! The episode was awesome as usual i dont have enough words for u n ur ff its just mind blowing! U r brilliant thnk u so much for entertaining us with ur lovely ff!! Cant wait for the next,???? love u

  3. Pali!pali!pali! Ur ff ufff!!?i don’t have enough words for u n ur ff its just mind blowing!!thnk u so much for entertaining us with ur fabulous episodes??i can read ur episodes for 100 tyms without getting tired! Ur u know I m waiting for ur episodes each seconds?n wen u upload i get overjoy!!?love u !cant wait for the next!

  4. kruti

    Awesome epi pali……keep writing nd we don’t have any prblm if u post every alternative day

  5. panchi

    Awesome epi as asusual pali ………. loved it ……. u r jst superb yaar ……. we dont have any problem if u post on alternate days ………. its k …….. m vry glad that u r back …… thts enough for us ……….

  6. loveleen

    ohhh pali…marvellous episd….i dnt hav ny problm if u post on alternate days bt i hav problm if u stop posting….so plz plz i want to read ur infinite episds…lolzz??..i cn read ur evry single episd repeatedly widout getting bored…love u…hope to see u soon…

  7. Aastha

    no prblm in alternate days dear

    update whenever u can..bcauz only thng that matters is that u r updating it for us by taking out time frm ur busy schedule.
    Epi was nice i liked tw-amaya bonding. And in ur ff kunj character is very mature. I luv mature kunj.

  8. Rashi

    Incredible….. Amazing….. Superb….mind blowing…….
    Pali words kam pad jaate hain to describe ur masterpiece……?????

  9. tara

    hi … i guess m commenting for the first time in ur ff… everyone say u r a brilliant writer… actually when u started ur ff i was busy in my exams so couldnt read it initially then i didnt bother to read it…. i thought as u have started u will end it soon… bt day by day ur fans increased… still i never read it.. two days ago my friends were also discussing abt ur ff.. i was shocked… then i read it…. and i almost slapped myself for ignoring it…. from last two days i m reading only ffs by searching them… till now i have completed only 30 or so… bt m reading ur current episodes as well…. m really sorry for not reading this… but i would like to salute u for ur efforts… u truly are an awesome, fantastic, superb. outstanding writer… i was really an idiot who missed it…. dont worry b4 my school reopens i will complete ur ff till present episode…
    keep writing like this… nd m really happy to comment here.. now i will comment daily.. coz i just loved it.. u r the best!! love u… muahhhh 🙂 😀

    • pali

      hey tara !! it feels good hearing such lovely words n i m more glad tht ur frnds reactn made u read my ffs , so thnks to thm too..i m grateful tht u liked my writing.. n its okay if u didnt read it frst.. thnkyou so so much tara for the appreciation , means truly alot..
      n i wlcm u with opn arms to cmmnt ,feels gr8 really…
      more love 🙂 🙂

  10. again 1 more amazing epi. yaar kaise kr leti ho tum. ur ff and of course u dear r mind blowing. I am desperately waiting for ur nxt epi.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to upload it soon

  11. pali

    hey guys !! all of u :* :*
    thnkew soo much for all the precious commnts.. evn u guys must b bzy still u guys take out momnts n cmmnted here ..means alot 🙂 glad i hv so many friends here… so sorry i want b able to revert to ech n every cmmnt today ..running bzy ..coz i hv my last exm tmrw.. for which i hv to prepare a lil.. so guys wish me luck 🙂 desperately needs wishes lol..
    n thnkewww agn
    nxt episode will b updated as pr the promise.. 🙂 :* 🙂

  12. Shatakshi

    Pali…it was really Awesome as u
    Just loved it to the core??
    Ur storyline is just superb

  13. Anushka

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  14. All d vry Best for ur exam Pali!!! Epi’s wonderful.. mindblowing as usual.. Loved it!! I have no prob.if u post on alternate days.. Post whnever u can.. whnever u r free… Fr me d imp thing is tht u post.. ☺☺☺

  15. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome pali what so say…I don’t have enough words to describe hw much I liked it ..

  16. Sayeeda

    Pali firstly all the best for ur exam….nd I don’t have problem if u post ur ff on alternate days….as for me u r back to tu is enough for nd for this how much times I thank u is less….
    Coming to today’s episode… it was emotional ….the way twinkle was regretting for the mistake was so heart touching… nd through out ur ff the way u portrait the role of kunj….. the way he support twinkle ; his maturity…. every thing is just flawless..love u..

  17. Cutie pie

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