Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 63)


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hey guys…yes yes yes i m bck with my ..my episodes..my just the beginning of new love..wow feels so gr8 to b bck here..i missd this entire thng u noe..thnkng abt a new epi,,typing it out.posting it..waiting for all ur wndrful cmmnts..yes..i really missd evrythng..specially all my fantastic readers ..bt i hd a promise to myslf tht watevr may cm..chahe m kitni b bzy ho jau..ending toh m de kr he jayungi apne episodes ko..ase bich m toh nahi chodne wali..so yeah here i m n..i m bck..start getting usd to me agn..n start bearing my episodes agn.. 🙂 🙂
Missd me ? i did
Liked my episodes ? i hope u did
Were u waiting for my continuation ? i hope u did
Excited? Yes..defintly ..specially For the commnts 🙂
So to the job, i will gv a bit synopsis to my episodes so tht sm connctns n plot b understood.


There is dis gl twinkle taneja who was a bubbly character girl n loved her brother yuvraj luthra and her mother leela taneja alot..yuvraj was married to her bestfriend chinki who is pregnant now..twinkle got married to kunj sarna- son of manohar sarna and usha sarna..a loving brother of amaya sarna who made a plot against twinkle n tried to harm her.. smwhere succeded too bt agn truth always wins..now all the characters have agn started livng a peaceful life..kunj has a gr8 job ..both shares an enormously deep love for ech ohtr…bt amaya vl soon b creating a buzz in twinj’s life…so in the last epispde it was shpwn tht amaya is out with hr new bf..n kunj being a protctv brothr has gone out in her search with his wife..as he thnks she must not b safe at this tym of the night..stil for more details u guys cn go to the link mntioned below…
Episode 62
…lot to cm …

Suddenly kunj pulse strts raising. Angr ol ovr him..
K- HOW THE HELL R U DRIVNG .. R u insane or wat..
The boy on the bike taking out his helmt..
Boy- i m so sorry.. I ddnt see u cmng..
K- oh really.. For this shit..didnt see ur speed limit too? now u cmng with me to the police station..
The girl behind hiding hrslf behind hr bf..
Boy- srsly.. Hey man r u showing ur tuff syd in frnt of ur gf..
Kunj fumes- she is my wife.. N bttr just mind ur tongue..
Boy- wat else ha? U will take me to the poilce station?
K- listen mr. I m alrrady out of my temperamnt.. Dont make me punch u hard in frnt of ur gf ..n i cn do dat
The boy fumes.. N gets down frm the bike.. The girl behind resisting him not to get into any mess.. Leave lets go.. Bt the boy shrugs her away ..
Boy- how dare u say like that..
K- how dare u drive like that?that to with a compny behind,.
Boy- she is my gf.. Okay.. N do u evn hv any idea. Whom u r messing with..
Kunj – acha.. Q r u the son of virgin narendr modi..
Boy- i m nikhil singhania..
Kunj makes a questioning look..
Bt twinkle gets surprise..
T- nikhil?.
Kunj looks at hr – u noe him?
T- umm.. Kunjj.. Ahh.
k- twinkle how the hell do u noe him..
t- kuu..n.j,..wo ..ye..ahh
k- kyyaa wo ye kri ho ..
T- he is amaya’s boyfrnd..
K- wat? .. She looks at the girl.. N undrstnds that the girl is amaya . She probbly just told twinkle his name bt nvr showd his pic..
Twinkle looks at amaya who was hiding hr face with a muflar
K- amaya? Is that u..
nikhil- oh hello meri gf ka naam kse janta h tu .. Teri toh., he just raises his hand to slap kunj., bt amaya holds his hand., Nikhil looks at hr in surprise.,
Amaya takes a deep breath n cms out of the muflar showing hr face..kunj’s angr at its peak..
Amaya- nik ,, he is my brother..
Twinkle stnds in amaze tryng to undtdtnds wats hppning,.
Amay- see i told u ryt not to drive too fast.. See wat u hv done to my brothr..
nikhil looks away,.
K- amaya this is ur bf.,. Really?
A- bhai.. Wo..
nkhil- sweet heart.. I m so sorry for talkng like that to ur brothr.. I didnt knoe..
Twinkle looks at kunj..
A- ik..
K- sweetheart.. Dis is gettng too much.. Amaya cm eith us. N better i dont see him agn..
Amaya n nikhil grts surprise..
nikhil- wat..
A- bhai listen to me.. He is nyc guy.. He is not..
K- just shut up.. N cm..
T- kunj atleast listen to hr..
K-teinkle u stay ouy of dis.. Twinkle grts surprise the way he said that..
Kunj grabs amaya by hrr hand.. N forcefully strts dragging hr..
nikhil- i will talk to u later..
K- block his number .
T- kunj dats too much ..
K- cm on amaya..
nikhil leaves
All 3 keeps walking home silently n ..
Twinkle finally asks amaya- amaya, wen u lft home.. U were wearing that royal blue colour dress n now u r wearing jeans top how cm? N wats in tht packet..
Kunj looks at amaya .. He just wantd sm nice honst answer to cm..
A- woo.. Bhabhi.. I chngd in star bucks.. Coz v had to cm on bike..
T- bt wen u lft u didnt hv any xtra outfit with u..
A- yes bhabhi.. Coz nikhil brought me this.. This jeans this top its his choice.. Only..
Twinkle nods with a smile.. Kunj ignroing..
A- coz i had to sit on bike..
K- q uske pas car b ni h kya naam toh bda show off kra tha..
A- uski car wash k liye jaa rki thi…twinkle rolls her eyes..
T- dekha told u he is nice guy.. Usne iske baare m kinna socha.. N jeans top khud le kr aya..
K- looking away- watevr..
Amaya n twinkle smiles n twinkle holds her by her shoukder in a mark of support..

Nxt day –
Kunj leaves for office..amaya cms in twinkle room
t- arey cm..
AMA- Bhabhi did bhai say smthng wn v came bck..
T- umm nthng imp.leave
Amaya- he said smthng..didnt he?
t- umm yes….he did..
aam- wat?
t- he said tht he don’t wnts u see u with him nxt tym..
amaya gets teary eyes n was just abt to leave ..wen twinkle holds her hnd..n grabs her by her shoulder..amaya looks down wih teary eyes,,
t- i cn see sm1 is in love..
amaya smiles with in..tears bcms tears of happiness.,,twinkle rubs her shoulder..
t- evrythng will b alrryt
amaya- bt bhai?
t- umm i guess for dt ur bhabhi is enough..
amaya laughs- offcourse u r..
twinkle notices her top – isn’t it the one u were wearng last nyt..
amaya smiles- yes..i liked it so much tht i wore it tody also..
t- aww..
amaya – bhabhi see wats written on this top..
amaya reads it out- ‘’’ FOR SM1 I CARE ABT ‘’’’ isn’t it cute
t- aww thts cute of him..
amaya- hana bhabhi..u noe wat thngs r diff with him..i didn’t evn imagind tht i wud b evr abl to forgt uvi..aftr ol he was my first love..bt yes i m finally kinda movng out of his zone n dis is only hppng bcoz of this nikhill…i hv kinda strtd liking him really…its safe n secure to b arnd him..evrythngs seems so prfct to b with him..n isn’t he cute n handsome?at the sam e tym..
t- aww.well he is definitely hndsm..i wud hv surely dated him if i wasn married to ur khadoos brothr..(joking)
amaya- hhaha.srsly.bhabhi../?
t- ahhaha ..yes i m srs..i m kinda just passng my ym with kunj..
amaya- oh really…u r such a lier..lol
t- kiddng man..
amaya- bt wat v gonna do abt bhaiya..
t- i hv a plan..
amaya – u do ?
t- yes..dis gonna b fun,..kjust wait n watch..
amaya immediately hugs her n thanks her..both smiles broadly in happiness…
******episode 63rd ends here ****

Okay guys? So how was it? Do cmmnt n tell me n ya today’s real episode wasnt tht long plz dont mind..also as i say suggestns r always welcm with open arms..n yeahh..now it will b a real fun..
More n more love 🙂
Readers 🙂
Fans 🙂
Silent readers 🙂
Lots of love to ol.. 🙂

Credit to: pali

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  1. *after knowing dat sid is quitting tei

  2. D episode was really awesome

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    Btw 2day’s epi is as usual Amazngggg… ???????…..

    1. More thn Amzngggg*

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  4. Welcum back Pali…
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