Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 63)

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hey guys…yes yes yes i m bck with my ..my episodes..my just the beginning of new love..wow feels so gr8 to b bck here..i missd this entire thng u noe..thnkng abt a new epi,,typing it out.posting it..waiting for all ur wndrful cmmnts..yes..i really missd evrythng..specially all my fantastic readers ..bt i hd a promise to myslf tht watevr may cm..chahe m kitni b bzy ho jau..ending toh m de kr he jayungi apne episodes ko..ase bich m toh nahi chodne wali..so yeah here i m n..i m bck..start getting usd to me agn..n start bearing my episodes agn.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Missd me ? i did
Liked my episodes ? i hope u did
Were u waiting for my continuation ? i hope u did
Excited? Yes..defintly ..specially For the commnts πŸ™‚
So to the job, i will gv a bit synopsis to my episodes so tht sm connctns n plot b understood.


There is dis gl twinkle taneja who was a bubbly character girl n loved her brother yuvraj luthra and her mother leela taneja alot..yuvraj was married to her bestfriend chinki who is pregnant now..twinkle got married to kunj sarna- son of manohar sarna and usha sarna..a loving brother of amaya sarna who made a plot against twinkle n tried to harm her.. smwhere succeded too bt agn truth always wins..now all the characters have agn started livng a peaceful life..kunj has a gr8 job ..both shares an enormously deep love for ech ohtr…bt amaya vl soon b creating a buzz in twinj’s life…so in the last epispde it was shpwn tht amaya is out with hr new bf..n kunj being a protctv brothr has gone out in her search with his wife..as he thnks she must not b safe at this tym of the night..stil for more details u guys cn go to the link mntioned below…
Episode 62
…lot to cm …

Suddenly kunj pulse strts raising. Angr ol ovr him..
K- HOW THE HELL R U DRIVNG .. R u insane or wat..
The boy on the bike taking out his helmt..
Boy- i m so sorry.. I ddnt see u cmng..
K- oh really.. For this shit..didnt see ur speed limit too? now u cmng with me to the police station..
The girl behind hiding hrslf behind hr bf..
Boy- srsly.. Hey man r u showing ur tuff syd in frnt of ur gf..
Kunj fumes- she is my wife.. N bttr just mind ur tongue..
Boy- wat else ha? U will take me to the poilce station?
K- listen mr. I m alrrady out of my temperamnt.. Dont make me punch u hard in frnt of ur gf ..n i cn do dat
The boy fumes.. N gets down frm the bike.. The girl behind resisting him not to get into any mess.. Leave lets go.. Bt the boy shrugs her away ..
Boy- how dare u say like that..
K- how dare u drive like that?that to with a compny behind,.
Boy- she is my gf.. Okay.. N do u evn hv any idea. Whom u r messing with..
Kunj – acha.. Q r u the son of virgin narendr modi..
Boy- i m nikhil singhania..
Kunj makes a questioning look..
Bt twinkle gets surprise..
T- nikhil?.
Kunj looks at hr – u noe him?
T- umm.. Kunjj.. Ahh.
k- twinkle how the hell do u noe him..
t- kuu..n.j,..wo ..ye..ahh
k- kyyaa wo ye kri ho ..
T- he is amaya’s boyfrnd..
K- wat? .. She looks at the girl.. N undrstnds that the girl is amaya . She probbly just told twinkle his name bt nvr showd his pic..
Twinkle looks at amaya who was hiding hr face with a muflar
K- amaya? Is that u..
nikhil- oh hello meri gf ka naam kse janta h tu .. Teri toh., he just raises his hand to slap kunj., bt amaya holds his hand., Nikhil looks at hr in surprise.,
Amaya takes a deep breath n cms out of the muflar showing hr face..kunj’s angr at its peak..
Amaya- nik ,, he is my brother..
Twinkle stnds in amaze tryng to undtdtnds wats hppning,.
Amay- see i told u ryt not to drive too fast.. See wat u hv done to my brothr..
nikhil looks away,.
K- amaya this is ur bf.,. Really?
A- bhai.. Wo..
nkhil- sweet heart.. I m so sorry for talkng like that to ur brothr.. I didnt knoe..
Twinkle looks at kunj..
A- ik..
K- sweetheart.. Dis is gettng too much.. Amaya cm eith us. N better i dont see him agn..
Amaya n nikhil grts surprise..
nikhil- wat..
A- bhai listen to me.. He is nyc guy.. He is not..
K- just shut up.. N cm..
T- kunj atleast listen to hr..
K-teinkle u stay ouy of dis.. Twinkle grts surprise the way he said that..
Kunj grabs amaya by hrr hand.. N forcefully strts dragging hr..
nikhil- i will talk to u later..
K- block his number .
T- kunj dats too much ..
K- cm on amaya..
nikhil leaves
All 3 keeps walking home silently n ..
Twinkle finally asks amaya- amaya, wen u lft home.. U were wearing that royal blue colour dress n now u r wearing jeans top how cm? N wats in tht packet..
Kunj looks at amaya .. He just wantd sm nice honst answer to cm..
A- woo.. Bhabhi.. I chngd in star bucks.. Coz v had to cm on bike..
T- bt wen u lft u didnt hv any xtra outfit with u..
A- yes bhabhi.. Coz nikhil brought me this.. This jeans this top its his choice.. Only..
Twinkle nods with a smile.. Kunj ignroing..
A- coz i had to sit on bike..
K- q uske pas car b ni h kya naam toh bda show off kra tha..
A- uski car wash k liye jaa rki thi…twinkle rolls her eyes..
T- dekha told u he is nice guy.. Usne iske baare m kinna socha.. N jeans top khud le kr aya..
K- looking away- watevr..
Amaya n twinkle smiles n twinkle holds her by her shoukder in a mark of support..

Nxt day –
Kunj leaves for office..amaya cms in twinkle room
t- arey cm..
AMA- Bhabhi did bhai say smthng wn v came bck..
T- umm nthng imp.leave
Amaya- he said smthng..didnt he?
t- umm yes….he did..
aam- wat?
t- he said tht he don’t wnts u see u with him nxt tym..
amaya gets teary eyes n was just abt to leave ..wen twinkle holds her hnd..n grabs her by her shoulder..amaya looks down wih teary eyes,,
t- i cn see sm1 is in love..
amaya smiles with in..tears bcms tears of happiness.,,twinkle rubs her shoulder..
t- evrythng will b alrryt
amaya- bt bhai?
t- umm i guess for dt ur bhabhi is enough..
amaya laughs- offcourse u r..
twinkle notices her top – isn’t it the one u were wearng last nyt..
amaya smiles- yes..i liked it so much tht i wore it tody also..
t- aww..
amaya – bhabhi see wats written on this top..
amaya reads it out- β€˜β€™β€™ FOR SM1 I CARE ABT β€˜β€™β€™β€™ isn’t it cute
t- aww thts cute of him..
amaya- hana bhabhi..u noe wat thngs r diff with him..i didn’t evn imagind tht i wud b evr abl to forgt uvi..aftr ol he was my first love..bt yes i m finally kinda movng out of his zone n dis is only hppng bcoz of this nikhill…i hv kinda strtd liking him really…its safe n secure to b arnd him..evrythngs seems so prfct to b with him..n isn’t he cute n handsome?at the sam e tym..
t- aww.well he is definitely hndsm..i wud hv surely dated him if i wasn married to ur khadoos brothr..(joking)
amaya- hhaha.srsly.bhabhi../?
t- ahhaha ..yes i m srs..i m kinda just passng my ym with kunj..
amaya- oh really…u r such a lier..lol
t- kiddng man..
amaya- bt wat v gonna do abt bhaiya..
t- i hv a plan..
amaya – u do ?
t- yes..dis gonna b fun,..kjust wait n watch..
amaya immediately hugs her n thanks her..both smiles broadly in happiness…
******episode 63rd ends here ****

Okay guys? So how was it? Do cmmnt n tell me n ya today’s real episode wasnt tht long plz dont mind..also as i say suggestns r always welcm with open arms..n yeahh..now it will b a real fun..
More n more love πŸ™‚
Readers πŸ™‚
Fans πŸ™‚
Silent readers πŸ™‚
Lots of love to ol.. πŸ™‚

Credit to: pali


  1. Omg! Finally u r back?u know I was waiting for ur epi since long..then I thought u r not going for further episodes but I m damndamn happy that u r back…I was reading ur episodes from starting n again was going to read n saw ur “63” epi finally?? do continue next asap❀

    • pali

      OH MY GOODNESS !! so mny commnts ..wow..n literally i wont get tired tody to revert bck to evry singl commnt bcoz as much as u guys r hppy to see me bck ,same way i m..wow..
      thnkewww soo soo much anam for loving my episodes this this much dat u evn usd to read them wen i lft..so sorry..bt now as i m bck…u dont hv to wait for my episodes..
      soon my nxt epi will b updted..
      love u

  2. Joshika

    Pali such a long time man! I really missed you. Extremely amazing comeback. Hatsoff to you as a writer.

    • pali

      thnkeww joshika..i m srsly out of my thnkew wrds coz i m feeling so grateful to u ol :*
      missd u all too

  3. Shamz

    Aww πŸ™ I thought I’m the first reader but never mind…. Welcome back Pali… Really missed you a lot and thanks for reading my ff Tashan E Deewanagi twinj…. Do you know I really wanted that you read my ff once as your ff was the ff I read and came to know about ff….and as always you are awsm…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • pali

      aww πŸ™‚ its okay dear..thnkew for gvng me a wlcm in such a warm way…n i do read ur few episodes evn if i was bzy..they were gr8 ..
      thnkew ..
      more love πŸ™‚

  4. wow wow wow finally u r back dear.i am vry vry vry happy to see u back and I missed u vry badly. episode was fabulous, I just luv it.plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post nxt one asap

    • pali

      vidushi πŸ™‚ thnkew thnkew thnkew so soo much fr always cmmntng n evn tody..
      nxt epi cmng soon ..
      more love

  5. Romaisah

    Paliiii!!!! U r finalllyyy backk damnn it i missed ur ff badly!!
    I was a silent Reader of ur ff n during ur ‘disapperance’ i started commenting on everybody else’s ff n was kinda sad u werent uploading cuz i wanted to tell tht i was n still am a hugeee fan of ur ff πŸ™‚
    All ur episodes excite me for some reason my fav was one twinklw finally accepted n forgave kunj wen he was drunk n tot … (Sry i forgot her name sry sry sry ) this girl was twinkle n kissed her
    Yaar now ure back i hope u read my comment it will mean alot to me πŸ™‚
    Aur haa don’t go disappearing again plzz :v hope to see ur next epi on TU ASAP !! πŸ™‚

    • pali

      yesss i m bcck .. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ aww thnkew dear for doing tht..
      yes now i m not disappearng anywhere dont wrry..as i said b ready to bear me agn ..haha
      more love πŸ™‚
      ria πŸ™‚

  6. Ria

    Hello. So long. I missed your ff sooo much. I even searched up for your previous episode in between to check whether you’ve anything or not. Yes, I did see your comment that was on 10th May stating that you were busy with your and would start from the next day. But, you couldn’t post. But, now that you’re back it’s alright.
    The episode was amazing.
    And, if you get time please read my ff “I Love You” – A Twinj journey. I’ve just posted 3 chapters.. I mean I’ve just started.. if you get time please read it and let me know how’s it.

    • pali

      aww..thnkew ria for seeing tht n missng me so much..truly grateful to the core..yeah i cmmntd in this hope only tht sm1 sees it..
      i will surely read it .. ik i must b gr8 πŸ™‚
      more love πŸ™‚

      • Ria

        Haha thanx for that compliment..but, please read the chapters and then decide. It might not be that great.

  7. shreya

    Aaaaewwweeeeeeeeeesome pali do..It was amazing…u know J was waiting like anything 4..u..it a so so so nice to see u back.

    • pali

      haha..its srsly so so so nyc to b bck really..
      more love shreya n thnkew dear for cmmnting πŸ™‚

  8. Shatakshi

    Pali pali pali
    Finally u r back with a bang
    U know was a silent reader on this page…n ur ff was the first which I read on this page…but to catch the episode I read 27 episodes in one go….I m not joking
    N from that day my day used to start with ur ff….
    U r such a fantastic writer… N above that the was u present some realistic stories is what makes u out of the box…
    N one suggestion…. Plzzz do write till 100 episode…n u will be the first writer to complete an twinj ff century…
    Loved the episode??

    • Shatakshi

      N yes this page has really missed u a lot so don’t even think of disappearing again…
      N yeah I u like do read my ff I LOVE THE WAY U LIE…becoz so e of u writers r the inspiration that I m writing

    • pali

      aww.. thnkew shatakshi.. haha i will realy try to bang dem to 100 also..
      thnkeeww more love as always:)..yes my dear i m not gng anywhere dnt wrry..
      aww big wrds callng me an inspiration defintly i will read dem .. ik u must hv writtn nicer den me πŸ™‚

  9. kruti

    Finally pali is back…..missed u sooooooo much…..every morning I used to get up with a hope that I would b able to read ur ff…..and finally tdy my hope has turned to be reality…..thank u pali fr coming back…..just loved ur epi as always

    • pali

      thnkewww kruti for missng me so much..i also missd all of dese really..
      u ol r gr8 n awsm… thnkew
      more love πŸ™‚

  10. Aastha

    Hey were was u…i was waiting for ur epi from long time after exact 1 month u updated ur epi ..ur last epi was posted on 5 may..
    Uhh seriously 1 month late and thnks u thought to give us a end ..i was visiting tu only for ur ff..each day i thought perhaps today i will get pali update.
    Thnk god u came back…
    I was missing u a lot… Many a times i thought how to bring u back bt i had no option, besides only waiting .and now i am really happy…
    Now each mrng pali updates agn…wow … I will get agn
    nice piece of writing which will make my day …. U r lucky that u r not in front of my eyes if u were i would have given u bone crushing hug.
    Wlcm bck dear.
    And jab v jane ka mann kar bta dena ki vapas kab agogi atleast there will be hope that u will come back

    • pali

      heyyyyy aastha !! wow u srsly evn noticd dis tht its been exct 1 mnth.thnks for bringng it to my notic…wow truly blessd to hv u all..well sorry..yes now u will get pali’s update ech mrng as b4…
      missd u too man….haha thnks fr the bone crushng hug….
      exctly now i vl srsly mntn it in caps tht i hv to leave..bt ya tht is far to cm ..so dnt wrry,..
      love u too πŸ™‚
      missd this..

    • pali

      yes crazy thnkew.. n ya i m not elder den u…so u cn call me by name only plz..i just got to know ystrdy frm sm damboo’s comnt on ur ff..in it it was mntnd dat u r 20..if its so..well den i m younger den u coz i m 18 ..
      n thnkeww for cmmntng πŸ™‚
      more love )

  11. Rashi

    Wow pali….so good to see u back…..missed u lot….aisa lag raha hai ki sid ne wapas TEI main entry le li ho….we all are so happy… Whenever u were not there I read all ur episodes in a day as I was missing them badly…..but now u r back so we all enjoy reading the episodes……
    WELCOME BACK…..????????
    Hope u conquer 100 episodes ….u would be 1 st to do it for Twinj ff….
    Luv u???????

    • pali

      hahaa dat was too sweet of u..
      thnkewww for such a warm wlcm guys !!!
      ya hope so to well thnks πŸ™‚
      more love rashi :*

  12. Asifaali

    Really missed ur ff….Nd the coincidence is yestrday. Me n anam weretalkingbt ur ff…and today ur ff came

    • pali

      aww..okay.. well i cn see coincidenc do hpn ha? thnkew fr liking my episodes soo soo much :*
      more love πŸ™‚

  13. twinky

    Omg omg dream come true for me…ur really back ….thank u so much for ur lovely episode?????

  14. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awww…finally ur back pali…was waiting u dear….todays episode was awesome. ..loved the bond between amaya and twinkle. …..awesome. …lved it frm core of my heart. …

    • pali

      thnkeewwww tamanna for always being there n cmmnting ..thnks dear..
      glad u likd it..more fun yet to cm ..

  15. panchi

    Wow wow wow pali ……. m so happy to see u back…….. i was missing u a lot …….. i was waiting fr ur ff ……. i thought u left d tu …….. bt m glad that u r back ……. m so happy …….. yipeee……. and d epi was awesome …… wtng fr d nxt one ……. love u a lot ……….

    • pali

      yes yes yes…i m bck..thnkewww panchi ..i m soo much out of my thnkew wrds gosh..nvr flt so special..thnkew..
      more love :*

  16. Anushka

    Welcm back pali di…..
    Missed u damn much……
    Amazing episode….
    Love u and ff damn much…..

  17. Anchali singhania

    Oh god, pali u r back.really I was waiting for ur ff everyday.each and everyday I would come to tu to find ur ff.BT finally ur now back.really feel like on cloud nine.and a request pls post regularly.like two days once.and regarding today’s epi it was awesome.I hope ur gonna bring a twist.eagerly waiting for the next epi.plss post asap.

    • pali

      thnkeww anchali for always cmmntng n for missng me so much πŸ™‚
      yes dear i will really try harder to b mor regular..n i hope u will cntinue to like my episodes…
      keep cmmnting
      more love πŸ™‚

  18. Krystal

    pali pali pali pali finally my inspiration is back i missed uh so much yaar everyday i used to see TU that uh have posted or nt i really cant xpress my happiness finally m ready to bear ur awwssuuumm episodes love uh to the moon n back…….. plsss do read my ff love in enimity can it happen

    • pali

      awww..thnkewww krystal..thnkew..for liking me dis much..
      i will defintly read ur episodes too..
      more love.. πŸ™‚

  19. Sayeeda

    Thank u ; Thank u ; Thank u soooooo muccchhh…….
    Thank u …that finally u came back ….today as soon as I checked into tu page I found ur ff …..i was feeling like I’m on cloud nineth …missed u so much yrr…..
    In ur last episode I commented for the first time in any ff on tu nd after that u didn’t posted ur ff further…. I was thinking yr what happened to Pali …where is she ? Is she alright?
    I prayed that whatever it is but don’t let her to quit tu….I love each nd every ff nd ff writer but ur position in my heart is different …..u made me mad for these ff’s..
    U won’t believe but each nd every day I missed u nd ur ff very badly…
    Some words can’t define my happiness to u …..plz now don’t leave us ….love u ….

    • pali

      thnksss to u soo soo much for acually praying for me..bt dear i m all well stnding on my two legs..lol..it was just my exms..n thnkeww so dat special place dat is assignd to me..
      awww..thneww so missng me soo much ..
      missd u too…
      more love :* :* :*

  20. Cutie pie

    Thank god u back misssed u sooo much yaar nyc part itne din baad ayi ho toda twinj romance dikha do

    • pali

      hahaa..u wont chng ha? u just demnd for mor n mor romnc..well wish grantd as i m bck…u will surely see sm deadly romnc..stay tuned..
      more love πŸ™‚

  21. dreamer

    Welcum back Pali di.i was very late at discovering this tu page. But in many ffs I read ur name mentioned and so I got the name of ur ff and I started reading it…OMG di u r a very flawless writer.
    U rocked 2days episode.
    Welcum back di.
    Hope u like u r this new fan…lol
    Just joking di…epi was fab
    Continue asap di
    Luv u and ur ff pali di

    • pali

      oh really ? Was i mntnd in othr’s ffs too ? wow this is like …awsm n gr8 feelng for me..
      thnkewww my new fan whom i hv suddenly strtd liking .hehe.
      n thnkeww onc agn for such lovely wrds..
      more love for u :*

  22. pali u r back yayyyyyyyyyyyyy now d fun bgin i really missed u ……………….n today s epi was amazing iwas shocked to see ur epi…yay u know i was seriously jumping on my bed only i wake n open tu on d bed only n starts jumping…my sis tell me dat i m gonna mads

  23. rupam

    Finally u came back……yrr i missed u 2 much…. n d epi was asual fantastic….luv u n plzz post ur next update soon…luv u

  24. Lama

    Hey! Pali how r u…..u know I missed u a lot & ur ff too…..bt I m really happy that u r back with a new twist…..Love u ???

    • pali

      hey lama ! i m just gr8 n evn more now aftr seeing such a gr8 response n warm wlcm by u ol.. thnkew more loove πŸ™‚

  25. Sidmin(twinj)

    Omg Pali wat a surprise…long time…I tot u stopped writing ur ff bt nw I’m happy tat ur back…missed u n ur ff soooooooo much…nw plz don’t disappear again n promise tat ul reach century…I really want some one to complete 100 episodes on sidmin(twinj) ff…I think u r ritzi ll b first to reach 100…

    • pali

      haha missd u all too dear.. n yes i wont b disappearing now ..for sure
      stay tuned πŸ™‚

  26. fiona

    welcome back pali
    missed u very much
    i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that you came back
    epi was wowwwwww!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    post next soon

  27. Poorvi

    Oohh oohh oohh… Can’t believe pali u r back.. It feels really good to read ur ff.. U know I was waiting for this episode right from the day u posted episode 62
    This update was as always really awesome.. Plz update the next one soon.. Will b waiting for the next update..

  28. Ritzi

    ooooooooo my paliiiiiii thank u ssssssooooooooooooooo. uch fir cmng back… srsly itna toh mai pizza ke liye wait nhi karti jitna tumhare liye kiya….. srsly i missed u soooo much…. but may i knie the reason but ur very late update m sure it must be imp but still

    • pali

      hahah.. pizza my love :* yr pizza kyu yaad dula dia..hushh..hehe..
      well thnkewwww for missng me so much.. yr yes der was a reasn .. my exms strtd dat tym n i was not at ol prepared for dem n lately wasnt doing good also in my class tests so dat was kinda striking for me so i genuinely got unsocial for a while nd dats why i was not abl to wtite anythng here… bt nwo i m all free .. n glad to b bck πŸ™‚

  29. loveleen

    finally i got d best surprise tdy dear….i had even lost hope dat u wl b bck…cz u left all of a sudden….m so so happy …n yeah dnt even talk abt ending ths ff cz i dnt want to miss u again….

    • pali

      hehe yes loveleen i m bck .. oopsss hehe sure mam .. i wont end it agn as of now lol ..thnkew πŸ™‚

  30. Happy to see u back pali… waiting 4 ur ff 4 soooo long… from now plz update regular… btw i was a silent reader of ur ff… cmntng here 4 first tym… happy dat u r back… update soon

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  33. Paliiii..palii… finallyy u r bck!!!!!!! Im damn happyyyyyyy 2dayy….. I missedd ur ff alottt… In this 1 month ( whn u didnt post ur ff) i read all ur epis twice… i really missed ur ff yr….
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    Missed u dear…
    So u r back wid a bang…
    Awsum epi…

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