Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 61)

Hey guys, its been such a gr8 journey here, reading those sweet wrds in evry singl cmmnt.. The love n appreciation is the only reasn y i m abl to ryt smthng gud in my ffs n its only for u guys..
Every singl gl’s cmmnt is so much overwhelming i cnt evn express.. U guys hv really bcm my frnds.. N i evn noe abt few of u abt how u ppl cmmnt.. Hehe.. As its a habit now..

Thnkew for evry singl cmmnt..
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T- kunj
K- yes twinkle i m ryt here
Twinkle wid a heavy smile
T- u will not leave me na..
Kunj gets emotional ..
K- pgli i will nvr leave u..n he kisses her hnds..
T- i m so sorry kunj.
K- shh.. Leave no need to say anything.. Tears cms in twinkle’s eyes.. She raises her head a lill.. Kunj smiles n takes her head on his arms.. N lays next to hr..n holds her hnds.. As she awkwrdly puts dem on his stomch.. .
K- u hv to take rest only.. Okay.. Der shud b no recklessness in thqt..
Twinkle nods smiling..
T- kunj pls listen to me..
K- twinkle i said der is no need.. Ryt now i want only u get fine.. I dont want any .. Suddenly twinkle puts her finger on his lips.
T- bht bolne lg gye ho..
K- twinkl
T- chup hokr sunno meri..
Kunj nods..She removes her finger n was just taking away hr hnd wen kunj brings his own hand.. N sensually looking in her eyes interlocks dem.. Which leaves twinkle smiling. N him smiling..
T- kunj .. I.. Ik.. Wat i did.. Is srsly not accptbl.. N wo toh bimaar pd gyi halki si vrna aaj toh m dead he thi.. Coz tum mje maaf b krne wale thei..
Kunj sighs..
T- kunj u noe wat.. Wen this pregnncy news cms evry1 is supposd to look happy.. Bt kunj wen i found that yes i m pregnnt.. I got panicked.. I got hell out_..i didnt want the child.. I wasnt hppy kunj..
Kunj looks away..
K- y dont u want a child ..
She looks at him..
T- bcoz of u..
Kunj immediately looks at her surprised..
T- don’t get angry or go away.. Kunj bt i dont want a child bcoz u r the reasn for it.. U.. U.. Only look for ur wrk frm last month.. U r hardly paying attntn on me.. Ot nay family mmbr of the house. Idk which race u want to win..
K- race of life twinkle.. I want to win race of life.. N he leaves twinkle n gets up.. Bt twinkle holds his hnd..
T- plz .. Lets clear thngs .. Naaki.. Pile up krei or fr ek dusre ko gusse se dekhe..
Kunj angrily turns towrds her..
K- do u noe wat twinkle u really don’t understand me..
T- kku..nnj asa nahi h..
K- asa he h.. U thnk wat evr i m doing in offc i m doing for myslf.. Balki i m doing that for u.. For us.. Der is not only me..
T- ah..
Kunj cups hr face..
K- twinkle .. Tumko bcha nahi chhaye tha toh fine.. V wud hv figured out.. Bt ..
T- kunj.. Bt m nahi chahti ki tum usko meri tarah apna waqt na do..
K- wat.. So u thnk so i was neglectng u..
T- yes u were so bzy in ur wrk .. Dat u didnt evn bothrd to sit with me n spnd sm quality tym with me.. Smtyms u were tired.. Smtyms u were angry.. N i dont want wen our child grows up.. U behave with them also like this1.. I want our child to get both mumma’s love as well as dadda’s love,,
Twinkl cups in face .. Kunj face turning into realization..
T- kunj.. I m not sayng u r selfishly doing all this.. Bt asa b kya kaam jo tum apni family k sath tym he spnt na kro..
K- twinkle.. I.. Idk.. I mean..
T- kunj dont take me wrng bt..
K- twinkle.. I.. I.. Realize now.. I will not behave like this again.. I will keep my profssnl life only till offc..
Twinkle smiles in relief n hugs him..
K- i was also undrstnding this.. Bt trust me i wasnt doing intentionally.. I became such. A wrk freak coz i wantd the promotion..
T- u r promoted .. Now..
K- i wont gv u any repeat telecast show. Now..
T- hahha.. N kunj hugs her tightly..
K- nn.. Twinkle.. In future wen evr u want to bcm a mothr.. I will b atmost ready to shower the dadda ‘s love ..
T- thnkew thnkew so much i knew u wil understand me..
N they hugs ech othr tightly.. They break the hug slowly.. N looks in exh othrs eyes.. Twinkle goes closer to his face n waits for him to reciprocate.. Bt suddenly his fon rings.. Twinkle gets furious n was just gng bck.. Wen kunj pulls her bck.. N locks her lips with the desired kiss.. Twinkle raises her hnds frm his arns to his neck n caresses his chest…n kunj keeps on pulling her more n more close by hr waist..she smiles with in..Twinkle slowly breaks the kiss.. Kunj keeps on looking at her ..
K- i guess i hv to make my boss rmmbr that my wrking hrs r 9-6 ..
Twinkle nods smiling .,
Kunj cups hr face lovngly.,
T- bt .. Ahh.. I need.. Sm tym.. I mean. Will hv bby.. Aftr .. Sm tym.. Oohhksy?
K- its okay.. Wen evr u r ready for it..
Twinkle nods n smiles.. N hugs him.. He also hugs hr n caresses his hair..

Nxt day

Twinkle gets up n finds her coffee at her tbl lik old days.. She picks the cup n smiles..
T- finally.. Aftr so long.
Kunj cms out of bathroom.. In his towel.. Their eyes meets..
Twinkle keeps on drinking the hot coffee.. Bt was more focusing on looking at him.. N his body.. She thnks- girls must b so jealous of me..
N smiles with in.. She was so much bzy in admiring his body that suddenly the coffee gets spilled on her hnd..
T- ahhouchh..
Kunj turns to see..
K- twinkle.. He runs to hr .. Shirtless only..
K- wat is this twinkle.. He takes the mug.. N takes hrr hnd..
K- y u so careless.. See kinna jal gya h.. Wait lemme bring the ointment.. He brings the first aid.. N strts appying it..
Twinkle closes her eyes in pain.. Kunj looks at her .. N strts blowing her wound..
K- just lill pain.. Twinkle opens her eyes n looks at him lovingly.. Who was carefully applying the ointmnt..
K- tum b na twinkle.. Kuch dhyn se ni krna hota.. Kaha dhayn tha tumahara..
T- tum par.. Kunj looks at surpriseinly..twinkle realizes wat she sqys..
K- muj pr?
T- i mean . On ur coffee.. Ofcrs.
K- acha..
T- ouch..
N twinkle holds his hnd..
K- i m so sorry..
T- its.. Pai..nning..
Kunj blows it again.. He looks at her face.. N clears her tears..
K- shh.. Calm down.. It will get bttr now.. I hv applied the ointmnt na..
Twinkle nods with teary eyes..
K- kya Zqrurt thi mje inna ghurne ki.
T- ..umm.. K.kya.. Nah.. Nahi toh.. M .. M tumhe thodu.. Na dekh ri.. Thi.. M toh .. Coffee pee.. Ri thi..
K- acha ? ..
T- hnnjii..
K- acha ji.. Kunj gets closer to hr.. In a teasing mannr..
T- kk..uunj.. U shud go.. U will get.. Late for ur offc..
K- i hv enough tym.. Twinkle looks at his face n den at his bare chest.. Awkwrdly.. Slwoly he bends towrds her .. Twinkle looking dirctly into his eyes.. Forgttng the pain of hr hnd.. Kunj kisses her lips.. N breaths her in.. N breaks the kiss.. Sweet 2 sec kiss.. Bt twinkle grabs him by his neck .. N kisses him again.. He smiles at her wild response..Kunj takes her by her waist.. N makes hr sit on his lap..without breaking the kiss.. Kunj rmmring abt hr hnd.. He holds hr hnd.. To b careful.. N with hr othr hnd she caresses his hair.. While licking his ear.. They were so much into ech othr passionately.. Forgttng abt evrythng.. That their door is wide open..
Suddenly amaya cms rushing n gets a broad smile seeing them in that position.. She turns bck immediately..
A- ahem ahem..
Bt twinkle n kunj still enjoying ech pthr’s touch.. Amaya giggles with in..
Twinkle opens her eyes n suddenly her eyes falls on amaya’s bck.. She gets wide eyes.. She breaks the kiss.. N pushes kunj a bit to get rid of him.. Bt..
K- twinkle.. Plzz.. Yr.. He sqys by pullng hr bck n kissing her nck.. Twinkel closes her eyes n whispers slowly..
T- k..unn.jj.. Ama..ya..
Immedtaky kunj cms in his senseS.. N looks at amaya.. N immediately leaves her .. Both gets up n composes themslvs..
Amaya laughs n turns to dem..
K- ..ama..ya.. Tu.. Umm.. Tu.. Kb ayi..
Ama- bhai bs abhi abhi.. Wen u were bzy making out with my pyaari bhabhi..
Twinkle looks down blushing.. Kunj looks here n der..
K- i.ii.. Shud get.. Ready.. Offc.. Ya..
Twinkle nods blushing..
Amaya laughs..
A – bhabhi.. Kya m aa skti hu..
Kunj was finding his shirt frm his almirah..
K- aaa he gyi h.. Ab kya puch ri h..
T- kunj..
Kunj makes faces..
A- tutututu.. Soo sorry.. Bhai.. For breaking ur momnt.. Bt i wantd to talk to bhabhi..
K- sharam naam ki cheez ni h.. Ye ni ki apne bade bhai.. Ko thoda mza lene du.. N baadm ayu.. Bt ni .. Kabab m haddi kahi.. Bdi ayi sorry bolne wali..
Anaya cups her face laugjing..
T- kunj .. Leave for ur offc.. Now..
Kunj wears his coat..

T- umm.. Aa beith amaya..
Amaya cms in n sits beside her..
A- wo bhabhi.. Mje apko kuch btana.. Arey apke haath pr kya hua..
Kunj grabing his thngs..
K-tere handsome bhai ko taadne m bzy thi..
Amaya wide eyes laugjing..
Twinkle wide eyes- kunj.. Will u just leave.. She gets embarrassed.
Kunj smiles eith in.. N was just leaving.. Wen..
A- wse bhai.. Apki neck pr kuch nishaan h..
Kunj stops n tocuhes his neck..
A- othr side..
Kunj gets frustrate n walks to the mirror.. He looks at his neck..
Twinkle also looks in the mirror .. N touches her lips..
Kunj realizes it to b twinkle lopstick mark.. N gets embarassed as amaya was laugjing at both of their condition.. Kunj looks at twinkle frm the mirror.. Who was making a puppy face..
T- i m sorry.. With actns.. Amaya’s stomch strts paining coz of fun laughter.. Kunj immedietely.. Strts rubbing mark.. Bt it wasnt fading..
He gets surprise.. He looks at the watch..
K- kunj aaj toh gyi teri naukri
Amaya looks at kunj..
A- bhabhi.. I guess he will need ur hlp.. M baadm aati hu..
Twinkle innocently nods.. Amaya giggles n leaves ..
Twinkle immediately rushes to him..
K- arey.. N holds his wrist n takes him to the washroom.. N she pins him to the wall besides the washbasin.. N looks at the mark closely.
K- twinn..klle.. Yaha m late ho ra hu.. N tumhe bathroom.. Romnc ki padi h..
Twinkle makes a face..
T- .. M tumahri hlp krne ayi hu..
K- rhndo rhndo.. Suba se he tumahre iraade mje tikh ni lg re..
Twinkle wides her eyes.. N hits him on his chest..
K- ouch.
T- ek toh madad krane ayi hu.. Upr se .. Huh. M toh chli jo krna h kro.. N she strts to leave bt kunj.. Holds her wrist n pulls her bck.. She rests her hnds on his chest.. Both lost in exh othr’s eyes for a sec..
K- ahem ahem..
Twinkel cms in senses..
T- umm,. Oh.. Ya.. Chodo mje..
Kunj immediately leaves her.. N she takes out sm cream n cotton.. N holds kunj’s collar.. He continously looking at her…
T- dont look at me like that..
K- arey ..
T- hmm.. N she keeps her hnd on his eyes.. N strts rubbing out the mark..
Kunj holds her hnd n rmoves it n grbs her eaist..
T- kkunn.. Jj .. Its done.. Now leave me n go.. U eill get late othrwse..
K- koi baat ni.. I will manage..
Twinkle looks at his narrowrd eyes..
T- how abt one more lipstick mark n its already 9 .. Kunj gets wide eyes..
K- oh teri…noooo..
T- teasing- yesss..
K- nooo..
T- yesssss n she gets closer to his neck..
K- nooo… N he immedyaley leaves her n makes his way out of the washroom.. Twinkle laughs ..n cms out of the washroom.. N he was fastly grbbing his thngs.. N runs to the door.. Bt cms running bck to twinlle..
T- arey.. He gvs a peck on his cheeks.. Fastly ..
K- bye.. N runs out of the room.. With a broad smile..
T- byyye..
Twinkle stnds biting her lips n blushing..

Twinkle was in the kitchen n amaya cms..
A- bhabhi.. Bhabhi.. Bhabhi.. N she rotates her 360..
Twinkle smiles- arey.. Arey.. Kya hua..
A- bhabhi.. Bht bdi news h..
T- haan bhai.. Btao toh..
A- bhabhi.. I m going on a date..
Twinkle gets happy..
T- srsly?
A- yes bhabhi.. Its an official. Date this tym.. I m so xcited..its the same guy i told u abt..
Twinkle hugs her n .. Says best of luck..
A- yes.. Thnkew.. So u tell me wat shud i wear.
T- umm.. Okay.. Oh yes.. Rcntly u bought a one piece na frm zara.. Wear that.. It was a nice pieve..
A- aww.. Bhabhi.. U too good.. Srsly.. I was so nrvous.. N now.. Yes i will wear that only..
T- good.. N amaya kisses her n leaves Running n dancing..
T- plzz babaji.. Make eveythng good for hr now.. She desrves hppiness.. She is innocnt n real..

****61st episode ends here****

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