Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 60)

Sorry guys.. Wasnt abl to cmmnt on ech n evry commntr personally.. Its sm servr problm.. Due to which i wasnt abl to cmmnt.. Bt i m glad for so mnny commnts .. Blessd evry1 is liking it so much.. πŸ™‚


K- ah.. Twinkle?? Wat.. Wat hpn..? U r not sayng .. Anythng.. ? Is evrythng alryt? Twinkle now u r worrying me.. Tel me..

T- kunj.. Ah.. I.. I..

K- yes twinkle speak up..

T- i m.. Not.. Preg.. Pregnnt..

Kunj gets shocked to hear that..

K- wat ?

Twinke nods ..

K- oh. Ya.. I m .. Such.. Such a fool.. Offcrse u .. Didnt say yes or no.. I just imagind that u r.. Got.. So much excited.. Lol.. Its okay..

Tears falls frm her eyes..

K- its okay twinkle . Y r. U crying..shh.. He clears her face.. N she composes hrslf.. Kunj gets up frm the bed to frsh n up.. Bt twinkle holds his hnd..

Kunj turns ..

K- yes twinkle?

T- kkuunjj..

Twinkle searching for wrds hiding her tears.. Hiding her guilt.. She looks at the fllor .. Bcoz she was vry guilty abt wat she did.. Aftr ol kunj has full ryt to noe..

T- kkuunnj i.. I.. Want.. To tell u.. Smthng..

Kunj looks suspiciously at her.. He undrstnds she has smthng big to tell .. So he sits bck on the bed beside her.. Taking both her hnds..

K- i m .. Listening twinkle.. Bolo..

Twinkle looks at him lovingly den at his hnds in her hnds.. She tightens the grip..

T- i.. I .. Was pregnnt..

Kunj gets shocked.. Thngs still not clear for him..

K- wat..wat. Do u.. Mean.. Twinkle .. He fakes a smile..

T- u plz .. Hv to .. Undrstnd me.. Okay.. Plz dont get.. Angry..

Kunj gvs a cnfusd look..

T- i .. Was pregnnt..

K- twinkle i m not undrstnding.. Now u r saying u were prgnnt .. So .. U r pregnnt or not..

T- i got it abortion..

Kunj gets hell shockd.. As if floor gets removed frm below his shoes.. Twinkle gets surprise n scared too.. Scared of his reactn..

K- u.. U.. Got.. Abor.. Wat?

T- kunjj.. U hv to.. Listen to me.. Plz.. Ystrdy i got to know that i m pregnnt.. N .. Nn.. I panicked.. So.. So.. Much.. N .. N i wasnt.. Evn.. Ready.. For a .. Bby ryt.. Now.. So.. I ..

Anger raises in kunj’s eyes.. He immediately.. Shrugs her away.. N gets up angrily..

K- how cud u..

She immediately gets up.. N hugs him frm back.. Kunj closes his eyes.. Tears falls frm his eyes..

T- kunj.. Plz undrstnd.. Ik.. I shud hv askd.. U b4 taking the step. Bt.. Bt.. I evn calld u.. I calld.. U bt.. U didnt pick it up..

Kunj turns n holds her frm her arms.. Forcefully.. Anger all ovr him..

K- if i didnt pick ur damn call.. Den u will sntch away the ryt frm me of me being the fathr of the child haa.. Damn it..

He shakes her.. Twinkle gets scared..

K- u didnt bothr to wait for me.. Ha.. Jo .. Mann.. M aay.. Kr dia.. Damn it.. How cud u do dat .. To my.. Child..

T- it was our child..

K- exctly.. R u evn a mothr.. It was our child.. So..wT Evr hpns to the bby.. Hpns on our mutual.. Mutual.. Decision.. U t just a heartless prsn.. U cnt b calld a mthr..

Twinkle wides her eyes..

K- u killd.. My child.. U killd my bby.. N i will nvr evr firgv u. For that.. N he immediatelly.. Pushes her n she falls on the bed.. Kunj looks at her with crying eyes.. He tightens his fist..

T- plz kunj.. Listn to me.. Atleast.. Ik i m wrng..

K- vry loud- u r wrng.. U r wrng.. U did wrng.. N i will nvr forgv fot tht..

Bebe , usha , n amaya were at home.. They all hear kunj’s voice n all rushes to his room..they opens the door.. N sees both of dem in that state.. Twinkle immediately gets up n clears her face..

Bebe n ol gets surprise..

Bebe- kuunj.. Puttar.. Twinkle.. Ee sb ki h.. Kya hua.. Kunj .. Tu inna.. Chila q ra h.. N twinkle puttar.. Y u cryin?

K- haa.. Bebe.. Pucho.. Issse y she is crying..

Usha- twinkle puttar.. Kya hua..

T- maa.. Wo..

K- maa m batata.. Hu

T- kunj..

K- nahi.. Nahi twinkle.. Sbko pta hona chahye. Tumahre wah wah kaam k baare m..

Twinkle nods in no crying..

K- maa.. Ye ladki.. Isliye roo rahi h.. Qki.. Mne isse btaya nahi… Ki m australia se aaj ara hu.. N ye pgl ladki inna gussa ho gyi ki mje b gussa aagya.. N fir humm khushi m has kr roone lgei..

Twinkle gets surprise to hear him..

Amaya- bs.. Bhabhi..? Inni si baat.. Aap b na..

Bebe- haha.. Ye show krta h tum dono ek dusre se kinna pyaar.. Krte ho.. All smiles

Kunj looks away.. Twinkle still crying softly..

Ush- chlo twinkle beta shaant ho jao.. Ase ni roote.. Okay..

Twinkle nods.. Kunj fumes..

Bebe- chalo usha rani.. N amaya .. V shud not disturb dem..

Kunj fakes a smile n all 3 leaves.. Twinkle looks with guilt at him.. N who was fuming..

T- kunj.. Tumne innko sch..

K- plz.. Ab ye mt sochna. Ki mne tumhe maaf kia.. Mne ..maa bebe.. Ko bs isliye ni btaya.. Qki wo iss baat ko jhel nahi.. Paati.. N jb wo log ye sochte.. Ki unki.. Bahu.. Ne kya kaam kia.. H.. Unko kaafi dhakka n burra lgta.. Or m apno ko dhukh m nahi dekh skta..

T- tum sidha sidha q ni kehte.. Ki maa bebe mujpr gussa hoti.. Or fir mje iss baat ka burra lgta.. N tum mje dhukh m nahi dekh skte..

Kunj looks at her surpriseinly.. Kunj takes steps towrds her..

K- twinkle.. Dont gv urslf too much imptrnc.. Okay.. Mne jo kia .. Srf maa or bebe k liye.. Kia.. Wse b. Ye hmare bich ki baat.. H. Hmare bich he rhni chahye.

Twinkle gets happy seeing his maturity.. That how nice he is. N wat she did is actually unforgvable..

T- kunj .. Plz u hv to undrstnd me.. I did this bcoz of a reasn..

K- twinkel.. Listen to me straight..if u did dis bcoz of a reasn.. U cud hv talkd to me straight.. I wud hv appreciated that.. N undrstood u.. Offcrse.. Bt as u didnt tell me b4 taking that step.. I cn see wats the place of me in ur lyf..

T- kunj its nthng liyk dat..

K- plz .. I dont wanna talk to u.. He goesin washroom.. Angrily.. Twinkle looks on with a sad face..

Kunj cms out n picks a blanket frm the bed..

T- wat.. R u.. Doing.
K- none of ur business.. Twinkle runs n holds the blnket ..
T- no u r not sleeping on the couch..
K- i m not sleeping on the couch i m sleeping in the balcony..
T- kuu..nnj.. Dont do this.. To urslf.. U will sleep on bed.. Only.. I will sleep outisde..
K- just the leave the blnkt..
T- i wont..
K- leave it.. Both strts pulling the blnkt ..
T- no.. Sleep in here..
K- chodo issko..
Suddenly kunj pulls the blanket with so much force that twinkle losts her blnc n falls on him n kunj suddenly falls on the bed ..
Twinlle on kunj– both looks at ech othr ..awkwrdly..twinkle looks deeply in his eyes..kunnj also trying not to look at her bt ..offcrse he is also a man in love only..so he also gets lost in her eyes…bt suddenly kunj vms in senses..
K- twinlle get up..
K- get up frm me..
T- no..
K- i said just get up..
T- no..i hv full ryts to b on u..
Kunj fumes
K- u lost all ur ryts..wen u killd my child..
Twinkl gets surprise to hear that..kunj forcefully pushes her besides..n was just getting up.. n wen twinkle makes him turns n hugs him.. tightly.. with his neck..
K- twinkle..
T’ – noo .. i m ..not..leavng u..no..
She hugs him so tightly.. n now kunj was on her..
T- i will not leave u..till u wont listn to me…
K! -twonkle just leavr me– rlse i hv to use my force…
Twinkle strts gttng scared n strts kissing him all ovr his face..n hugs him agn…
K- twinkle wat is dis r u a child..just letme go….
Suddenly twinkle strts shakinh of fear..fear of loosing him..
T- llz dont leave me…plz..kujj plxzx..
Kunj fumes..
T- ik i .. Did.. Wrng plz.. Dont evr leave me.. Plzz..
Kunj feels her shivring..he parts his lips in hr wrry..his anger was raisng ovr him bt the pure lovr he has for hr alaays wjns…slowly kunj raises his hnds..to comfrt hr…
T- plz kunj..plz…
Kunj wraps his hnds arnd hr slowly…
K- ii..mm..here..i m ..not gng..anywhere..twinkle…shh calm down..he caresses her hair…
K- twinkle? Twinkle??
He holds her head.. sees her face…her eyes were closed..he immediately..takes her head in hjs arms ..he gets worried…
K- twinkkle?? Twinkle?? He taps on her face…bt she wasnt waking up…
K- oh god twinkle wake up… opn ur eyes…see i m here…he lays hr on bed n immeduately calls doctr..

doc cms n examines her..all family mmbr were in the room…
Bebe- kunj puttar hiw cm suddenly she fainted. .
K- id.on.. noe…bebe..doc looks at kunj.. n kunj worries wat if thr doc geys to know abt hr abortion n he speaks up in frnt of every one. .k- babaji plz save us..
Doc- umm..mr. kunj I need to talk to u..
K- yes doc..
Manohr- doc wat has hpnd to hr..plz tell us..
Doc- mr. Sarna.. she is absolutely fine..just bcoz of sm tnsn she faintd..else evrythng is nrml..
Bebe’ – rab ka shukr h..
Doc- ji..so if u all cn gv me a prsnl momnt woth kunj..
Usha- sure doc.. n they leaves..
Kunj cms n sits nxt to twinkle.. Yes he was angry bt her health is more imp den any othr thng..
Doc- mr. Kunj.. I askd ur family to leave bcoz i hv seen mny couples they usually hides news likes this.. Kunj looks surprisingly at doc..
Doc- yes kunj.. I saw these abortion pills der.. So i undrstood.. So as i cud feel u hvnt rold any of this thng to ur family.. So beeing ur family doctr i cn atleast do this much for u.. N ur wife..
K- thnkew so much doctr..
Doc- ya so talkng abt ur wife.. She fainted yes bcoz of stress bt her body isnt that tough to take ol.. Her body needs sm tym to deal with evrythng.. N u hv to support for that..
Kunj looks at twinkle ..
Doc- ryt now.. I hv gvn her an injctn.. She soon will b alryt ..she needs rest n care..
Kunj- yes doctor i will keep evrythng in mind.. N i will take hr xtra care..
Doc- good so.. I will tk ur leave
Kunj- thnkew for cmng doc..
N doc leaves..
Kunj looks at twinkle.. N takes her hnd in his.. N kisses dem.. N rubs her forehad.. He strts gettng teary eyes..
K- m i not proving to b a good husbnd twinkle? Ha.. Dat u took such a big decision on ur own..
K- bt now.. No.. I wont ask anythng abt this to u.. I just want u.. I dont want any child.. No i just want u to b hapoy n healthy.. Tears falls frm his eyes on her face. N she gets awake slowly..

T- k..uunn..jj..
Kunj hqppy to see her awake..
K- yes twinkle.. Twinkle see i m ryt here nxt to u… He rubs his hnd on hr forehead..
Twinkle opens her eyes n their eys meet..

****60th episode ends here****

Keep commnting.. Hope evry1 likes it..

Credit to: Pali


  1. kruti

    Wow…….Masterpiece…… Extraordinary…….all dis weds r very less fr ur ff I’m just speechless .I don’t know from which part of ur brain do u get ideas ur just fabulous Pali

  2. Jaya

    I really really loved this episode! Kept reading it again and again! Keep up the great work Pali! I’m looking forward to the next part soon.

  3. Aastha

    i am agn late btw thnk u… bcauz hugh fight didn’t occurred and everything get sorted…

  4. Ria

    It was toooo great.. Though it was sad but, I loved it. Hope everything is sorted out fast.

  5. loveleen

    ur evry piece of writing is too spl yaar….u r an extraordinary writer…i wish ur ff nvr ends…n thnk u fr nt separating twinj watever d situation cms they shud alwys b togethr to face it…jus love ur ff to the core…

  6. Cutie pie

    Wooow amzing waitng 4 nxt epi as u said really whn ever twinj r away to u show dey r together dis is wat i lyyk d most continue soon

    • Pali

      Thnkew cutie pie.. Offcrse dear they r in love.. N love is a big wrd.. It cnt just vanish due to small thngs ryt??

  7. Aakanksha

    Yaar pali…its a request to u plzzz take up writing as a career coz I can gurantee you that ur name wud surely be taken along with the most famous writers of India and maybe the world too…you know I wonder if this amazing writing skills are gods gift to you…I wish some day I cud write half as good as u…U are the best ff writer on this entire tu page…I know I comment very rarely but trust me…I hav read every single Epi of ur ff…and yaar I am a crazy fan of ur ff…love ur ff to the square of infinity???

    • Pali

      Aakanksha?big wrds yr..dear its just my hobby.. N really thnkew so much for the suggestion bt i hv sm othr plans concrning my career.. N srsly i get so much of a good response here frm all of u guys , it feels so gr8 n warming.. Its just god giftd thng that smhow i ryt bit good.. Nthng spcl.. ?.. Bt srsly these cmmnts, these appreciations, these wrds means alot.. ALOT.. N i just try to keep up the good wrk.. Thats all.. Thnks for cmmnting n liking my ffs n me✌?️??
      More love ❀️

      • Aakanksha

        Yaar np its good to keep ur hobby and career separate… btw wud u mind telling me what u wish to become ??

    • Pali

      Thnks amy. Umm ya till now i m not planning to end it.. coz of evry1’s love .. πŸ™‚

  8. lama

    OMG Pali…..What an episode….Mind Blowing….You Just Nailed It……U r Really a Great Writer…..Love u & ur ff from the bottom of my heart

  9. lama

    OMG Pali…..What an episode….Mind Blowing…Awesome….You Just Nailed It……U r Really a Great Writer…..Love u & ur ff from the bottom of my heart

  10. Heyy Pali.. Its not the first time bt han im.commenting on ur ff after such a long time. Nd 2day i cant resist myself frm commenting… I ays read ur ff nd m really a vry big fan of u , ur ff nd ur writing skillss.. I ays eagerly wait fr ur ff….. I really really love ur ff yr.. m lacking of words to appreciate u.. Its lik: tumhe jitna appreciate karo utna kam hai…. Yr tumhe na best ff writer ke liye OSCAR milna chahiye.. Really im not joking……. Not only TEI cv’s bt cv’s of all shows should tk some tips frm u… I luv ur ff to the max…. tht’s all what i can say…..
    A very very big applause fr u.. ????????.. I wish tht ur ff will nvr end.. ???

    • Pali

      Heya suni, thnkew soo vry much for these mny appreciations.. Vry kind wrds ha.. Glad u liked it soo much?thnks for cmmnting ..

  11. Jerly

    nice episode……… loved it…….. i think kunj is right twinkle should have asked him b4 taking such a big step…….. even if he wasn’t taking her call…. she should have waited 4 him

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