Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 6)


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Both close to each other kunj holding twinkle’s hand.
Twinkle – (hesitantly) wh..at rr uu doi..ng
Kunj- y r u always angry at me ..kunj was concrete and looks continuosly in her eyes.. Twinkle doesnt finds words ..
Twinke- just leave me kunj
Kunj tightens her in her arms more .. Twinkle gets uneasy.
Kunj- y do u always have gussa on ur nose for me.. Y twinkle y??
Twinkle -( firm) first leave me .. Kunj realizes that this is not right .. So kunj loosens her and leaves .. Their fingers keep touching each other when kunj was leaving her hand .. Both looks at each other continuosly
Twinkle- u r just the same what i thought about u.. Kunj gets disheartened..

Kunj-( goes a bit closer to her ) and says no twinkle i m not that bad what u think about me , u r taking me all wrong..
Twinkle -( starts to leave )
Kunj gets very sad and looks at her going with teary eyes…
Twinkle ignores him and walks inside and closes the door .. She feels wat is dis y i was feeling angry at him but at the same time i was somewhat happy too b in his arms .. Y babaji ..?she feels the touch of kunj on her hands …
Kunj – taps his car stearing wheel and drives in anger thinking about twinkle’s words ..

-Next day-

Yuvraj with twinkle at taneja

Yuvi- twinkle so how’s kunj ?
Twinkle- bhai what u mean ? y u asking me about kunj..
Uvi- answer na..
Twinkle- I dont lyk him..he is very disgusting..
Uvi- okay n still u were in his arms without any problem ? 😉

Twinkle- what no bro u r taking it wrong(looks here n there in amaze) just that he pulled me towards him..
Uvi- without ur permission? (Gets angry)
Twinkle- (doesnot knowing what to say if she says that yes he pulled her without her permission bhai wont spare him)

Twinkle then suddenly says no bhai i was about to fall when he caught me ..
Uvi- okay thats fine
Twinkle – yeah and starts to leave but thinks y she didnt answer in a yes .. She thinks jo hota usko hota na y i m so concern..

Kunj and amaya

Amaya- bhai i m going to gurudwara wanna join?
Kunj – sure lets go! They drive gurudwara

Amaya notices twinkle also getting down from her car and she runs to her kunj follows..
Amaya – hey twinkle di?
Twinkle looks at her and smiles and walks towards her
Twinkle- hugs her by saying a sweet hello.. Then she looks at kunj coming ..
Amaya- di u r looking very beautiful
Twinkle- thnkew J even u r looking very sweet amaya ahaan !
Kunj comes and doesnt reacts much seeing twinkle there .. Just nods

Twinkle also does the same..twinkle was wearing full ethnic suit in white and dupatta on her forehead , she was holding a chadar in a plate to offer it to the priest…
Amaya and twinkle starts walking and and talks about the party and college.. Kunj just follows them .. Twinkle was sometime half turning to look at him.. But kunj was constantly looking here and there ..

****6th episodes ends here****

Credit to: Pali

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  1. wow i love ur episode. its too interesting. keep writing

  2. add more soon ff.and it was too short.

    1. I vl keep in mind nxt tym thnkew

  3. Nice yrr but too short I hope u don’t mind

    1. Na na i dont mind .. Well thnx i vl keep dis in mind nxt tym

  4. I loved it

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