Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 59)


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Kunj in a meeting..
He was prsnt physically bt his mind n heart was der in india only..
K- u hv to focus kunj.. He tells himslf as his seniors were showing presntations..
Kunj thnks.. Its been scnd day now n twinkle hasnt evn calld me to ask me how m i ..
He drinks more n more water nxt was his turn.. He gets up n gvs his presntatn in a low mood..
He cms n sits bck on his chair.. He chxks his fon agn to see if any call came.. Bt no.. Not evn a singl miss call.. Or txt.
He gets disheartened.. Othrs were discusing smthng bt kunj was looking at the presntatn screen only .. Imagining twinkle ..
Song gets played
Meri har khushi m ho teri khushi
Mohabat m aisa Zaroori nahi
Tu jab milna chahe na mil saku
Tu milna mera koi dorri nahi

Mohabatt h ji hazoori nahi
Mohabatt h ji hazoori nahi
Mohabatt h ji hazoori nahi
Mohabatt h ji hazoori nahi

Kunj agn chcks his fon .. Bt ends up with a sad fce..Kunj was lost in his own world.. The meeting gets finished.. N he just follows his colleagues.. To the car.. Lost..

Hmm meri har khushi m ho teri khushi
Mohabat m aise zaroori nahi
Tu jab milna chahe na mil saku
Tu milna mera koi dorri nahi

Mohabatt h ji hazoori nahi
Mohabatt h ji hazoori nahi ji haan
Mohabatt h ji hazoori nahi
Mohabatt h ji hazoori nahi ji haan
Ji haan.. Ji haan–

He looks out he car window .. Hiding his tears..

Mujhko ehsaas hai par main kehta nahi
(Mohabbat hai yeh jee hazoori nahi)
Paas pehle ke jitna main rehta nahi
(Mohabbat hai yeh jee hazoori nahi)

He clears his face.. His colleagues asks him if he is okay.. He nods..n asks dem to drop him here only..

Sm1 – bt kunj .. U hardly noe this place.. Do u noe wat is dis place

K- plz.. I want to spnd sm tym alone..

They had no othr optn so they drops dem.. He sadly faking a smile nods dem a bye.. N strts walkng grabbing his coat in his hnd.. Tie almost abt to fall..

Yeh takaza hai mere haalaat ka
Lena dena hai nahi
Kuch bhi jazbaat ka
Ye sach baat main tujhse keh raha
Na aayi hai inme zara bhi kami – ji haan!

Mohabbat hai yeh ji huzoori nahi – ji haan! (x4)

He goes to a bar.. N looks arnd..he orders a drink…he holds tge glass n looks at the drink.. Memories flashng … Bt immediately he rmmbrs wat hpnd last tym wen he drank.. He gets up immediately n cms out..n keeps on walking helplessly..

(Ji haan!)
Tujhko manaana mujhe toh mujhe aata nahi
Mohabbat hai yeh jee hazuri nahi
Par ye nahi ki tujhe main chahta nahi
Mohabbat hai yeh jee hazuri nahi

Waqt badla hai zara sa
Main wohi hoon jaan-e-jaan
Kaise tujhko baat main ye
Samjhaaun saathiyaa..

He clears his face..

Kaise khush tujhe rakhun nahi pata
Par chahta hoon tere labon pe hansi

N hits a can on the floor n tries to smile.. Bt ends up crying..

Ji haan!
Mohabbat hai yeh ji hazoori nahi (x4)

meri har khushi me ho teri khushi – ji haan!
Mohabbat mein aisa zaroori nahi
Meri har khushi mein ho teri khushi – ji haan!
Mohabbat mein aisa zaroori nahi
Tu jab milna chaahe, na mil sakun
Na milna mera koi doori nahi – ji haan!

He takes out his fon suddenly n calls her.. Bt she doesnt picks it .. Coz she was downstairs n her fon was in her room.. He bites his lips sadly..n disconncts the call aftr trying thrice..

Mohabbat hai yeh ji huzuri nahi – ji haan! (x4)

Meri har khushi mein, ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaroori nahi
Tu jab milna chaahe, na mill sakun
Na milna mera koi doori nahi..

He reaches his hotel n locks himslf in his room.. N sleeps ..

Nxt day-

Kunj had gone for his office affair meeting… Bt was trying his hard to focus.. Bcoz it cud b a gr8 day for him..

Twinkle was cleaning her almorah wen suddenly she rushes to washroom..she pukes .. N looks in the mirror.. She cups hr face on the thought..

She immediately cms out n calls the chemist.. Aftr a while she recieves the packet n hiding herslf frm othrs reaches her room..

She does the test.. N looks in the mirror n gets teary eyes..

T- positive..

She gets shattered..

T- oh no.. How.. I .. Cnt b pregnnt.. No.. I .. Cant do this.. No.. I dont want this.. No.. Kya .. Kya kru.. M.. No i cnt hv this bby..

She clears her face.. N picks her fon.. She looks at her wallpaper of kunj n her.. She cries.. Seeing it..

T- y kunj y.. U did dis to..me.. Y..

N she cals him.. Bt he wasnt picking hr call..

Kunj was bzy gvng his presntations with full enthu.. Coz he wantd the best..

Twinkle gets frustrated.. N grabs her purse n rushes out of her house..

T- no i cnt hv this bby.. I dont want this bby.. No ..nvr..
She reaches a chemist n takes abortion pills ..she gvs a deep dreath n cms bck home..
T- wat will i say to kunj..
She gets teary eyes..She lies crying on bed..

Late dat nyt..
Kunj calls her..
K- pick up the call twinkle.. I m sorry i was bzy..pick it up.. Yr..
Twnkle composes herslf n gets shock to see his cll..
T- kya kru.. Kya kru.. Oh gid..
She picks the call..
K- hello.. Hows u.. Inna tym q le lia.. Pta i was so scared.. I m sorry i didnt pick the call.. Bt the meeting was vry imp for me.. Twinkle? Hello.. R u der? Listening?
T- oh. Unm.. Ya.. I m .. Here..
K- oh god.. Feels so gr8 .. To finally .. Hear ur voice..
T- hmm..
K- tumhe ni acha lg ra mere se baat kr k?
T- umm.. Nahi.. Nahi.. Nthng lyk dat..
K- u okay?
Twinkle silent..
K- twinkle ? I askd smthng.. Is evrythng fine der? U okay?
T- ahh.. Yaya.. Sb tikh h..
K- or tum?
Tears falls frm hr eyes.. She closes her eyes n thnks she isnt doing ryt by not telling him..
T- mm.. M.. I .. M fine:. Mje kya.. Hoga..
K-oh okay.. He thnks he will surprise her with his news fce to fce only.. Now he wont tell her.. He want to see her happiness wen he tells her that………..

T- unm.. So .. Talk to u later..
K- umm. U sleeping ?
T- arnt u?
K- no .. I wantd to talk .. If u feel like..
T- unm.. I cud hv talkd to u.. Bt i m feeling very sleepy..
K- oh.. Okay.. Den dont cut the call
T- kya.. I will sleep.. I cnt talk..
K- ya.. So its okay.. U cn sleep.. I will just hear u sleeping…
Twinkle closes her eyes.. N composes erslf
T- wat nonsense kunj..
K- arey.. U just sleep.. I want to feel like i m der nxt to u.. N u r here with me..
T- ahh..
K- good night..
T- hnm..
K- dont cut the call,,
She keeps her fon besides her pillow.. N tries to sleep.. Bt she was feeling hell guilty frm hiding the truth..

Kunj smiles hearing her snore.. N keeps her fon on speaker n keeps his fon on his chest.. N tries to sleep smiling..

Aftr a day kunj lands ..
He cms bck to sarna’s evry1 greets him lovingly..
K- where’s twinkle?
Usha- in her room.. As u said.. V didnt tell her abt ur cmng..
K- good wrk my mothr..
U- hehe.. Ab ja.. Mt tarsa bichari ko..
K- yes.. He runs towrds his room..
He opens the door.. N twinkle turns to see .. She finds kunj.. Happiness rolls all ovr her face..
Kunj smiles broadly seeing her.. He immediately rushes .. Towrds her. Bt stops near her .. Both looks at ech othr awkwrdly..
T- t..tumm.. Kb aaye..
K- just now.. Looking straight into her eyes..
T- u didnt tell thqt u r cmng..
K – wantd to surprise u.. N see this happiness on ur face..
Twinkle looks in his eyes.. Emotion rolls in her.. N she takes a step forwrd n hugs him tightly..
Kunj closes his eyes n hugs her bck tightly..
K- i missd u.. Making the hug passionate.. Twinkle caresses his hair fastly..
T- i.. Missd u.. Too.. Both gets teary eyes.. Kunj rubs his hnd all ovr her bck. N caresses her hair by kissing on her forehead.. Twinkle melts herslf in him.. Forgtting evrythng.. Kunj opens his eyes.. N picks her up n she wraps her legs arnd him.. Twinkel looks lovingly in his eyes.. He kisses her neck stnding only.. N makes hr sit on the wrking table.. Both looking at exh othr with heavy breathing..
K- I cnt tell u how much i missd u..i cnt evn tell how sorry i m ..
Twinkle keeps her finger on his lips.. N othr hnd on his shoulder..
She bends n kisses face allovr..
K-twwinn..kkle.. I want to tell u onethng..
Still kissing him on his nck.. Slowly opeing his shirt buttons..
K- i.. I.. Got.. Promotion..
Twinkle stops suddenly.. N looks at him with surprise..
K- yes now ny salary will b doubled.. I will get a new cabin.. New evrythng..
Twinkle gets a broad smile n kisses hos foreahd..
K- i will gv a more bttr lyf .. To u..
T- i m so happy for u.. Aftr ol u wantd this.. Only..
K- surprise look- wat do u.. Mean.. I wantd this for us..
T- plz kunj dont try to explain urslf..
K- no u hv to listen to me. I did this bcoz i wantd to gv u a bttr lyf.. If i earn mor u will get mor to spnd .. I did this for our future..
T- future.. Suddenly twinkle rmmbrs abt her pregnancy news that she was hiding.. Bt now toh she evn had the abortion..
She slightly moves n cms down frm the table.. N steps aside to go away.. Bt kunj holds her n pins hrr to the wall..
K- wAt do u thnk of urslf ha..
Twinkle looks at him with surprise.. Kunj looks straight at her parted lips n kisses her wildly.. Twinkle gasps to take breath.. Bt kunj was nt at ol gvng her any chnc to..
T- kunj.. Slow
K- shh.. He again for it.. N kisses more wilding by biting her lips.. Twinkle gvs with in.. For the kss.. N makes him go slow.. She touches his face.. While he ws doing it widly.. She holds his hnds n interlocks dem.. She takes a deep breath.. N tells him to b slow with her eyes.. The lines on his forehead gets straight..n he gets lill slow.. Both making it last long n passionate.. They finally break the kiss.. Boyh looking at ech other with heavy breathing..
Suddenly his eyes falls on a ppr crushed beside the bin..
T- kya hua..
K- umm nothng.. He leaves her n goes towrds the bin.
T- kuunj.. Where r u gng..
K- smthng is der..
Twinkle looks on. N gets surprise ..
Kunj bends to pick it up.. It was a chemist bill..
K- chemist bill.. He gets shockd on seeing wat was billed in it..
K- pregnncy kit.. He turns to see twinkle.. Twinkle gets hell surprise .. She strts sweating wat will she b saying now..
K- r u.. Preg..nnt..
Twinkle neither says yes nor a no..
Kunj ignrs the reply n gets excited..
The bill gets slip out of his hnd as he runs bck towrds her..
K- oh god u. R pregnnt.. OMG.. i m so excited.. Wow.. Finally .. Sm1 will call me also a dadda.. N ..n teinkle.. The bby will call u.. Mommy.. Its so amazing.. Thnkew soo much.. He hugs her tightly..
K- oh no.. I shud not hug u so tyt.. Ryt.. Ya.. Ik a lill abt all this.. Y didnt u tell me b4 .. Thnkeww soo much twinkle.. Today u gave me evrythng.. I cnt ask more den dis.. Cm u shud sit .. Here.. N..nn..now will do 1 thng.. Will shft.. To any grnd floor room.. Ha.. Daily no stairs up down.. Ya..
Twinkle gets shockd to see his reactn..
K- nn.. Nn i yes i will take off frm offc.. Also .. I will b spnding evry aingl momnt wid u..

Twinkle surprise to hear his wrds..

T- u .. U.. Will .. Taake.. Off.. Frm ur.. Offc

K- offcrse i will take off ffrm my offic for u. For us.. For our bby.. Twinkle i cnt xplain u how much happy i m.. Hearing dis..

Twinkle gets a flood of tears rushing out ..

****59th episode ends here *****

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Credit to: Pali

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