Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 58)


Glad evryone is liking it.. Keep the love alive 🙂
Nxt day..
Twinkle opens her eyes..n finds herslf in their hotel room…she gets surprise..
t- how cm i m here..she turns to see kunj looking at her..she gets shy thnkng ab ystrdy’s nyt..n looks away.
k- i brought u here..at nyt..wen v slept..
t-wat?i didnt evn get to know..
k- ya ..u wre actually sleeping very peacfully aftr the momnts v had.so i didnt wake u up…he says by touching her hnd with his.. Twinkle looks arnd the room was messy with their loitered clothes..
t- ahh..um…wo..i hv to take bath..she blushes n immediaately gets up bt kunj pulls her bck.. She falls bck on the pillow n kunj cms side on her.. Twinkle looks at him wid shy .. Thnkng abt the part they had.. He looks in her eyes continuously..
K- ystrdy’s nyt was beautiful..
He strts caressing her hair..
T- umm.. She nods..
K- how was i at. ..unm..
T- ha?
K- i mean..u liked it..i mean…
t- kuunnjj..she hits him on his chest..n pushes him..n runs to the washroom blushing..kunj smiles endlessly…he lies down looking up thnkng abt the lovely nyt..n smiles…he cups his face..n thnks v finally had it..twinkle..yes..
twinkle takes a bath fastly..n realizes der is no towel in the bathroom as she just forgot to bring it in n rushed in..she thnks of doing wt now…with no optn lft ..
t- kuu..uunjjj..?
kunj frm outisyd..
k- haa twinkle?
t-wo..kkuu..njj..i ..i forgot my towel outsyd only ..so if u cn just gv it to me..
he looks here n der n locates the towel on the cupboard..
k- wait..

k- open ur door..twinkle wide eyes..
t- wat?
k- oopn ur door..den only toh i will b abl to gv it o u na..
t- ah..oh…ya..she opens the lock n puts her half hnd outsyd the door..kunj looks at her watery hand..n gets naughty..he gvs her the towel bt holds hr hnd…
t-kunj wat r u doing…
k- arey..wat m i doing..
t- my hnd,,leave me..
k- evn i wan to take bath..
t- wide eyes- fine..bt atleast lemme finish…
k- lets hv it togthr na…
t- more surprise- ahh…i.i m..toh done…just gv me the towel n i will b out in no tym..
k- n wat if i don’t..
k- no no no..lemme also cm in..
t- nahi manoge?

k- no no no..
t- fine..kunj gets a braoad smile ..bt immedtaley the door gets slammed on his face..
k- twinkl twinkle./
t- u thnk only u r smart ha? N she strts laughing n soaks herslf with her usd clothes..
k- twinkle see this is not done..twinkle?
t- sh sh..evrythng is fair in love n war..
k- argh..n he throws the towel…twinlkle laughs n cms out wearng her bathrobe,,
kunj gvs a fuming look tryng to look angry..
t- now go i need to chng..
k- m toh ni jar a ..
t- kunj go na..mje kapde phne h..
k- ab toh bilkul ni ja ra..
k- twinkle..
t- kunj plz yr goo na..
k- twinkle .if u rmmbr last nyt i saw u widout clothes,,ryt
twinkle feels shys n bites her lips..n looks here n der..
t- kunj will u go.
k- no..
t- or i leave..
k- arrhhhgg…these wives..huh.
T- kunj go wse b v need to ctch our flight..n shanaya n yug also must b waiting..
he gvs A fuming look n goes in the washroom..twinkle smiles n gets drressed..
After that they board their flights n cms bck to amritsar.. evry1 gvs a warm wlcm to dem..n den a norml lyf strts..they continue to hv cute momnts .. n the love n desire in their love was on its peak..kunj usd to go to his office,..bt was facng lot of wrk load..bt he was managing..
Offcourse guys..reality lies in this only..u cnt lways hv rommnc only..

Present day-
Kunj gets ready to leave for his offc..
t- kunj srsly..today also…its Sunday
k- so wat baby..i hv to go..now as they pay me a huge amt.thts wat they accpt me to do for dem..
t- i m hearing this frm last 20 days..u r just focusing onn ur wrk..
k- haha..its not like dat jaan u noe dat..
t- no it is like dat..leave i don’t want to talk to u..
twinkle gets uo leave bt kunj holds her n grbs her by her waist…
k- i..lo…bt suddenly his fon rings..she looks at him angrily as he picks the call..
kunj on his fon call- yes i will b der in no tym..he leaves twinkle..n grbs his coat ..twinkle stnds der looking like a lost creature..
t- idk wat has hpmd to him..
kunj stops at the door n turns to look at her..
k- bye..jaan..love u..
t- fake smile – love u too..he turns n leaves for his offc..

it was decidd that day to b women’s day so all the women of the house will go for sm tym spnding..n shopping..leela, usha,bebe,twinkle..amaya, chinki…
Bebe- i want to buy a saree..
Leela- haha..kyu bebe..kisko ghayal krne ka iraada h?
Usha- hehe
Bebe- chal pagali..
Amaya- oh plz..aap aunties ki traha mat baat kro..i want to buy smthng frm new emerged zara collection..so i m gng ..
Chinki- exactly..amaya..chl lets go..twinkle tje kiske sath jana h aunties or smarties..
Leelaa- haw..
Bebe – dekho toh inn kudiya nu..
Usha- ji bebe
t- haha..i m cmng with u only..
chinki—booo.bebe..evn twinkle don’t wanna cm with u guys..
amaya- aww..
bebe- chal hatt kudiye..huh..n the ladies leaves..

ZARA showroom
A – hey ,hows that top..

t- nice 1..

a – Hiana bhabhi..lemme go n try dat 1..

Chinki- ya..

She leaves..n twinkle n chinki does few more shopping in btvn dat..

c- so twinkle..ab toh teri lyf..bht he s*xy chl ri hogi..

t- haha..hm.shi chl ri h

c- sirf shi?

t- umm..wat to say yr,..kunj bht he bzy rhta h offc k chkr m..ik he is doing fro our bttr future only bt inna b toh ni ..that evn on Sunday u don’t hv tym for ur wife..n still go to that damn offx..

c- oh ,,,he just turning into ur brothr..

t- oh plz..if he wud hv been like my brothr..u wont b hvng dis 5 mnths bby in ur belly..

c- hahah..tu b na..

t- bt jo b ho..aftr kids,thngs gets complicated mor..

c- twinkle u r mad..aftr kids thngs strts gttng more nicer in a relationship..

t- newly mom..keep me away frm all this..

c- haha..chl lets hv smthng..

amaya also cms holding so mny shopping bags..

t- OMG..done with billing..

a – yes bhabhi..here’s ur bag..n chinki here is urs..

n amaya leads..

chinki whispers in twinkle ears

c- its so nice that finally amaya has changed n is on ryt track..

t- yes..srsly,..she told me she is also seeing a boy lately..

c- srsly ? thats amazing for hr..

t- yah i hope evrythng falls good for her now..

c- ya..both smiles ..n leaves the MALL..


Twinj room

Twinkle rests on bed reading her fav magazine…

t- i will b buying dis designer dress..looks so much pretty on jacquiline..i surely buy this 1 ..she smiles broadly.. n keeps the magazine..

11;30 pm

t- kunj abhi tk ni aya..she goes to her window nsees kunj’s car cmng..

t- finlly..kunj cms in..

t- hie bby..


t- umm u got quite late tody..

k- ya ..caught up in a meeting..

t-ohk..had dinnr..

k- yeah..i need sleep..tmrw i hv to get up early also…

he takes out his coat n cms fresh n up..

t- u must b tired ..

k- hell tired..he lays down on bed..with eyes closed..twinkle feels uneasy..bt just lies nxt to him..

t- u slept..

k- if u allow me to..

t- oh ya..sorry..aftr a while…she goes close to him n puts her hnd on his chest..

k- goodnnytt..

t- hmm..she takes his hnd n puts her head on his arm..

k- oh i m sorry..my arms r paining..

t- oh oh..i m so sorry,,,

she immediately feels angry,.n takes away her hnd frm his chest n moves bit away..kunj takes a deep breath bcoz he was vry tired frm all the wrk..exhuasted frm evrythng..he turns to he other way,,,for sm peaceful sleep..twinkle feels angry n tries to sleep..

nxt day-

twinkle gets up but doesn’t finds kunj..

t- whre is he now..she sees ervywhere but doesn’t finds him..

she sends a txt

twinkle mess-whre r u..he doesn’t rples..he was in a meeting..he ignrs coz the meeting was more imp dat tym..twinkle immediately calls him..bt he cuts it..again she calls again he cuts it..

aftr kunj’s break/.he imme calls her..

k- twinkle..r u mad or wat..i nwas on in such an imp meeting..wat was dis..

t- haa..ummkunj i was worried..u were not at home..in the early mrng so/..

k- see.dis is wat all these serials to do u ladies..i told u ystrdy nyt that i hv to go early..n u just forgot bt i ask u wat that gl in the lead role in sm stupid show said u will speak the hwole dialogue widout a stop..

t- kunj its not like da..it just slipped out of mine/ mind..

k- now if u allow me to may i hv my liunch..


he disconnect s the call..twinkle feels sad at his continuous behaviour like dis.

t- idk..y is he doing all these thngs..he cnt bcm bill Clinton..by ignrng his family n wife..


kunj cms..

bebe- kunj aja puttar ..hv ur dinner..

k- i already had it bebe..im gng to my room…

twinkle looks at him gng..bt he was too tired to walk also,,bt he manages..

aftr smtym

twinj room

twinkle cms in the room ..n sees him on his table desk..doing sm wrk..

t- wat r u doing kunj..u shud rest for smtym/..

k- naa..i hv this imp wrk..

t- kunj..u will get sick..u hardly take sleep..n leaves early mrngs..so..

k- oh ya i forgot..i hv to go Australia tmrw for sm offc wrk..

t- tmrw? N u telling me now..

k- oho wats the big deal..now plz don’t disturb me i hv to chck sm details ..

twinkle gets a bck .. n looks at him sliently wid teary eyes,,,bt he was only focusing on his wrk..

twinkle rests on bed..looking at him..

k- sleep..

t- i will wen i will feel like..

k- wat is dis way to speak

t- oh really..wow..u just like othr husbands..

k- wat do u mean

t- u cn say anything u feel like..bt if i say..u get goosebumps..

k- wat did i say..

t- leave kunj..i hv been taking this shit frm past 1 mnth.n its just impossible now to xplain..

kunj leaves his wrk angrily n gets up ….he takes out his tie n coat..

n just lays nxt to her….both lies silently..bt knj finklly speaks..

k- im vry tired..i m so tired of all this..

-t- u r chngd..

Kunj looks at hr who has tear drop on her side of the eyes..

k- its nthng lyk dat..

t- leave…kunj u shud sleep..must b bzy all day..n hv a flight to ctch too..

kunj looks at her with surprise..

t- n ya dis tym.just tell me wen u will leave,,if u feel like…

kunj feels an urge..n pulls her close..

twinkle looks at him shockd..

t- waatt..r..u doing..

k- shhh..he gets close to her..n removes the dress frm hr shoulder..twinkle breaths fastly..he rubs his face with her hair n face..n kisses on her shoulder…he looks at her eyes..which were closed ..she slowly open her n he sees her tearye eyes..both wantd to say sooryy bt smthng stoppd…dem to..kunj gets close to her lips ..

t- kunj stop…

kunj gets surprise

t- don’t..she rmoves his hnd,,n lies on bed..

T- good nyt..

K- twinn..nklle.. Tmrw.. Tmrw.. I will leave., for.. 4 days..

Twinkle takes a deep breath. Gulps in.

T- best of luck for ur meeting..

K- twwiin..

T- good nyt..

N both sleeps on either side of bed showng der bcks..

Nxt day

Kunj was ready to leave.. N twinkle cms in the room..

K- u want smthng frm Australia? Ahh., i will.. Bring it for u..

Twinkle looks on- umm nthng.. N she saysin her mind that i just want my old kunj bck.. Kunj gvs a sad look.. N grbs his bag down.. Evry1 cms out to bid him bye.,

U- tc beta..

M- n keep calling..

K- ji maa n dad.. Peripona bebe.. She gvs him blesses.. N all othrs.. Kunj was continuously lookng at twinkle bt she was making no eyecnctc.,

Bebe- chalo chalo look at their awkwrdness.. V shyd go in n leave dem alonr for a momnt.. Ryt kunj.. He looks here n der awkwrdly smiling..

Leela- shi kaha bebe.. N all leaves..

Kunj n twinkle awkwrdly looks at ech othr..kunj picks his bags n keeps in tbe car.. N cms close to hr..

K- i will cm bcksoon..

Twinkle nods looknf her n der..

Kunj steps closer n wraps his hnd arnd her loosely.. Twinkel closes her eyes n raises her hnd to hug him bck bt kunj leaves her..

K- bye .. N turns.. Leaves..

Twinkle stnds their looking with her sad face.. Almost shattered.. Song gets played..

Kuch pal to thehar jaao na
Ya phir laut ke aao na
Yoon kehte nahi alvida
Mud jaao idhar aao na..

Twinkle looks at the road.. N gets teary eyes..

Tumhe dhoondein meri aankhen
Tumhe khoje meri baahein

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin (x2)

She walks bck to the room.. N enters her room..

Kitne the waade kiye
Ik pal mein tod diye
Jhootha nahi tu mujhko pata hai
Bas thoda rootha sa hai

She touches his table desk..

Tu roothe main manaau
Par tum bin kahan jaaun

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin (x2)

She goes near the almirah n runs her hnds against his shirts..

Ye aasmaan aur zameen
Bin tere kuch bhi nahi
Saanson se mohlat
Zara maang lena
Yoon uthke jaate nahi

..she smells one of his shirt..

Ya phir tu mujhe le chal
Sang apne jidhar tu chala

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin (x2)..she goes to the strts crying..

N she falls on bed crying.. Day 1 passes..

On the othr side
Kunj in a meeting..
He was prsnt physically bt his mind n heart was der in india only..
K- u hv to focus kunj.. He tells himslf as his seniors were showing presntations..
Kunj thnks.. Its been scnd day now n twinkle hasnt evn calld me to ask me how m i ..
He drinks more n more water nxt was his turn.. He gets up n gvs his presntatn in a low mood

*****58th episode ends here****
Keep cmmnting:)
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Credit to: Pali

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