Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 57)


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Twinkle keeps looking at kunj .. Slowly yug turns n shows his back.. She immediately notices that all 3 r wearing black t’s..
Yug t s- will u
Shanaya turns..
Sh ts – b mine..
Finally kunj turns..
Kunj- forever..?.. Twinkle gets a big smile reading it.. She looks up at the sky den at kunj.. Tears of happiness falls frm hr eyes.. Kunj looking at her with a question mark dat is she evn liking it or not..
Twinkle continuously clearing her face.. Suddenly a song gets played.. Twinkle starts laughing hearing that..
TWINKLE twinkle little star..
Twinkle twinkle little star..
How I wonder wat u r…

She cups her face n starts laughing..
K- isnt it true..
Twinkle looks at him..
K- it is true.. U r just like a star.. So much enlightening.. As in my darkest hours also u r the only star that brings light in it.. Twinkle smiles hearing it..
K- n i always wonder how can u b like dis.. So pure.. N loving.. Caring.. U r the only reasn bcoz of which i smile.. N smtyms the reasn y i cry.. So twinkle u didnt answer to my question.. Will u b mine forevr?
Twinkle wasnt abl to hide her feelings.. Coz der was nthng to hide now.. Her smile cud say it all.. Her tears can tell it ol.. Immediately widout wasting much tym.. She runs towrds him.. N jumps ovr him.. Kunj holds her tightly.. N both endlessly smiling..

Sh- kuu.. Bt yug keeps his hnd on her mouth ..
Yug- sh.. He drags her out of the terrace in dat position only.. Meanwhile twinj were still hugging.. The hug was the most passionate one till now..
Kunj breaks the hug .. N smiles looking in her eyes..
K- u like it..
T- ..kku..nnj.. I .. M speechless.. She tries finding words.. To xplain her happiness .. How much spcl she felt today.. How much loved she is feeling today.. Widout sayng anythng else.. She moves closer to his lips slowly.. Both looking at exh othr with all love.. Twinkle slowly raises her hnd n touches his chest n slowly moves to his collAr.. She grabs his collar sensually n talks with eyes.. No words usd.. Only love in the air making sounds..
Twinkle slwly whispers with heavy breathing..
T- kunj.. U really made me speechless tody.. Ur wrds r running in my head ryt now.also… N they were so special n real.. U askd me that will i b urs forevr??
Kunj slwly mving close to hr lips.. Breathng getting faster and heavy.. Kunj looking at hr eyes n den at her parted lips..
T- i guess i dont… Need.. To tell u.. That m i urs forevr or not.. I m just blesssd to hv u.. n i m alwys urs..only urs..She moves her hnd to his cheeks n den to his hair.. Kunj closes his eyes at hr soft touch.. Twinkle smiles ..
She bends n rubs her nose to his.. Sensually.. Kunj mesmerised at hr touch.. She kisses his lips softly.. He opns his eyes as she stops..
T- i m urs forevr.. Kunj.. I love u.. I love u soo soo much..kunj smiles
T- i brought bt umm my surprise is vey vry small.. Den urs..
K- i will love evrythng mpre den my lyf that cms frm ursyd..
Twinkle smiles n leaves him slowly n brings out the packt to him..
T- by offering him- ii.. I.. Brought a shirt for u.. I hope u.. Will lyk it..
K- i will love it.. Lemme cm chngd in it..
T – umm okay.. He goes to the other side.. N twinkke also rushes to a small dark room on the terrace only.. N gets chngd into her black dres that she brought for herslf.. . She tries to look sensuous.. She opens her hair.. N gvs dem a volm look .. N applies more gloss n a attractive shade of lipstick..
Kunj cms out chngd.. Fully blck.. She brouht a blck shirt .. N it was best fitting yo him.. He roughly puts fingrs in his hair.. N looks here n der to find teinkle..
K- twinkl???
K- twinkle?? Where r u??
Twinkle slowly steps out of the room.. N awkwrdly lookimg at him.. He gets astonished to see her.. Looking so much appealing.. His jaws drop.. Aderaline rushes evrywhere in his body.. He strts gttng sweaty..
He talks to himslf- kunj kya kr ra h.. Y u sweatng.. Kua sochegi twinlle.. Calm down.. U hv to b confident tody .. U cnt spoil it by smelling sweaty.. He clears his forehead n takes a deep breath.. Twinkle was walking towrds him.. She vould see at him n undrstnd how s*xy she must b looking tht hr man strtd sweatng.. Wen ur husbnd is stnding jws drop .. Just noe that u r looking vry beautiful.. She now walks with a smile..
K- the dress.. Its prfct .. N u looking more prfct…. u r lookng vry sxy..in it..vry appealing..
Twinkle blushes..
T- ..u like the shirt?
K- i loved it..my fav colour .. Black.. Offcurse i lovd it..
Both smiles..n walks towrds ech othr slolwly..
t- wat u did for me is nthng in frnt of my gft..u really made me feel extra n extra spcl..wat else cud i hv askd fo…u gave me evrythng..tody..
k- u r more spcl den dis twinkle…she smiles..n takes her hnd n pulls her close…both looking in ech othra eyes..
k- bt yes donot thnk i only did this to cm close to u..okay..evn i wantd to do this for u…she smiles..
t- (less audibly)- evn i want to cm more close to u..kunj smiles as she blushes n hugs him …
k-one more surprise..
twinkle breaks the hugs..
t-s rsly…
k-yes..cm..he takes her hnd..
there was a matress laid on th efloor..n arnd it was cvred wid candles..
twinkle agn cups her face on seeing tht the cndles were placd in TK form..
t-its beauiful..kunj smiles .. n takes her hnd in his n interlocks dem..both continuously loooking at ech othr..he walks towrds the railing of the terrace..he takes whisky..n pours in two wine glasses..n gvs sensually one to twnkle..she smiles n takes it…both looks down frm the terrace…kunj rotates the glass of wine..while looking at twinkle..
t- nice plan haa..
k- yp..they hlpd too….their eyes meets..
k- so how did u pass ur tym..did shopping all the tym..
t- no actually i got a compny..
k- oh cool..whose cmpny?-
t- umm..rmmbr the guy v met on plane..barun..
k- oh ya that wierdo..crying guy..
t- umm..he is ctually not wierd kinda nyc guy..he is barun sobti..his full name..
k- the owner of k n b sobti ?
t- yes..kimmi n barun sobti..kimmi his mothr.tragic life story bt..nyc guy..
k- okay..wnt sm more.. drink?
T- umm..ya..
He pours more drink in both the glasses..kunj keeps looking at hr
k- so u likedthe arrngmnts…
t- liked i love it..kunj walks closer to hr slowly..
k- i cnt control myslf now…he immediately keeps his glss on the side tbl..n ruhses to kiss hr..he justgrbs her by face n gvs a wild kiss to her..evrythng was so quick for twinlkle..that her eyes gets widened n bcoz of the push..her hnds gets shaky..n the wine gets spilled on his shirt..
t- oopss..
kunj immedaitely realizes liquid all ovr his frnt…
k- my shirt..
t- ohh no i m so sorry..
t- i..i…
t- its okay twinkle..its okay..kunj looks down his wet shirt n twinkle looks at him wid puupy face..
t- u were..so..quick..that..kunj looks at her n burst in lughter..both strts laughing loudly…suddenly kunj takes out his shirt..n stnds with bare chest in frnt of her..twinkle gasps at his body..
k- i guess i look more sxy like this..dont i..twinkle blushes n brushes her hair fastly..kunj takes the glass frm her hnd..without looosing the eye cntct..n keeps the glaass away..n goes close to her..he bends to her face..twinkle looks at his bare chest.. N his 6 pacs..
He goes close to hr..kunj was just cmng more n more close..
T- kkunnjj..
K- hmm..
T-..ahh..wat..if.. Sm1..sm1 cms..
K-evrythng has been arrnged..u just dont hv to wrry n thnk abt smthng else ryt now.. Okay..
T- naughty- whom shud i thnk abt den..
K- only me.. Both smiles..kunj kisses hr lips slowly fr a sec..
Butterflies strts flying in twinkle stomch..
Kunj bends n takes her in her arms.. N strts walking to the spot where he put mattress.. He sits on his knees n keeps her smoothly on the mattress..
Both looks at ech othr.. N kunj strts bending on her.. Twinkle looks away n closes hr eyes.. He bends n kisses her neck.. She takes a deep breAth.. He puts his hnd on hr waist.. Twinkle keeps her hnd on his hnd.. He agn bends n now continuously kisses her neck.. Sensually.. She keeps her eyes closed n puts her hnd on his bck..n moves slowly to his nck.. She caresses dem as he kisses her eyes.. N ears.. She grabs his hair smoothly n pulls him up.. He looks at hr..
T- i.. I want to say.. Smthng..
Kunj bends to rubs his nose to hr nose..
K- han..

T- today u hv really treatd me like a princess kunj.. N i m so happy to hv u.. Evn aftr our rough tym togthr.. Today i want to make this night a memory of our togetherness.. N the love v borh share for exh othr.. I want our love also to b spcl.. Just embrace me tody. …
Kunj smiles.. N caresses her hair..
K- love u..
T- love u too.. He bends agn .. N parts his lips.. Twinkle reciprocate the same.. N closses hr eyes.. As he locks them with his lips..Both kisses with passion..kunj withdraws his lips by biting hr lips delicately.. Both looks at ech othr.. Kunj puts his hnds arnd hr.. Twinkle closes her eyes to feel his touch..
T- kkuunjjjj.. He finds the zips of hr dress on side.. N slides it slowly.. Twinklle touches his hnd as he does that.. Twinkle looks at him awkwrdly.. N he slides the dress.. Out of her body.. Twinkle spoons herslf to avoid the awkwardness..kunj strts kissing hr on her bare body..
T- kkuunnnj.. Koi.. Aagya toh..
Kunj stops ..
K- twinkle .. Listen to me.. I hv hired this block of the terrace .. Okay.. No 1 will cm..
He lays side n twinkle keeps her head on his barechest.. N hugs him..
K- i set this mattress undr the strs.. Bcoz rmmbr on out frst nyt v did thus n frst tym u told me ur wish that u always wantd to do this romntic undr the stars..
Twinkle looks at him immediately..
T- u rmmbred that..
K- offcrse hiw cud i forgot that.. So thats y last tym v were not romncng.. Bt tody we vl.. Bcoz now v lov ech othr..
T- oh god.. Kunj.. M kya bulu.. Evrytym u r surprising i m so much blessd to hv u.. Idk.. How u do all this.. N she hugs him tightly.. Kunj closes his eyes.. Twinkle strts kissing his cheeks.. N moves his neck.. N kisses him vey softly..
K- t..winn..kllee…
Twinkle smiles n moves to his ears n kissses dem.. Kunj mesmerised .. Twinkle moves hr hnd on his chest.. N kunj takes her hnd in his.. Kissing dem as she continue to make him mesmerised.. Kunj brings the blnket throygh his legs n cvrs demslvs.. Wen twinkle keeps on kissng him.. He grabs her by hr waist n cms ovr hr.. Both looking at ech othr awkwrdly..
K- u surw abt this?
Twinkle nods shyly..n .. Kunj bends to kiss hr forehead.. N den at hr lips.. Cvrs dem fully .. N dey get intimate for the first tym.. N takes their marriage to the nxt lvl..

****57th episode ends here *****
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Credit to: pali

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