Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 56)


Sorry for keeping u waiting.. Bzy days.. Tiring schedule.. I hope evry1 likes.. It.. Read on


Nxt day..

They all lft for shopping .. N enjoyed alot.. Then they went for few sight seeings..

While they were hvng their lunch..

Yug- guys i hv to leave.. I hv a vedio conferenc .. N dats vry imp..

T- here also..

Yug- yes yr its vry imp .. Catch u all later..

He leaves kising on shanaya’s forehead n winking at kunj..

Sh- guys now wat will i b doing if yug is not here.. U guys enjoy..

T- oho shanaya its nthng lyk dat..

K- twinkle.. Let her go.. She is ryt we should spnd sm tym alone too..

Shanaya- wxctly..

T- kunj..dat was rude..

Sh- i dont mind ye h he aisa.. She also winks at kunj n leaves..

They both strt moving here n der with few cute momnts always.. Evn if they hold each othr’s hnd that was so passionate .. The love in their eyes was honest.. The care in their eyes was pure n the passion in their eyes was inseparable..

Immediately kunj’s fon rings he smiles seeing it..

K- ha yug..

K- acha.. Oho sorry yr.. Bhul gya..

K- just wait i will b der.. He keeps the call..

T- kya hua kunj..

K- oho wo twinkle unke room key toh mere pass he reh gyi..

T- tumne kb li..

K- yug ne mrng m mje de di thi.. Ki saath m rkh lete h .. N now i hv to go n gv dem ..

T- acha .. Chalo fr lets both go..

K- no no.. U stay here i will b bck in 30 min. Okay.

T- no kunj wat i will b doing.. Alone.. Here.

K- oho twinkle u hv lots of thng to do.. Wse b its a new plce n ur dream destination too.. How cn u get bore..

T- it was a dream with u.. In it..

K- i will b bck in ur dream in less den 30 min..

T- kunj

K- twinkl.. N wse b u cn also buy smthng spcl outfit for our night tody to make me also surprise..

T- kunj n she shys..

K- i will b bck in a tym.. He hugs hr n kisses hr on hr forehead n leaves smilng endlessly..

T- kunj b na.. Bt ya dat wasnt a bd idea.. I shud wear smthng spcl for tody..

So she entrs in a mall for shopping ..

She just loiters arnd to see if she cud find smthng good.. Bt suddenly she gets hit with sm1 ..n she was abt to fall.. Wen sm1 holds her with her in his arms.. She opens her eyes to see ..

T- barun..

B- twinkle.. Barun keeps looking at her . She looks here n der n she undrstnds her awwrdness so he leaves her..

B- sorry.

T- umm.. Ya..

B- umm.. So Wat r u doing here.. Alone..

T- well actually. My frnds had sm wrk so they lft for hotel bt mistaknly kunj had their key so he also lft to gv dem bck..

B- i see.. So u dont hv any cmpny..

T- nope compny lesss..

B- haha cn i join.

T- well sure.. So they strt walkng n talkng abt ech othr.. He was vry smart. Personality.. Tight suit fitting personiltu.. Muscles making his sleeves tight n gvng him a nice posture.. Had lill shave n hair nicly combed.. Twinkle tells him abt kunj .. He tells her abt his mothr how he lost her bcoz of his money minded dad..

On the othr side..

Kunj reaches hotel..

He sees shanaya n yug standing in their room .. Room opened..

K- thnk god evrythng workd as planned..

Yug- yes twinkle ko billul b shak ni hua..

Sh- zxtly.. Kunj has really planned well..

K- well wudnt hv been possibl if u guys didnt hlp me ..

Yug- chill bro..

K- ya lets now execute rest of the plan..

Sh- xctly .. Its almost tym..

Kunj thnks twinkle todys night will b ur extra n extra spcl night.. I soo hope u like it. N he smiles n strts with the plan..


Sm boys cms running n twinkle gets a lill push.. Barun holds her on tym .. N looks at the boys fuming..

B- hey u wat is this way to walk n run in public place.. Dont u hv etiquettes.. Say sorry..

Guys- sorry n us.. Who the hell r u..

B- barun sobti.. The guys gets shock to hear his name.. Twinkle looks surprisingly at his face..

Sm1 amng the boys- samie just leave.. His is barun sobti .. The indian who owns 7 5 star hotels in LA n 4 7 stars.. He has gr8 power man.. N i hv evn heard he is plainning to buy this mall also..

Teinkle gets wide eyes.. Barun looks awkwrdly here n der..

Guys- sorry sorry. N they runs away..

B- dont look at me like that.. Twinkle.

T- u r barun sobti.. The one who lost his mothr coz of cncr n u guys did eveythng to save hr .. Put millions of money bt atlast she died..

B- barun looks away with teary eyes- n nods..

T- umm.. Oh no.. I m soo sorry.. I shudnt hv brought it up like that.. I m sorry..

B- its okay.. Media ppl.. Just elaborate evrythng in a spice..

T- i m sorry..

B- its okay.. Thts y i dont tell my whole name.. Thngs always turns this way only..

T- yeah.. I undrstnd

B- life isnt easy.. For evn we riches..

T- hm..

T- barun u cryng..

B- unm.. No .. No.. He turns n hides his tears n clears his face..

B- i m a tuff guy..

T- u absolutely are..

He smiles.. N both walks awkwrdly..

B- if u hv smtym.. I will like to gv u a ride ..

T- umm.. Actually.. Kunj must b here in smtym.. He is already late.. I m sorry it wont b possible today..

B- hmm.. She immediately picks out her fon.. N calls kunj..

K- i m sorry twinkle.. I cudnt make it.. Sm officials caught me n r chxkmg my passport..

T- wat

K- dont worry i hv all documnts.. Dey r just leaving me.. Soon shanaya will leave to pick u up in a cab .. B der only .. I m so sorry ..

T- umm.. Okay..

N she keeps the call..

B- evrythng okay..

T- yaya.. She tells him evrythng..

B- i know few officials here .. If u want i cn hlp

T- thnkew bt kunj said he will manage.

B- okay.. So if u want i cn drop u..

T- umm thnkew bt my frnd is cmng to pick me up..

B- oh.

Twinkle was carrying a bag..

B- btw wats in the bag ….shopping

T- umm ya actually.. I bought a dress for myslf.. nd one shirt for kunj..i hope he likes it..

b- he will ..wen u will gv him with love..

twinkle smiles..

t- barun ..u r nyc guy,,its hard to beilive sia left u for sm othr guy..

brun smiles awkwrdly…

b- evry1 is not l,ike u twinkle..so honest..i feel good to hv u as a frnd…well hvnt really bcame frnds officially so..frnds r v? by stretchng his arms..

t- frnds n they shake hnds..suddenly twinkkle’s fon rings ..it was shanaya n she told her to cm outside as she was waitng with a cab to go bck..

t- okay barun..i hv to go ..

b- offcrse..take care..bbye..n twinkle leave..n barun looks on..’


t- where is kunj shanaya.?

Sh- ahh..wo kunj n yug actually went outisde for smthng idk..wat the boys were upto…

t- oh..she thnks how cud kunj leave..has he really done anythng to mke the nyt spcl or he jus forgo..how cud he..let him cm i wont spare him…

sh- twinkle..forgt abt boys..let v gls also do smthng..

t- umm…as in,..

sh- as in lets go the terrace..lets get higgh..n enjoy..wats say/

t- umm thats sound..gr8..bt shanaya i dont drink much..

sh- evn i dont twionkle..bt drinkng 2-3 isnt a big deal..cm cm…dont thnk much..okay..

t- okay if u say..lets get drunk..lol..

sh- thnk god..maaan gyi

t- u said smthng?

Sgh-..na na..okay umm..u ..u carry on till the block –D terrace .. n i will just b bringng glasess n drinks for us ..cool?

T- yah gr8..n twinkle leaves..

Shanaya looks at her gng..n looks kunj to take the plan ahead..


Twinkle reaches the terrace…was just openng the door…it was fully dark…n twinkle wa sgettng nervous..

t- shud i b evn cmng here…drinkng here on terrace..its also not safe…umm…bt koi ni…if i wud hv said no kbhi shanaya ko burra lg jata…n she opens the gate..her eyes got enlightened den n der only..her jaws drops seeing the sight..she cups hr face..as she takes her steps in…

there was a romantic weather..n cold breeze up on the 17th floor of an expnsv hotel in LA…there was a nicely arranged romantic set.. She walks towrds it.. Fully shocked..

She looks here n der to see if its for evn her or she is at wrng place n all these belongs to sm1 else..

Shecalls out his name..

T- kunj??

T- kunj r u der?? Is it for me?? Hey kunj plz.. Tell me yr.. Yug shanaaya??an1 dwe?? Kunj keeps looking at her from the corner wll..with a broad smile..

Twinkle walks towrds the arrangement.. N she finds few notes.. Hanging ..

T- wats this.. Kunj.. Oh god..She raises her hnds n takes out the first note.. N opens it.. She gets overwhelmed.. On seeing her name on it.. She reads it out..

Twinkle its for u..only u..u wantd me to do smthng spcl na., evn iwas planng to do smthng frm long tym.. N today i got the chnce.. I just hope u like it., twinkle moves her head up to find kunj.. Twinkle now dont look here n der.. Read the nxt note..

Twinkle gets surprise..thats evrythnghas been arrnged for her..Her smile showing how much happy she was.. She walks towrss the nxt note

Twinkle v both knows that how v got married nothng was plannd ryt.. V seeing exh othr der .. Gettn married to wxh othr .. Startd caring for ech othe n den falling for ech othe nothng was planned .. Bt i wanted to tell u a thng.. I always liked u frm the beginning.. U cn call it as love ar first sight n u kpt taking away my breath evry tym v usd to meet.. During our engagemnt u thot i was scared due ti the crowd no twinkle i was more tensed bcoz i was tryng to hide my feelings i was worried wat if u see the love i do to u.. In my eyes.. N u strt thnkng i m usng u n not keeping my deal.. Bt kya kru .. U nvr noticd my eyes.. Haha

Tears falls frm her eyes..

Nxt note.- ppl says wen u love sm1 u see them evrywhere.. Twinkle dont thnk of me as a roman romantic herioc prsn.. I just want u to know how much I love you.. I see u evrywhere yr.. Evn in my worst nightmare u r der to save me.. Wat else wud i need ha?

Just u twinkle..

Nxt note-

You have hv gvn me millions of reasons to love u since the day v met n evry day u gv me more.. I will always love u untill oranges grew on apple trees!

Nxt note –

I love it when i catch u looking at me, den u smile and look away..i love you so so much.. I just want you to know that.. I hope I didn’t make u cry much.. Shh stop cryng.. N turn to ur lft..

Twinkle gets suprise agn.. Tears as if just not stopping she was already on the top floor of the whole world.. She sees shanaya. Yug n kunj standing with a broad smiles.. Which makes her evn blush n cry more.. All 3 nods in to cry.. She smiles n clears her face.. N looks at kunj.,with a heavy volt smile.. She just wantd to rush to him.. Pin him to the wall n hug hum till his bone crushes into thousnds of pieces.. Her happiness was on this lvl.. Bt she could see more surprises r up hr way.. She just has to stnd n cry in happiness..

***56th episode ends here****

More yet to cm..

Keep cmmnting

More love 🙂

Credit to: Pali

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