Just the beginning of new love – twinj (Episode 55)


Thnkew guys for cmmnting soo much n undrstnding that i was bzy.. Now i hv cm bck ..so as pr routine i will b uploading my episodes i hope u all will continue to like it..
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They reached airport.. Yush were cmng towrds dem .. Kunj was gttng bit awkwrd..Twinkle looks at his face..

She holds him by his arms n stnds on hr feet.. N whispers in his ears..
T- just stay as u were with shanaya.. Dont feel awkwrd .. U did nthng wrng okay..
Kunj nods looking at hr .. She smiles..
They all cms n hugs.. Yug n kunj hugs.. Kunj gvs shanaya side hug..yug being yug gvs a tyt hug to twinkle..
K- saale biwi h meri chod usse.. All laughs..
Y- yr mann ni kra.. Kunj pushes him away.. N all laughs..
Twinkle n shanaya had sm awkwrdness.. Bt twinkle takes a step ahead.. N hugs her.. Kunj smiles..
Shanaya also feels good.. Twinkle whispers in her ears
T- i m sorry shanaya.. For doubting u both like dat.. I was just being the most possessive part of me..
Shanaya rubs hr bck..
Sh- its okay twinkle u dont hv to feel bad abt it.. Evry wife wud hv thot like that.. This shows how much u lv kunj.. Twinkle looks at kunj who was smiling at her..
T- i hope u hv forgvn me
Sh- der was nthng to firgv u.. U were ryt on ur part.. N now lets cm out of our emotional zone.. N rmmbr dats its ur frst honeymoon just forgt all this n look how kunj is looking at u.. Waiting for smthng.. Twinkle blushes.. N they break the hug..

Y- thnkew soo much guys for nreakng the hug.. Else me n kunj startd thnkng that our wives r lesbos..
K- exctly.. Mera toh honeymoon b ni hua yr.. Both girls hits dem.. N all laughs..
Announcmnt is made for their flight n the both couples strts walkng .. Kunj puts his hnds arnd her.. N teinkle looks at him n gvs a kiss on his cheeks..n both smiles..
They gets sitted on their seats allotted..
Twinkle was just nxt to sm1 who was looking outisde the window..lost smwhere..
Twinkle – xcuse me..
No reply..
K- sm1 is der?? Hello ??
No reply.. Kunj n twinkle looks at exh othr n shrugs der shoulder.. Twinkle keeps her hnd on the guys hnd.
T- xcuse me?
Suddenly he turns his face n looks at twinkle.. She looks at his face he had tears on his fce.. Surprised guy clears his face.. She rmoves hr hnd n he cms in his senses..
T- r u okay?
He nods..
T- if u dont mind cn u chng ur seat with my frnd.. So that v 4 cn sit togthr.. He looks away.. Without rply..
K- hello mr?
Sh- cn u hear us.. Bt no reply cms ..
Y- leave guys .. Me n sh will chnge seats with sm1 ..the guy der.. N will sit der only.. U guys sit here.. N they leave..
Twinkle sits besides the guy looking at him with confusion..
The flight leaves..
K- i m excited for this honey moon..
T- kunj look na.. This guy is continuously lookng outside only..
K- twinkle m tujse kya bol ra or tu kya bol ri h.. Leave .. Y do v care for him.. Must b in sm problm.. Ppl hv diff problm .. Leave okay..
Twinkle nods.. N keeps her head on kunj’s shoulder.. He takes her hnd..
K- i love u ..
She smiles looking in his eyes..
T- love u too..
The guy besides shifts a lill bit.. N both mommnts gets disturbed..
Twinkle looks at him agn n he also lolks at hr.. Their eyes meet.. Twinkle feels smthng strnge n looks away..
N they all rest a while closing their eyes.. Twinkle n kunj sleeps .. Twinkle keeping hr head on his shoulder .. She was so lost in hr sleep n cosy shoulder dat she shifts to the othr guys shoulder.. N keeps her head on his shoulder..
The guy looks at twinkle’s face.. He den looks here n der n den at kunj who has slept.. He keeps looking at her by awkrdly looking here n der.. He admires her hair n face for a while bt..
Guy- xcuse me..
T- kunj lemme sleep na..
Guy- i m not kunj..
Twinkle gets surprise n immediately gets up..
T- oh no. I m soo sorry.. Idk how..
Guy- its okay.. It hpns..
Twinkle composes her slf..
T- i m sorry..
The guy nods n looks away.. She feels smthng strange n vibrant abt his eyes..she looks at kunj who was sleeping tight..
T- xcuse me..
He turns his face towrds her..
T- um.. Ahh.. I m sorry.. To ask.. U.. Bt.. Were u cryng dat tym..
He looks away..
Guy- yeah..
T- can i ask y..
N turns to hr..
Guy- barun my name is barun ..
T- oh okay.. Ya.. Srry i shudnt hv askd.. I m twinkle..
Guy- so u r here with ur husbnd for honeymoon..
Twinkle smiles – yes..
The guy nods – bcoz my gf dumped me..
T- wat??..
Guy – surprised with hr laugh looks at hr..
T- u r cryng coz she dumped u..
Guy- dats wat i said..
T- oh . Ya i mean.. So y r u cryng den..
Guy- i guess u shudnt hv askd dat if u r here with ur husbnd bcoz u love him soo much..
T- umm.. Ya i see evn u loved ur gf alot..
Guy- i love hr..
T- thats good.. Bt i guess she wasnt ryt gl.. Dats all..
Guy- she is prfct..
T- calm down..no offence bt if she has loved u anytym u wudnt hv sitting here cryng so badly n talking to a totally strnge prsn..
Guy gets a smile .. N looks down..
T- smile looks good on u .. U shud smile oftn.. May b u will find sm1 bttr with a smile.. Rather den cryng..
Guy- looks at her face with smile..
T- realizing he isnt speakng much- okay i shudnt hv said dat..
Guy- no its okay.. I really liked watevr u said..
Twinkle smiles n point him to smile.. He also smiles.. N she looks at kunj ..
T- my husbnd .. Kunj..
Barun- okay.. Lucky man..
T- haha .. Barun looks at her smiles as she keeps hr head on kunj’s shoulder taking his hnd n interlockng dem in hr.. Barun smiles n looks away..
Twinkle whispers in kunj’s ears- i love u .. Lucky man.. Bt i m the luckiest..
Kunj smiles to hear dat.. N strts tapping her forehead…
N finally they reach LA.. All gets up to leave.. Kunj takes twinkle’s hnd n cms out of the plane.. Wen suddenly intruppts.. Dem.. Both turns
Barun- it was nice meeting u.. Twinkle looks with a smile at his stretched hnd.. N moves her hnd in his n smiles..
T- nice meeting to u too.. Kunj smiles..
T- meet my husbnd ..
Barun- barun..
K- kunj.. N they shake hnds..
B- evry1 doesnt gets a loving gl.. U r lucky prsn..
K- haha.. Well luckiest..
Barun smiles .. N they turn to leave wen suddenly twinkle turns ..
T- rmmbr to smile oftn..
Barun looks at hr n a broad smile cms on his face..
B- vry often.. I will rmmbr ur wrds .. N u(less audibly)..
Twinkle smiles n leaves with kunj..

All 4 reaches their booked hotels..
Twinj Honeymoon suit..
Twinkle gets surprse to see the room..
T- its so beautiful twinkle.. Soo beautiful.. I love it..
K- not mor den u.. Kunj goes near her .. Twinkle shys .. N looks here n der..
Kunj gets close to hr.. Twinkle slowly takes steps bck.. Bt kunj holds her by her waist..
K- ab nahi..
T- k..kkuu..
K- shh.. He bends towrds her n moves his hand frm hr shoukder to hr hnds.. Kissing her neck.. He keeps kissing her neck.. Twinkle moves her hnds to his hair.. Kunj kisses hr eyes n cheeks..
K- u r the the most beautiful gl i hv evr seen..
Twinkle smiles..
He looks in his eyes.. Bt twinkle was looking down.. He moves her facr up by his indx fingr..
He bends n kisses his lips..
K- look at me.. Twinkle slowly moves he eyes to his eyes..
He agn kisses her lips..
Twinkle slowly holds his collar..
She gvs it in.. N makes the kiss passionate.. Kunj grips her tightly n twinkle holds his collar tughtly n pulls him towrds hrslf agn n agn..
Kunj strts waklng towrds the bed.. While the Kiss was still gng on.. Twinkle starts unbuttoning his shirt fastly.. Breathng fastens.. Kunj holds her head n twinkle sits .. They brrak the kiss.. Both breathng fastly n looking in ech othrs eyes..kunj sensually bending on her .. Twinkle moves her hnds on his shoulder n removes his shirt.. She holds him by his neck n kunj bends on her n lies on bed. He kisses her face n all..
Twinkle smiles n caresses his hair..
She gvs him a lill push..n cms up on him.. She moves her hnd on his barechest n starts kissing it.. Kunj keeps his eyes close .. He slides down yhe top frm her shoulder n kisses their passionately with eyes closed.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. He strts taking it out bt twinkle holds his hnds.. He keeps kissimg her nck n whispers kya hua.. Twinkle smiles n says u hv to earn to get more close to
Me..kunj immediatrly stops ..
N both looks at exh other..
K- wat..
T- ahaan..
K- this is not fair yr v r on our honeymoon.. Wat is dis.
T- yes bt i guess very easily i let u close to me vry easily i let u kiss me for the frst tym bt not this tym u hv to earn that..
K- twinkle ..
T- noo shh.. U hv to make me feel special..
K- u only said that i always make u feel spcl..
T- u do.. She gvs a kiss on his forehead.
T- mr. Husband u qlways make me feel spcl bt cnt ur wife ask u to make her feel xtra spcl.. Hm?
K- evn if my wife ask my life i vl reqdily gv it ..
T- shh.. Both smiles..
K- tmrw night will b ur xtra spcl nyt.. Just wait n see ..
T- keen to see.. Kunj moves his neck up to kiss her to her lips.. Bt twinkle teqses her n moves more up..
K- twinkle..
T- kunj..
He agn moves up n twinkle moves more up.. Both looks at exh othr with narrow eyes..
Kunj immediately rotates her n cms on her.. She gets surprise coz she dont hv any othr choice..
K- wat do u thnk of ur urslf ha.. Ur mr. Husband is more smart.. Kunj holds her hnds tightly n moves close to hr face..
T- so..soo.. U will.. Will.. Fforce.. Ur wif..now.. Kunj gets sad.. He leaves her slowly n lays on bed..
T- kunj?? She gets suprise n keeps her hnd on his chest ..
T- kya hua..
K- u thnk of me like that.. That.. I will force u ..
Twinkle feels his words n the sorrow in his eyes n the pain in his voice.. She caresses his hair..
T- no.. Kunjlooks at her..
T- no i dont thnk like that.. N i m sorry of it sounded like that.. Ik u will nvr do anythng agnst my will.. U wil nvr evn touch me anywhere agnst my will.. I trust u kunj.. N i didnt want to hurt by sqyng that it just sounded like that.. I was just kidding..tears cms slowly in hr eyes.. I m all urs kunj .. Cm..
Kunj looks at her eyes n turns to her..
K- now i will cm close to u wen i will really earn it.. N ik u didnt mean it.. Smile plz..
Twinlle smiles slowly .. N gets close to his face .. N kisses on his eyes..
N whispers i love u.. Kunj smiles.. She gvs a soft slow kiss on his lips.. N holds his hnd n keeps it on her waost.. T- only u.. K- ik.. Both smiles looking at ech otjr.. Twinkle bit moves close to him.. N whispers good night .. N ik u will really surprise me tmrw.. N will earn me in a secnd..
K- i will.. Both smiles n sleeps holding ech othr..

****55th episode ends here****

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Credit to: Pali

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