Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 54)


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Evry1 heads towrds the car to leave frm the hotel..
kunj opens the gate for twinkle..she smiles .n walks towrds his car..n sits..n kunj closes the door n thnks god.. n sits in the car too..both paused while looking at ech othr..
t-kunj..strt the car..kunj still lost in her..she shakes him by his sholder..
t- kunj strt the car..
k- ohh ya..ya..he starts the car n twinkle blushes settng hr hair..
they reach sarna’s..

at the door..
k- this house was dyng to see u..
t- i m glad i m bck..n smiles..kunj asks for her hnd n gladly gvs in n they walk in the house..evry1 gets happy to see them…n do sm grehprvesh thng..n goes happily to their room..

twinj room..
twinkle takes a round cmng into the room..
t- its been so long ..kunj stnds with arms folded looking at her with a smile..
k- so long ..twinkle looks at him ..kunj takes a deep breath ..both strts walking towrds ech othr..
t- i m sorry
k- i msorry too…twinkle smiles..they came quite close now…twinkle keeps her hnds arnd his nck..
k- was waiting for the touch for so long..she smiles n gets mre close to him..
t- kunj bt 1 thng isnt fair..
k- wat thng? by keeping hnds on her waist..twinkle blushes a he does that..
t- tumne apna ka haal bna rka tha..look at ur eyes..ur face it looks so dull..n ur shirt ..wat sort of a colour r u wearng ha faded sa..u drank also..
k- tum thi nhi..kuch b acha nhi lg ra tha..evry tym i just usd to thnk tumhe ksse manayu ..kse smjhayu..

t- i m so sorry kunj for gvng u so much pain..
k- shh now no more sorry .. n wse b ab tum aagyi hona ..evrythng will b colourful..
twinkle smiles n pulls him for a tight hug..feelng evry inch n curve of ech othr..
T- i missd u soo much kunj.. Soo mucj..
K- not more den.. Me..
Twinkle breaks the hug.. Kunj tucksher hqir behind hr ears.. Twinkle closes hr eyes on his touch ..

K- keep ur feet on mine..
T- ha?
K- step ur feet on mine..n lemme me take u till the bed
T- haha acha oh plz.. U wont b abl to walk,. Leave..
K- twinkle do it na yr.,
T- pka?
K- yes dont b unromantic by spoilng the momnt
T- acha., she cms close n steps on his feet by holdng him by his nck., he tightns her by hr waist.. Kunj stps 1 ahead.. Continuosly lookng at hr.. She feels shy n looks here n der., kunj smiles n bends his face to hr n sensually rubs his nose on her face.. Twinkle strts breathng fastr n closes her eyes..he keeps takmg steps.. Suddenly twinkle opns her eyes n finds so close tht she looses bal., n she falls..
T– aahhh.. Oouucchh.,
Kunj gets worried ..

K- oh no.. I m so srry..
T- huh.. She touches he feet in pain..
K- lemme see
T- oucchh kunj.. Iknew.. Bt ni tumhe toh romnce ka king bnna tha..
K- arey why u shoutng on me .. Its halka sa twist.. Dont wrry
T- halka sa,, pta h kinna dard ho ra h.
K- haa mtlbzada sa twist h bs..cm i vl lay u on bed..
T- huh.. He picks hr up n places on bed ..
T- ouch kunj its really paining..
K- calm down.. Twinkle.. LemMe see..
He touches her feet n gvs it a massage
T- aah..
K- better?
T- srsly much bttr..
K- so how much did u missd me..
T- haha.. I missd u alot alot oouucchh..
He twists her leg.. Ek dm se..
K- now done..
T- aahh.. Kunj.. Kya kia tumne.
K- ab it wont pain..
T- acha zarur..
K- ya get up try to walk..
T- oh plz..
K- arey get up.. Yr..
She gets up making faces.. N tries to walk..
T- arey its all gone..

K- told u
T- the pain.. Is gone.. Wow.. Srsly magic.. Is der in ur hnds..
K- haha..
Twinkle starts jumping n losses balanc bt kunj cms at rescue.. He catches her in his arms.. N both shqre an eye lock momnt.. Den he walks till the bed.. N makes her stnd.. He walks towrds her twinkle walks bck..
T- kun..nnjj..
Bed cms in hr way n she sits unknowingly..
T- kunj.. Mje.. Neend..
K- shh..
He bends down towrds her n puts his knees on bed.. He gets close to her..
T- kk..uu..
K- wat hpn twinkle.. Its not the frst tym i m cmn near u..
Twinkle nods..
He bnds on her n she slowly goes down n lays on bed.. Kunj on twinkle..
K- were nt u waiting for this momnt..
T- yes.. I mean… No.. I mean..
K- ik u twinkle..
Twinkle shy n looks away.. Kunj bends more close to hr face.. N gets close to hr neck.. He touches his nose .. Shivers reachng twinkle’s body.. She clutches the bedsheet..
He smiles .. He kisses her nck .. She takes a deep breath n clutches the bedsheet agn.. Kunj moves his hnd frm her shoulder to hr hnd n intrlocks dem..

K – i love u .. Twinkle smiles n looks in his eyes dis tym.. She moves her hnd to his nck n caresses his hair..
T- love u too.. Kunj..
Kunj smiles.. N gets close to hr face.. Both looking at exh othr n lost.. Kunj gets close to hr lips..
T- kkunnjj.. U.. Uu.. Shud ..sleep..
K- wat?
T- ya.. U.. Need sleep .. Ur eyes n body r tired.. So u shud.. Sleep..
Kunj nods in no..
K- i will sleep aftr smtym..
He close to her lips agn.. Twinkle parts for the meet.. Their lips meet.. Making it passionate.. Both breaths faster..twinkle moves his hnd on his bck.. Pressn him towrds hr.. The kiss gets wild..by now.. Both finding way to inhale sm air..wen finally twinkle breaks the kiss..
Both looking here n der for inhaling sm air.. Bth breathng fastly.. Twinkle shys n moves his hnd frm his nck to his chest..
T- v.. Should..sleep now.. Kunj gets disappointed ..
K- fine..

He leaves her n moves to his side of bed.. Twinkle smiles.. N bites her nails..
K-huh.. He turns his face the other side..
Twinkle looks at him.. She thnks he got angry i guess.. Twinkle u hv to do smthng..
T- soo gye?
He doesnt replies..
T- kunj u slept?
He doesn’t replies..
She moves close to him n makes him turn to her..
T- ohho.. Baba.. Tum toh gussa ho gye
K- nahi toh..
She keeps her hnd on his chest n den her head on it..
T- i m just insistng u to sleep bcoz u need rest..
K- aftr so mny days v r togthr n tumhe meri neend ki padi h.. Looks away
T- umm haa baba.. Bt health is more imp..

K- meri health tumahre pass reh kr apne aap tikh ho jayegi .. Twinkle smiles.. N gets close to his face.. N kisses his neck.. Kunj still lays straight.. Avoiding her.. Twinkle kisses er cheeks.. Kunj breaths fast lill bit.. Twinkle stops n looks at him.. She touches his hnd n picks it n keeps it on her bck.. Kunj looks at her.. She smiles n starts kissing him.. She goes near her ear n bites dem.. Kunj moves his hnd on her bck ..
Twinkle opens his few shirt buttons with one hnd while kissing him on his chest slowly.. Kunj moves her hairs to the other side n kisses her shoulder.. She smiles n blushes.. N keeps her head on his barechest..he smiles n caresses her hair..
Kunj whispers- i hv planned smthng
Twinkle turns her head to face him.
T- abt
K- umm.. Thats a surprise..
T- kunj.. This is not fair .. Tell me na.
K- surprise suprise..
T- kuuunjj plz yr.. Ab u raised my curiosity..
K- tmrw u will get to know..
T- kunj.. No .. Ryt now.. Plz plz plz..
K- sorry sory sorry..
T- acha nahi btayoge.. She getss close to his face..
K – umm.. Naa..hii
She raises her finger to his face n moves her fnger on his face sensually..
T- nahi..

She moves her hnd in his shirt slowly.. Kunj breaths faster.. He gulps in.. N closes her eyes..
K- unm.. Twinkle v shud sleep.. He pulls her hnd out ..twinkle blushes as he does dat..
N turns the othr side sayng good night fastly..
Twinkle smiles n cups her face.. Thnkng how sensual she is .. That he strtd sweatng at hr touch..
She faces the othr side.. N she whispers slowly..

T- kunj.. Holding the bedsheet.. He turns n sees her facng opposite.. He gets close to her .. N puts his hnd arnd her.. She smiles..n moves close to him.. Holds his hnd.. N closes her eyes.. Kunj smiles too n keeps his head touching her hair.. N hair falls on his face.. Bt he doesnt gets irritated..
K- u smell great.. Twinkle smiles..
T- love u..
K- he kisses her forehead n says love u too.. Good nyt.. Both sleeps.. Holding exh othr in an hugging posturr..

Nxt day-
Twinkle was sleeping.. Kunj grts up fast fresh n ups..
N sits on his knees waiting her to get up.. Bt she wasnt gettng up..
K- ye kumbkaran kb uthegi yr.. Per dard ho gye mere toh..
He still waits..
K- uth ja yr..
Bt she still diesnt wakes up..
K- maate uth ja..
T- kunj .. Chup ho kr so jao.
He gets shock that is she awake..

T- kunj.. Shh lemme sleep..
Kunj fumes with a puppy face..
He raises his hnds n rubs his fingers in her hair.. Twinkle smiles..
Kunj whispers- surprise tym..
Twinkle immediately opens her eyes..
K- wow so much eager.. She sits on the bed immediately ..
T- ya so tell me wats the surprise fast fast fast..
K- slow down .. Baba.. He takes her hnd.
T- kuu..nnjj.. She gvs him a look..
K- i always said that i want to stnd on my own legs .. N den gv u evrthng that u desrve .. I always wanted to do smthng spcl for my u..
Twinkle smiles
K- the thngs that i hv planned now is.. Our ..
T- our..
K- honey..
T- honey .. Twinkle immediately realizes .. N blushes ..
K- our first honey moon.. Rmmbr laast tym wen u planned i just spoiled evrythng..i managed evrythng by own salary.. N now i want this to bcm our best memory.. For our honeymoon we will gng to LA..

Twinkle gets excited- LA.. U mean Los angeles.. Oh god.. Thnkeww soo soo much kunj..
K- u .. U liked it..
T- i loved it.. N i m soo soo proud of u.. U the best husband .. The best..It was my destined place where i always wanted to go with my sm1 special..
K- n who is that sm1 spcl..
T- offcrse u budhu.. She pulls him by his collar.. N gvs a sweet kiss on his lips.. N hugs him.. Tughtly.
K- wow agr m ye phle bol deta toh toh mje khushi m pta ni kya kya mil jata.. Ahem ahm.
T- kuunj.. She pushes him away.. N immediately gets up..
K- arey.. Twinkle blushes..
T- naughty head
K- sleepy head.. V hv to leave today evning only..
T- u mean tody tody..
K- yes tody tody..
T- kunj.. I mean inna sb jldi.. Sb ko btnana.. Prmissn lena.. Packng krna .. Shopping krna.. Oh god..
K- ahh shh. Shh arey baba calm.. Down.. Cm here .. He opens his arms.. Twinkle smiles n cms running n hugs him tughtly..
K- evrythng is sort.. V just hv to do lill bit of packing..
T- umm.. Okay..
He bends n whispers in his ears..

K- nn wse b.. Umm.. V r gng on our himeymoon..
T- ahaa..
K- soo v need.. Vry less clothes..
T- umm.. Kuunj..
K- arey.. Acha he h.. Zada ni bags honge..
T- kunj shut up.. N leave me..
K- ahaha..
T- i hv to do the packng..
He leaves her slowly aftr she struggles..
K- rmmbr keep less clothes..
T- kunj.. Shh..
N she turns n rushes to the washroom blushing..bt turns bck..
T- kunj i wanted to ask u onethng.
K- ahaan
T- wo mm m kya soch ri thi kunj.. Ki y dont v ask yug n shanaya also to join us.
Kunj gets surprise

K- wat.. Twi..twinkle.. U noe na.. I mean shanaya..
T- ik kunj.. I dont mind.. I m vry sorry for watevr i thot abt shanaya n u.. So i want to apologise to hr also.. So as a good gesture .. Y cnt v us dem also to join us on this trip..
K- umm.. Twink..twinke.. I dont mind.. Bt i guess dats not a good idea.. Shanaya ko apne saath le kr chlna.. I dont want any more chaos to hpn in our lyf..
T- ohho.. Kunj.. Trust me.. Kuch ni hoga. Lets do this.. It will b fun. Also.. Koi sath m cmpny dega toh u noe or mZa ayegaa..
K- umm.. Okay if u insistng..
T- yea jaldi call kro if dey r ready.. Fir tickts n ol b krvana h..
K- umm.. Ok..kkay..
He calls yug.

Y- hey buddy watsup?
K- all good bro.. Hows u n shanaya..

Y- v both r just s*xy as always..
K- haha.. U cnt chng.Btw i calld to u ask u guys that r u interestd in joining is for our honeymoon ..
Y- bhai on ur honeymoon wat will v b doin. Twinkle n tje he krna h jo krna h.
K- oho yug.. Wo toh h he saale.. Bt chlega kya bol..
Y- okay kunj.. On a srs note.. U toh noe he wat hpnd.. N thngs got out of hnd..
K- ik yug.. Woi i was tellng twink…
Y- u talk to shanaya..
Twinkle snatches kunj’s fon
T- hello..
Sh- tw..twinnkle.. U..
T- hey shanaya.. I really wanted to apologz..yr watevr i said n watevr i did.. I misundtstood u both.. N i. Hv dis guilt in me still.. So if u would forgv me n say yes to cm with us to LA . I will feel really happy..
Sh- umm.. Twinkle.. Its nthng lyk dat i hv already forgvn u n v r cool srsly.. Shyd m tumahre jgh hoti i wud hv fel the same.. Bt its ur honeymoon .. How cn v ..
T- ohho shanaya cm on.. Yr ..say yes plz plz plz.
Sh- umm okay.. Ye..esS..
T- cool suprb thnkx.. Evrythng will b managed n details hum tumhe msg kr dete h abt flights n ol..
Sh- umm okay.. Den ..
T- bye cu at evnng..

She keeps the call n kunj was stnding looking at hr all the tym..
K- u r sure u wanna do this..
T- yes double sure..

K- hm. Kunj looks here n der.. N suddenly twinkle kisses on his cheeks n whispers thnx.. Kunj gets suprise n happy.. N she runs away..

Kunj looks at hr n thnks finally v r gng on our honeymoon twinkle.. I m sure it will ur best 1 week..,
Twinkle goes in washroom n thnks yes finally v r gng on honeymoon kunj .. N i will assure these 7 days will b ur best 7 days ..n blushes

***episode 54th ends here***

Keep cmmntng .. N sorry guys nxt episode will also b bit late ..as i m out for a trip with my family.. Now also just smhow managed to post dis 1.. Sorry for the delay i hope u will like it..do cmmnt
More love 🙂

Credit to: Pali

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