Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 52)




They all wre ready to leave..bt a dashing prsn makes an entry..yes u guys guessed it ryt..
Leela- kunj puttar..uv fumes seeing him..twinkle feels uneasy on seeing him agn she thnks to hrslf y is he making it mor difficult for me by cmng agn n agn..
Uv- who told u to cm in our house..
k-easy..bro..twinkle feels suprise he has sm diff aura on his face that tym..a calm face bt inside various emotions running..
k- i heard tht tody..u guys r gng to meet sm1 …
leela- umm..ha..puttar..

uv- maa how does he knows abt this..
leela- wo uv..i told bebe abt this..uv fumes angrily..
uv- fine u got to know the plan ..now leave.. v r gettng late..
kunj- evn i wont like to take much tym of urs..bt i wantd to tell u guys..that i m cmng with u all..
twinkle surprised..

uv-u cnt cm with us..okay ..u r no 1 to any1 of my family mmbrs..
kunj- bro u r mistaken..i m still the husband of ur beloved sister..
twinkle looks here n der…uv gets more red..
k- so as u r gng to find a husband frm my wife ..so offcrse i hv to see..with whom my wife gets married nxt.. leela n chinki smiles with in.
Uv- der is no need fr u to..cm hr mothr n brothr is gng..
k- she still has a husbnd..who really wants to cm (he looks at twinkle der eyes meet for a scnd bt
she looks away.)kyu maa may i join u all..
uv- no
leela- offcrse puttr u cn join us..
k- gr8 ..uv takes twinkle’s hnd n heads on..kunj ,chinki n leela does a hi5.
They all goes to car..kunj opens gate for twinkle..bt she goes to uv’s car..bt leela n sits in kunj’s car..
Uv- maa or chinki ko pta ni kya ho gya h..n uv leaves with twinkle..twinkle looks frm the rear mirror ..kunj was looking at hr only..their eyes meets many unspokn wrds were flt ..till it got blurred..
Kunj’s car..
k-thnkew soo much.. maa n chinki.for hlping me n tellng me abt this..

chinki-its okay kunj.i knew that u r not at fault.
Leela- ha or jb tune kal raat ko call kia..n smjhaya sb kuch..tb mje pura bharosa ho gya..ki jo b kuh hua wo anjaane me galti se hua..
k- ji ma..m sapne m b aise nahi kr skta ,..i loveher alot..n i cnt stay away frm hr..
chinki- sb tikh ho jayega..twinkle ko hum jaldi realize krvange ki wo tere se durr nahi reh skti n usko tere alwa koi khush nahi rkh skta..tu he uske liye best h..n saari galat femi b khtm ho jayegi..
k- i soo hope aise he h.oo..
n they reach the venue to meet malhotras..
they were allready sitted..kunj n taneja’s also gets sitted..
raj malhotra- hellow ..yuvraj lemme introduce my family to u..this is my wife..n here’s my son raunak malhotra..my only son..
kunj looks at him who was average looking bt was well dressed..twinkle also looks at him their eyes meets..n kunj has already killed raunak inside his head..twice for looking at twinkle…

uv- nice meeting u all…okay so this is my mother ms.leela taneja..my wife nd twinkle my sister..
raj malhotra- n who is this handsm man..probbly ur brothr.
Uv- this..ah..
Kunj- well..thnkew sir for callng me handsm..twinkle angrily looks away ..
k- well yuvraj must hv forgt to mention me earlier..bt i m the husband of his sister. Mrs. Twinkle kunj sarna n i m Kunj sarna..hr husband..HE SAYS WITH A SMILE..

raunak was sipping water n strts coughng hearng that..
uv n twinkle looks at kunj angrily who was not making eyecntct bt had a naughty smile …leela n chinki smiles..
raj malhotra- mr.yuvraj..wat is this..
uv- mr. Malhotra..its..its..
malhotra’s wife- less audibly- wat the hell is hr husbnd doing here..v heard that she was gttng divorced..
kunj- naughtingly-mrs. Malhotra, u heard partially wrng, actually, she is planning to get divorced bt as of now v hvnt really filed up…ryt jaan?
Twinkle looks at kunj with wide eyes..n fumes…
Uv- stop this nonsense kunj..n leave..
Malhotra’s gets up in angr..
Raj malhotra- u stop this nonsense , yuvraj..r u kidding with us..sycho family..hr husbnd is here n u r finding a new husbnd for hr..wow..v srsly dont appreciated dis kinda of a behaviour ..non sesnse.. cm raunak..v r not interetsd in this marriage proposal.. n they leave angrily..
Uv- bt ..mr..mr mal…

Kunj smiles ..with one eye brow up..twinkle gets up sadly..
k- thnk god..fheww..
uv- wat was that kunj..u r srsly crossng ur limits..kunj gets hyper..
k- ..enough yr…i m crossing imits ha..srsly.. u guys r not evn gvng me a partial chnc to xplain my innocence and abv that ..u urslf decided for filing the divorce widout evn talkng to twinkel onc if she reallt wants it or not..n now hieghts of limits u evn strted looking for a new partner for hr wen i m still alive..dont make me opn my mouth yuvraj taneja ..i could hv forcefully taken
twinkle with me being his legalized husbnd bt no i respct evry1’s feeling hre.. evry1 noes i m inocnt ..bt u guys r hardly bothrng to listen to me…n u twinkle..u also crushed the trust u had on me..n not evn gvng me a scnd chnc to explain myslf..i m really tryng to calm down the situation bt u both r really forcng me for doin al this.. n till the tym u urslf dont gv me a chnc i will cntinue to do so..lets see frm which wrld u find that prfct guy for hr..other den me..just keep one thng in mind..tilll the time i m alive ..twinkle is only mine..just mine..

twinkle gets utter shocked to see the sharpness in the voice of kunj..he looks at her ..she also looks at hr..
uv – cm twinkle..t-yes bhai..she looks at kunj while gng..n they leave for rest of there places..
Twinkle goes n thnks abt kunj’s wrds …
Uv cms rushing.
Uv- twinkle v hv to leave now for a dinner meetng get ready
T- now?
Uv- yes , singhania’s called n they invited us for a dinnr n udher tumahre rishtey ki b baat ho jayegi with their son. So get ready fast..
T- unm okay.. Bhai..
He leaves , she gets ready..
While gettng ready she thnks kunj ko toh kisi ne btaya he ni .. Ki hum abi b kisi se milne jaa rahe.. Bt ya leave.. Wse b if he wil b der , thngs will get difficult only for me.. N agr usne fir kuch subah ki tarah kr dia toh bhai or gussa ho jaynge.

Kunj on the other side was already hvng dinnr with his collegues an an official meetng at a restaurant..

Radisson hotel
Twinkle n all reaches n sits with singhania’s.. They hv der dinner..
Bt by chnc kunj was also dining in the same hotel n sees twinkle sitting in frnt of him ..
K- twinkle, idher kya kri h. Ohh.. Ye kisi se milne aaye h.. Mje bina btaye.

Rahul singhania- twinkle, wanna hv a dance..
Twinkle suprise arey baat kuch huyi ni bda fast h dirctly dance.. Uv nods her to go..

T- umm k..
He asks for hr hnd.. N she gvs him.. Kunj was keeping an eagl eye on them.. He finds smthng odd in this guy. Staff of the hotel gvs them eye mask.. N they wear it ..
Twinkle stnds awkwrdly in frnt of rahul .. He asks for hr hnd.. N she gvs him awkwrdly.. Looking here n der.. Rahul keeps her hnd on his shoulder n steps closer to her .. N looks continuously at her face.. Thngs were gettng awkwrd n wierd for twinkle..
Kunj walks towrds the stage..
Suddenly it gets announced to chnge the partners..
Rahul happily rotates twinkle n twinkle rotates n suddenly she rests her hnds on sm1’s chest. She opens her eyes slowly.. Kunj was stnding with a smile.. She looks at the face which has mask on it.. Bt her heart knows who he was..
T- kk..uun..jj.. Butterflies strts dancng n flying in hr stmch.. Though she was hurt bcoz of kunj bt his presnc only makes her feel safe.. She thnks.. Thnk god .. He is here.. Vrna ye rahul thoda ajib tha..

Kunj steps closer to her n holds her hnds.. N keeps them arnd his neck..
T- stop it .. Lemme go.. She pulls hr hnds bck n turns to leave bt suddenly sm1 puls hr.. She angrily speaks.. kunj i said let me go.. Wen she looks at the face.. It was rahul..
T- tum..

Rahul- u were sayng smthng? Kyu koi or hona chahye tha kya..
T- umm.. Na.. Nahi.. He holds her hnds n strts dancng..
Twinkle looks here n der awkwrdly.. Her eyes only searchng for kunj.. Rahul rotates her n her eyes also moves to search for her man.. There eyes finally meets.. He was stnding der with arms folded… Kunj cud see that she is feelng awkwrd n this guy has no etiquettes being his first meet n he is going way up..
She thnks to herslf ki kse akkad m khada ye..ye ni ki aake mje isse bchaye .. Khda toh aise jse koi farak he ni pd ra ho isse..
Rahul- u r vry beautiful..
T- thnks. N she fakes a smile.
Her heart her mind her lips her eyes only wanted one guy n in her mind only kunj’s name echoing ..
Kunj strts dncng with a gl n rotates her towrds rahul n rahul being a despo leaves twinkle n strts dancng with the gl.. She stnds with open mouth .. N immediately kunj pulls her.

She rests her hnd on his chest..
Kunj slowly moves his hnd to his waist.. Twinkle looks at him with wide eyes..
T- kunj.. Dont do.. This.. N make thngs difficult..
K- i cud see .. Wat was .. Gttng difficult.. Thnk god that thi guy is stnding one piece othrwse jo jo ye harkate kra ra h,. See ..
Kunj bit turns her n she looks at him flirtng with a gl n dancng vry close..almost leanin on hr
K- u came to meet dis kind of a guy ..
T- leave me.. I shud go n tell uv bhai.. Abt this.. N she pulls her hnds. N kunj leaves her ..
She turns to leave bt sm wrds falls in hr ears..
K- just one dance..
She turns n sees kunj stnding with his arm stretched.. Twinkle looks at his hnd den at his face.. She stnds thnkng .. Wat to do. She cudnt resist hrslf bt wanted to .. She slowly slips her hnd into his..

Both steps closer to each othr.. Kunj takes her hnd in his hnd n othr on hr shoulder.. N keeps his hnd on her waist.. N starts dancng.. Just looking into ech others eyes.. Both as if wanted to shout on exh othr./ wanted to cry holding exh othr hnds.. N den finally huggng forgettng evrythng..
T- y u doing.. All this..
Kunj doesnt replies just looks more in hrr eyes..
T- how cm u r here..she looks here n der awkwrdly..
K- i cme due to my businees dinner.. They all r sittnf here.. N i saw u. Here .. With this.. Cheapster..n do not thnk i followed u..bt ky krei our destiny makes our way to ech ohtr..
Twinkle rolls her eyes..
Kunj pulls her close to himslf by hrr waist,,
T- kku..he slowly gets close to hr face.. N breaths faster.. Twinkle also lost in him.. Looks at his lips.. She closes her eyes n kunj bends close ..
Both breathng faster.. Bt suddenly thngs cms in hr mind.. Probbly the kiss.. She pushes him slightly.. Kunj stnds with disheartened face.. N twinkle with teary eyes..
T- dont try to cm close to me. U cnt make me .. Weak..
She turns n angrily leaves..

She goes to dirctly to uv
T- bhai lets go..
Uv – umm arey where is rahul..evrythng’s fine?
T- till now he must b on sm gl out der.. Singhania’s gets shock n taneja’s leaves angrily..
Kunj looks at her n smiles.
at night-

uv told twinkle abt a new guy they will b meetng tmrw..n this guy wud b just prfct for hr…twinkle sadly agrees..she den stnds in her balcony ..thnking abt watevr hpnd tody..
t- y do i feel like kunj is innocnt..y do i feel that he is speakng truth ..y..babaji..just show me sm signs..plz…bt howcn i forgt the way he kissd hr..gawd..offcrse twinkle..u r so blind in his love that u cnt see the real truth..he is just like this only..too good ..in faking..i cnt get weak..yes..she turns to leave..suddenly her dupatta starts fluttering hr hair blows due to the heavy wind..she could feel this only hpns wen kunj looks at her…she turns to see..
kunj was stnding ryt in frnt of hr in his balcony…looking straight at hr..
t-u hv to b strng twinkle..suddenly her fon beeps …with a txt..she looks at the msg..it was frm kunj..

she ignrs angrily..n agn looks at him.. n turns angrily ..she rushes in hr room to see the txt bt she didnt want to kunj to know that she read the txt ..
mess k- ik , u r actng too strong not to look at me..not to gv me any clue that u still madly lv me..u just ignoring me..ik y u doing this..i also know..u dont want to meet these guys for the marriage..ik smwhere u still thnkng tht i m innocnt..bt the fct tht i kissd sm1 else..is hurtng u more..twinkle plz ik u gettng mor hurt on the thot of marrying sm1 else..bt trust me..i will nvr let uv do this to u…to us..TRUST ME.. I M ONLY URS..FRM ALWAYS TILL FOREVR..
tears rolls down twinkle eyes..n she feels an urge to hug sm1 ..she wantd a tyt hug..frm sm1..she looks here n der bt she was all alone so she cries..n screams…Y KUNJ Y u did this ..thngs were so good..u screwed evrythng..evrythng…she calms hrslf n thnks of txtng him..
mess t- kunj ..bhai is not doing this agnst my will..so just clear ur head on this..i also wnt this..i dont want to spnd my life with u now..plz leave me alone … n stop cntctng me evrytym..n idc wat u do n wat u did..now u r no1 to me..

kunj read this txt n shatters..both hugs their fon n cries…bt she keeps hrslf strong .. n sleeps..kunj kpt awake whole nyt… thnkng abt hr..n cryng..


I hope u like it ..
Keep cmmnting mor n mor 🙂
More love 🙂

Credit to: pali

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