Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 50)


hey guys, bck with the twist nd most importantly with my 50th episode ..feeling so proud. that i really managed to continue my episodes till such a great number..with all ur love n support..u guys r really the supporting system for me..it was like a habit these days,writing the stuff, thinking abt it..den finally uploading it for my dear frnds..yes i have also disappointed smtyms by uploading late bt u guys were really too much supportive..i have got such big wrds to hear like u r a writer , u shud bcom the script writer for tei ..i mean oh god really overwhelming..bt after all these thngs i hv finally reached my 50th episode .great job pali..thnkew friends..it wud hvnt been possible if u wudnt hv appreciated it ..it was really nyc of evry1 to take out 2 mins. of their bzy lives n commnt..thnkew evry1 out der reading such a big para for me..lol..zada he bol gayi m aaj toh ..okay okay..not wasting more of ur time..plz go ahead n read on..wait wait ..do not forget to comment ..as i m really really waitng to see evry1’s reactn to this..
you guys r inspiration 🙂

more n more love :* :*

episode – 50

twi n uv n chinki..
they were havng their dinnr ..
uv- thnkew twinkle for cmng with me..n respctng ur brothr’s emotions
t- oh plz bhai emotions ki baat aap toh naa he krei..wse b m aapke liye ni aayi i came for chinki only.. n yes i m still angry at u..

chinki- ues uvi u shud let hr go to sarna’s .. kunj n twinkle really lvs ech othr alot .. n they make the best couple togthr .. n kunj is really nice..
uv- plz chinki dont force me to chng my decision ik how he is.. he is just the mistake i hv done thnkng that he vry nice bt abv that he is vry irresponsible n has gvn twinkle only pain..
t- plz bhai its enough.. i dont evn to sit nxt to u n share dinnr .. i m gng.. she gets up to leave
uv- twinkle
chinki- twinkle stop
t- no chinki , bhai isnt undrstnding how much pure love i do with him. n how cn he evn say like that for my husband.. he is the best husband.. n he is vry responsibl persn.. he is now stnding on his own legs keeping in mind tht he has fear of meeting ppl. bt still he has a reputated job .. which serves me vry nicely.. n i m proub to b his wife..
uv gets shocked to hear such a speech abt kunj.. he still on his own words..
t- i m gng home .
uv- its late twinkle plz..chinki stop hr she wont listn to me.. chinki also gvs angry look to uv.. n she succeeds in stopping hr..
they walk to the car.. twinkle starts agn. bt this tym softly..
t- bhai .. cn v go that park..

uv gets a humble smile.. n takes both the girls to the park.. twinkle looks arnd as the weathr was too good..
t-bhai u noe wat..
uv- tell me..
t- this is the place where i told kunj abt my past.. n he reacted so much maturely u cnt evn imagine.. he was so okay wit my past. n offcrse that guy n me were close bt he was so much undrstnding n caring all the time.. n u r really keeping me away frm that kind of a persn..
uv looks down.. he starts thnking..
t- u always usd talk to the stars na n u promisd that u will make me marry to the best prsn in the world.. uv looks at hr face..
t- bhai.. kunj is the prsn. he is just the best.

uv- bt twinkle..
t- bhai plz aaj meri suno aap.. aap jsa b sochte hna kunj k baare m aaj i will make u clear abt that..
uv looks here n der..

t- i told u v didnt married sharing anythng abt ech othe i just did for our family.. bt kunj did liked me frm the vry beginning.. bt he nvr crossd his limits forcing me for anythng.. he was so humble evrytym.. maintained his distnc. bt bcoz of his this behaviour only i started falling for him.. n i nvr evn imagined that i will lv a prsn this much.. she gets teary eyes.. n she starts walking slowly.. uv n chinki follows her listening to hr.. chinki withteary eyes
t- aftr hvng u n maa in my life kunj is the evr best thng happnd to me.. i m blessed to hv him.. u always usd to say that u will find a prsn who will love me more then himslf n will care for me endlessly.. bhai kunj is the exct prsn.. he cares for me endlessly.. i cnt evn imagine living without me.. n u r really keeping me away from him.. bt i m strong v r strong.. kunj makes me strong.. twinkle clears her face.. n breaths ..

t- u cn do watevr for keeping me n kunj away bt at last u will not gt anythng.. i will just fall for him more n more.. she turns to fce uv..
t- bcoz i love him more than any1 .. any1 bhai.. i love him.. more thn myslf or u.. tears falls frm hr eyes ..
silence for a momnt.. her hair flutters .. uv lost his words.. his anger fades seeing her tears.. uv parts his lips to say smthng bt fails to say anythng.. he feels guilty for gvng hr pain..
uv- twinkle.. he opens his arms .. n twinkle gets tears of happiness.. n she runs to hug him.. he hugs her tightly.. n calms hr ..

uv- shh.. i m so sorry.. twinkle for keeping u away frm him.. plz forgv me.. twinkle looks at his face with a broad smile..
uv- u cn go to ur kunj..
t- bhai?
uv- yes u cn go to him.. rush itslf now.. i wont keep u away frm him mor.. plz forgv me.. n go bck to ur kunj.. ur kunj.. ur husband..
twinkle gets tears of happiness..

t- thnkew soo much bhai.. thnkew soo much.. uv gvs his car keys ..
t- bhai how will u both go.
uv- its okay.. u go n grab ur kunj.. chinki n i will manage .. okay chinki?
chinki- yes twinkle its absolutely fine.. now dont waste more time.. run..
twinkle gets happy n starts to leave uv looks at hr gng happily.. bt twinkle comes bck running n hugs uv tughtly..

t- i m so sorry bhai.. if in angr i said smthng wrong to u which i shudnt hv.. i m sorry..
uv- shh.. its okay.. n i m more sorry to u..
t- bhai..
uv- ohi baba.. just go now.. go..
twinkle smiles n leaves taking his car..
t- with an endless smile- i m cmng kunj.. i m cmng.. to u.. she looks at hr watch it ws 9 pm..
t- i guess ryt now kunj must b at that heartbreaker disc. i should go der only n gv him surprise.. yes.. he will b so hppy to see me..
she drives fast n reaches ….

heartbreaker disc.

twinkle gets in showing her id.. she looks for kunj here n der.. only girls n boys were all were der.. more boys. n more girls were cmng n cmng… she goes near the bar tender n asks for a lime water till she finds kunj..
she moves her eyes here n der ..
t- kunj where r u ?? yr.. she calls him bt he wasnt picking her xalls.
twinkle asks the bartender if he has seen kunj by showing him his pic..
bartender- oh yes i hv seen dis guy..with his frnds n went to that side.. they paid a huge amt. so i rmmbr dem..
t- oh ohk..twinkle gets bit surprise..
bartender – yes mam..

twinkle walks in the dirctn which the bartender told hr to ..
she gets many pushes frm the crowd bt she just wanted to his kunj.. so she ignores n just keeps walking.. suddenly a guy catches hr hand..
sm1 – hey one dance?

t- no.. i m not interested..
sm1 – oh plz one dance.. he suddenly pulls hr n she rests hr hnd in his chest part.. she tries to pishes him away..
t- leave me i said.. he doesnt leaves .. n twinkle gets teary eyes..
t- leave me.. she slaps him immediately.. n the guy leaves her angrily..
twinkle composes her slf..
t- wat a down market kunj is in.. how can he cm to a place like this.. bt ya evry disc has the same story..
she walks ahead towrds the room..
she removes the curtain of the room.. n she gets utter shocked.. like she is dead den n der only.. she goes close to take a closer look.. n thnks yes he is kunj only..
t- kunj.. she gets teary eyes seeing him like that.. like she cant evn imagine him to b doing that.. kunj n shanaya were kissing..

suddenly a glass falls .. n shanaya n kunj cms out of their session.. to the real world.. to their senses..
k- twinkle .. he was sayng this looking at shanaya’s face..
t- kunk.. she was hell surprise.. tears just not stopping..
kunj turns slightly.. he gets surprise to see twinkle …
k- twinkle.. tu udhr.. arey two two twinkle.(drunk state).he rubs his eyes a bit..
kunj blinks his eyes n looks at shanaya which was now less blurry..
k- sh.. an..naaya.. tu.. he gets suprise .. that he has his hand on her waist.. he turns to see twinkle who was stnding der totaly lost..
he immediately removes his hnd frm hr waist..
twinkle composes hrslf n turns to leave.. kunj undrstnds wat just did..
he shouts on shanaya..

k- y the hell didnt u stopped me..
shanaya was totally drunk..
k- oh god .. wat will twinkle think..
he runs to go outisde.. twinkle was running towrds hr car.. crying badly..
he shouts frm behind.. callng hr name..
k- twinkle stop.. twinkle..
he runs towrds hr .. he takes he hnd..

t- stay away.. kunj remove his hnd immediately..anger in eyes..
k- twinkle what u saw in there.. is not what it seems i mean..
t- just shut up. ..mr.kunj sarna.. smwhere i knew u still feel for her..
k- nooo.. nooo.. i dont feel for hr.. i dont.. teinkle i only lov u
t- dont evr show me ur face again..
k- twinkle plz no.. i was totally drunk . i didnt know wen n how that just hapnd..
t-coz deep inside u wanted that.
k-nooo.. i only want u..
t- now just buz off .. bhai accptd u n he sent me here to meet u.. bt u kunj u r totally impossible.. i just hate u..
k- twinkle atleast listen to me.. let me atleast explain myslf to u..

t- just leave me mr. kunj .. i dont want to see ur face agn. u r no 1 to me now.
she gets in her car n cries alot.. she keeps herslf locked in it.. kunj starts begging n taps window glass for hr to open it n listen to him.tears strts rushing frm kunj’s eyes too.
k- twinkle plz open the window.. atleast listen to me wat i hv to say.. i srsly didnt do it intentionally.. plzz listen to me.. twinkle plz open the window .. twinkle??
twinkle looks at him through the window.. only tears cmng out frm hr eyes..her eyes were bloodshot red due to anger n tears..n importntly due to the realizatn that kunj cheated on her.. she starts the car.. n accelerates it.. kunj runs behind the car to make it stop..
k- twinkle plz listen to me.. plz
twinkle talks to hrslf- plz kunj just stop running behind me.. this tym u cnt make me weak.. wat i saw is.. i hate u kunj.. i just hate u..

she accelerates her car.. kunj finally feels weak n stops n bends down on his knees..
k- twinkle plz listen to me.. plz.. bt twinkle was already gone.aftr cryng alot n he tries to get up.. his hands were shivering .. he was not abl to keep his legs bcoz he was too much drunk n depressd in his own world thnkng that wat a mess he has created..
he goes to the disc agn.. n finds shanaya walking out ..n breaks the glass in angr n hurts his hnd.. he odrs mor drinks.. n keeps on drinking n drinking only..

n on the othr side
twinkle reaches home n rushes to uv’s room..he opens the door n gets surprise to see hr cryng soo much ..he makes hr settles diwn n asks the reasn..
uv-twinkle? babay y r u cryng? twinklle?
t-bhai..wo..bhao..wo kunj..
uv- yes kunj ky tu milli usse..wat happn twinkle?
t-bhai wo kunj..kissd sm1..else..

chinki-wat..uv gets up in angr..
uv-how dare he ..ditched my sister..i knew smthng is really wrong in him..
chinki-uvi ..shut up..first of all make hr calm down.i m sure..der is sm misundrstnding kunj cannot do this…
t-no chinki..i ..i saw him..with my own eyes..kss..ng his ex crush..at the disc..
uv-i will kill him..he takes out a revolvr frm his drwaer n loads it..
chinki n twinkle gets shockd to see him yellng n with the gun..he strts to leave..
ch-uv..stop uv..

twinkle runs n n holds him by his shoulder..
uv- twinkle u stil takng his syd..i wont let him breath evn mor for a sec..
t-bhai..no..bhai..plz..i love him..tears falls frm hr eyes…
uv-bt twinkle..suddenly twinkle feels blurry n faints..
uv-twinkle..he holds hr..n lays hr on bed..chinki calls doc..n uv sprinkles water on hr face bt she wasnt wakng up..
doc cms..
uv- doc hiw is she wat has hpnd to hr.. y did she faint..
doc- calm down mr. yuvraj its just stress n she is vry weak bcoz she just now recvrd frm hr paralysis.. hr body needs lots of rest n extra care.. dont gv hr stress..keep hr away frm tensions.. if possible.. else she is absolutely fine.
uv- oky doc. n doc leaves..
leela rubs hr forehead..
l- kunj cnnot do dis.. there must b sm reasn

uv- ma. kissing sm1 else othr den ur wife is that suitable n still hv sm reasn behind it.. r u..how cn u b so blind. cnt u..just see kunj cheated on hr..
suddenly twinkle opens hr eyes.. n speaks kunj kunj agn n agn..
chinki- twinkle shh..
le- puttar shant hoja.. dekh humm sb h.. idhr m kkunj ko bulati hu ruk.. she takes out hr fon to call kunj.
t- maa.. u wont call him.. he is no 1 to me n i hate him..
l- bt puttar..
uv- maa wo shi keh ri h. frm now twinkle wont meet him. n will nrithr go to sarna’s
twinkle looks up with teary eyes.. n tries to get up.. bt was weak..
chinki- rwinkle no u lie down.. u need rest..

t- i want to go to my room..
uv hlps hr n takes hr to hr room..
uv sits beside hr..
t- bhai i want to stay alone..
uv- bt..
t- plz bhai..
uv leaves..

twinkle lies down on bed like numb.. tears strt cmng out of hr eyes.. she closes hr eyes.. n rmmbrs evry mommnt she spnt with him. the way he usd to look at hr.. the way he usd to touch hr.. the way he usd to care for hr.. she thnks he cheated on me.. how cud he do that to me..i hate u kunj .. i just hate u.. b4 kissing hr ..u didnt thnk twice abt me.. abt us.. abt our marriage .. u cn nvr b forgvn kunj.. building trust is easy bt onc broken ..its remains broken.. u r nvr gettng mebck nvr.. evr.. she takes hr pillow n gets into the pillow cryng..

late at 1 am..
twinkle fon beeps.. agn n agn.. finally she wakes up .. n widout looking at the no. she picks it up..
sm1 – mam is this twinkle kunj sarna..twinkkle cms in senses immediately listening to his name n says angrily.
t- just twinkle.
sm1 – okay mam, sorry for disturbing u at midnyt.. bt v r calling frm heart breaker disc.. its abt ur husbnd..
twinkle gets surprise she clears hr face.. thnkng abt kunj..

t- wa..aat.. h..hhpn dd.. too.. m..yy .. h..husb.nd..?
sm1 – mam, actually ur husbnd is still at our disc fully out frm drinking too much alcohol.. he is 13 pegs , 8shots n 3 glasses of scotch down his intestine.. n he is fully out..
twinkle gets surprise n scared..she thnks he hardly drinks 2 peg ..bt how cn she forget wat he did to her
t-..unm..yy.. did..u c.all.. me..
sm1- umm mam ur no. was the last no. he dialled frm his cell.. n it was saved with ‘my love ‘ so thats y v calld u..
twinkle gets angry on hearng this

t- how did u noe my name?
sm1- mr. kunj is continuosly speaking ur name only..my twinkle my twinkle..
t- y did u call me..
sm1 – m..am.. its quite late.. our disc is also gttng closed n he is not in his senses ryt now. so if u cud take him being his wife..
t-angrily- i m not his.. she suddenly stops thnkng that she cnt say anythng prsnl in frnt of a totally stranger..
t- umm.. i.. i am.. cmng..
sm1 – . okay..keeping the call..

she sits there looking at the fon that wat will she do now..
t-i shud take uv bhai with me..yah..
she goes to uv’s room who was not ready to cm bt twinkle makes him agree..
in car
uv-idk y u still doing this..twinkle styas quiet..

heartbreaker disc..
twinkle n uv rushes in ..
she looks at kunj who was sitted there taotally exhuasted..
uv-just look at his condition what he has done t himslf..
manager- mam ,he is vry drunk n was repeatng same thng only..twinkle plz trust me..plz dont leave me..i will die..without u..twinkle..
twinkle looks at kunj’s face..n raise hr hnd to his face with teary eyes..kunj has his eyes closed ..tears were ol ovr his face.his shirt was full of sweat..
she cups his face ..tear fall frm hr eyes..
t-..kk..ku.njj..kunj could recognize the touch ..his eyes were heavy bt still he opens dem..
k-tt.w.w.in.kle..he gets a heavy smile on his face…
k-twinkle..i..didnt..i ..lov…

t- shhh…tears falls frm her eyes..looking at his such a cndition..uv looks at hr..
uv- this time i wont let u get weak..he immdiately removes hr hnd n takes him by his shoulder to get up..twinkle looks at the room where she saw kunj kissing shanaya..she gets angry n torn apart at same time..suddenly..kunj holds twinkle’s hnd..she looks at him with anger..n pushes away his hnd frm hr hnd..

t-dont dare to touch me..n dont create a scene here..she clears her face..kunj stnds numb..
she walks ahead n uv manages to bring him to the car with few disc ppl..
twinkle thnks i will cm bck to u kunj or let u come mear me , coz u hv broken my trust.

****50 the episode ends here ****

i hope u liked it..n yes guys its my ff ryt so evn in dis fuss of twinj u will still see the gr8 romnc btvn dem evn wen they vl fyt..matched with evry1’s hope ?
do commnt ..thnnkew

Credit to: pali

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