Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 5)



Next morinig , twinkle was lying on her bed thinking about yesterday’s night.. She recalls evrythng n from no where kunj comes to her mind.. That such a guy he is .. Firstly hits my car, spills a drink on my bday dress and isse jee ni bhara toh tried to touch my dupatta .

Twinkle – babaji plz iss kunj sarna se keep me as far as u can and closes her eyes to sleep more .

Kunj gets ready for his business meeting in formals , he starts working with his dad . Kunj was taking out his wallet from his yesterday’s pant which he wore in the party and founds the hanky which he gave to twinkle. Just thinking about her he gets smile on his face. He goes to his almirah and keeps it in somewhere.

Sarna’s company

Yuvi and kunj has a meeting together where in they share a bond and yuvi asks him for a personal dinner with his family . Kunj denies in starting thinking that twinkle wont like but yuvi force him and says yes . Yuvi calls her mother for the preparation .


Kunj comes wearing whole white and red half jacket. He gets bouquet for the family. Kunj comes in and handover the bouquet to leela aunty by saying some beautiful rose for a beautiful lady and smiles. (Twinkle was standing upstairs but looks at the sweet gesture of kunj and smiles and then suddenly her smiles fades thinking that she has to remain away from him y is he even here)

Leela- aww thanku puttar , be sitted i will be back in 2..b comfortable.. Kunj gets sitted and yuvi leaves coz of a call.. Twinkle comes down and kunj gets up and waves a hi teinkle vaguely smiles..
Twinkle comes to sit but somehow lost balance and was about to fall when kunj gets up and takes her in his arms.. They both share an eyelock moment .. Kunj was totally lost in her and for a min. Even teinkle keeps looking at him.. From behind leela comes and coughs ..
They both compose themselves kunj still lost in her , twinkle says thnkew .. Kunj smiles..

The family and kunj have a dinner in which twinkle was just sitting in front of him.. They both were having some awkward eye contcts where in they themselves doesnt undrstands that whats happeinning to them.. Yuvi leaves the table to meet his frnds outside and bids bye to kunj..

After some time kunj also gets up to leave when leela says to twinkle go and leave him till outiside .. Teinkle gives a look to her mom showing that she is not intereted but leela insisits so they both walks to come outside..

They had some awkward silence when between both thinking that the other will speak something.. When finally kunj speaks ..

Kunj- i m sorry for yesterday , my intentions were not that what u thought when i was holding ur dupatta
Teinkle – acha mr. Sarna i fully undrstnd ur intentions so better back off ..
Kunj- (gets angry a bit) dont u think u r very stubborn
Twinkle – dont u think u r very .. Kunj starts walking towards her and twinkle stops ..twinkle hesitantly kunj wha.tt. Rr u do..ing..
He goes closer to twinkle , she doesnt undrstnds that what he is doing and starts walking back.. Kunj suddenly holds her hand and pulls her towards her .. Both looks into each others eyes… (Sajna ve plays)

*** 5th episode ends here ****

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Credit to: Pali

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