Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 45)


So sorry guys for being late to upload.. Got bzy smwhere .. Thnkew for all the comments.. I m glad evry1 is liking it so much?


Both cries .. Kunj is huggng her..
Every1 cms in n consoles her.. Kunj sees amaya also inside the room.. He gets up.. N goes to her n takes her hnd.. Fuming
A- bhai?? Kya kr re ho aap..
He drags her out of the room.
K- jo mje bht phle kr dena chahye tha.. Do u hv any shame amaya.. Idk.. U r my own sister or wat.. How could u..
A- bhai??.. Bhai?plz .. Bhai.
He gvs her a bit push n holds the door..
K- stay away from my wife.. Else.. The rslt wont b good for u.. N i will forget that u r my sister..
A- bhai?? ..
He shuts the door on her face.. N cries thnkng wat has chnged her..y did she turned so much evi;l..wen she turned like this,,i cnt evn imgn that my own sister did this to my ….he looks twinkkle who was looking at himm only..he gvs a smile..twinkle still disgusted gvs a fake smile..kunj could feel her pain in her eyes..
Nurse cms- sarna family , as its late n meeting hrs r ovr so now so mny ppl cnot stay with the patient..only 1 at night..she leaves..
Uvi- i vl stay.. Evry1 gets bit surprise..
Leela- nahi.. Puttar.. Let kunj.. Stay..
U- maa mne kaha na.. I vl stay with my sister.. Kunj gets surprise..
K- umm bhai.. M ..ruk ra hu na..
U- oh bhai tu toh rehne de.. Mene galat feisla le lia.. Twinkle ki shaadi tere sath kra kr..meri behen ka tere sath 1 mahina b ni hua or uski halat..
Kunj gets hurt.. Twinkle looks at kunj..
T- bhai how cn u say like that to kunj..
Kunj – twinkle.. Both looks at each other.. Kunj nods in its okay typs..
K- ik uvi, till now i hvnt really stnd up upto ur expectations bt.
T- kunj its nthng like that..
K- twinkle lmme say.. Bhai pr ab m aapsbko ek acha pati bnn kr dikhayunga.. Twinkle ko koi taqleef ni hone dunga/.
Twinkle feels proud frm inside bt sherealizes that now her life will not b easy..
Uvi rubs his hnd on twinkle’s forehed .. N kisses it.. N leaves angrily..
After some time evry1 leaves ..kunj cms n sits nxt to twinkle.. He passes a smile..
T- kunj bhai , didnt mean it.. U noe that na else ..
K- shh no need to gv me explanations.. Ik very well.. Its his anger.. N wse b he is smwhere ryt.. This is all bcoz of me.. I shu hv trusted u b4 only abt amaya.. Its only bcoz me..
T- kunjj
Tears cms in kunj’s eyes..
T- kunj shh.. Plzz I cnt get up ryt.. Else now i wud hv hugged u..
Kunj looks at her with painful eyes.. He suddenly gets up n hugs her tightly..
K- i m so sorry for all this..
T- kunj plzz.. Its not ur fault.. It was in my fate..
K- i cnt see u like this..
T- u dont noe… Kunj how desperately i want to wrap my arms arnd u..
K- u..u will do.. It soon..,
He cups her face n clears the tears.
Kunj suddenly takes a glass of water n makes her drink it..
T- how do u noe i need water..
K- umm.. Idk.. I just noe.. Twinkle smiles at him..kunj sits on chair takng her hnd..
T-kunj y did u didnt let Amaya in?
K- twinkle.. Amaya did this to u..
Twnkle surprised..
T- wat?
K- yes she confessd herslf. She was the reasn for chinki’s condition.. Ur dress.. U .. She did this purposely. All the time..
T- oh god.. How could she..
K- twinkle u dont noe how much speechless i m ryt now.. Coz my own sister is the one for ur condition ryt now.. I m so srry.. This alll thngs smwhere makes me.. At fault..
T- sashhh.. If u onc agn say thats its ur fault i wont talk to u..
Kunj looks at her .. Twinkle turns away her face ..
Kunj starts singng..

Wooo woo woo ..woo woo woo
Ooo.. Within seconds u stole my attention.. Suddenly twinkle turns her face..
Skin so perfect, a golden complexion
She smiles with in..he moves arnd her bed with a smile
More then beautiful girl, u r a work of art..
Both looking each other eyes
Oh my , my my,i cnnot believe my eyes..
Twinkle blushes
Oh my , pinch me , am i dreamng, am i?
Kunj shows his hnd so that she pinches forgettng she cnt move her hnd..suddenly twinkle looks at his hnd.. Kunj looks at her.. N takes away his hnd.. Twinkle gvs a sad look..
Did u fall from the skies?
I cnt see ur wings, but girl u r an angel..
Oh my my angel..
Twinkle gets a smile..
U r so out of thus world, u r hiding ur halo
Oh my my angel
Oh ny my angel..
Kunj kisses her forehead..
Wont u b mine?my angel
I cnt see ur wings,bt gl, u r an angel
Oh my my angel
Oh my my angel..
Kunj cups to her face..
T- whispers- i m urs..
Kunj smiles.. Her eyes were glitttery with tears.. Kunj bends more close.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. Kunj kisses her eyes..she opens her eyes.. Both looks at ech othr..
K- u will b good soon..

K- u hv to b strong.. Evry1 is with u..
T- hm..kunj wat abt amaya.
K- idk. Frstly i hv to fnd y she did this.. She smway meant that ik the reasn she smwhere back fire a ques on me that bhai u askng me dis.. As if she meant ik the reasn.. Bt i really didnt undrstnd
T- kunj.. Does amaya likes sm1?
K- like .. Umm .. Idk .. I dont thnk so she does.. She nvr said or told me .. Actually i nvr askd also..
T- kunj .. I thnk she likes sm1
K- naa.. I dont thnk so.
T- kunj i m sayng na she does..
K- okay tell me who he could b ha?i hardly know any boy frnd of her..except ..
K- excpt our common frnd that v share like.. Uvi umm.. Or.. Or kon h..
T- uvi bhai?
K- wat do u mean?
T- wat if she lyks uvi?
K- like ur brothr uvi.. Yuvraj taneja..
T- y u reactng dis way..
K- coz there is no point he is married twinkle.. N he always liked i mean loved chinki only
T- xxtly .. It could b like bhai nvr considered her feelngs .. N she got hatred.. Coz most imp.. She hit chinki.. Y wud she hit her..
Both togthr- coz she is married to uvi..
T- xctly.. Ho na ho .. She likes uvi bhai.
K- OH NO..
T- SHI m
Both gets worried..
T- kunj.. Kunj.. Wat vl do now.. Ye oh bht badi prblm h .. Oh god.. I guess she is so much obssessed with bhai.. That she cn do anythng.. Kunj
K- twinkle .. Twinkle.. Calm down.. Ryt now.. Idc abt anythng bt u.. Dont talk abt her now.. Okay.
T- okay.

t-kunj humei kiski nzr lg gyi that evrythng is gng so much agnst us..

kunj rubs his hnd on her forehaed

k-evrythng will b alright soon..n i want to say onthng twinkle..


k-u r very strong,i mean in this situation also u r so positive ..ik its vry hard tym for u..bt trust me at evry point i m with u..

kunj takes her hnd..

t-ik kunj…bt plz soon do smthng aabt amaya..

k-yes..i vl do that..bt u dont hv tp worry okay..suddenly nurse cms..kunj was kissing her hnd..nurse coughs..both looks their ..kunj keeps her hnd firmly..

nurse- mam..medcine tym..she cms n starts takng out the medicines..

k-nurse ,if u dont mind cn i gv medcns to my wife..twinkle looks at him ..

nurse-sir bt u dont know the prescription so..

k-no u just explain me..evrythng ..i vl gv it myslf ..

nurse-okay sir ..she explains him evrythng..kunj undrstnds evry medicins schedule..eagerly..

twikle looks at him with lv n thnks babaji for gvng him his as her partrner..plz Babaji ..mje kunj se or durr ni rhna mje jldi se tikh kr do..nurse leaves..

kunj takes out all the medicines..twinkle makes chidlsih face..

t-itni saari..

k-umm nahi toh its only 4..see hum ek ek kr k lete h okay..


k-twinkle..insistng looks..

he moves her bed up..n wraps arms arnd her so that she could b up to take medicns..she gets tears in n her eyes..feeling so much reckless..that she cnt evn move her hnd by her own wish..she looks at him with pain..kunj clears hr watery eyes ..n nods nooo..twinkle calms her slf..he puts one med in her mouth ..

k-ye huyi mere naam ki medicns..she smiles n make her sip water..

k-now dis is uvi bhai’ k naam ki..she takes it also with a smiles..

t-kunj bs or ni..

k-arey arey or kse ni..ab ye h maa k naam ki…


k-chalo chalo peeyo peeyo..she takes it also..

k-njow see last h ..umm..hmare pyaar k naam ki..twinkle gets a smile on her face..he makes her drink water..

k-see kinna easy tha..tum b bcho jse..

t-kunj injectn is lft..kunj gets tensed eyes that how will he gv her the injectn ..it will b so painful..bt twinkle was actng strong here..

k-ahh.umm.ya..in.injctn..he picks the injectn n fills it..he looks with twinkle with pain..bt she had a smile on her face so that she cn look strong bt inside she was torn in hundreds of pieces..kunj takes her arm..his hnds were shivering..he gets sweat..


t-take a deep breath ..kunj takes a deep breath..he gulps in..n puts the injectn in her arm..with closed eyes..tear drop from his eyes..twinkkle also closed her eeyes..he takes it out…n both share a painful stare..kunj kisses her on he forehead n consoles her..

k-its late u should now..

t-where wil u sleep..

k—umm u dont wrry abt that ..umm see i will sleep there on the couch..

t-couch…evn i wont fit their..

k-i will sleep there ,,u close ur eyes..n wse b mje neend nahi aari ..

t- kunnj..

k-shh..he starts tapping her forehead lovingly..both keep looking at each other..

k-sleep..twinkle closes her eyes n sleps..

kunj starts moaning..he goes on couch bt feels uneasy..n cm s bck to the chair beside her bed..he keeps looking at her..n feels so sorry he thnks i will not leave amaya…he feels sleepy n keeps her head on her bed takng her hnd in his..n sleeps..

nxt day-

Twinkle opens her eyes n finds him sleeping peacefully holding her hnd ..twinklle tries to move her hnd to caress his hair..she angrily tries to do it..bt nthng was hpning she could not move it..she suddenly burst in tears…immediately kunj gets up n runs to take her other hnd..n takes her hnd in his ..

k-easy twinkle..easy..shhh..its alright..u will b fine..he makes her calm down..

sameways days kept passing n the hospital .twinkle was not showing any signs till now..evry sngl famly member usd to pray for her..twinkle was feelng reackless.kunj was still strng being her side always..bt bcoz he evrym used to stay with her ,didn’t do anything abt amaya yet..coz his first prority is twnkle..kunj usd to make her time pass by reading her Fav love strioy novels,,usd to sing n dance for her..usd to show her vedios that their loved ones made for her..they started their own bond of care,touch n emotions..that was so pure n strong..smtyms situations usd to b more painful bt both were keeping it cool n twinkle was strng all the tym coz her kunj was withher..

Now after smdays twinkle was brought home..n sm aarti rituals were performed ..

Twinj room

Kunj brought hrr in his arms n puts her on bed with care.. Twinkle looks at him with a smile.. Kunj kisses her on her forehead..

Twinkle turns her cheeks towrds him as a sign .. Kunj smiles n kisses dem.. She shows her the other cheek n he kisses it.. Kunj couldnt control himslf now.. So he starts kissng her on her face.. Eyes.. Chin.. Cheeks.. He den moves to her nck n kisses it agn n agn passionately..

Twinkle takes deep breath n whispers i so much wanted this.. Kunj smiles as he moves his hnd on her waist.. N looks in her eyes.. He goes close to her lips.. Bt suddenly sm1 knocks at the door..

Both looks it was amaya..kunj fumes in anger.. Twinkle feels disgusted..

K- get lost

A- neithr m i interstd in talkng to u, i just came ti return this dress of ur wife..its clean now.. Kunj gets up n angr n snatches the dress frm her hnd..amaya feels bad smwhere bt she turns to leavr.. Bt

T- amaya? She stops..

K- twinkle dont talk to her, she has no shame.. Disgustng how cn a prsn b so small..

T- kunj ..

K- twinkle.. How cn u evn talk to this gl.. Aftrol she is the reasn to all this mishpnngs.. N still u..

T- kunj will just stay quiet for min..

K- twinkle..

T- shh..

Kunj looks away.. Amaya was stl der.

T- amaya.. Y did u do this ?

No answer..

T- wont u turn to look at me.. Wat u did to me.. U cn feel good.. Coz watevr u wanted.. U smwhere suceeded .. If not dead atleast half dead..

K- twinkle..

T- amaya turn n look at me.. Show sm guts now..

Amaya turns slowly.. She also has teary eyes.. She looks at twinkle lyng numb..

T- dekha.. U won.. Now tell me., y did u do dis to me.. Y amaya y..

Amaya stays numb


amaya gets a bck..

A- i.. Ii., i didnt.. Didnt do .. This.. Its not.. Only my fault.. She cries n runs away..

T- amaya ?? Amaya??

Kunj cms to twinkle..

T- did u hear that,, its not only her fault.. Sm1 was with hr.

K- how cn u still trust hr twinkle.. Dont act so big..

T- kunj ik.. Thngs r not that straight as it seems.,Kunj gvs a questn look..

***45th episode ends here***

Yes still maintained the suspense of amaya..?i hope u like it

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