Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 43)


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T- bt lg toh tumhe aise he raha ..that i m lying..
K- twinkle.. Plz tell me on whom should i trust ha.. My wife whom i love the most or my sister whom i dont love the less
T- kunj ik its hard for u to evn trust me bt do u hv any reasn y chinki n i b lying abt amaya?
K- bt y wud evn amaya lie ha?
T- thats wat v need to find out.. Ik she is really upto smthng..
K- still i cnt undrstnd..
T- lunj cm here.. She takes kunj hand in hr.. N brings him to the balcony..
T- kunj look at that star .. She points on one star.. Kunj looks up..
T- okay after blinking ur eyes can u b sure that this star is the i pointed u to look at..
Kunj gvs a confusing look..
K- twinkle i m gud at riddles ..
T- oh babaji ksa pati dia h aapne..
K-ksa kya bht handsm pati dia h shukar manayo..
T- hey bhagwan .. Okay listen umm.. Ya.. Frm inside u cn b thnking of having s*x wi..thh.. M..e.. She realizes what she said n twinkle looks at him with wide eyes.. Kunj narrows his eyes.. N steps closer to her ..
T- kunj.. Noo.. Nahi.. I mean.. Sorry.. Kunj..
He keeps on walking close to her.. Just sm inches apart.. Twinkle breathng fastly..
Kunj whispers- i wasnt thnking that..
Twinkle relief breath..
T- kunj yes ryt.. I mean .. She steps bck.. N turns n smiles .. Upon her own words ..
T- i meant..what a prsn frm inside may b he doesnt shows it outside.. As in amaya k mann m kuch or h n wo show kuch or kri h..
K- oh babaji ksi si biwi di h
T- ksi si kya bht cute si biwi si h shukar manao..
K- hey bhagwan.. Both smiles..
K- on a srs note, u cud hv xplained me like this.. Kya stars.. Se… He stops n twinkle starts walking into the room blushing.. Kunj stnds looking at her..
K- sooo, as i wasnt thnking abt that.. So yes u were thnking of hvng it..
Twinkle stops suddenly , she bites her teeth.. N smiling..
T- hvng wat?
Kunj starts walking towrds her ..
K- u xctly know wat i m talking abt..
T- kunj i hvvng sleepy.. Good night
She runs towrds the bed n cvrs her with the blanket..
Kunj smiles n thnks – ik teinkle the way i die to cm close to u.. Same u also want to cm close to me..
K thnks – btw where do i hv to sleep.. Ystrdy toh i slept on couch.. Isne b face cvr kr rka h .. Chalo kunj soo jao couch pr he.. Kunj brings out his blankt frm cupboard.. Twinkle looks sightly frm her blnket .. She takes out her face n coughs slowly.. Kunj turns to look at her .. Twinkle keeps hr hnd on the pillow that kunj uses.. Kunj smiles n he undrstnds.. He walks towrds the bed on his side.. Twinkle smiles .. N closes her eyes.. Kunj gets in the blnket.. N keeps looking at her..
Suddenly twinkle opens her eyes n looks at him staring at her..
T- wat?
K- nthng..
T- y u looking at me like that
K- arey , i m looking at my wife..
T – sleep..
Twinkle closes her eyes.. Kunj was still feeling bad smwhere for not shwoing the required trust n abv that slapping her ..
K- twinkle ..
T-hm.. (Eyes closed)
K- i m really sorry for that, n also that i didnt trust u, i cnt say that i fully on ur side ryt now .. Bt yes if u thnk amaya did dis, i will really hlp u to find it out okay?
T- opens her eyes smiling.. – she thnks he is so much sorry for slapping me.. Offcrse he didnt mean it.. Just anger.. Made him do that..
K- ik its hard for u to forgv me bt i m rea…..suddenly twinkle closes his lip with her lips.. She kisses him softly.. N moves her hnd frm his chest to his cheeks.. Kunj breaths her in.. She breaks the kiss..
T- i forgv u, kunj.. Its okay.. Dont feel so bad.. I undrstnd.. In angr u did that.. U didnt mean that..
K- i didnt mean that.. How don noe how i..
Twinkle puts her finger undr his chin n makes his face raise till her lips.. N she agn kisses him.. She kisses his face.. N whispers slowly – shhh, kinna bolne lg gye ho tum.. Kunj smiles n whispers slowly- tumahra asar h.. Both smiles looking at each other.. Kunj moves his hnd to her waist.. N twinkle rests her head on his chest.. Hugging posture.. K- i love u ..
T- i lv u too kunj.. He kisses her forehead n both sleeps..

Nxt mrng!
Kunj leave for his offc.
Twinkle goes to balcony for waterng plants.. Suddenly she saw amaya sneeking out of house..
T- arey ye amaya aise chup kr q ja ri h .. Y is she hiding her face like this..
I hve to follow her..
She also sneeks out .. Amaya takes her car n twinkle also starts following her in her car..
T- where is she gng, collge toh dusre route pr h..
Twinkle keeps looking at her car n keeps following her..
T- y do i think, that car b4 amaya’s car .. Is also gng with us only where evr v r gng..
Twinkle tries to look..
T- oh yes its like amaya is following dat car n i m following her car.. Who is the prsn in that car.. Amaya kisko follow kri h..agey kiski car h dikh b ni ri
1st car stops undr a big building.. Amaya also stops her car.. Twinkle too.
T- kon h uss car m jissko amaya follow kri h.. Who is in that car.. Cm out damn it.. Cm out of ur car..
Suddenly she see sm1 stepping out the car.. Bt unfortunately her fon rings.. She looks to see her fon..
T- kunj .. She looks up to see the prsn bt he was almost in the building n twinkle wsnot abl to make out who the guy was..
T- shit kunj b na usko b abi fon krna tha.. She picks the call..
T- ha kunj
K- arey.. Where r u ?
T- wo m .. Kunj.. I was following amaya..
K- twinkle my sister is not a murderer that u r following her..
T- kunj ik.. Bt ik she is doing smthng ..
K- twinkle..
T- kunj listen me.. Now also she was following sm1.. A guy.. Who just entrd the building.. Tumahri wajah se m dekh b ni payi..
K- guy? Wo kisko follow kregi ..
T- idk.. I hv been for the furst tym to this bulding..
K- which bulifing?
T- its sm “blue paradise ”
K- blue paradise.. Wo toh yuvraj k partner ki buliding h..
T- yuvraj bhai? Means ye sid ki building h?
K- yes.. He owns it..
T- amaya q isko follow kregi.. Oh god .. Wat is she doing.. N yes kunj.. I hv hr pics dis tym.. U cn see it.. Okay.. Jbi tum maanoge..
K- is she lying to me?
T- yes. Its bttr u too accpt it soon.. That she lied to u.. She intentionally hit chinki.. N yes if i m not wrong she purposely destroyed my dress ..rmmbr kunj frm dat day only thngs r gttn up n down btvn us.. Kunj i m sure der is smthng wrong..
K- oh god.. Idk wat has hpnd to my lill sis.. Is she still in frnt of u..
T- no she lft .. U cll hr n ask hr where she was ryt now.. Lets see wat she says n if she lies will get to know coz i hv her pics..
K- oh. Ohk. By the way i vl cm early today..
T- okay kunj..kunj feels bad ..bt his temperamnt was rasining thinkng that if she really hit chinki i will not spare her dis tym..
k-now u cm bck home okay?
t-ya i leavng for home..bye.

kunj calls amaya..
a-haa bhai
k-where r u amaya/?
a-bhai ryt now im in collg ..kyu .y u askng lyke dis
k-nai nai ase he,tum ghr se dirctly collg gyi thi?
Amaya feels smthng fishy..
a-umm bhai..wo..ahh…haann..i came to collg only dirctly..
a-y wudnt i b sure in thid,y u askng like this bbhai? Amaya gets scared..
kunj gets angry bt kept it down.
k-umm..nothng nothng,,v r planng for sm outing so calld to ask abt ur..umm free lectures if u hv tody.?
a-ahh ihh…oh..umm..no no/..bhai .bzy day..
k-well ookay bye..
kunj feels cheated he thnks yes amaya lied to him,n twinkle was ryt evrytime, i slapped twinkle bcoz of her..though she has forgvvn me,bt on my behlf i did vry wrong ..i doubted on her..i trutsted amaya mre then her..how cud ib so much blind..that i wasnt abl to see the reality..bt amaya,dis tym u r gone..bcoz now if u cm btvn me n my wife..i will not spare u..he feels disgusted n dissapointed..

amaya’s colg
amaya to hrslf-i guess bhai ko mujpr doubt ho gya h ,,i hv to do smthng..zarur twinkle bhabhi must hv said smthng to him ..ye twinkle he h jo pange kri h..chinki se phle i shud hv killed her..huhhh.i will kill this blo*dy twinkle..coz who so evr cms in my way i will not leave him or her evn a chnc..chahe wo kunj bhaiya kyu na ho…huhhh.else i wot get my love of my life..the truth of my life..which no 1 knows..i will kill twinkle..
she leaves from her collg …

twinkle reaches home..n goes in kitchn to hlp usha..
meanwhile amaya sneeks in with a prsn..n tip toes to twinj’s room..
a-thnk god she is not here..i hv to execute my plan..cm on do it..fast..
The prsn – yes mam
.. Twinkle finishes her wrk n cms out of the kitchen..amaya looks frm the door twinkle cmng.. She tells tge prsn to rush..
Bt suddenly twinkle gets a call frm chinki .. She gets bzy in talking with her.. N moves downstairs only for a while.. Meanwhile amaya finishws her evil plan n twlls the prsn to leave frm the balcony.. Amaya also sneeks out of her room without twinkle noticing her.. Twinkle starts walking upstairs.. Amaya smirks looking at hwr frm other room..
A- rest in peace twinkle ..bhabhi.. Haha..dont wrry i vl tc of my sweet big bro.. U came in my way na.. Reslt is only .. Ur death.. Go ahead..
Twinkle enters her room..
***43rd episode ends here****
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Credit to: Pali

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    1. I hv been loved by so mny that i m so overwhelmed.. That i decided to personally thnkew u all..
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