Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 42)


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Twinkle reaches her room ..bck from gurudwara..

Twinj room

Twinkle opens the door n finds kunj sitting on couch..kunj suddenly looks up n gets happy to see twinkle ..k-twinkle..he gets up n runs towrds her ..he has teary eyes ..nt ystrdy’s incident smwhere stopped him .. n he didnthug her..both looks at eahc other with teary eyes..

k-where wre,u were not answering my calls..u didnt infrm me b4 u lft..u didnt tell any1 at homr..what the hell is dis kind of behaviour ha ..when will u grow up?

t-kunnnj…let me atleast speak..

k-kaha thi tum..

t-kunj i went to gurudwara,for sm peaceful tym..i wanted to stay alone for a while.

k-twinkle is evrythng oky

t-umm ya ..evythng is fine..

k-it doesnt seems to b ..u look tensed..

t-i m fine kunj..y didnt u lft for ur offic..u r 1 hr late alrready..

k- how could i go twinkle ..i mean ..u were not answerng ur calls..kisi ko tumahre jaane ka pta ni tha..so how could i leave for offc..

twinkle was touched with his words..

t-i m fine..u shoul d go for ur offc..

twinkle starts to leave bt kunj stops her..

k-twinkle..she turns n says ha?

Kunj starts walking towrds her ..he gets bit close to her..twinkle looks at him with widened eyes..

k-ik smthngs is bothering u n its abt ystrdy’s incident .. bt turst me amaya is not like that..u barely kniw her bt i cn tell u ..how she really is..n may b the gl u saw at the pub is sm1 else..i m sure it wasnt amaya..so plz so just move on frm that okay?

t-yeah u may b ryt..i hv sm wrk..u go ur offc..

she turns to leaves n thnks to herslf ik kunj u trust blindly on amaya..bt i gues this tym i m ryt..amaya is really upto smthng..kunj looks at her gng …


twinkle goes to see the gifts chinki n uvi brought for them..she got really excited n happy to see them as they were all lovely..

t-they all r so nyc ..thnkew bhabhi..n winks..

c-haha tu b na..thnkew lol..btw amaya ka solve hua?

She looks wih sad face..n they leave for walking ..they start walking to go for a park..chinki asked her wat hpnd ,she replies tht kunj doesnt listen to her..he has endless faith in his sister bt not in his wife..chinki tres to explain her few thngs..

c- sb tikh ho jayega dont worry..

t- pta ni yr how wud i explain thngs to kunj ..

c- hmm..hey twinkle ice cream..ruk m laati hu..

t- haa yr ..she nods n chinki starts crossing the road as the ice cream seller was on the other side of the road.

Suddenly a car cms rushing with fast speed..chinki didnt see the car cmng her way..twinkle looks at the car n shouts ..CHINKI..chinki looks at the car in shock with widened eyes..her legs as if got glued on the floor with tension..she kept her eyes wide open looking at the car…twinkle starts running towrds her..n the car hits CHINKI..twinkle stops in shock..tears falls frm her eyes..chinki lied there bleeding ..twinkle screams CHINKI n runs towrds her ..she looked for the car bt it had already lft..

t-chinki..open ur eyes..chinki..stay with me..chinki ..get up..

ppl surrounds them ,chinki was bleeding badly frm her head..her arms too n had a twisted leg..twinkle cries for help..sm1 cms with his car twinkle takes her in the car to the hospital..

t-bhaiya,plz drive fast..

unknown-eaah..twinkle was crying badly..suddenly chinki opens hr eyes..


twinkle looks at her-haa chinki..bol ..keep ur eyes open..see im taking u to the hospita..soon will raech nthng will hpn to u..


t-haa chinki..

c-the ca..arr. .whic..hh..hit ..mee..amaa..aaya…

t-amaya?chinki..plzz try,,plz,,wat amaya?

c-ama..aayaa..was..dr..ivng..it..twinkle hell shocked..she looked at her with wide eyes..

t-chinki tu ye kya bol ri h?amaya aise nahi kr skti..

c-am..aayaa..he …thi..

twinkle shock..n chinki closes her eyes..twinkle was cryng badly..she wasnt undrsndng wats hpning.


Twinkle had infrmd every1..n chinki was taken into operatn theatre..

Uvi n leela cms rushing both wre cryng badly…


L-puttar smabhaal aapne aap ko..

t-BHAI wo abhi operatn theatre m h .. all cried..twinkle sat there huggnng uvi n leela..

sarna’s cms..usha,bebe,manohar,kunj..

all had teary eyes..twinkle looks kunj cmng..she runs towrds him..n hugs him tightly..kunj consoles her..caresses her hair..

k-twinkle..twinkle usse..kuch ni .hoga see v all r here,,babaji is with us..dont cry..plz calm..down..

he clears her face..twinkle eyes him with pain..

k-look at uvi ,he needs u..u hv to b strong..

twinkle turns n sees uvi who was sitting der almost lost ..

she runs to him n hugs him..

t-bhai..bhai..kuch ni hoga hmaari chinki..ko ..calm down..bhai..

u-lost voice-how did this,,happen..

twinkle tells them the whole scene ..n suddenly rmmber her words ..that amaya was the one who hit her..she looks at kunj who was listening to all this..she thnks ki btayu ya ni btayu , wil any1 trust her,,how will they react,,how will kunj react.n suddenly kunj asks her..

k-did u see the driver’s face or car no.?

Twinkle gets surprise n tensd..

Manoar- ha beta number plate dekhi..?

Uvi-bol twinkle?

Twinkle nods in a no..n leaves slowly looking awkwardly at them..she stnds alone at the gate..n kunj cms frm behind..

k-twinkle..evrythng will b fine,she will b alryt…twinkle nods..

k- y u arent looking at me?i noticed inside also u were not making eye contct with me..

twinkle starts to leav en says itss..its.nthng lyk dat..bt kunj holds her hnd..n pulls her towrds him ..she rested her hnds on hs chest ..


k-kya hua h..

twinkle struggles to get rid of his hold..bt hedoesnt leaves her..suddenly twinkleshouts lodly

t-KUNJ,JUST LEAVE ME..kunj gets a back..he leaves her..kunj looks at her with dissapoitnmnt..twinkle looks at himm with pain..


t-ASK UR SISTER..KUNJ looks at her with confusion..

k-wat do u mean..

both wre angry..


K- what the hell do u mean by that..



Suddenly kunj was raised with all his anger n he slaps twinkle..twinkle looks at him with surprise..kunj looks at his hand den at twinkle ..he realizs wat he did..kunj gets teary eyes..tears starts rushing frm twinkle’s eyes..she touches her cheeks where kunj slapped her..

k-twwii..twwinkle..she turns n runs away frm the hospi..kunj stnds der in shock..tears cms out frm his eyes..he hits his hnd on a pillar..blood cms out frm his hnd..he suddenly lost all his strenght frm his body ..n slowly sits on his knees ..looking like a dumb..manohar cms rushing outisde

m-kunj kunj..tu aise idher q beitha h…kunj cms into senses n clears his face..n gets up slowly. N hides his hnd that ws bleeding


m-kya hua kunj..


m-oh chinki is in senses …she is fine now..doctors r sayng its a fracture n sm stiches on head..n few more wounds bt she is out danger..


m—wheres twinkle..

k-twinkle..twinkle..aahh..um ..dad i will b bck…he runs away..mnohar shouts frm behind bt he doesnt listen n searches for twinkle everywhere possible..he cries shouting her name..he thot i did very bad..jo b tha..i shudnt hv slapped her..he cursed himslf..he doesnt care for his hnd bleeding ..n runs here n there..

he keeps on running here n der shoudting her name …n cursing himslf..he reaches a park..n sees sm1 sitting on a bench ..he gets a smile of relief..

k-twinkle..he runs towrds her..he almost collapsed in frnt of her..he sits on the floor on knees ..twinkle looks at him with pain,anger,love..full emotion moment..he was crying,twinkle was crying..

k-i ..i..m so..ryy..twinkle looks away..

k-plz twinkle..don..dont do dat..plzz..look at me..i m really..sorry..i don noe how ..ahh..i ..plz. dont cry..

t-how dare u slap me..kunj gulps in..k- i don..noe..y r u aftr amaya..twinkle looks at him..

t-srsly kunj..u thnk i m aftr hr…stil u hvnt really known me..u dont know me kunj..u thnk ur sistr is ryt,,bt chinki herslf told me that she saw her driving..the car..the car that came rushing towrds her..infrnt of my eyes..kunj chinki ..got hit..so soo bad..that i dont evn how she is…or she vl evn recvr or not..i saw her almost dying in my arms..in these arms..

k-twinkle..chinki ..is out of dnger..he tellls with a smile..

twinkle gets happy..

t-what srsly?

k-ya..she is out of dnger..

t-aahh..oohh god thnkkew soo much..i hv to meet her..she gets up to leave ..kunj still on his knees with teary eyes..

k-twinklestop..i m also cmng..

t—i vl go bymyslf i dont need u..kunj walks fastly towrds her..

k-shut up..i m cmng with u..twinkle walks more fastly..

k-srsly….evn he strts to walk fastly..

suddenly twinkle legs twists coz of a stone on road..n she was abt to fall when kunj holds her taking both her hnds..both looks at each other with painful eyes,,both feeling soo sorry to each other..just the words were missing..sajna ve plays..twinkle takes away her hnd by breaking the eycontct..kunj sighs sadly..she suddenly looks at his hand that was bleeding..she gets tensed to see it..

t-kunj ur hand..its bleeding..

k-dont worry ..i should b gettng smthng in ordr to punish myslf for wat i did..twinkle eyes him ..she torns hr dupatta n wraps his hand with it..kunj eyes him lovingly..he thnks very guilty n small,,that he slapped her.. bt she steps fowrd to walk n leaves his hnd.. bt her leg pained..

t-ahh..ouch kunj looks at her n takes her one hnd..twinkle tries to leave his hnd bt he didnt leave her..

k-dont force me to pick u up in my arms..


k-u noe dat i cn do it..twinkle gvs a fuming look to him..n they strts walking to the hospi..twinkle was more calm now..bt our kunj being emotional tears were just not stopping frm his eyes,,he was agn n agn clearing his face in an attmpt so thst she doesnt sees them,bt she cn evn sense his heart beat..twinkle looks at him..he could sense the gaze so he looks the other way n clears his face..

t-u cnt hide them frm me..kunj turns to her- wat?

A tear rolled down his eyes when he looked at her..twinkle also smwhere feel bad..she makes him leave her hnd..n she holds him by his shoulder to make him look at her..she goes near her..n cups his face n clears his eyes..

t-stop cryng…both looking at each other with teary eyes..

k- i m sorry..twinkle eyes him with love..

t- v shall ta.lk abt this later on,le..ts first go n s..ee chinki..

k-okay..kunj asks her hnd considering she was not abl to walk properly ..twinkle slowly gvs her hnd in his ..kunj holds it firmly..n they walk to the hsopi..


Kunj n twinkle reaches..evry1 sees them ..twinkle leaves his hnd.. n rushes to the room..uvi was sitting der holding her hnd..twinkle enters the room both turns towrds her with a smile..

Chinki- ttjee..tje..kya lga..mere se..itni jaldi..picha chuda legi?

Twnkle feel happy to hear her voice n runs to her n hugs her..uvi also cres in happiness..kunj cms..they break the hug..

k-ab how u feeling chinki?

c- b..ettrr..kunj nods ..

doc cms n tells them to bring sm medicine..uvi leaves kissing chinki on her forehead..kunj near the bed..twinkle sits on chair where uvi was sitting..both eying her with pain..kunj looking awkwardly at twinkle..chinki senses smthng..

c-ky..yaaa.huua h?


c-btvn u n kunj..both looks at ech other awkwrdly..

t-umm..its ..its..nthng..v r fine.. u tc..okay .rst v r outisde..twinkle gets up n leaves ..

kunj stayed ..

c-u wanna ask smthng?

k-umm..actually..yea..u said amaya was drvng ..the car which hit u

c-yes kunj,i m sorry to say.bt ur sister hit me with her car..kunj gets a shock..

k-u saw her?

c-i did..i thought for a scnd..that..she vl stop the car bt ..

k-i dont know how to react..i mean..how this is evn possibl..y wud she do dis..i m sorry..

suddenly uv cms..n they stopped ..

uv-baby here r ur medicines…chinki smiles at him ..n kunj cms out of the room…full shocked…

they leave for sarna’s n uv stayed with chinki..


kunj enters rushing n dirctly goes into amaya’s room.twinkle looks at him gng n follows n stnds outisde the room ..listening…amaya was sleeping..actng actuyally..



k-where were u today evening?

a-with my collg frnds..btw i got to know that chinki got hit..how is she now..i was planng to cm..bt my frnds came home for a projct..how is she bhai?

k-aahh.umm..she is out of danger..amaya thnks damn it she is still alive..


k-did u hit her?


k-yes amaya ,b honest n tell me ..did u hit chinki?

a-bhaiya wat rubbish r u talking abt u..how cn u evn thnk abt me like this..hit chinki..hell no.i was with my frnds ..y wud i hit her..


a-oh lemme guess..twinkle bhabhi told u this..ya offcrse u will listen to her only..after ol she is ur wife..twinkle was hearing this..bhai r u out of ur mind that i will hit her..noo bhai ..she starts cryng..kunj feels bad n cms in her words..

k-chinki saw u drvng the car..

a-disgustg..y the hell is evry1 agnst me..ha..wat did i do to dem,that evry1 is sayng abt me like that..evn u bbhai..u dont love me ryt..u love only ur wife..

k-he gets a back-no baby its not like that i ove u too..n i n ii trust u…okay?

twinkle gets shocked to hear this..that is he mad..

a-yes bhai..he hugs her n starts cmng out of the oom .n twinkle hides her ..

kunj goes upstairs..n twinkle in amaya’s room

t-ik u hit her..

a-agn,bhabhi ,i didnt..

t-dont lie..chinki saw u ..ik u hit her..u cn make kunj convince bty ur words not me, ik thetruth..u r upto smthng..n i will find it..

a-haha aww,my bhabhi is so smart.twinkle looks her with confused looks..

a-yes i hit her..bolo wat will u do..twinkle gets shock..

t-i knew..y did u d this amaya

a-she deserved that..balki smthng mor..i toh planned of killing her ..bt u blo*dy hell.saved her..

twinkle looks surprise..

t-wait ,..lmme call kunj n tell all abt this..

a-hahaha u thnk bhai will trust u ha?

t-she gvs a sad look..

a-he wont ..he trust me badly..his sister not his wife..bchari bhabhi.

Twinkle fumes..n realizes yes she is ryt smwhere kunj isnt trsutng me on this..

a-now go n do sm bttr work..

t-fuming-i will get sm proof agnst u dear sister in law..n i will show ur real face to evry1 ..to kunj too..n at that tym he will trust his wife..not his sister..

a-gvs a fuming look-u cnt do anythng..

t-just wait n watch lill sister in law..

she leaves the room angrily..amaya smriks..

twinj room..

she goes in the room n finds kunj on couch..both looks at ech other..he gets up ..



k-i m sorry..i shudnt hv slapped u..chahe jo b circumstances thei i did wrong..

t-its okay..

k-i talked with amaya,usne aisa kuch b ni kia h..

t- okay so u dont trust ur wife..

k- i didnt say that.. Its juat amaya cnot do anythng such

t- so u thnk i m lyng, chinki is lying.. Only ur sister is honest..

K- ase b toh ni bola mne that u lyng..

T- bt lg toh tumhe ase he ra hna kunj

K- twinkle.. Both eyes each other with nostalgic feelings..

****42nd episode ends here****

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