Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 41)


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Kunj gets up
K- ms. Kumb karan soote huye kitni cute lgti h, he goes close to her n kisses on her forehead.. Suddenly twinkle gets up..
T- kunj.. Kya kr rei thei tum..
K- m .. Bs .. Wo.. I kissd u on ur forehead..
T- kunnjj..
K- wat ?? ..
T- nthng.. Smiles n gets up to leave..
Bt he holds her hnd..

K- arey this is bad manners..
T- wat bad manners
K- i kissd u bt u didnt kiss me bck.. Thats not ryt.. N r calld bad manners.
T- n this is called manmaani..
She tries to get rid of his hnd .. Bt he holded her firmly..kunj gets up n starts tickling her..
T- kunj.. Kunj..
K- mannmaani he shi..
T- kunj stop yr both laughs.. Kunj..
T- okay fine .. I will..
K- u will wat..
T- i will k..is..ss ..
K- whom … Twinkle suddenly makes a moves n kisses his lips..n runs to washroom..
Kunj touches his lips.. N looks at her with smiling face..
K- do it fast twinkle i vl get late otherwise..
T- blushing- okay..
Kunj leaves for his offc.

Twinkle gets a call..
Sara- hey twinkle..
T- sara . What a pleasnt surprise .. Ksi h tu..
S- m ek dm mast yr .. Tu toh apni shaadi k baad kahi dikhi he ni .. Kunj se he chipki rehti h kya.
T- kya sara, u r totally b*t*h.. As always..
S- haha.. Yr v girls hv planned to meet at usual place of ours.. Ayegi?
T- umm today.?
S- yup i vl b callng chinki also.
T- okay sure i will cm.
S- cool at 4 pm den. Cu bye
T- bye cya..

Twinkle reaches a pub. Western glass..
T- hello everyone.sry i m late..eveyone hugs her..
T-chinki, sara, kanika, maira.. Sb aye ho.. Where is shreya?
MairA- she is out of town..
T- okay..
Kanika- so now lets party lets party..
They danced alot.. N enjoyed there hell out..
Chinki- i need smthng to drink now..
S- exctly.. Lets sit..they all started drinking wine n vodka n beers..
S- so newly married ones tell us hows eveythng gng?
Maira- yaya i m so excited too hear..
Twinkle n chinki starts smiling
Kanika- omg twinkle is blushing..
T- guys guys.. Calm down i m not blushing..
Sara-yes u r blushing baby..
Maira- soo guyss.. Did u havve umm..s*x..
Sara- oh yes.. tell tell
Chinki- kya yr hmare pr book likhni h tumhe..
Kanika- bta na chinki n twinkle.. woh toh kr he lia hoga ab tak..
Both blushes.. Kanika gvs a push to chinki ki tell na..
Chinki- yes i had it..
Sara- how many tyms..every1 laughs
C- b*t*h .. Now plz ask twinkle ..
Kanika- oh yes bta twinkle..
T- umm guys.. no

Maira- what srsly?
T- ya..v hvnt had it yet…
Chinki- haaye kunj toh inna handsome h control kse krti h tu twinkle..
She hits her on her shoulders..
T- chinki..
Maira- shi m kunj kuch krta ni.. As in..
T- shuttt upp.. he is very sweet, undrstnding.. V r actually gng slow.. N its soo good.. I mean.. He gvs me butterflies.. Evn wen he touch me onc.. he is soo good at evrythng..he is so romantic..n she suddenly stops,,n looks at their faces..who wre laughing so badly..
S- ooo.. twinkle blushes badly…n hidees her face..
T- Guys now plz stop okay.. Blushing..
Maira- she is so badly in lv with him guys..
Twinkle smiles..
Sara- exctly , iske uss party m wen they met fist tym like officially..she was actng soo much that he is no where in frnt of her ,,,n see her now..
Twinkle –guys.
Kanika – chl chl bta kse sb strt hua..
Twinkle – arey
Chinki- bta de yr..
Twinkle- okay.. sooo um where should i start..its like..he is pure..he is handsome,s*xy ,falling for him is offcrse very esy..ev when he look at me for onc its feel like i had evrythng with him in that one look only..
Twinklle-ya,strrtng m toh u all know he ,i married fr my family only..bt i just didnt get to know wen i strtd liking him,loving him..uumm..n yes i love him alot.now.
Sara-offcrse u do..caling out his name only..n u strt blushing
Twinkle-haha..evryone laughs n smiles..

After a long tym of chit chat n fun..
Kanika- guys i hv to go.. Now.. Hv to meet my bf..
S- ohk.,Chlo yr sb he nikalte h mje b shaadi m jana h ek..
T- yeah chalo.. They all starts to leave.. Chinki n twinkle stayed as they were gng together..They were passing a personal suit. The gate was ajar.. So twinkle eyes falls in .. She gets shocked fo find amaya der.. With 2 boys..
She stops..in shock
Chinki-twinkle kya hua?
T- chh..inki.. Amaya.. Chinki looks in ..
C- she smokes ? She drinks ?.. God who r dese boys.. N dey r looking very cheap kind off.. Hna?
T- haa yr .. No she doesnt smokes nor drinks.. She is very simpl.. N dese boys r the same boys i saw outisde the collg with hr
C- ohk..
T- chinki what should i do?
C- u should take her pic..
T- exctly.. Bt suddenly sm bodyguard cms n says u cnt take pictures in here..
T- ik ..bt ik the gl inside .. Plz lets us..
Bodyguard- no sorry mam.. U hv to leave this place ryt now.. V dont allow any1 to take pic of personl suits .
T- bt..
Bodyguards- plz mam.. N they were forced to leave.. They stnd outisde ..
T- what should i do now.. Yr .. I hope she is not in any trouble..
Chinki- she was looking so easy with.. Them..
T- xctly.. I hv to talk to her n tell kunj abt this.
C- ya tell him onc he is bck frm offc..
T- yes.. N they leave for their homes..

Dining table..
Everyone was hvng food.
Twinkle was thnking of talking to amaya..
They finished their food n twinkle goes in amaya’s room

Amaya room
T- amaya?
A- ha bhabhi.
T- tum aj western glass m kya kri thi?
A- western glass? Whats that? Oh wo pub..
T- ha.. I saw u der.. With sm boys.
A- me.. At a pub.. Bhabhi .. Zarue apko galat femi huyi h.. I didn’t evn go der in my lifetime.
T- dont lie amaya i saw u der smoking n drinking.. With 2 boys..
A- smoking n drinking that too me.. Bhabhi..
Amaya starts sobbing..
A – plz trust me bhabhi ..
T- i saw u amaya.. Ik it was u only..
Suddenly kunj enters the room..
Amaya runs to hug him..
A- bhai dekho na bhabhi kya bol ri h ..
K- amaya y u cryng baby.. Calm down.. Twinkle what did u say..
T- kunj..
K- y is she cryng twinkle.. Did u still sqid smthng to her abt the dress?
T- kunj no.. Let me tell u.. I saw her at western glass where i went with my frnds i told u.. I saw her with 2 boys.. Who were not looking like sm descent guys. She was smoking n drinking..
K- smoking, boys , drinking.. Twinkle hv u lost it.. Amaya is not like that..
Amaya keeps on cryng.. N smirks..
T- kunj trust me i saw her only..
K- no how cn i .. Twinkle u r talking aby my sis ik how she is.. N she definitely dont smoke or drinks.. N clubbing n ol is not her cup of tea..
T- kunj u dont trsut me?
K- i do , bt this tym u r talking abt my amaya.. My sister..
T- kunj.. She has tears in her eyes..
T- kunj chinki also saw. Her..
K- i dont want to listen to anythng.. More.
A- bhai .. I wasnt der trust me..
K- i trust u amaya..
Twinkle looks in surprise at kunj.. Tears falls frm her eyes.. Twinkle leaves for her room.. Kunj looks at her gng in anger ..
He calms down amaya n tells her that he trust her..
Amaya gets hapy .. Kunj leaves..
A- Aww my brother is so sweet.. She laughs evily..

Twinj room..
Twinkle was crying n was very angry n making her bed..
Kunj enters fuming..
K- wat was that rubbish twinkle ?
She doesnt replies..
K- twinkle i m talking to u..
She doesnt replies.. He goes angrily n holds her tightly with her shoulder..
K- twinkle..
Tears fall frm her eyeS.. Kunj looks in her eyes with anger.
K- wat was that twinkle..
She closes her eyeS..
T- der is no point kunj if u dont trust me.
K- how cn i trust u .. U r sayng abt anaya..
T- u thnk i m lying..
K- umm.. I ..
T- dont speak kunj.. Ur hesitation can tell me that.
K- twinkle..
T- leave me..
K- twi..
T- i said leave me.
She pulls her hnd .kunj feels bad
Twinkle turns n takes out a blanket..
She keeps the sheet on couch n lies Der on couch..
Kunj looks with sad face.. He gets teary eyes.. He was confused bt he thnks no amaya cnot do this.. Bt y twinkle is sayng al this..
He goes near her couch.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. He bends down.. N picks her frm the couch..
Twinkle suddenly opens her eyes.. Both keeps looking at each other with sad face..
He goes to the bed.. Lost in her pain ful eyes..
t-kk..u..nj..leave me..
K- silently speaks- if u dont wanna sleep with me its okay.. Bt u sleep on bed i will sleep on couch.. He bends down n keeps her on bed..
K- its ur bed.. N u vl sleep here only..
Twinkle looks at him lovingly.. Bt is hirt that he disnt trust her..
She looks away..
He makes her wear the blanket.. She kept her eyes closed..
He goes to the couch n lies.. Tear falls frm his eyes he silently clears her face n looks other way.. Both closes der eyes..
T self talks- he dont trust me..how could he say like that to me.. Will i b ever b thnking wrong for amaya .. He srsly break my heart. Today..she cries .. I undestnd he cnt evn inagine amaya doing all these thngs.. Bt y amaya is hiding.. If she do all these thngs she can tell us.. Y is she actng.. N ik it was amaya only.. Y she lied..kunj didnt do ryt today..
K- y twinkle is sayng all these thngs abt amaya.. I noe my siste is not lyk this.. Y is she lying.. Twinkle u didnt do ryt..

Nxt day
Kunj gets up n doesnt find twinkle on bed..
K- arey ye kumb karan kaha gyi inni suba suba.. He searched for her evrywhere..
He calls her.. Bt she wasnt picking up his calls..
K- twinkle where the hell r u .. N y arnt u picking my calls.. U arnt doing ryt..

Twinkle gies to gurudwara n prays to babaji – babaji what has hpnd to kunj.. Y isnt he trustnf me.. I m not lying u noe that.. Bt kunj should undrstnd .. After ol y wud i lie.. Babaji plz show me sm way to make him trust me..
A old man cms n sits nxt to twinkle..
Twinkle has tears in her eyes..
Oldman- puttar .. Ki hua ? Sb changa.. Tere annkh wich assu?
T- ji babaji sb changa.. Bs aankh bhar aayi..
Oldman- puttar, i cn undrstnd , zindagi kbi kabar humei aise doraahe pr laa kr khadi kr deti h jismei humei smj ni ata hum kya krei.. Lekin humei hnesha apne dil se kaam lena chahye..
T- ji babaji..M aapse ek baat puchu toh aap bta paynge..
Oldman- m koshish zarur krunga puttar teri madad krn waaste.. Puch befikar
T- babaji , mere pati ko mere pr vishwash nahi hua jb baat uski behen ki aayi toh..
Oldman- puttar.. Undrsnd ur husbands feelings too.. On one side its u his wife n on the other its his sister.. He must b wanting to trust u.. Bt brother sister love is like this only its blind.. Its pure.. U cnot pverpower him by sayng that u r his wife.. He has a sister too..
Twinkle gets sm questioned answered.. Bt few more questns that y amaya is doing this..
T- ji babaji.. Ab m smj gyi.. Thnkew.. She leaves n showers sm holywater on herslf n suddenly she sees kunj cmng tiwrds her n hugs her.. N says i love u.. She also hugs him bck.. N says i love u too.. She opens her eyes.. N finds no 1 .. She was day dreaming ..
T talks to herslf- i m so sorry.. Mne tumhe dorahe pr khada kr dia .. To choose ur sis or me.. Ik its hard for u trust me.. On this.. Bt kunj.. I will find out .. Wat amaya is upto.. N den with sm concrete i will cm to u..i love u kunj.. Ik u will undrstnd me..

***40th episode ends here ****
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Credit to: pali

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