Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 4)

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The episode starts with yuvi on stage .
Yuvi- hello everyone ! Its a warm welcome to all from taneja’s and we are really happy that all of u could make up today and came to join us for the celebration. As u all know this party has been thrown by my mom ms leela taneja for my little sister twinkle. As today she completed her college so giving her a boost in her successful life ahead we all are gathered here. So i want twinkle to come on the stage and address something.. Twnikle?? Heya twinkle where r u ??
Everyone looks here and there , no could see twinkle. Then suddenly lights went off . Spotlights falls on girl on stairs. Twinkle comes with full grace . She has her dress changed now in pink bottom lenght suit. She looks stunning. Kunj looks at her and admires her .. He gets glitters in his eyes after looking at her smile.
Twinkle comes down and yuvi takes her hand and follows her to the stage. In between as she was looking at the crowd her eyes meets with kunj who was constantly looking at her . Kunj gets a smile as she looks at him but teinkle breaks it and turns to the stage.
Everyone claps for her. Yuvi hands over the mike to twinkle. Twinkle not knowing what to say looks at her brother and loving mother .twinkle gets teary eyes..She somehow finds words and starts..
Twinkle- hello eveyrone thnkew for cming .. Actually i dont know what to say was never prepared for all dis.. I just want to say that mom i really love u mom i m blessed to have u cant explain what u r to me.(her mother smiles and gets teary eyes too) And and how can i forget my naughty brother (she looks at him he comes closer to her ) he is the only guy i love the most (evryone starts laughing) i love u bhai
Yuvraj – aww i love u more (he hugs her and kisses on her forehead )
Kunj looks at twinkle and uvi’s bond and smiles. He goes near amaya and hugs her..
Then Twinkle looks at kunj while looking at someone else . Their eyes meet . Twinkle comes near to kunj ..
Twinkle- hey , your handkerchief , thnks
Kunj while taking the hanky mistakenly touches her fingers . Twinkle looks at him in surprise and takes away his hand.
Kunj- umm i m soo…rryy.. For what i did b4
Twinkle – this sorry is for which one?
Kunj- as in ?
Twinkle – car hit or my dress ?
Kunj pulls his eyebrow up and thinks oh my god i have really got myslf into trouble..
Twinkle shrugs
Kunj- yea i mean u can take this as for both but for car i wasnt at fault bt if u feels so den i m sorry and for dress i m really sorry , as it was ur party n bcoz of me u have to change it so i m srry for that..
Twinkle- well its okay but u were at fault..
She turns and was about to leave when her dupatta got stuck in a tables pin. It was about to get torn when kunj holds it and takes it out when Twinkle turns back she founds the dupatta in his hand and says what the hell r u doing mr.
Kunj- no no its not what u thinking i wasnt i mean .. Teinkle cuts him
Twinkle- shut up ( takes the dupatta from his hand n gives him a disgusted look)
Kunj thinks to himself y i always seems wrong to her !
And Leaves from the party. The party gets over..

***4th episode***
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