Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 39)



He starts kissing her , twinkle blusjes N tries to run towrds the balcony.. N stops at the gate ..
T- kunj dont cm close to me..
K- y.. He keeps walking towrds her..
T- see i cnt also go in the rain coz i dont want to spoil my dress that u gfted me.
K- itni imp h tumahre liye ue dress?
T- yes..
Kunj was touched by her words ..

N steps bck.. She goes near him.. She ws wearing heels..
K- y u wearng heels , dey will pain den..
T- unm..
He cms close to her .. N sits down in frnt of her.. N touches her feet..
Twinkle feels shocked..
T- kunnj.. What r u doing.. Kunj..
K- shh.. He takes her feet n removes her heels one by one .. She keeps looking at him with teary eyes ..He gets up..she was touched by his loving behavoiur.. N faces her..
T- there was no need for u to do that..
He moves his fingers in her hair..

K- u r my wife .. Its my duty to take ur care to the fullest..
Twinkle smiles n feels lucky.. At that moment, She gave her whole heart to him..
T – tum itne ache q ho kunj?

K- tum itni pyaari q ho twinkle..
She smiles .. He picks her up n walks towrds the bed.. He places her on the bed..both were looking qt each other with awkwrdness as well as love..
He bends on the bed n goes close to her.. Twinkle looks in his eyes she could see the pureness n how mich he loves her.. He bends on her face.. N moves his fingers in his hair .. She closes her eyes as he moves fingers on her face.. He kisses her ear.. She clutches his shirt.. He moves his hand. Arnd her waist n pulls her towrds him.. She was breathng fastly.. She closes her eyes as he was cmng more close to her.. He starts kissing her neck.. Twinkle moves her hnd on his neck..
T- kk..uun..jj He kisses on her hnd.. He smells her..
He whispers twinkle u smell gr8 .. She smiles.. She holds his collar n starts lying on bed bringing him closer to her.. Kunj smiles as she does this..
She opens the button of his shirt .. N takes it out ..she gvs a push n cms abv him..both looks at each others face.. Kunj puts his hnd arnd her nck n slowly brings her down to his face.. He waits for a lipkiss bt she starts kissing his nck .. Cheeks ,, face.. She kisses his bare chest n abdomen.. Kunj keeps his eye closed.. He takes her hnd n interlocks them.. He then kisses her nck .. Kunj blow her..

K- twwinklle..He removes the strap of the dress from her shoulder n kisses there.. Twinkle breaths heavily.. His moves his hnd on her bck n finds the zip of her nck.. N starts sliding it.. Twinkle closes her eyes ..bt smwhere the zip got stuck.. He tries bt it wasnt hpning .. Kunj feels embarassed.. She opens her eyes n looks at him.. He had his puppy face.. She removes herhair from her bck n puts them in frnt.. She slowly whispers now do it..n he opens the zip fully.. Both looking at each other awkwrdly.. He slowly takes out the dress.. N admires her body.. She feels shy.. So she puts her hnd on his eyes.. Kunj removes her hnd n kisses dem.. N brings her close n whispers in a deep breathng voice. .. U hv a. Perfct body .. Twinkle blushes.. Now twinkle gets a push n kunj abv her.. Kunj kisses her on her stomch .. Twinkle caresses his hair.. He moves down n kisses her legs.. Twinkle was feeling eveythbg in her stomch .. Twinkle moans..
She holds his face n brings him close to her face .. N kisses on his lips .. Both melting in each other.. Now bcmng in one soul.. Twinkle breaks the kiss.. Both looks at eaxh other..
K- is evrythbg okay?

T- nods
K – u hv any problm in anythng?
T- no
K- u want to say snthng
T- unm yaa..
K- okay.
He slides besides her n both lies in hugging posture.. Kunj holds her waist brings her more close .. No distnc btvn dem.. Twinkle has her hnd on his chest.. Both lies facing each other..
K- tell me what u want to say?
T- unm kunj.. Wo..
K- bolo twinkle ?
She puts her hnd on his face..
T- dont ever break my trust kunj..
He touches her hnd on his face..
K- i will nvr break ur trust twinkle, i cnt evn thnk of breaking it .. I promise..She smiles.. Kunj moves his hnd on her waist.. Twinkle closes her eyes..
K – i will love u twinkle till my last breath …. Only u..

She kisses him on his forehead.. Kunj finds his shirt n makes twinkle wear it..
He pulls blanket.. Bith lies holding. Each other.. He kisss her on her forehead n says lv u twinkle.. She kisses his chest n says love u too.. He slides his hand in her shirt n both smiles looking at each other..
K- today was rhe best day of my life.. Lying nxt to u is lyk lying on bed of roses .. U made it special twinkle.. Thnkew fir the room which is so romantically decorated.. It’s beautiful..
T- my surprise is nthng in frnt of urs.. U made me feel a like a princess kunj
K- my princess..
T- u always make me feel special..
K- i just want this night to nvr end..
Twinkle smiles..
T- lets sleep now..
K- wat abt my goodnight kiss?
T- kunj v had so mny kisses..

K- i want my good night kiss too..
He pulls her close to his lips.. Both lips were touhing.. Each other.. Twinkle moves in .. N gvs him his askd kiss.. They had a long kiss.. N they stops.. Kunj kisses her cheek. Says goodnight ! Twinkle also says good night .. Both sleeps smiling n for a long looking at each pther..

(I hope everyone likes the intense romance of twinj)


Twinkle opens her eyes n looks at kunj lying very close to her.. She smiles looking at his lovely face.. She blushes thnking abt ystrdy night..
She removes kunj hnd frm her waist .. N gets up n goes to his side of the bed.. She sits n keeps looking at his face lovingly.. N blushes ..
She looks at herslf.. Wearng his white shirt , buttons were open .. Suddenly ..
K- inna b mt dekho mje .. Mje sharam aajayegi..
T- KUNJ ..Twinkle gets surprise that he is also awake.. He opens his eyes n smiles.. Looking at her ..

Twinkle gets up in surprise n strts buttoning her shirt.. Kunj looks at her.
He gets up frm the bed.. N goes near her..
Twinkle feels him cmng.. He holds her hand frm behind.. N gies to close to cheeks.. Twinkle feels nervous.. He opens the buttons of the shirt frm behind..
T- kkk..uu..
He moves his hnd n drops the shirt on the grnd..
Twinkle feels awkwrd in stnding with only two piece in frnt of him..
Kunj rotates her to face her.. Twinkle has her eyes closed..
K- i hv seen u like this ystrdy’s night..
Twinkle opens her eyew slowly..
He holds her by her waist n pulls her close..

T- kkunj..
K- u dont hv to b feel awkwrd..u hv the s*xiest body .. It’s just perfect .
T- it..ss.. Soo b..right.. I mean ..
K-okay.. Dont b nervous..
He picks the shirt.. N puts it arnd her..
Twinkle looks at him with surprise n love..
K- morning!
T- mrng kunj..
Kunj leans to hv a kiss.. Bt sm1 knocks at the gate.. Both gets shocked..
T-oh no kunj what vl do now..
K- shh calm down.. Gv me my shirt..
T- kunj
K- ohk wait u go in the washroom.. I will hndl this..
K- araaha hu..
Twinkle hurries in the washroom..

T- kunj wear smthng..
K- oh ya .. He takes out a T frm wardrobe. N runs towrds the door..
He opens the gate..
Amaya- ahem ahem bhai itni der q lgadi
K- amaya tu .. Kuch ni yr m soo ra tha n twinkle bath le ri h so ..
A- ooohhh plz haa
K- itni suba suba kse?
A- actually mje bhabhi se kaam tha..
K- wo washroom m h.. Kya kaam tha wse??
A- i need a dress .. Ders a party in my collg ..
K- ohk.. Amaya suddenly walks in the room..
K- amaya wait..
Amaya looks arnd, she sees flowers n ballons candle burnt.. N ol..
A- coughs..
K- shut ur mouth

A- bhai i didnt evn say anythng..
Twinkle frm inside – oh god amaya andar aavyi wo kya soch ri hogi..
A- bhabh??
Twinkle surprise
A- bhabhi?
T- umm haa amaya?
A- i need a dress..
T- oh amaya u r free to take any dress. Frm my wardrobe..
A- okay bhabhi.. Kunj sits on the couch.. As she gies through her wardrobe..
Amaya turns n finds that red dress which kunj gifted her lying on the floor..
Amaya goes it n looks at it she finds it very beautiful.. Kunj looks at her with surprise n talks to himslf plz amaya dont slct dat 1..
A- wow bhabhi this red dress here is so beautiful.. Twinkle stnds surprise in washroom.. She disnt finds words ..
A- may i take it.. Kunj shouts noo..
A- kya? Kunj – i mean i dont find it beautiful amaya.. This isnt dat good.. Take sm other dress .
A- bhai bt this is really nyc.. Aap chup rahe aap ko kya pta aby girls dresses..
Kunj one eyeborw up stnds der like a mummy..
A- bhabhi may i take this?

Twinkle doent understnd what to say.. Neither she wanted to say yes coz it was officially the first gft gifted by kunj nor no bcoz amaya can feel bad..
T- umm umm amaya .. Okay y..aa u cn take it..
A- thnkew bhabhi.. She shows her tongue to kunj n leaves.. Kunj sits in sigh..Aftersm tym twinkle cm chnged..
K- tumne usko wo dress de di jo men tumhe di th
T- den wat should i hv said..its oky
K- okay if u say so..
T- kunj better u get ready fast its ur first day at office
K- oh yeah . He goes to get ready fast..
Twinkle cms downstairs n thnks of going to amaya.

Amaya’s room
T- amaya m aa skti hu?
A- ha bhabhi plz..
Twinkle gets in n finds amaya grttng ready .. The dress was plced on the bed..
T- amaya plz iss dress ko smbhaal kr phna..
A- umm okay bhabhi..

T- wse kya party h
A- unm wo wo bhabhi , der is a func in collg , fest h..
T- fest ? Iss tym.. Kiska fest h?
A- umm bhabhi .. Wo.. Food.. Food. Fest h..
T- okay.. Keep this dress safely
A- how mny tyms will u say bhabhi dont worry kuvh ni hoga..
Twinkle leaves the room..
Amaya- wait n watch dear bhabhi ..ab kya kuch hoga ..

****39th episode ends here*****
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Credit to: pali

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