Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 38)


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He cms in the car.. She feels awkwrd, kunj – evrythng was just amazing thnkew for making it more speciAl..
She smiles n looks at him.. N she notices a mark on her cheeks.. Her lipstick mark..
K- wat..
T- kun..nnnj.. Woo .. Tumahre face pr..
K- wat hpn?
T- der is … My ..lip..stick.. Ma..arkk.. He looks in the mirror..
She blushes n clears the mark with her fingers.. Kunj smiles as she does that.. N he starts the car ..
Twinkle opens full window of the car.. N lets the breeze fall in , it was a cold weather.. She liked it in the strtng kunj was constantly looking at her wen in less tym only she started feeling cold.. Kunj stops the car/.
T- wwaat..hpn?
He takes out his coat n puts it arnd her shoulder..twinkle eyes him lovingly.. She thbks he loves me so so much i m really blessed to hv u.. He starts the car.. Twinkle was feeling less awkward now.. So she tooks kunj’s arm n rests her head on his shoulder.. Kunj feels happy..

They were half their way to home ..
K- twinkle do u hv any sorts of wishes?
She doesnt replies..
K- twinkle ??
He looks at her face .. She fell asleep.
She was sleeping with a smile on his shoulder..
Kunj – goodnight twinkle ! N he smiles.. N kisses on her forehead ..He drives the car silently..
They reach home..

Kunj stops the car.. N places twinkle’s head on her seat .. He cms out of the car n goes to her side gate.. N opens it.. He keeps her hand on his neck n picks her up in his arms.. N silently walks upstairs..
K- kumb karan kitni gehri neend m soo rahi h yr.. Koi hosh he ni madam ko.. Wah.. Kyu ho.. Apna PA toh le kr ghumti he h hr jagah..
Goes into their room..

Twinj room-
He enters the gate n looks at his beautiful room, it was nvr so beautiful b4, it had dim light, flowers n redballoons were all over on the floor, candles were lit everywhere..
He looks arnd it was set so romantically set. It has sm diff fragrance, kunj smells it , it was twinkle’s perfumes. He was still holding her in his arms .. He looks at her face.. Lovingly..
K- kya twinkle inna sundar setup kr k u slept..
T- nahi toh
Kunj gets shock to hear her voice..
He looks at her face she was smiling n her eyes were open..
K- u were not sleeping? With widens eyes
T- noopee.
K- acha toh tumne kya mje apna coolie smj raka h , jo m tumhe car se yaha tak utha kr laya pta h meri kamar kitni dard kri h tum jsi fatty ko utha kr..
T- hawww u calling me fatty..
K- yup..
T- mje niche utaro..
Kunj pulls her more. Close to himself..
T- kunj I said drop me down..
Kunj looks in her eyes..
T- kku…
He starts walking.. Towrds the bed..
She looks at him with surprise..
He places her on the bed.. Twinkle slowly removes her hand from his neck. Both looking continuously at each other.. Kunj starts goin bck looking at her.. She looks at him lovingly.. He makes light more dim..

Kunj turns n goes to his wardrobe.. N brings out a gft..
Twinkle looks at him with suspicious looks..
T- wat is it kunj?
K- umm.. He walks towrds her slowly..i i.. Br..ought.. Thi..this.. For u.
Twinkle gets a smile ..
He gvs it to her.. She happily takes it..
T- for me?
Kunj nods..
T- u want me to change in this dress?
Kunj nods slowly – umm.. If if that..ss okay.. With u.. I mean.. If u .. Like it..
Twinkle gets up n kisses him on his cheeks.. N whispers in his ears – i will definitely like it.. Wait ..
N runs to the washroom to change..
Kunj looks at her going lovingly.. He also changes frm his office outfit.. N wears white shirt n white trouser. ..
While changing- i hope twinkle like the dress .. N applies his perfume.. N puts mint spray in his mouth..

Twinkle in washroom..
She unpacks the gift rap..
N takes out the dress fastly.. He was damn excited n happy that kunj brought her a gft.
SHe takes out the dress ..
She looks at the dress .. N it was a lovely one piece .. Red colour.. The dress was very pretty n s*xy..
She kisses the dres n thnks kunj to herslf.
She changes the dress .. N looks in the mirror.. The dress was abv her knee.. N had broad steps bt sleeveless..She was looking hot .. She does sm touchup n applies hot red lipstik. N places her hair nicely.. N applies perfumes .. N takes a deep breath ..

She opens the gate of the washroom kunj was showing his bck.. She closes the door of the washroom n takes a step forward..
Kunj suddenly looks in the mirror n sees her standing.. He flips a breath..
He turns slowly to face her..
Twinkle was looking breathtaking hot , gorgeous.. Kunj opens his mouth as she was looking very beautiful..
Twinkle smiles broadly at him.. He starts walking towrds her , twinkle also starts walking towrds him..

Both cms closer.. N keeps looking at each other..
K- u.. U .. Like it??
T- i loved it.. It’s beautiful..
K- less than u.. U r looking…
Kunj moves his fingers on her bare hand.. Slwloy sensually.. Twinkle closes her eyes as he does that..
K- gorgeous..
He moves his other hnd on her other hnd.. Twinkle breaths faster..
K- beautiful.. He moves arnd her .. Twinkle looking at him as he takes a turn arnd her..
K- breath taking.. U r my life twinkle..
Twinkle smiles..
He cms in frnt of her..
He moves closer to neck.. N whispers. I m lucky to hv u.. Twinkle caresses his hair..
T- i love u kunj..
He kisses her eyes .. N says deeply love u more.. She smiles..He kisses her shoulder n starts going bck.. Twinkle looks at him with surprse..
He puts his hnd in his pockets ..
N starts singing

Dil ka yeh kya raaz h
Jaane kya kr gye
Jase andhro m tum
Chandni bhar gye..

Twinkle gets surprise to see him singing n that too for her.. She was on the top cloud..

Dil ka ye kya raaz h
Jaane kya kar gye
Jse andheri m tum
Chandni bhar gye..

He starts dancing.. N walks close to her taking her hnd n puts them on his shoulder ..n takes her to her balcony .. Dancing..

Kahe chaand taaro ko
Mashor itna kyu
Kambhakt inse bhi .. Points to the sky
Khoobsurat h tu.. In her ears..

Twinkle blushes

I love u
Tu ru ru
Unnere yeah yeah
I love u
Ooo ye ye yeah yeah
I love u

Both dances

Kabhi kabhi m khud se
Hoon ye puchta
M tere kaabil
B hu kya
Itna toh mje hai maloom
Milke tujhe
Behtar mai insaan bn gya..
She smiles .. Kunj kisses on her cheeks.. Both looks at each other

Thoda thoda tjaw sikha
Pyar krna
Ka tareeka
Dil k khuda ki
Mujpe innayat h tuu ..

Twinkle gets teary eyes.. Kunj clears her face ..

I lv u
I lv u
I lv u
I lv u..
Twinkle feels extremely loved.. N happy.. N hugs kunj tightly.. He also hugs her tightly.. Both closes their eyes.. Winds starts flowing fastly both looks at the sky..
K- i guess i will rain..
T- no it wont..
K- i m sure it will rain..
T- nahi hogi bola na..
Suddenly a drop falls on twinkle’s forehead.. Kunj starts laughing..
K- told u , i m always ryt

T- watevr n smirks..
N it starts running heavily..
T- kuunjj run.. Both starts running towrds the room.. N suddenly wen they reach in twinkle lost her baln. N was abt to fall.. Bt kunj holds her in his arms.. Both share eyelock moment..kunj goes close to her nck..breathng fastly.. N drops of water falls frm kunj’s hair on her face n lips.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. Kunj bends down to her face n starts sucking the water droplets in sensual manner.. Twinkle closed her eyes..she bites her lips..

****38th episode ends here *****

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Credit to: pali

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