Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 37)


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He continues-
watevr hpnd to me the reasn is u.. I did this for u.. I wanted to do dis for u..only for u..
He stops n was cryng badly with a puppy face..twinkle feels bad.. Tears cms out frm her eyes too.. She smiles at his puppy face.. N runs. Towards him.. Kunj opens his arms..

She hugs him tight.. Kunj also hugs her tight.. Both hugs each other passionately..tears kpt on cmng bt now tears of happiness.. Both feels each others touch.. Kunj caresses her hair n says i m sorry .. Twinkle- i m sorry too.. She caressss his hair.. Twinkle leaves him..
T- bt nxt tym do not play anyprank like this otherwise i will leave u..
Kunj pulls her towrds him she keeps her hnd on his chest n surprise..
K- dont say that agn to leave me..
Twinkle smiles..
T- itta pyaar krte ho mere se.
K- hadd se b zada …
She smiles.. He kisses on her forehead..
K- i hv planned smthng for u.
He turns her keeping his hand on her eyes..
T- kunj plzz i cant see anythng , i will fall.
Kunj speaks in her ears – i wil nvr let u fall.. She blushes.. He takes her to a nicely decorated place .. He takes away his hnd..
K- just for u..
Twinkle looks arnd it was looking very beautiful.. White flowers.. Blue fallwers.. A table was set in btvn . Which was lighnting looking beautiful.. Twinkle gets glitters in her eyes looking at this.. She circles in joy.. Kunj takes her hnd n makes her sit on the chair..
T- its beautiful.. Like more den beautfiful. I just loved it . Thnkew soo much.. Its lovely..
He brings wine n pours it in two glasses .. Sensually offers one to her ..

Both sits..
Looking lovingly at each other.. .
T- i just loved it.. Thnkew for all this bt how did u managed all this..
K- i m happy u liked it.. Umm that thng i managed.. Told u askd advnc frm offc n planned dis out.. Twinkle i did frm my first earn..
T- i m very happy for u.. N i m proud That u r my husband..
He smiles taking her hnds in his n kisses her hnd. She glitters..
K- twinkle I really love you..
T- i love u too.. Kunj
Twinkle sips the wine .. Bt wine drop stays on her lips side..
Kunj points it out..
Twinkle tries to remove it bt wasnt abl to ..
K- wait.. He goes close to her .. Twinkle breaths heavily.. He goes close to her lips.. Twinkle continuously looking at him.. Both breathng faster.. He touches his lips on her lips side n sucks the wine drop.. Twinkle clutches her dress .. N shys .. She blushes n gets up frm the chair n runs frm there ..
She stops n breaths fastly.. Kunj slowly walks towrds her..
She looks at him cnng..
T- kuuu..uunn..jj
Kunj keeps walking..

T- kunj
T- kunj bhuukh yes. I m feeling hungry.. Bhukh .. Lg .ri h. Bhukh..
Kunj smiles n calls her ..
K- cm here..
She cms ..
He points at a barbecue..
T- wow.. U set a barbecue here.. I so love it..
K- n me.. ?
T- umm not u..
Kunj starts tickling her .. Twinkle – noo kunj plzz stop no..
He stops .. N mkes her sit on the chair..
He puts a chef cap.. N starts cooking ..
He puts one plate in frnt of her .. N was putting other for him.. Bt
T- kunj.. Lets hv in one plate tody
K- cool.. N she smiles..
He serves the barbecued chicken in her plate.. N few other dishes.. N starters..
Kunj bends to serve the dishes properly.. N twinkle siddenly jumps n kisses him on his cheeks.. N says i love chef kunj also.. U look cute in that cap.. Kunj smilies n adores her..
Kunj also sits n dey start hvng the dinner..
T- its umm..
K – ik i m the best..

Both laughs .. Kunj was eatng n smthng gets stick on his lips..
T- kunj she points for his lips.
Kunj tries to remove bt fails intentionally ..
T- wait.. She removes the food frm his lips by her fingers.. Kunj keeps looking at her with narrow eyes..
T- stop looking at me like that..
K- like wat.
T- like that those narrow eyes..
K- ohh.. He narrows his eyes more.. N smiles .. Twinkle hits him on his shouldee n both laughs..
They have their dinner with sm more cute moments..
A song gets played
Kunj asks twinkle for dance.. Twinkle readily gvs her hnd in his.. Kunj keeps his hnd on her waist n twinkle arnd his neck.. Both starts moving slowly.. Looking lovingly in each other’s eyes..
K- u like it?
T- i loved it..
Kunj smiles..
T- so did u got nervous while ur interview..
K- yes i did
T- so wat did u do.
K- i thot abt u ..
She blushes..

K- i promise u twinkle i will bcm the best husbnd ..
T- u already r the best husbnd for me kunj..
Kunj smiles ..
K- btw , u got the call that ur husbnd had an accident n u came wearng this stylish beautiful saree?
She laughs.
T- i got dressed up, waiting for u to cm so that i cn also gv u a surprise ..
K- ohh.. Btw u r looking very hot..
T- ahaan?
K- yes .. Very beautiful as always.. He kisses her on her cheeks.. She closes her eyes.. He then picks her up in the air n rotates her. She already felt like a princess.. He puts her down. Both looking at each other sensually.. kunj goes close to her.. Both breathing faster..
He picks her in his arms.. Twinkle places her hand on his neck n the other hnd on his chest.. Kunj starts to walk .. Both looking at each other with parted lips.. He walks towrds his car.. Both lost in each other.. He opens the gate ..n holding her with one hnd..
N places her on the back sit..twinkle gets nervous..
He walks in the car near her..
kisses her on her forehead ..
T- ku..nn..jjj.. Kisses her Cheeks.. Twinkle holds him tight ..
K- tw..inn..kle..
He sits on the seat n picks her up n makes her sit on his lap..

Both looking at each other lovingly.. Lust .. Love.. Romance .. Nervousness was increasing.. Kunj starts sweatng.. Twinkle starts kissing him on his neck.. She opens his shirt button.. N moves her hnd on his chest..kunj closes his eyes.. As she does that.. Breath was gettng faster.. Kunj suddenly cups her face. N goes for a wild kiss.. A passionate one.. Both caressing each other hair.. They breaks the kiss.. N kunj starts kissing on her hnds , shoulder.. N whishpers love u.. Twinkle smiles ..
He opens her blouse’s dori.. Twinkle closes her eyeS.. N kisses him on his eyes.. N whispers love u too.. Kunj smiles n both looks in each other eyes.. Kunj kisses evrywhere on her face.. N finds a zip of her blouse.. He starts sliding it..
Twinkle feels shocked.. N nervous..
T- kkuu..njj..
K- hmm.
T- kuu..nnjj. no..tt.. He..re..
Kunj suddenly stops sliding the zip..
K- oh.. Ya.aa.. I.. Mm s..sorry.
Twinkle smiles to herslf..
K- lets go home..

Twinkle nods.. Both composes each other.. Twinkle still on his lap. She slowly moves on the sit.. Awakwrdly sits there n composes herslf.. N puts her palu on her shoulder ..n tucks it.. Kunj goes out of the car n smiles to himalf.. Feeling shy. He tucks his shirt in.. N puts fingers in his hair.. He was endlessly smiling n blushing to himslf thnking abt the mommnt..
He clears rhe sweat on his neck.. N takes a deep breath standing..
Twnkle inside the car blushes biting her lips.. She zips her bluse.. She combs her hair with her fingers.. N moves to the frnt sit.. N puts lipstick on her lips.. N takes a deep breath.. N looks at kunj stnding outisde .. Awkwrdly..
Suddenly kunj turns their eyes meet.. Both awkwrdly looks at each other..

****37th episode ends here ****

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Credit to: Pali

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