Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 36)


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Kunj leaves for his interview..
At home twinkle prayers for kunj
T- plz babaji .. This tym kunj has worked hard.. I could see the determination on his face.. Plz gv him the best reslts .. Plz babaji usko iss inyerview m pass krado..

Interview place-
Kunj was sitting outisde waiting for his name to b called. N he sends txt to twinkle
Mess k- i hope wen i reach home..?
Kunj waits for her txt n suddenly his name gets called he thnks twinkle txt ka reply toh kr deti yr.. He stands outside the door n his fon beeps he takes out n see her txt..
Mess t- u see me in frnt of u. In our room.
Kunj smiles. . Twinkle blushes..
He takes a deep breath n whispers.. I love U twinkle ..n he enters the room.

K- may i cm in sir
Interviewee- plz cm. hv a sit.
K- he sits.. Thnkew sir..
I – so kunj sarna .. Hmm i see .. He checks out his resume..
K- yes sir..
I- mr. Sarna y do i feel like v hv met b4..
K- yes sir i came to gv interview last year also..
I- okay yes now i remmbr .. N dat tym u sweated so much that half of ur shirt got wet.. Ryt?
K- ryt sir. Kunj gulps in the fact that he is nervous a bit
I- so mr. Tell me abt u.
K- sir i m kunj sarna, n i hv been working quite hard to get through this interview today, its like sitting in frnt of u also brings shit out of me. Bt yes i guess i m much better today.
I- i cn see that , u look calm today.
K- thnkew sir. He takes a deep breath
I- so kunj who is ur strength.
K- sir my better half is my strength.
I- oh u got married?
K- yes sir last mnth only.
I- thats gr8 , i m sure u r madly in love with her
K- endlessly sir..
I- good , so kunj wat hv u brought with u for our cmpny.
K- sir i cnt say i brought experinc bcoz i m just a fresher bt i m also not an acute fresher bcoz i hv worked in my dad’s company frm last 2 yrs. I hv brought my positive attitude n an urge to learn..
I- okay.
They had few techinal questns which kunj confidently answered.
I- i must say kunj that u r much confident today.
K- thnkew .. Sir.
I- kunj i want to ask u one thng , ik its a bit persnl bt still, if in future ur professional life n personal life , i meant by ur wife here, clashes whom will u choose..
K- he thnks to himslf – y the hell is he showing dis much in my married life ..
So sir, if in duture anythng such happens , i will blindly choose my wife offcourse ..
I- i m impressed , u r a very honest guy otherwise ppl wud hv answered for professional to impress me.. Bt u .. Gr8..kunj nods..
I- so what do u thnk wil b the reslt of this interview.
K- whateve it may. B u hv the ryt to gv the decision, i m sure u vl thnk for ur compny’s benefit. N i will accpt watevr ur decision may b.
I- so if i say u r hired ..
K- that would b gr8 amazing ..
I- u r hired young man..
K- oh gr8
K- what sir ?? What did u say??
I- u got the job..
K- i got the job .. Oh god thnkew so much sir.. Ik my behaviour is not professional ryt now by sir i m so happy so happy .. Wow thnkew sir..
I- i thought abt my company’s benefit only..
Kunj smiles..

I- so congratulations boy ! U r hired ..
K- thnkew sir..
I- so as u hv applied for microsoft .. Our company.. Ur first salary will b 1 lakh.
K- oh god . Thnkew sir.
I- u cn leave..
K- sir… I wanted to make a humble request..
I- plz son go aheaad.
K- i wanted sm part of the salary b4.. I mean today itslf..
I- thats a lot to ask mr.
K- ik sir, bt i wanted ti do smthng for my wife frm my earn.
I- i cn undrstnd young man bt thats not in our compny’s policy..
K- yeah.. I m sorry sir..
He gets up to leave..
I- kunj
K- yes sir
I – take a cheque frm mr. Rehman who is just outisde this room. N get the contract signed..
Kunj gets happy..
K- i m soo overwhelmed sir thnkew .. He gies n shakes hand with the interviewee.. Holds the cheque n cms outside..
K- oh god i m soo happy.. I should call rwinkle .. No no no.. I will tell her this in frnt of me.. I should call dad n mom.. Yea..
He calls manohar..
K- dad
M- kunj y didnt u come today, u just cnt change..
K- dad i got a job
M- ik u hv a job
K- dad i got a job in microsoft
M- what.. U r kidding me
K- i m serious papa..
M- well thats a gr8 news .. So dis is y u didnt cm today
K- yes dad i had my interview oday n i m hired at 1 lakh pay ..
M- superb son i so happy n proud u made it.. U passed the interview.. God bless u son..
Kunj gets teary eyes.. N emotionally says th.thnan..nkeww da..dd..
M- this calls for a celebration
K- offcrse dad,
M- yes cm to offc vl celebrate..
K- yes dad..
He calls others too den.. N he plans for a surprise for his special girl.. N goes to manohar who was very happy.. N got emotional for him..He told evryone not to tell twinkle abt this..

Twinj room-
T- kunj ko kaafi der ho gyi h .. Ab tk toh uska interview .. Khtm b ho gya hoga..
She calls him.. Bt it was out of coverage area..
T- kbi kunj fail toh ni ho gya in that nterview .. N thats y he must b feeling bad.. Oh babaji plz keep him safe .. She tries to xall him agn..
Just then she gets a call frm unknown no.
T- hello?
Sm1 – is dis twinkle sarnA?
T- yes ..
Sm1 – mam, i m sorry to tell u bt ur husband met with an accident ..
She gets shocked .. Her hearts pops out.. Fon wa abt to fall frm her hnd.. N she hears sm voice..
Sm1 – i m sending u the address plz reach here fast..
Twinkle cms in senses..
T- yes plz.. Take him to the hospital plzz plzzz.. Hello ?? Hello..
Bt the call gets cut..
She starts crying bt clears her face..her fon beeps
T- no twinkle u hv to b strong kunj ko kuch nahi hoga n i thnk i hv to reach this address bcoz i dont thnk so this guy wud hv taken kunj to the hospital ,, i hv to make it fast.
She runs down n rushes he car to the address..
T- kunj dont worry .. I m cmng nothng will hpn to u.. See ur twinkle is cmng.. M toh tumhe surprise dena chati by wearn this n making smthng special for u.. Bt ohh godd .. Aapne ye kya kr dia.. She cries.. Tears were just not atopping frm cmng out..

She reaches the address n gets down from the car.. She was wearing a royal blue saree with silveries..
T- babaji .. Where is my kunj..??
Kunj ?? Kunj?? She starts runnin here n der.. It was a beach..
Oh babaji where is he..
Suddenly she finds sm1 lying on the beach ..she runs there . Forgettung ab evrythng.. Her beatthng was gttng fast n fast..
She goes der n finds kunj lying der eyes closed.. She suddenly stops n gets shocked to see him like that..
She runs rowrds him. N takes his head n puts it on her lap..
T- kunj get up ? Kunj see i m here .. Ur twinkle is here.. U cnt leave me like that.. Kunj b with me..
She looks at him der was no blood or any cut.. Twinkle surprises a bit.. Still tears running down..
T- kunj plz get up .. I m dying kunj.. I cnt stay without u.. Kunj??
Just then kunj opens his eyes..
T- kunj yes .. See i m here..
He laughs..
Twinklle gets surprise ..
K- aww u got so scard..
Twinkle gvs a questn look
K- nthng hpnd to me twinkle i m all fine see..
T- haww , hate u kunj u brought shit out of me.. She leaves his head suddenly n gets up.. Kunj also gets up laughing n clapping..
T- kunj u thnk this is funny haa??
Kunj laughs..
She starts pushing him..
T- kunj srsly, u played this prank ..
K stops laughing..
T- wat u thnk of urslf haa, u thnk u cn do anythnf haa..
She pushes him agn..
K- twinkle..
T- shut the fu*k up kunj.. Enough is enougj now.. I m leaving..
K- teinkle .??
She starts leaving .. Angrily..
Kunj walks towrds her..
K- twinkle i m sorry.. Bt i wanted to gv u surprise..
T- surprise by scaring me hell out..
K- oh plz stop , i didnt mean to hurt.. U ..
T- u nvr mean that bt hurt toh m ho he jaati hu na kunj .. Hmesha..
Kunj gets teary eyes..
K- twinkle plz stop atleast listen to me..
T- i dont wanna talk ..
K- i did this to bring u here.. I planned all this for u . Gr8 u want to go go.. i got the job ..
Twinkle stops suddenly..
I got the job.. N i did evrythng frm my first pay.. I askd dem advnc just to plan out evrythng for u.. I m sorry.. Bt evrythng which i m today is bcoz of u ..
She turns.. To look at him..
Tears rolls down frm his eyes..
Ii.. Donnt noee.. How.. Bt to.day i was .. Not me.. Twinkle.. Twinkle i was sm1 else.. I was so much confident today..

***36th episode ends here***

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Credit to: Pali

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