Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 35)


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K- hv u lost it twinkle frm 2 days i m telling u , i mntryng to xpkain that i want to do smthng for us.. N u r just not undrstnding me.. Idk wat u hv in ur mind..
Twinkle stnds numb.. His wrds were hitting her like stones.. She was shattered that wat evr i do for him he doesn’t counts that bt now its worthless sayng anythng to him..
K – v r not going anywhere ..
Twinkle turns n gies to bed..
Kunj fumes n gies to the balcony taking his blanket.. Both fumes n sleeps..

Nxt day-
Kunj gets up n doesnt finds her.. He search for her evrywhere in room.. He thnks ystrdy i got vry harsh with her .. Suddenly he sees a note on bed.. Kunj reads it
M maa k ghar aayi hu..
Kunj gets shockd .. Inni suba suba .. She is hurt dammn it u hurted hr..
K- twinkle i m sorry..

Chinki- bdia kia tu aagyi now hlp me in the packing ..
T- surw..
C- i didnt want to go coz u not cmng bt i r forcng us to go twinkle this is not fair..
T- its ok yr vl go sm other tym togther..
Twinkle was sad ..
They do the packing .. Its 9 am now..
Sm1 knocks the door..
Twinkle-maa m dekhti hu..
She goes to the door n touches the gate , suddenly winds starts blowing n she already knew its kunj.. She closes her eyes n opens the door..
He looks at her lovingly-.. Her hair were flaunting n she was lookimg gorgeous in white ptaila..
She opens her eyes slowly n finds the man of her heart in frnt of her .. He had goggles on his eyes.. N he was looking just the same as handsome as he was looking on the first day they met..
Both keeps looking at each other ., kunj removes his goggs .. N starts – twinkle..
Bt she turns n goes to the breakfast table where evry1 was sitting..
L- kunj puttar cm cm..
Kunj walks sadly to them.. Constantly looking at her..
Uv- arey bhai bdia kia tu b agya..
K- ye bags kahi jaane ki tyaari ho rahi h kya..
Chinki- yes kunj, me n uv r going to los angles ..
Uv – for our lovely honeymoon.. He winks at chinki..
C- mne toh twinkle ko b insist kia tha , chlne k liye bt wo boli tumhe bht imp kaam h..
Kunj looks at twinkle n now he undrstood ..
K- ohk ya i hv sm imp stuff..
T- maa , i forgot my dupatta in my room.. I will just cm..
Uv- oky twinkle b fast vl leave for airport then.,
T- yes bhai.. She goes to her room.. Kunj also follows her.. Twinkle goes in n siddenly she hears her door being lockd she tyrns to see kunj stnding n lockmg the room..
T- kunj wat r u doing.. He walks towrds her..
T- just stay der .. Dont evn dare to cm close to me.. She was sharp n angry..
Kunj stops..
K- woo twinkle.. Woo .. I .. Mm..
T- leave kunj.. I hv to go .. I dont want to talk.. She starts to leave n passes kunj who softly says i m sorry.. Bt she ignrs n cms downstairs.. Kunj also
L- chalo puttar..ab u should leave..
Uv- yes ma.. Both touches her feet..
Chinki- twinkle u cmng wid us na till arport..
T- sure yr..
Uv- kunj tu b chlna..
B4 kunj could speak yes twinkle cuts him..
T- no bhai he has sm imp wrk in offc..
Kunj nods sadly..
N evry1 cms outside..
Uv sits on the driver seat .. Chinki in frnt.. N kunj opens gate in uv’s car.. Twinkle sees him with opend gate for her..kunj stnds waiting .. Twinkle walks towrds the car but turns to enter frm the other side of the car.. Kunj feels sad.. The car leaves.. Kunj looks at her going.. A tear drops frm his eyes.. He immediately clears it..
He leaves for offc..

Kunj cms bck frm offc..
He doesnt finds teinke —
Bebe- u searchng for twinkle puttar
K- ki bebe
B- she hasnt cm bck frm leela ji house.. Its been so mny days away from her mother.. So..
K- oh ohk.. He starts to leave..
Bebe- kunj dinner..
K- nahi bebe mann ni h ..
N he leaves for his room..
Bebe feels smthngs not good.. I guess thngs r not rut btvn him n twinkle bt ik tey r mature they cn hndl it quite well..

Twinj room-
Kunj cms to his room n takes out his coat.. He felt like dying not with twinkle beside him.. He tries to focus on his work bt evrytime he thnk of it .. He rbred how he shouted on her.. He looks at the envelope n feels bad .. Twinkle must b so happy .. Ik she wanted to gv me surprise bt .. I.. Oh babaji plz hlp me out.. I cnt see her like this.. Away frm me.. Plz babaji thngs were so ryt btvn us bt now.. Its gttng worse only..

Kunj thnks of messging her..
Mess k- twinkle , r u not cmng bck today?
Mess t- no , i vl sleep at my house only..
Kunj feels bad that she calld that her house yes its also her house bt this is her house mow..
Mess k- had ur dinner?
Mess t- yes..
Mess k- dont lie i cn hear ur stomach’s voice evn here also..
Twinkle smiles looking at this.. Bt her anger was more..
Mess t- u hd ur dinner?
Mess k- nahi mann ni h..
Mess t- hv ur dinner
Mess k- first u..
Mess t- okay ..
Mess t- i had my now u hv it..
Mess k- okay wait ..
He goes downstairs n has his meal..
Mess k- done. 🙂
Mess t- k
Mess k- i m sorry..
Mess t- i m sleeping gn
Mess k- good night twinkle. I m sorry ..

Twinkle sleeps thinking abt him.. N kunj sleeps after sm tym after preparing for his tmrw interview. He thnks abt her n says just wait for tmrw twinkle i will make eveythng upryt.. N he sleeps..

Nxt day

Kunj gets up n says wait twinkle ir coffee vl b ready in 5 min.. He opns his eyes n doesnt finds her.. He sadly gets ready.. He talks to himslf – its so much imp day for me i hope twinkle to b with me.. I hv to see her..
K- yes i hv to see her .. Its 7am still n my kumb karan doesnt gets up b4 7:30 .. She must b sleeping ryt now..
He tip toes to go frm sarna’s without any1 noticing him..

He stnds outside that now wat i cnt rng the bell that plz sm1 open the doir for me i m here to see my angry wife..
K- thnk of smthng.. Man..
He suddenly notices a long ladder in the lawn., he brings it n places smwhere down the twinkle’s balcony..
He climbs it n reaches in the balcony..
He tip toes to her room n finds her sleeping peacefully., he admires her..
He goes near the bed n sits on the floor on his knees.. He smiles at her childish calm face.. He takes her hnd n talks softly- i m so sry twinkle I didn’t wanted to hurt u.. Bt i m so dumb i cnt tell u.. Ik u r very hurt of my behaviour bt today i vl make evryth g accurate.. Only for u.. A tear drops on her hand frm his eyes..
She suddenly feels smthng bt she was sleepy n takes kunj’s hnd in her n turns to the other side.. Kunj gets worried ki if twinkle gets up n finds him here she vl agn get angry..
So he tries to take his hnd out frm her grip.. While he does that she speaks kunj .. He gets widened eyes.. Bt wen he looks at her face ., shr was still sleeping n sge was blabbering his name in skeep.. Kunj looks at her face.. He wasnt abl to resist himslf now.. So he goes close to her face to kiss her.. Suddenly twinkle opens her eyes..
Kunj gets shocked.. N she pushes him away n he falls on grnd..
T- kunj wat were u doing
K- i i wasnt .. I was just kiss.. I mean no..
T- just shut up.. How did u evn dare to cm close to me .. Agnst my will.,
K- bcoz i m ur legalised husbnd n it wasnt agnst ur will.. U were blabbering my name all the time wen u were sleeping..
T- oh plz.. I dnt want u to cm close to me.. Do u get that..
K- oh plz u r dying to cm close to me..
T- buzz off..
K – acha.. He gets up n goes to bed..
T- watt.. Rr uuu doing..
He bends to get close to her ..
K- so u dont care if i cm close to u or not..
T-/ yee.yyes..ss..
K- Lets see . He puts his hand arnd her waist.. N takes his other hnd in his.. N makes her sit on his laps.. Her both legs on the either sides of his thighs..
He moved his hnds on his waist.,
T- kuunj ye kya.. Krr.. Raher..ho
K- not evn now..
T- nn..nn..o.
He keeps her hnd on his shoulder..
Both looks at each other.. Kunj goes close to his face.. Twinkle lost in his eyes..
T- maa.. Aajy.ngi.. Kkkuunjjj
K- sshh..
He kisses on her hnds.. He takes her hnd n kisses continuosly till her shoulder.. He removes the suit frm her shoulder.. N kisses there..
T– kuunjjj..
She breaths faster..
K- now tell me kya tumhe farak pdta h wen i cm close to u..
T- na..aahii.. He kisses on her nck
T- she whispers bht farak pdta h.,
Kunj smiles ..
K- do u also want to cm close to me or not..
T- i wan… Suddenly her door knocks..
Twinkle gets shocked n suddenly gets up frm his lap.. N composes herslf..
T- wat r u waiting for sitting der like a don .. Get up n hide urslf smwhere..
K- arey i m here with my wife..
T- kunj plz go n hide urslf smwhere..
K- okay baba..
He hides himslf behind the door..
Twinkle takes a deep breath n opens the door..
Harikaka- twinkle beta , leela ji is callng u..
T- ji kaka i vl der in 5 min.. He leaves n twinkle locks the door agn n stnds putting her bck on the doir n takes deep breath..
Suddenly kunj pulls her towrds him.. She widens her eyes..
K- so where were v?
T- kunj plz go maa is calling me.. I hv to go
K- u want me to go
T- no i mean
K- ab toh i m not gng anywhere..
T- kunj
K- btw wont u ask y i came here..
They were stnding close.. Kunj holding her by her waist..
T- oh.. Ya..
K- i came to see u..
She looks in his eyes..
K- i m sorry twinkle .. I m really sorry , i vl do watevr u vl ask me to do bt plz cm bck home.. Ur room is waiting for u.. I didnt mean to hurt u..
T- just tell me one thng., honestly..
K- tody i wont hide anything frm u..
T- wat r u upto frm last few days.,
K- twinkle i hv been preparing to gain confidence to sit fir one interview..
Twinkle gets delighted n surprise to hear that.,
K- n i hv been called by 1 cmpny also today for interview..
T- what u r telling me this now.. Thats a gr8 news.. She starts hitting him on his chest slowly n he leaves her .. She goes bck n kunj goes near her bt her dupatta was on the floor n his legs :)got stucked in it n he fall taking twinkle in his arms..
T- ouch..
Kunj on twinkle.
K- i m sorry so srry.
Both lost in each other’s eyes..
K- i m sorry bt i decided to tell u once i appear in the interview n get finalised for the job bcoz the no. Of times i hv faced no , i cnt bare it agn.. I wil not b abl to face u.. Twinkle .. Thats y.. I thot of gvng u a surprse..
T- n i thot of gvng u a surprise
K- i m sorry for that too.. Bt dont u thnk der is no need for both of us to go anywhere .. I mean v cn make our honeymoon ryt here..
Twinkle feels shy
T- no but i wanted to go..
K- v vl definetly go onc i gv my interview today okay..
Twinkle smiles .. N hugs him..
Kunj hugs her bck n says i m sorry..
She caresses his hair n says its okay.. Kunj starts kissing her on her nck .. Twinkle takes deep breath..
He then removes her cloth frm her shoulder n kisses it ..
K- i missd u so much tmrw i cnt tell u .. I missd dis frm so mny days ..
T- its just been 2 days that v hvnt came closer ..
K- for me thats like dying every sec .. Now i cnt stay away frm u any more.. Not evn a sec .. Twinkle smiles .. Kunj starts kissng her on her face.. He moves his fingers down her stomch ., she winces on his touch .. Den Twinkle pushes him a bit .. N takes out his tie.. Both forgot abt the time.. She opens his buttons.. N takes out his shirt.. N kisses him for the first tym like fully bare chest.. She pushes him agn .. Now kunj below n twinkle on him.. She starts kissing on his chest.. On his abdomen .. His neck.. Kunj closes his eyes while she does that feeling her soft touch..
Kunj moves his hand on her bck n finds the zip of her suit.. N slides slowly.. Twinkle closes her eyes as he does this..
Bt just then leela calls for twinkle agn n agn..
T- kunj ma..
K- hmm.. He still kissing her eveywhere..bt Twinkle gets up then only.. Leavng him lying der..
She zips her suit.. N looks at kunj with bare shirt who was looking damn hot looking at her .. She den takes the dupatta n throws the shirt over him.. He wears it..
K- kya yr maa ko abhi bullana tha..
Twinkle smiles while she was applying lipstick properly which was smudged..
She was leaving..
T- go now..b4 sm1 cms..
K- wont u tie my tie today?
T stops n walks towrds him.. N makes him wear the tie both smiles at each other continously.. She goes close to his ears n says best of luck for ur interview dont b nervous i m sure u will gv ur best today.. N yes if u get nervous thnk abt me ..
Kunj smiles.. N kisses on her forehead..
She starts to leave agn..
K- twinkle i love u..
She stops agn n turns – i love u too kunj n smiles broadly.. She leaves blushing.. N kunj goes out frm the balcony safely..

***35th episode ends here ***

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