Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 34)

Guys i got very less comments in my last episode.. Plz just tell me if u r liking my story or not.. Else i will stop it.. If i wont get much response .. Bcoz u guys are my power .. Ur commnts makes me boost.. Plz guys comment more n more.. 🙂


At night
Both were sleeping, suddenly kunj gets up.. He starts thnking abt twinkle’s words..kunj looks at her n goes to the balcony..
He talks to himself- twinkle is showing so much trust in me, i should not let her down.. Dad has always scold bt today i only woke up early n had breakfast with dem dey were so happy to see me early with tjem.. I dont know y i made myslf so lazy.. N yes irresponsible.. Dad is ryt i m irresponsible.. I always took dad’s money as a gift n usd to spend like anythng.. Nvr thot what all thngs he gives up evryday.. To gv such a lavish to us.. Till now i hv always treated them thnking that doing this much for me is their duty but now i will change myslf .. I change myslf for them.. I will change myslf for twinkle.. He turns to look at her peaceful face sleeping..
Yes twinkle i will change myslf for u so that u feel proud to b stnding nxt to me .. U were ryt .. Crying .. Ignoring.. N feeling restless is not soln till the time i wont take a step..he gets teary eyes.. I hv to build my confidence levl.. N this tym i wont take any1’s hlp.. I will do evrythng by myslf.. N yes till then i will not cm close to u.. I will stay away frm u bcoz being with u gvs me strength bt also being close makes me feel guilty that till now i hvnt gvn anythng to u that belongs to my earn.. Bcoz i hvnt earned a penny by myslf.. Wat evr i hv is of dad..i hv always taken evrythng for granted.. BUT NO MORE.. I WILL CHANGE MYSLF..ESPECIALLY FOR U..tmrw u will see the new KUNJ SARNA.. He smiles to himslf n gies to bed to sleep..

Nxt day
Twinkle opens her eyes.. N touches the otger side of the bed bt diesnt finds kunj . She suddenly gets up..
T- kunj?
T- kunj kaha ho tum.. He chcks in washroom , balcony bt he wasnt in the room.. She was just tying her hair wen kunj opens the gate ..
T- kunj where were u..
Kunj thnks idk hiw i vl stay away frm her wen evry singl vein is asking for her..
K- see wat i brought! Our mrng coffee..
T- highly shocked seeing him readyat this tym in the mrng so early..
T- kunj u got up so early.. B4 me also..
K- yes , so that i get ready.. Now plz sit , else our coffee will get cold..
She sits on ved , kunj on couch.. Both looking at each other n smiling.. Kunj had sm new vibes that day..
T- thnkew for the coffeee kunj
K- u will daily get ur coffee made by me.. In ur bed..
She smiles .. She goes n gets ready meanwhile kunj chnages for his offc..
He puts his tie arnd his neck .. Just tgen twinkle cms n says may i tie ur tie?
Kunj feels noo plz twinkle dont cm close to me it would gwt more difficult for me to stat away frm u.. Bt he thnks she feel wi bad if i say no to her humbl request..

Kunj offers her the tie.. She cms ntakes the tie frm his hnd.. N puts arnd his nvk.. Twinkle constntly looking at him.. Kunj also looks at her suddenly he moves to keep them on her waist bt he stops himslf ., he controls himslf.. N looks here n there while she ties the tie..
T- done n dhe holds his collar n pulls him towrds him., kunj in his mind plzz twinkle noo.. I cnt really bare stnding so close to u stll doing nthng..
He looks away n she plants a kiss on his cheeks.. Kunj closes his eyes n sighs..
T- r u stil nrvous of me..
K- umm.. No i mean.. Nahi.. I m not nervs tody..
T- good ,n she kisses his other cheek too.. Kunj duddenly holds her hnd n makes her leave his collar.. N starts to leave ,. Twinkle stnds der feeling smthng .. Fishy.. Kunj leaves bt stops at the gate n thnks ik twinkle u must b hurt bt plz .. Ik u vl undrstnd me.. He coud feel two eyes gazing at him continuously..n he leaves the room..

Everyone has breakfast.. Manohar was happy to see kunj on time..
K- d..dadd.. Cn i gv mr. Ahuja’s presentatn by myslf..
M- no kunj.. The clients r very imp for our compny.. I cnt allow u to gv the presentatn.. U r nvr prepared ..
K- dad i m today.. I hv done evrythng.. I hv made my pounts.. I hg gone throught their compny’s profile.. I m ready for the presentatn .. Plz allow me ..
M- kunj..

Usha- ji let him gv na..
M- usha ji u stay out of this..
Evryone remains silent..
Kunj talks to himslf- dad dont show faith in me.. Bcoz of my earlier preformnc bt now i will chng myslf..
Twinkle slf talk- kunj must b feeling bad .. So she keeps her hand on his.. Kunj looks at in surprise.. She nods in evrythng would b fine.. Kunj smiles.. Both looks at each other.. Kunj leaves her hnd..
They leaves for offc..

Twinkle gets a call frm chinki..
C- hey twinkle..
T- hey chinki oopss bhabhi.. How r u .. U just forgot ant me after marrying my brother ha..
C- no no twinkle its nohng lyk dat.. Btw i calld u to tell u that uv n me r going fo honeymoon to los Angles ..
T- ohh wooew dats gr8 place..
C- ya so uv insisted u n kunj also to join us..
T- ohk.. Umm chinki.. I hv to ask him first bcoz till now v really didnt thnk abt honeymoon plans..
C- oh.. Is verythng okay btvn u n him..
T- ya veryhtng is absolutyl fien..
C- chalo dats gr8 so u do one thng ask kunj.. N will all four will go n hv real fun otherwise v also wont go
T- chinki..
C- i dont wana hear anythng.. Ask kunj i m sure he wont hv any problm with dis okay.. Chal chal bye maa is calling..n tell me with in 2 days bye..
T- bye bye yr..

Twinkle slf talks- oh god los angles its my dream place, honeymoon.. Chinki is ryt kunj wont hv any problm in going.. I m soo happy.. I will do one thng i surprise kunj with dis yes .. He will b so happy .. So she books the tickets..

Afte hvng dinner . Twinkle cms to her room..
Kunj was already sitted in his work table n was bzy doing things..
T- kunj..
K- hmm
T- wat r u doing ..
K- offc work..
She goes n keeps her hnds arnd his neck.. Kunj was ignoring her.. She starts moving her fingers on his hair.. Kunj rolls his eyes.. It was very difficult for him to not evn looka t her bt here she was touching him bt he wasnt abl to do a thng.. Kunj gets irritated..
N shouts at her- twinkle was the hell is ur problm i m tryng to concntrate in my work n u r just disturbing..
Twinkle gets scared n stds with teary eyes looking at him..
Kunj sits bck in his chair.. N twinkle sadly goes in the balcony..

Twinkle asks babaji what has hpnd to kunj y is he behaving like this..
Kunj hits his table for feeling so much reckless.. N while he hits the , he gets hit by the tbl corner n gets a cut .. He shouts ..
K- ouuchh.
Twinkle hears this n cms rushing into the room..
T- kunj .. She looks at her palm bleeding..
K- nthng..
T- what nothng..
She takes out the first aid.. N goes near him.. He looks at her in pain that he scolded her still she is stndning in frnt of me for my wound..
K- its nthng twinkle..
T- shut up.. She takes him by his arm .. N sits on the couch.. Both lolking at each other with teary eyes.. Twinkle appiles the ointmnt ..n he winces in pain.. Twinkle blows the wound.. Tears cms rushing out of her eyes.. Kunj feels very bad for scolding her.. He wanted to control himslf but he loves her madly he cnt see her in pain.. But unknowinly yes he had hurt her..
Kunj keeps his hand on her cheeks.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. More tears falls down.. He xlears her fave n says i m sorry twinkle..
T- she doesnt speak anythng smwhere she was still hurt..
Kunj could sense rhis that yes she is still hurt..
K- twinkle i m tryng hard to wrk responsibly ..

T- kunj its gr8 bt is it necessary for that too shout on me like that..
K- i m sorry twinkle bt i need space..
Twinkle gets a strnge feeling hearing this.. She was done with the bandage n she just lft his hnd.. N gets up..
T- i m sorry for touching u..
K- twinkle its not..
T- hv ur space n frm tody u will sleep on couch..
Kunj shocked..
K- teinkle..
T- i m tired.. Gn.

Kunj looks at her she lies down on bed.. She was looks at him bt turns to the other side.. Tears cms frm her eyes .. N she tries to sleep..
Kunj thnks to himslf- babaji , plz gv her strength.. N i m sorry teinkle .. I dont want to hurt u .. But i m tired now of listening to thses that i m irresponible.. I m sure the day u get to know y i did this u will b happy n u will forgv me..

Nxt day-
Twinkle gets up n doesnt finds kunj agn.. Still disheartened that he didnt evn try to say sorry to me nicely.. She finds her cup of coffee on side of table .. N a note beside it..
I m sorry twinkle ik u must b very angry at me bt trust me i m doing sm bettermnt only.. For all of us.. For u.. I hope u will understand me..
Kunj , your kunj .. Sorry..
She gets a small smile on her face bt it fades that atleast he cn tell me watevr he is doing i m his wife.. I hv full ryt to noe whats gng on..

Twinj room

Kunj was bzy doing his wrk n twinkle was keeping clothes properly.. Both awkwrdly looking at each orher.. Agn silent was in the air..
Kunj thnks of doing smthng so he intentionally breaks his shirt button..
K- teinkle my shirt button broke .. Cn u fix it..
T- i will do it later.. Wen u will take it out..
K- no i mean till then i cant sit like this.. Wothout one button .. Its looks bad..
T- i will fix it later on..
K- plz twinkle..
T- fine get up..

He readily gets up n twinkle brings sticting box.. She holds the button n his shirt.. N starts threading it.. Kunj lovingly looks at her.. She gvs fuming looks only.. Kunj moves his hnd to her waist.. Twinkle looks at him n says – dont.. Kunj removes his hnd.. He tries to cm close to her face..
T- stay away..
K- twinkle.. She ties a knot on his shirt.. N tries to break the thread with her hnd..
K – aise nahi hoga u hv to bite it..
Twinkle gvs an angry look to him.. He goes close to him.. N her nose touches his bare chest.. Kunj feels her touch.. Twinkle smells the same perfume on his body.. N she bites the thread.. She moves his head up .. Kunj cms very close to her face.. Both pauses there.. Kunj moves closer to her .. Twinkle didnt wanted to go close to him bt evn she wasnt abl to control herslf.. She parts her lips to hv a kiss.. Kunj moves his hnd on her waist.. She keeps her hnd on his chest..
N suddenly sm1 knocks on the door..kunj leaves her awkwardly.. Twinkle removes her hnd frm his chest.. She stnds their mesmerized.. N kunj opens the door..
K- ki bebe
B- kunj puttar sm letter came on twinkle’s name..
He takes it n she leaves..
He opens the envelope..
K- our ticket to los angles.. He gets shocked to see it.. Who booked that..
Twinkle looks at him in surprise N thnks shit now what should i do..
T- kunj leave its nothng.

K- u booked it..
T- umm .. Umm ya..
K- y ..
T- for our.. Honey..moon..
Kunj rolls his eyes..
K- u just cnt undrstnd one singl thng.. M yaha pgl ho rka hu bcoz of work n inn madam ko honeymoon manana h..
T- kunj..
K- this is rubbish.. N he throws the envelop..
Twinkle gets teary eyes..

***34th episode ends here***

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