Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 33)




Next day

Teinkle gets up early to make kunj ready..
T- kunj get up kunj ..
Kunj opens his one eye..
T- kunj get up
K- twinkle its only 8
T- ik n u hv to get ready b4 9 so that u dont get late for offc..
K- no twinkle lemme sleep.. I m feeling bery sleepy.. I will get up in 5 min.
T- noo means no..
She takes his neck in her hand n makes him get up..

K- twinkle plz..
T- noo..
K- he keeps his eyes closed ..
She taps on his face ..
T- get up n hv ur bath..
K- twinkle..
She makes him get up n throws him in the bathroom
T- get ready fast..
Kunj gets ready by 8:45 , still reckless n lazy..
T- good .. Now cm lets go n hv breakfast..
K- y r u doing this twinkle..
Twinkle smiles n diesnt says anythng..
They cm downstaris..
Evryone was shocked to see kunj b4 tym..
M- kunj ?
K- yes dad..
M- u r b4 tym..

K- what?
M- yes son .. Its 8:50 ..
Kunj gets shocked.. N looks at teinkle n undrstnds she did all this so that i get ready on tym n dad doesnt scolds me..
He feels overwhelmed for twinkle concern for him.. Twinkle looks at him n shows that she didnt do anythng..

M- i m proud of u kunj today. If u get up daily on time.. It will b so nice.. U get to learn ur responsiblites n u will b much more actv..
K- yes dad.. He thnk ful to her that today aftr such a long tym dad talked with me so nicely.. He looks at her who was bzy serving dishes..she cms n sits beside him.. He was constantly looking at her ..
T- what (whispers)
Kunj – nthng..
She nods.. They were leaving for offixe..
M- kunj u cn cm 10 min late okay.. Wse b first is my meeting with the clients..
K- ji dad.. Manohar leaves..
Twinkle was in the kitchen.. Usha went to the garden… Kunj also gies in the kitchn..
T- kunj u hvnt lft yet?
K- dad said i cn cm 10 min late..

T- ohk u want smthng ?
K – yes u..
T- what?
K- i mean.. Thnkew twinkle .. Now i got it y u made me get ready today early.. I could see dad n mom were shock n happy to see their son early out frm bed ..n hvng breakfast with them.. N all this hpnd just bckz of u..
T- there is no need to thnk kunj..
Kunj looks at her with a smile.. Both share n eyelock momnt..
T- u shud go now..
Kunj doesnt responds as he was so lost in her eyes..
Usha cms frm behind..
U- ahem ahem..
Borh suddenly cms in senses..
K- twinkle tum b na.. Where is my tiffin..
T- kunj bt u urslf u wont take lunch today..
K-i mean ya i mean no..
U- u mean u should go..

K- xctly?
He awkrdly runs out frm the kitchen .. N both teinkle n usha laughs..

Twinj room
Twinkle thnks that she has to do smthng for kunj so thst he gain his confidence.. Suddenly her phone rings .she gets very hsppy to see the name flashing
Uv- twinkle
T- bhai kse ho..
Uv – ek dm mast..tu ksi h ye bta..
T- ek dm bdia.. So kse ohone vrna toh after shaadi aap apni behn ko bhul he gye ..
Uv- aise kse bhul skta hu.. Wse i calld to talk abt kunj..
T- kunj? What hapnd to him? What do u mean bhai?
Uv- twinkle he is absolutely fine..
T- den
Uv- i mean its abt offc work.. Today for thr first tym i saw him gvng presntatn n dont mind bt he was totally balnk in it.. Sure he wasnt prepared.. But he was sweatng like hell..
Twinkle gets tensed..
T- schi bhai..

Uv- haa twinkle , aaj shyd phli baar he mne usko group meeting m dekha h, n manohar uncl ne usse bol dia toh gv presntatn n he got stuck just ftt gvng his intro.. He stammered .. Got nervous .. Literally shivered.. N sweated.. I was worried abt him so i thot of telling it to u
Teinkle was now hell dhocked n worried
T- thnkew bhai aapne acha kia mje bta dia.. I vl do smthng abt dis..

Kunj cms bck home n then into twinj room..
He was irritated n literally took his coat n smashed to the sofa.
T- kunj. Wat r u doing?
K- nthng ..
Changes n lays down on bed..
T- kunj?
K- twinkle i m tired, plz ..
T- kya hua..
K- kuch b ni tum b so jao.
She goes to his side of bed.. N sits beside him.. Kunj opens his eyes a bit bt closes it.. Twinkle keeps her hnd on his forehead.. Kunj feels bit relaxd.. He opens his eyes..
T- feeling ba bcoz of presentation..

He looks away n says how do u know?
T- smhow..
K- idk twinkle , i just cnt do these thngs , i m so bad in frnt of a fee ppl, i wasnt prepared.. Tears drop frm his eyes.. She also get teary eyes.. He continues- i get panic evrytime..
T- look at me..
Kunj turns his face towrds her.. Both had teary eyes..
K- y r u crying?
T- bcoz u r ..kunj gets touched by her words.. Kunj clears her face n twinkle clears his face..
T- get up..
K- twinkle plz i m really not in a mood..
T- get up.. She drags him out of the bed n both gets up n sits on the couch..
T- if u really hv to do smthng, den these tears should not cm out agn, u hv to make urslf so strong infrnt of others too, u hv to hv dat much confidenc, crying n feeling irritated is nvr the soln.
K gets up ..

K- ik twinkle ik.. Bt i panic..
T- in what all situatns u panic.
K- evrytime, wen i face new ppl, wen i gv presentatns, at height places, wen u cm close to me..n he suddenly stops..
T- what? She gets surprise..evn when i cm close to u.. U panic..
K- y..aa.. I..i sweat…
Twinkle rolls her eyes n smiles to herslf..
K- now dont smile at me like that..
Twinkle starts walking towrds kunj.. He starts walking bck.. He gets pin to the almirah..
K- twii..winn..kklee..
T- u get nervous wheenn.. I cm close to u..na?
He nods in nervousness..
T- frm tody u will nvr get nervous with me..
K- twinkklee..
She keeps finger on his lips..
T- shh..shh..
She gets very close to him.. He was stnding still pinned to almirah..She starts kissing on his cheeks.. Den on his neck..
K- tww..innkl..lle..
She moves her fingers arnd his neck..

T- kunjj uu smell gr8.. She whispers..kunj closes his eyes coz of her touch.. He smiles a bit ..
T- u r sweatng..
K- y..aa..
She kisses his neck n says calm down..
He takes a deep breath.. She takes his hnd n Puts it arnd her waist.. She bites his ear..he takes a deep breath..
K- twinkle..
T- shh kunj.. dont spoil the moment n smiles in a naughty manner.. Bth smile remmbering der moment under the tree wen kunj said the same thng to twinkle ..
She starts unbuttoning his shirt.. Kunj looks at her with parted lips in nervousness.. She touches his chest heart part. His hearts was pounding very fast..
T- kunj u r breathng heavily..
Kunj nods..
T- calm down.. I m ur wife.. U hv full ryts on me..

Kunj – i just…he was speaking only when suddenly twinkle kisses on his lips.. Kunj gets shocked bt happy frm inside.. Both kisses passionately.. Moving their hands .. Twinkle keeps her hnd on his chest to feel his heart beat .. Now it was not beating that fast. He was more relaxed now..he was not sweating that much.. He was less nervous now.. She opens her eyes while kissing was still going on .. She looks at his face .. His calm face.. His eyes were closed .. She smiles .. N stops the kiss.. It was a long n deep kiss .. They had it for first tym..
Kunj opens his eyes slowly..n looks at twinkle who was smiling at him.. Kunj also smiles .. Both shys a bit

T- i love u kunj..U dont hv to b nervous of me..n evn if u r u cn tell me ryt??
Kunj nods..
She steps bck.. Both keep looking at each other continuously.. N smilng endlessly..
Kunj thnks abt twinkle’s word n he thnks of doing smthng..

***33 episode ends here***

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Credit to: Pali

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