Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 32)


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Nxt day
Kunj opens his eyes n finds teinkle gettting ready in frnt of the mirror.. Twinkle was thnking abt yestrdy’s nyt .. She thnks it was so much wonderful.. Kunj’s touch ,his eyes.. She touches her nck to feel his touch… N blushes to herslf..
K- ahem ahem mrng !
T- oh ya mrng kunj.. Uth gye..
Twinkle was wearing her mangalsutra.. She was not abl to tie it.. Kunj gets up n cms close to her neck .. He takes the mangalsutra frm her hand..
K- m kru?She nods.
He ties it.. But was not able to .. So he gets close to her nck n closes it using his teeth.. Twinkle closes her eyes coz of his touch.. Kunj leaves the mangalsutra n starts kissing on her bare bck.. Twinkle blushes .. She suddenly turns n keeps her hnd on his chest ..
T- bs mr. Husband..
Kunj moves his hand on her waist.. Twinkle widens her eyes..
T- kuu..nnjj.. Mje.. Mje.. Niche.. Jana h…
K- i m not leaving u.. If u cn urslf make urslf loose frm ny grip then u cn go..
T- acha.. She moves n tries to remove his hand frm her waist bt his grip was too tight.. Twinkle plans smthng..
T- nahi chodoge?
K- bilkul b ni..
Twinkle gets close to him n moves her lips on his cheeks n ear.. Kunj was mesmerized in her touch .. Meanwhile only twinkle slowly remvoes his hand frm her waist.. Kunj removes her hnd not realizing.. Twinkle den suddenly moves n runs towrds the door leaving kunj shocked..
K- twinkle twinkle see this is not fair..
Twinkle laughs n leaves frm der..
K- shit i love her! Twinkle i love uuu

Kunj gets ready for his office n gies downstairs..Twinkle looks at the stairs n kunj appears ..
Manohar – kunj u r late agn..
K- yes dad..
M- u cant do 1 thng ryt .. Always .. Daily u hv to get up late.. N make me also late..
Kunj looks sad n says sorry.. Twinkle looks at him n goes to manohar..
T- wo papa ji issmei kunj ki galti nahi h aaj.. He got late bcoz of me..
Kunj oneeyebrow up ..
Usha in naughty tone kyu twinkle tumse aisa kya kr dia.. Twinkle feels awkwrd..
T- wo mummy ji .. Kunj got up on time today bt his clothes for offc wasnt ready so it..kunj looks at her in surprise ..
M- in angry tone- twinkle beta plz dont take his side , he is just like this only.. Lazy n irresponsible..
Kunj gets teary eyes to hear his words ‘irresponsibnle’ echos in his mind..
Twinkle looks at him n feels sad..
M- now will u keep looking at me or vl u show sm mercy on my compny n cm..
Kunj nods sadly.. Twinkle keeps looking at him bt kunj looks down n leaves .. Twinkle had his tiffin in her hnd n runs towrds him..
T- kunj..
He turns..
Manohar- kunj i m leaving , if u wanna cm den cm otherwse go n hv ur precious sleep..n he leaves
Kunj breaths angrily.. Twinkle agn feels sorry coz of her agn he got scolding..
T- k..unn..jj woo i m sorry.. Bt ur tiffin..
Kunj doesnt reacts n takes tiffin from her hnd n turns to leave..
T- ku..nnj..
He stops agn.. N shouts in an angry tone- now what?
Twinkle gets a bck .. He has tears in his eyes.. Twinkle also gets teary eyes .. She goes close to him..puts her hnd awkwrdly arnd him n hugs him tightly.. Kunj was lill ashamed that he shouted on her but she is just.. Twinkle waits for his hnd bt they didnt cm..twinkle whispers in his ears that evrythng vl b okay.. Kunj just stnds numb..n moves his head lill bit close to her neck .. But stops n moves bck..twinkle leaves him slowly with teary eyes.. Both exchange an eye lock momnt.. Kunj turns n leaves..

Twinkle goes in with teary eyes.. She sits to hv breakfast lost in kunj thoughts..
U- twinkle puttar? Twinkle??
She suddenly cms in senses..
T- ji mummy ji..
U- kya hua beta ..
T- kuch ni mummy ji..
U- thnking abt kunj ..jo abi kuch hua..
T- ji..
U- beta ye daily ka h..
T- bt mummy ji , y papa ji is always like this eith kunj.. I mean i shudnt sqy that.. Bt it feels like papa ji is not happy with kunj..
U- beta u cn say this.. Offcurse u r kunj’s wife u hv full ryt so say n ask that.. U r our family now..n rahi baat kunj n inki.. Yes der r few diff btvn them..
T- y ?
U-beta kunj is always been like this, he wasn’t good at studies , his frnds parties that was only his routine, n his father didnt like this, he wanted him to stnd on his legs.. He was always treated like a boss .. Bt kunj took it in a lavish manner n became like this.. Today also he has MBA. Degree bt that is worthless .. Coz he doesnt gets pass in any intrview v dont noe y..
T- interviews?
U- u dont noe? I thought kunj would hv told u.. He has given 13 interviews till now n he hasnt passed any of it.. Idk what this boy is upto.. What he does there ..
Twinkle thnks abt this n gies in her room..
T- not evn passd in 1 intrview idk , what goes in his mind.. I hv to do smthng.. I hv to hlp him.. Papa ji k saamne m kunj ko or sharminda hote huye nahi dekh skti.. Ik der must b sm reasn for his behavoiur at work place like this.. I hv to talk to him abt this.. She does sm research..

Kunj cms bck crm his offc ..
Twinj room-

T- kunj aagye tum..
K- hm.. He changes..
N stnds in the balcny..
T- kunj i wanted to ask u smthng..
K- twinkle first of all i wanted to say sorry for my mrng behaviour.. Idk what hpnd to me at that time..
Twinkle goes to the balcony n takes his hnd ..
T-kunj its oky.. Okay?
K- yeah.bolo kya baat thi?
T- wo mje mummy ji ne btaya u hv MBA degree..
K- ya i m MBA passed..
T- so tumne ussi ko pursue kr k jobs kyu nahi kri?
Kunj looks away ..
K- woo woo.. Twi..nkkle..
T- ahaan?
K- i wasnt abl to pass any interview
T- why kunj? U hv such a good knowledge..
K- teinkle, idk what hpns to me in frnt of. The interviewer..
T- u get panic?
Kunj feels irritated..
K- twinkle , kya bakwss krne beith gyi ho tum.. I donwant to talk abt this.. N in anger he tightens his grip..N turns to leave..
But twinkle holds his hand.. She goes near him n cups his face.. N kisses him on his forehead .. Kunj was still feeling bad frm inside, his fist tightened .. Had lines on his foreheqd.. She then kisses on his eyes.. Lines gets remvod frm his foreheqd.. She kisses his cheeks.. She looks at him.. He was looking at her with teary eyes.. She then opens his 1 shirt button.. N starts kissing on his neck.. Kunj loosens his fist his tensn gets less.. He was able to breath now.. She was still kissing n caressening his hair n nck n kunj starts to speak..
K- i ..ii.. Get.. Pa..nicc.. I .. Starts sw..eating.. Kunj feels her touch.. I .. Hv.. Th.ii.ss.. Fear..
Twinkle stops .. She looks at his face.. He has tears in eyes.. Both looks at each other passionately..
T- y didnt u tel me b4?
K- i..ii.. Thoo..uugh..tt.. U vl thnk.. Of me.. As a weak persn..
She cups his face..
T- u r not weak.. I will nvr thnk of that..
K- i m teinkle.. I m .. Weak..
He turns n hits his hnd on the balcony grill.. Twinkle runs towrds him n takes his hnd..
T- kunj u r not weak..
K- i m ..
She cups his fce..
T- u r not weak.. Look in my say n say that ..
K- twinkle..
T- kunj just say that..
K- ii..i.. Mm.. Nn..o..tt.. Wea..kk..
T- say that agn..
K- i. M .. No..tt.. Weak
T- agn..
K- i m.. Not.. Weak..
T- how abt saying that with a smile..
Kunj smiles a bit.. N says i m not weak..
T- thats like my kunj..
Tears fall down frm kunj’s eye..
T- arey..
K- twinkle i m blessed to hv u.. He hugs her passionately
T- u will b fine okay..
Kunj looks at her n smiles..
K- i lv u
T- i lv u too..
Kunj takes her hnd .. N they sleep..

****32th episode ends here****

Guys i hope u like it 🙂

Credit to: Pali

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