Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode-31)


Thnkew thnkew thnkew ???
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Okay guys ! I m CONTINUING..


T- kkuu..nnjj pllzz leave me..
K- u want me to leave u? Sure..
T- no.. I mean yes..
Kunj laughs .. Twinkle closes her eyes in awkwardness..
K- ur eyes r sayng smthng ekse n ur wrds smthng else..
T- which do u thnk cnt lie?
Looking deeply into his eyes..

K- ur eyes!
Twinkle shys n jerks him away..she leaves smiling..
The marriage gets ovr n everyone departe for their respective placea..


Twinj room..
They were changing twinkle in washroom.. Kunj in room..
She cms out..
T- i m soo tired .. Shit my legs r paining soo much..my bck is paining like hell..
K- same here..
T- ya bt u boys cnt undrstnd our pain..
K- how cm..
T- yes v hv to wear high heels.. That aches alot..
K- so dont wear it simple..
T- acha .. N wat if i say i hv a husbnd like u who is 6 feet .. So to mtch u smwhere ..
K- i like short girls.. Winking at her.. So dont wear it okay..
T- ni dear husbnd its not like that.. Wearng heels gvs us a nice posture n an elegance walk..
K- oh acha ya ryt lemme show u..
T- wat ?
K- how u girls walk..
T- oo.. Plz sir..

Kunj gets up n goes at the door.. He gvs a turn to face twinkle .. He starts walking shaking his booty one tym on lft den on ryt.. Twinkle laughs with widened eyes.. He stnds near her n pouts first on ryt den on lft side n puts his hnd on his waist..
Twinkle starts clapping.. N laughs madly.. Kunj suddenly cms in senses n says wah kunj tune apni izzat khud he lutvaadi ..
T- wah kunj mje toh pta he ni tha u r so goid at dis.. I mean walking like a girl.. She laughs.. Kunj feels lill embarrassing.. Bt ignrs looki g at her laughnf..
Twinkle sits down laughing n touches her bck in pain..
Kunj looks at her in pain..
K- do u want a massage?
T- what did u just say..
K- i asked do u want a massage..
T- who will gv me a massage?
K- ur dear husband..
T- srsly?
K- yeah.. N i sure u will love it.. Im good at it tio..
T- okay..lill surprised
Both sits on bed n kunj behind her..
He starts moving his hand on her shoulder.. She starts feeking relief..
T- it feels so good..
K- told u..

Now kunj gets closer to her shoulder.. Twinkke feels that he is cmng closer..
He strts kissing her shoulder.. Twinkle moves a lill bcoz of his touch..
Kunj moves his hand frm her shoulder to her hand.. Twinkke turns to face him..
She was gttng nervous..
T- thnkew soo much for the massage.. N tries to get up fast but kunj pulls her .. She falls on him..
K- no 1 is sparing u today..
T- kk..uun..jjj..
K- sshh twinkle ..
He goes for her lips.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. Kunj parts his lips for a passionate kiss.. Both breaths faster , they smells each other.. They could hear each other’s breathing..
K- i love u..
T- i love u too..smiles..

N they finally gies for a kiss.. Their lips meet.. Both caresses his hair n hv a passionate moment.. They starts melting in each other.. They stops the kiss.. N kunj takes her in her arms.. N places her properly on the bed.. Kunj goes close to her.. Twinkle feels nervous n cliches the bedsheet ..
K- dont b nervous..
T- h..mmm..
She takes his collar n pulls him towrds him.. N kisses him on his cheeks , nose , eyes .. Earshell..
Kunj switches off the room lights n only lamp lights were on..kunj kisses her bare nck .. Nose .. Eyes.. Forehead.. Bites her ears.. Twinkle suddenly stops him..kunj looks at her in surprise.. Kunj moves n both lies hugging each other..
T- kunj kunj..
K- hmm.. Kissing her back..
T- remmbr how v met?
K- how cn i forget that day .. Wen i frst saw u
T- n u smashed my car..
K- gawd u cnt ..u still thnks i did that.. Twinkle laughs n he smiles..
He turns her towrds him..
K- evrytym v met , it was a signl frm god that v r meant to b together..
T- forevr .. Kunj kisses on her forehead..
T- remmbr the deal?
K- haha yes, nthng is gng as pr the deal..
T- not xctly , our deal was that v vl remain frnds evn after marriage .. That v still r ryt,
K- ya teri deal m he jhol tha u didnt mentn that there should also not b any husbnd wife relationship..
T- haww .. Ryt ye toh socha he ni..

Kunj hugs her tightly..
Both sleeps in that position aftr a while..
Kunj thnks : i will nvr let anythng hpn to her.. I love her so much i cant evn inagine that i will ever love sm1 this muchzz.. After in college i was so……..

***31th episode ends here***

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Credit to: Pali

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