Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode-30)


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K- guys calm down its a game..teinkle go for it..
Twinkle looks at kunj..
T- i will nvr cheat on kunj, i cnt evn thnk of doing this.. Ik i will nvr fnd a better guy then him.. So ders no point of cheatng on him..
Kunj smiles at her..
Aryan- okay so as pr the dare.. U said no.. Den dance with me..
Kunj looks at twinkle n he wanted to punch aryan as evn if he is doing this for fun now it was turnng sm other way..
Twinkle n aryan gets up..
Sm lill romantic song gets played.. Aryan asks for her hand.. He cms close to her.. They dances.. Looking at each other.. Kunj wasnt liking this at all so he looks here n der.. They danced for a while.. Kunj was fuming.. Twinkle suddenly looks at kunj’s face n leaves aryan.. N says i m done with ny dare.. N she goes n sits nxt to kunj n takes his hnd in her..
T- kunj…
He turns his face to face her..
T- i m only urs..
Kunj nods.. Both smiles at each other..twinkle cups his face..
T- u didnt like when i danced with aryan?
K- i didnt..
T- he is just my frnd.. Okay?
K- okay..
T- ik his dare was bit wierd bt he is like dis only , he takes evrythng fun..
K- i hope so..
T- hm..

It got late so evryone slept here n der at taneja’s ..

Wedding day –

Kunj gets up n goes to girls room n asks frm outisde abt twinkle .. They tells him that she is not here..
He searches for her , here n der.. Bt doesnt finds her.. He then goes to the balcony.. N looks n finds twinkle n aryan watering plants.. Both laughing loudly.. He ignores it thnking abt twinkle’s words bt yes he was smwhere jealous n he wasnt likibg their closeness.. Coz smwhere he starts doubtng on aryan..

He dresses up .. N strts hlping out leela.. Twinkle cms to him n says Mrng by kissing him on his cheeks.. He smiles n wishes her the same.. Aryan feels awkwrd looking at them..

Some rituals get performed.. N marriage strts.. Twinkle cms their dressed in a elegant designed legengha in royal blue n golden col. She was looking breath taking,. Kunj cms down frm stairs n he was looking damn hot..
T- sm1 ‘s looking hot..
K- n sm1’s looking breath taking..
Both smiles.. They hug each other .. Bt suddenly the dori of her blouse opens..
T- kk..unjj… Meri blou.see ki dorri..
K- wait.. He keeps her hand.. N pins her to the pillar.. He ties the knot.. Twinkle closes her eyes bcoz of the touch of his fingers.. He then kisses on her shoulder..
T- kunj .. Leave me.. He leaves her suddenly listening to aryan’s voice…. Aryan cms n calls her pataka u looking hot.. Twinkle laughs at this.. N kunj gets real angry n leaves frm der..

A- abey tera husbnd kuch zada he khadoos ni h.,
T- aryan its nthng lyk that..
A- oh really he is jealous of us..
T- he is not.. N do rmmbr u r talking ant my husbnd..
A- woi toh dikkat h..
T- u said smthng?
A- nthng.. N twinkle leaves..

Uvi makes an heroic appearance in white n golden sherwani .. Chinki cms n dey exchanges the garland.. Evryone looks hpy..
Twinkle goes to kunj as he was ignoring her frm 1 hr..
T- kunj wat is this..
K- wat?
T- u r ignoring me
K- i m not
T- yes u r ..
K- coz u hv nice cmpny out der ..
T- u meant abt aryan..
Kunj nods n looks away..
T- its enough now, i hv got tired now xplaining u that there is nthng btvn me n him.. But u r just not undrstnding me. I guess u dont trust me..
N she leaves in anger with teary eyes frm there…
Kunj turns to look at her n feels bad.. He thnks kunj u hv made her also feel bad but wat abt me ha.. I m not liking their togetherness n closeness so wat cn i do.. N she is just not undrstndng this.. She just cnt see how much i love her n i cnt bare her with sm1 else..

Twinkle goes n sits on a chair looking at uvi n chinki.. N has tearyy eyes.. N thnks kunj is not actng mature today he has really gone crazy.. He cnt see in my eyes that how much purely i love him.. He stil thnks i cn betray him.. He doesnt trust me.. Babaji plz hlp us out..
Ik he is not liking aryan bt cnt he just undrstnd he is just a frnd to me.. Nthng else..

Kunj cms n stands near her but she ignores n leaves to take a photograph woth the new couple on stage..
Uvi asks her where is kunj n she says idk.. Kunj also cms on stage.. Twinkle ignrs him.. They than click pics with the couple.. Twinkle kept her hnd the bck of them n so does kunj.. He keeps her on her hand .. Twinkle removes her hnd .. He agn holds her hand n twinkle tries to take her hand bt he doesnt leaves.. Kunj looks at twinkle .. But she was still angry..
She then leaves frm stage..
Uvi asks him wat hpnd tp her.. He tells him the whole thng.. Uvi gvs him a suggestion that bro ik how much u both love each other.bro girls like words more.. Just say it … Just say that to each other then see ur trust vl build up in a secnd.. Kunj smiles n thnks yes.. I hv to tell her hiw much i love her..’

Uvi n chinki fera’s starts.. Kunj cms n stands nxt to twinkle..
K- i need to talk to u ..
T- i dont want to..
K- twinkle i m sorry.. Please atleast listen to me..
Twinkle leaves frm there..

Aryan cms to twinkle n sees her cryng..
A- twinky u cryng..
T- plz leave me alone aryan..
A- how cn i leave u cryng here ha?
T- just go..
A- i knew u r not happy with kunj..
Twinkle looks at him with surprise..
A- i knew he is not keeping u happy.. Now u dont look the old twinky .. Yr.. He has chnged u.. Twinkle still surprised..
A- thats y i hv cm here, tje sirf m khush rkh skta hu twinkle ..srf m .. Sirf tera aryan.. Koi kunj tje khush nhi rkh skta..

Twinkle undrstnds evrythng that yes he intentionally was making diff btvn me n kunj.. Si that he gets jealousd n i shout on him..
She stands in Anger n gives a tight slap on aryan’s face.aryan shocked..
T- i so much misunderstood u aryan.. U deserve much more then this slap.. N dont evn say a word nxt tym abt my kunj.my husband kunj… Did u get that.. N she leaves frm der..

She runs n searches for kunj she thnks I said so much to kunj he must b so disheartened.. Oh babaji where is kunj..
Kynj was also searching for her only..
Suddenly both faces each other.. Both gets a broad smile seeing each other.. Twinkle runs to kunj n he opens his arms.. She hugs him tightly n kunj picks her up a lill..
Both sayng sorry to each other..
Twinkle was cryng .. He puts her down n clears her face..
K- i m so sorry twinkle for not undrstnding u ..
T- i m so sorry kunj..
K– shhh its okay..
They hug each other agn passionately..
Kunj caresses her hair.. He faces her now.. N he starts breathng faster..
K- twinkle i wanted to say smthng to u…. Twinkle looks at in surprise..
T- evn i wanted to say smthng but first u..
K- twinkle i love u..Twinkle looks at him in surprise..
Kunj- i really love u twinkle.. I love so much .. Icnt evn express ..
Twinkle smiles at him ..
T- kunj evn i love u.. I love u kunj..
K- i love u too.. Both smiles at each other .. N hugs each other ..passionately..
Kunj kisses her on her forehead..
Suddenly they hear a voice shaadi sampan huyi ab aap pati patni h..
They looks in surprise n runs to the mandap..
They both were endlessly smiling..
The marriage gets over n ppl starts to leave..
Uvi n chinki takes blessings frm their elders n leaves for their first night which was arranged in sm resort..

Kunj eyes twinkle .. Twinkle looks at him in a wat..
K- aryan is cmng towrds u..
T- dont worry ..
He cms..
A- twinky i m sorry !
Twinkle n kunj shocked..
T- what do u mean..
A- i m really sorry to both of u for what i did n for what i was planning to do..
Kunj tightens his fist.. In anger..
A- plz forgive .. U both really make the best couple .. N i was trybg to seperate u..
T- no 1 cn seperate us.. By taking kunj’s hand..
A- ik n me i m auch a fool..
K- yes big 1 .. Btw y did u do that..
A- dude .. I like twinkle.. I mean i love her..
K- dont say that ever agn otherwse nxt tym wen u vl open ur eyes u vl b in hospital..
Twinkle laughs..
A – oops okay..i m sorry..
T- aryan if u do like me.. I undrstnd ur feelings bt i m married okay n i love kunj.. Only kunj..
Kunj looks at her with a braod smile..
K- nd i love more..
Both smiles at each other..
K- bro no hard feelings.. Try on sm1 else ..
A- yesh..
He leaves.. Twinj turns to face each other..
K- i love u..
T- i love u too..
Both smiles n kisses on each other’s cheeks..
She leaves him.. But kunj wasnt ready to leave her..he was just gettng closer to lips..
T- kunj.. V r not in our room..
K- idc..

***30th episode ends here***

I guess guys nxt would b my last episode .. I m really glad for all of urs comments n appreciation.. This was like a family.. Daily cmng here checking out other’s post ur lovely comments it was just a gr8 time pass .. Thnks for evry singl love.. I will really miss u all .. Thnkew 🙂
More love ?
God bless u all

Credit to: Pali

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