Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 3)


So i m again here with one new episode yes i m posting very fast bcoz honestly i like all dis writing stuffs and ol soo I hope u guys like it 🙂


The episode starts with kunj standing with his arm stretched

Kunj- I m kunj saran

Twinkle looks at him ignores his hand and just says I m twinkle . kunj just smirks by looking down and back off his hand. kunj keep looking at twinkle all the time while she was talking with kunj’s family members. Twinkle notices this and runs away by telling her mother that I have to meet my friends. When she was leaving she turned to glance at kunj and founds that he was staring at her only.

Twinkle with her friends.

Chinki- wow twinkle u r so lucky he is really giving u attention ha? 😉

Sara(some other friend of twinkle)- exactly chinki *_*

Twinkle- wooh wooh girls calm down I m twinkle taneja he is no where near me and cant be. So keeps ur hopes down. And wse b he is not that smart .(twinkle turns again to see him. She now notices him from top to bottom and smiles to herself but doesnot shows. kunj was talking to sm people)

Kunj asks her mother that where is Amaya(his lill sister). She says must be smwhere here only.he turns and finds Amaya standing behind him

Amaya – booo bhai

Kunj – amaayya woo mei darr gya apni chotti behen se .(he hugs her tightly and revolves her in his arms).twinkle was watching all this from far but was showing nothing and smiles .

Amaya – bhai how r u ?? N what a pleasant surprise ..btw did u meet twinkle di , yuvi’s sister ?she is great ..

Kunj – amaya will u just ask me one thing at a time 😀 btw i m hot as always (winks) and yeash she is standing there in that lovely dress and with a cute smile. (not realizing what he said)

Amaya- bhai ahem ahem. I understood u have met her and u have really met her .(laughs). kunj coughs and realizes . gives his famous one eyebrow up look.

Kunj – now come lets meet with some food.(both laughs and goes to food parlour).twinkle was also there with her friends.kunj was drinking mocktail and by mistake falls on someone’s dress.

Kunj turns and says I m soo sorry and looks at the pretty face of twinkle.twinkle gets shocked and shouts now not my dress. She gives him a furious look . Kunj feels sorry and offers her his handkerchief. She takes it and leaves by givig him an angry look.kunj looks at her while she was going and kunj looks up asks y babaji u r again and again putting in a mess with her only now toh she will definitely kill me .

***3rd episode ends here****

More to come.. I hope u lyk 🙂

Credit to: Pali

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