Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode-28)

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Episode – 28

Everyone was running here n der to get ready .. Decorations were still not complete..
Leela was looking tensed.. Kunj suddenly holds her n says to calm down..
K- maa ..maa .. Calm down..
L- kse puttar.. Nothng is done yet n in 1 hr evry1 will arrive..
K- ik ik shh.. Calm down n sit here.. He makes her drink water.. Dont evn dare to get upnow..
L- bt puttar..
Twinkle was looking downstaris at them..
K- no bt vtt.. M sb krata hu n u sit .. Dekho ab sb kse hota h..
Leela smiles n sits..
Kunj makes evry1 undrstnd their jobs n in smtym only he manages to make almost evrythng ready.. Twinkle was looking at him n was smiling to her slf ..kunj suddenly looks up stairs n finds twinlle looking at him..
He was wrapped in sm decorations thng.. He waves at her n suddenly falls .. Twinkle starts laughing..
L- kunj puttar tikh h na
K- ji maa..
N kunj awkwrdly gets up n leaves frm here there with one eyebrow up look.. Twinkle smiles ..
She cms down with her cousin .. Leela n kunj were stnding together..
T- maa i m going to parlour..
L- with
T- yug.. Vl drop me.. Kunj looks at her n twinkle smirks..
Twinkle leaves with yug kunj looks at her gng with a sad face..
Twinkle cms outside n feels that she should call kunj..
T- yug
Yug- haa di..
T- call kunj. I vl go with him..
Yug- okay m bulata hu.. He goes to kunj n kunj cms rushing with a broad smile..
K- u calld me..
T- i didnt called u ..yug had to do smthng imp. So he said m ni jaa ra ..
K- ohhh.. Teinkle gives him the car keys n kunn tries to touch her fingers..
T- 10 feets ..
K- hell yr..
Twinkle laughs n both smiling at each other sits in the car..n drops her to the parlour..
K- how will u b cmng bck?
T- der is one of my cousin who will pick me up frm here.. So dont worry..
K- okay.. U hv ur fon ..
T- yup fully chrged
K- cool.. He leaves ..

Sangeet ceremony !

Uvi was dressed in perfect black with green shine jodhpuri suit.. He was just dashing for his day.. Chinkin was a lehengha n was looking very beautiful..
Kunj was wearing mehroon col. Indo western..
L- kunj puttar where is twinkle?
K- idk maa ..
L- call her puttAr she always gets late ..
K- yes ma.. He calls teinkle n looks at the door n finds twinkle coming waving her phone.. She was lookimg very hot..kunj gets mesmerized to see her.. She was wearing red blouse n golden colour lenhenga.. She walks elegantly towrds kunj.. Kunj walks towrds her..
She smiles at kunj but kunj cms in her way..
T- u r forgettng smthng stay 10feet away..She leaves.. But kunj says u r looking very hot .. Twinkle stops n smiles to herslf.. Kunj talks to herslf haaye isski nakhre n adda maar he daalenge mje..

The ceremony starts .. Uvi makes chinki wear the ring n chinki wores him the ring.. Ervyone claps n teinkle n kunj looks at each other smiling..
Later on twinkle was with leela n searches for kunj.. She finds kunj sitting with few girls n flirting with dem..
Twinkle to herslf- these boys..
Kunj looks at twinkle n finds her feeling jealous he acts more n flirts more with the girls..
Twinkle walks towrds him n sits nxt to him..kunj gets up thinking abt his punishmnt n in a way to jealous her..
Bt she holds him by his collar n pulls him towrds herslf.. N looks staright into his eyes.. Kunj looks at her with nauthhy smile..
K- leave me mrs twinkle.. I m on a punishmnt..
T- in a fuming tone- dont evn dare to get up okay.. Sit right here..
K- but what abt 10feets n my punishmnt..
Twinkle talks in a nuaghty tone..
T- u were on punishmnt not me.. U r no allowed to cm close to me.. Bt i cn ..
Kunj smiles..
K- yes yes plz cm close to me..
Twinkle pushes him away n smiles.. N says jhalla..
Kunj lies on the grnd.. N says haayee..

Evryone starts celebrating..
Uvi- so guys as its my ceremony so daance vaance toh hona he chahye ryt..
Eveyone- ryt! Evryone claps..
Uvi n chinki dances on sm romantic song.. Mesmerized n lost in each other eyes.. They suddenly break their eyecontct when eveyone starts clapping..
Uvi- now teinkle n kunj ur turn..
Kunj- ohno bro i m on sm punishmnt..
Evryone laughs..
Suddenly a song gets played.. N kunj looks in frnt n finds twinkle dancing..
On jhalla mera balma jhalla .. Balla..mera ashique jhaala.. Aaa..
Kunj smiles at her.. Sm1 pushes kunj also n twinkle was abt to fall coz of kunj’s push.. But kunj holds her again.. N they share an eyecontct moment.. In that position only.. Kunj says very silntly in her ears .. I m sorry plz stop this punishmnt now it’s unbearable.. Twinkle smiles n keeps her hand arnd his nck.. Both looks at each other lovingly..Evryone claps n they leave each other awkwrdly..

They leaves for sarna’s
Twinj room – night..
Teinkle cms out changed n ignores kunj .. Kunj looks at her in surprise that what hpnd to her now..
K- now what..
Twinkle doesnt replies.
K- kya hua twinkle..
T- nthng..
K- what did i do..
T- yaya u toh dont do anythng.. M he krti hu na sb.. Kunj looks confused..
K- will u just tell me what did i do.. Then only i will b abl to xplain na..
T- acha for flirting sm other gls u vl hv explanation to that..
Kunj looks at her with one eyebrow up look.. He cms close to her n smells..
K- i cn see fire .. See dhuya b h..
T- huh..
K- u r jealous..
T- no i m not..
K- aww u r ..
He walks to her n tries to take her hnd bt she takes her hnd bck..
T – dont touch me , go n touch them only..
K- twinkle .. I wasnt flirting with them.. They were talking abt us only.. That cute v look..
T- dont lie.. N she turns to leave ..
K- dont b jealous.. Bcoz there’s nthng to b jealous Abt.. I m only urs.. Twinkle smiles to herslf bt doesnt turns..
K- now dont just smile to urslf.. He walks towrds her n faces her..
K- i cnt evn think of looking at sm othr gl bcoz i hv eyes only for u.. Twinkle looks at him n kunj looks in her eyes.. Kunj walks towrds her..
K- i just cnt take my eyes off u..
Twinkle hugs kunj tightly n cliches his shirt.. Both closes their eyes n feels each other presence..both remains in that hug position n teinkle kisses on his neck then on cheeks .. Kunj smiles.. She kisses his ear shell.. Kunj breaths deeply.. Kunj faces twinkle now.. He looks at her lips n twinkle moves her fingers on his head n caresses his hair.. Both touches each other forehead n smiles to each other.. Looks dirctly into each other’s eye.. Kunj cms close to her lips.. Their heart beats faster.. Both closes each their eyes.. N finally their lips meets.. When suddenly twinkle fons rings.. N twinkle leaves him.. Both stnds awkwrdly .. Twinkle runs for the call n picks it.. N kunj stnds their thinking that babaji wen will u let us kiss each other.. Haa.. Everytym u r doin smthng or the other.. Twinkle bites her while talking on fon.. She keeps the call ..
T- maa k fon tha..
K – kya bol ri thi, abhi b kaam ki tension le ri thi.. Kya?
T- nahi . Wo kal jldi bula ri thi hum sbko .. Haldi h kal so..
K- okay chalo bdia .. He goes to his sode of bed..
T- kunj i wanted to say thnkew to u..
K- thnkew kyu..
T- wo tum meri mumma ki itni repsct n hlp krte ho i feel really blessed to hv u as a husband..
K- oho twinkle leela maa .. Is not inly ur maa now she is my maa too.. So agar koi beta apni mumma ki hlp krta h toh koi uske liye thnkew bole toh uss bete ko kse lgega ..
T- tum inne ache kyu ho kunj..
Kunj smiles..
K- kyunki u came in my life ..for that i hv to b lill nice ryt..
Twinkle smiles at him.. N both sleeps on their aides of bed..

***28th episode ends here ****


Credit to: Pali


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