Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode-27)


Episode- 27

Twinkle keeps her hand arnd his neck n kunj smiles.. Twinkle moves closer to his nck n kisses it .. She moves her nose arnd his nck n kunj puts his hand on his waist ..
Twinkle feels his touch n feels shy.. So she leaves him n starts to run.. Kunj runs towrds her n in this attempt they both fall.. Twinkle on kunj..
K- omg twinkle get up .. My bck..
T- u r calling me fat?
K- no teinkle i m not .. My bck is paining..
T- ohho .. U got sprain i guess.. She moves.. N kunj feels pain in his back.. Kunj tries to get up with her hlp.. Kunj opens his shirt buttons bt feels pain..
K- ahhh oucchh..
T- wait leave wait.. Lemme.. Open..

She opens his button one by one n kunj keeps looking at her all the time.. She takes out his shirt.. N then the his vest..
Kunj feels pain.. N clinches in pain.. Twinkle looks at his bare body.. N feels its too hot.. Damn it.. He has a body to die for.. Kunj looks at her n laughs..
K- what r u planning to do..
T- what nothng..wo bs..
K- meri izaat ko haath b lagane ki koshish mt krna..
Twinkle comes close to his face n says i m not interested in u..
K- oooo.. Then who is looking at my hot body like that..
Twinkle smirks n gets up .. She brings pain relief cream.. N sits behind him.. N touches his bareback..kunj closes his eyes..
T-is it paining?
K- nope..
T- now?
K- nope.. She plans n pinches her nails in his bck..
He screams .. Ouch.. Twinkle..
T- ohoo sorry sorry.. N laughs.. Kunj undrstnds her plan n smiles..
T- done..
She gets up to leave..
K- who wil get me up frm the grnd now..
T- get up urslf..
K- i cnt .. I hv pain in my bck..

T- so what u cn get up ..
She starts to leave bt he pulls her ..
K – get me up.. Otherwse i wont leave u..
Twinkle- acha.. Kunj smirks.. She tries to get him up .. Kunj was feeling pain..
T- is it bad.. ?

K- yes its bad.. I wasnt joking..
T- sry cm lie down on bed.. He lies down on bed shirtless ..
Twinkle caresses his hair ..
T- u should should sleep now .. Okay..
K- hmm.. He smiles n closes his eyes.. Twinkle puts blanket on his body.. While she was doing this her hands were close to his face so kunj suddenly kisses on her hnd.. Twinkle feels the touch..
T- kunj.. Sleep .. Both smiles to themselves..twinkle also sleeps thinking abt eveythng that hpn today n finally looking at kunj’s face she feels relaxed so she sleeps..

Nxt day

Leela cms to their house..
T- maa aap!
L- haa beta .. Ek khush khabri deni thi.. Sbko bola le..
She calls evryone.. Kunj cms n touches her feets for blessings..
Usha- leela ji .. Btayiye ksi khush khanri deni thi ..
L- usha ji , bebe,, twinkle , kunj .. Uvi has decided to get married..
Evryone smiles ..
T- what?
K- u r not happy twinkle..
T- kunj i m hell happy bt very angry too bhai didnt tell me.. That he has askd chinki for marriage also..
Ervryone laughs..
L- haa puttar usne kal he pucha h usse n she said yes!
Usha- thats gr8 leela ji..
Bebe- i m vrry hppy for uvi.. Chinki is a nyc gl..
L- ji bebe .. I m really blessed that both of my children r settled now.. Uvi will soon get married n twinkle seems so hapy in her new life..i m lucky to hv kunj as my son in law..
Twinkle n kunj smiles at each other..
K- bt i m bery angry at u maa..

L- q puttar mne kya kia..
K- smtyms toh u call me ur puttar nd today u calld me ur son in law.. This is not fair ryt..
Evryone laughs..twinkle looks at kunj livingly.. N thinks he treats my mom as his mom thnku babaji..
L- nahi nahi puttar tu toh mera puttar h .. Just like uvi..
Kunj hugs leela n kisses on her forehead lovingly.. Twinkle looks at them n feels hpy..
T- maa where is bhai.. I hv to talk to him.. How could he hide such a big thng frm me haa..
L- he is at home only..
T- acha , m abhi ati hu.. She starts to leave.. Bt
K- umm m b chalu.. She stops on hearing his voice n smiles..
L- ha ha puttar tu b ja.. Kunj also leaves with her .. They kept smiling at ech other all time..


T- bhai ?? Bhai ..
Uvi comes down frm stairs..
U- hey my lill sis ksi h?? Hey bro hows u kunj..
K- m bs bdia.. Teri shaamat h aj bs..
Twinkle starts hitting him..
U- arey arey kya kri yr..
T- u didnt tell me abt ur marriage n mje ye baat ab sabke saamne pta chal ri h
She hits him agn..
U- oucch twinkle.. Yr sunn toh

T- mje ni sunna.. Chalo kunj..
K- hum idher bs maarne aaye thei isse .. Twinkle givs him disgusted looks..
U- no no wait wait. See i m sorry.. Ye le .. Im holding my ears .. Now toh forgive me.. Yr..
T- i wont..
K- exctly kuch toh uvi tje krna he pdega ..
U- kunj tu meri side h ya iski?
Teinkle looks at kunj.. Uvi looks at him with hope..
K- m wo m .. M offcourse twinkle ki side hu..
Teinkle smiles ..
Uvi- bhai ?
K- kya kru bhai .. Smj yr..
U- u married ppl i tell u..
Twinkle hits uvi n says u will also get married soon dont forgt that..
All laughs..
K- so bhai.. Sb functns n ol ka kya decide kia..
U- bhai marvayega kya.. Functns n sb ab twinkle decide kregi..
Twinkle smiles..
T- xctly .. Now i will take charge n koi kuch ni bolega.. Okay..
U- done..
K- n wat abt if sm1 wants to hlp..

Twinkle looks at kunj .. N smirks ..
T- hlp .. Not required..
U- tutututu.. Bchara kunj..
Kunj gives a sad look.. Twinkle smileS..

Both leaves for sarna’s after hvng sm fun ..

Twinj room..

Both gets in..
K- cant i hlp u ?
T- noo..
Twinkle was keeping smthng in almirah.. She turns n finds kunj very close to her..
T- kunj..
K- yes .. So i cnt hlp u ha?
T- kitni baar no bolu..
Kunj gets close her face n tries to kiss her but twinkle shrugs him away n laughs ..
T- fine if u really want to hlp me .. Den fine u cnhlp me..but durr se .. N she leaves..
K- durr se haa.. He smiles..

Nxt day
.. Kunj gets up n looks but doesnt finds twinkle ..
K- twinkle??
K-twinkle.. He search for her her n der .. N calls her..
K- twinkle.
T- kunj

K- where r u ?
T- kunj i m at taneja’s .. Maa ne bola tha function k liye tayari k baare m discuss krna tha soo..
K- okay bt atleast u shud hv told me..
T- oho mr.possesive husband i just came at my mother’s house for that i guess there was no need to any sort of permission… N btw maa tumhe b bula rahi h..
K- its not abt permission .. He gets lill angry n keeps the call..
Twinkle uffo kunj b na inni jldi gussa hota h my god bt koi ni isse toh m aise manna lungi..

Kunj cms .. N looks here n there offcurse his eyes were searchig for her only.
L- kunj puttar aagya tu..
K- ji maa aapne bulaya or m na aayu..
Twinkle cms der ..Kunj looks at her n looks at other side.. Twinkle smiles ..
T- sm1’s late..
K- coz sm1 didnt wake me up b4 leaving..
T- dat isnt my duty..
K- it is.. Twinkle looks at her with lill naughtiness..
L- oho tum dono b na.. Teinkle tu mere sath aa .. N kunj u go to uvi .. He needs u ..both leaves in oppo dirctns iving ech othe angry looks..

Kunj goes to uv was bzy tryng this suit..
U- hey bhai aagya tu.
K- yup bol how cn i hlp..
U- see i hv these 2 suit for the night.. Which 1 should i wear in todays sangeet n ceremony..
K- okayy.. Lemme see.. Kunj was looking for the suits n suddenly he recalls the moment when he was tryng his suit in trail n how teinkle cms in n makes him wear the shirt.. He smiles to himslf..
U- ohh day dreamer .. Hlp me out bro..
K- oya .. Wear this one .. U r looking smart in this one.
U- pka..
K- ekdm..
Twinkle cms ..
T- no bhai not this one the other one.. Dont go on his choice .. He has very bad taste in selectng ..
Kunj gvs an angry look to her..
K- no bhai wear this one.. M bol ra hu ..
Uvi looks at them confused
T- this one bro..
K- this one..
T- i m ur sister bro..
K- i m ur bro in law bro..
T- noo..
U- shut up.. Keep ur mouth shut u both.. I will go n ask maa.. U guys continue ..madbonze..he leaves..
Kunj gives an angry look to twinkle n starts to leave..but teinkle holds his hand… He turns to face her..
K- what..
T- u r still angry with me for meng..
K-nahi nahi gusse hone ka haqq toh sirf aapke pass he h..
T- kunj listen..
K- i always do..
T- i didnt wake u up bcoz u were sleeping .. Last night u fell..
K- v well..
T- ya i mean v fell
K- u on me..he starts walking closer to her n twinkle atarts gng bck..
T – ryt.. So bcoz of which u got sprain..
K- coz u were on me..
T- zctly. So i thot of not waking u up so that u cn relax..
K- ohk.. I m sorry for misundrstnding u.. But u could hv atleast woke me up trlling that u leaving..
Now she was pinned to the almirah n kunj was very close to her..
T- if i would hv woke u up for this then tumhe dubara neend ni aati..
K- ooo i see.. He keeps one of his hnd on her waist n other on the almorah..
T- kunj sm1 will cm..
K- so what u r offcually my wife ..
K- so i should get sm punishmnt ryt..
T- defintely for not understanding me..

K- ryt so i m ready ..
T- dekh lo.. Kbhi baadmei pachtayoo
K- i wont.. He touches her cheeks with his.. N twinkle closes her eyes..
T- yea got the punishmnt .. Stay 10feets away frm me.. This is ur punishmnt..
Kunj gets shocked n looks at twinkle with surprise .. Twinklle smiles to herslf..
K- what r u kidding me..
T- not at ol..
K- no no no..
T- yes yes yes..
She pushes him away ..

T- 10feets remmber..
K- twinkle ? Twinkle?
She has already left smiling..
K- twinkle ye tune acha ni kia..
He hits his head n thinks tje jada punishmnt ki pdi thi na ab bhukto..

***27th episode ends here ****

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