Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode-26)


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T- what do u mean..
V- oho twinkle dont act sweet , u noe what exctly i mean..
T- shut up n leave me ..
He doesnt moves , twinkle tries to push him bt fails..
T- i said vivian let me go.. Othrwse i
V- otherwse wat .. U will tell kunj that v were dis much close ..v evn shared bed ahaan .. Like not only once blki many time..
T- shut the fu** up , vivian .. V nvr shared bed okay..
V- ik ik bt they dont.. I will tell them all evrythng bt there will b my spice in it too..
T- vivian u r very evil.. I hate u.. I didnt noe u will b like dis..
V- aww baby ik u dont hate me.. U really love me..
T- no i dont ..

V- aww that gussa on ur nose makes u look more hot ..
T- shut up! N leave me ..she pushes him with full force n he gets bck..
T- nxt tym dont evn try to cm close to me..she leaves.
V- nxt tym, i wont evn leave u..huh..

Kunj had already lft for his office..

Twinkle decides so meet uv..leela wasnt at home n uv was der so she goes..


Uv- hello baby..
T- hey bhai , both hugs ..
U- wat hpnd, wen u calld me u were sounding tensed..
T- bhai cm here .. They sits ..
T- bhai .. I want to ask u 1 thng.. Plz dont lie..
V- okay .. I nvr lie to u twinkle..
T- ik bhai bt .. Okay remmbr vivian..
He gets up n fumes..
V- how cn i forget that blo*dy bastard..Bt y u asking abt him..
T- bhai he is bck..
V- wat ? Did u see him?
T- u r talking abt seeing him.. I see him daily he is at sarna’s ..
V- what
T- yes he is papa ji’s frnd son.. N he came to our house to stay for a while..
V- i will not leave him.. He starts walking in anger..
T- bhai wait..
V- twinkle he came bck to trouble u.. U noe that..
T- i do bhai i do..

V- so wat u want me to do..
T- just tell me one thng, he sent few messages for me, n u didnt let dem reach to me..??
V- messages ? He gvs confused look..
T- yes bhai he said he sent n u didnt let dem reach me coz u didnt like him frm the beginning..
He turns ..
V- see twinkle .. Ik i didnt like him frm the beginning but i didnt do anythng such.. After ol y wud i do that .. Just bcoz i didnt like him .. Naaa .. He is lying..
T- i knew u wont do anythng such..
V- ya nvr..
She hugs him n leaves frm der..
SHe was just cmng out of taneja’s mansion lost in thoughts.. Suddenly a car stops in frnt of her..She closes her eyes..
He cms down n says cnt u see .. Where were u lost haa.. She opens her eyes n finds kunj standing in frnt of her.. She hugs him.. He caresses her hair..
K- twinkle what hpn .. U should walk safely.. Right .. Where were u lost?
T- wo kunj .. M abhi uvi bhai se milne gyi thi..
K- okay..

T- bs ase dekha ni tumhe aate huye..
K- nxt tym b careful okay.. Tumhe kuch ho gya toh i will di.. She puts her finger on his lips..
T- shh nvr say that agn okay.. Tumhe kuch nahi hoga..
K- tumhe b nahi.
Both smiles..
Kunj tells her that he has to meet sm of his frnds frm office so he will cm late..So he leaves..


Twinj room..
Twinkle was watchng tv just then her fon beeps.. She gets a txt frm kunj..
Surprise surprise
Cm n meet me in paradise hotel
Room no.-101 ..now..
Twinkle sees this n gets hpy seeing the txt frm kunj.. She thinks he will finally say those 3 magicl words to me.. It would b just prfct..

She gets ready in a grey , blck n pink saree n looks stunning.. She tells usha n leaves for the hotel in her car..
She asks the receptionist abt the directns n reaches room no.101
She opens the gate.. The room was dark, lights were al over the place.. She could seee rose petals n silent music playing.. She gets very hpy to see the decorations ..
She looks here n der to find kunj .. But kunj doesnt shows up ..
T- kunj ?
T- kunj see m agyi..
T- kunj cm out now dont play hide n seek ..
Suddenly a fig cms out frm dark ..
T- u lft home early sayng that u hv to meet ur frnds so that u could plan out all this haa smart.. She smiles ..
Suddenly lights fall on the face.. Twinkle gets shocked to see him..
T- vi..vivi..vivivian..
V- yes bby ur vivian
T- tumm.. Where is kunj?
V- must b with his frnds..

T- oh ohk this was ur plan callng me here .. Txt wo b kunj k fon se..
V- xctly my smart gl..
He walks closer to her.. Twinkle steps bck..
T- dont dare to cm close to me..
V- i hv waited for this moment since the first day i saw u bby
T- vivian i said stay away.. He cms very close she pins to the door.. She tries to open the door bt he forcefully pulls her towards her.. He goes closer to her nck .. Twinkle screams for help..


Kunj was climbing stairs..
Usha- aagye puttar..
K- ji maa.. M room m jaa ra hu..

U- beta twinkle?
K- twinkle? Room m hogi maa
U- room m? Wo toh tere sath gyi thi beta..
K- what nai mom.. I went to meet my frnds n she must b at home only..
U- what bt beta she lft saying she has to meet u ..
Kunj gets shocked !
K- mom tell me what exctly she said?
U- yehi that she going to paradise hotel coz u calld her there
K- what me?
U- beta where is twinkle..
Kunj gets shoked n surprise n runs outisde ..

U- kunj ??? Kunj…?
He ignores her n takes his car n rushes to paradise hotel..N was hell tensed ..
Selftalk- plz babaji keep my twinkle safe .. Twinkle i m cmng..

Hotel 101

Twinkle pushes him away n was crying badly she tries to run towards the door bt vivian pulls her leg n she falls on the bed .. Twinkle cries for mercy but vivian has turned evil..
T- plz vivian let me go.. Plz ..
V- how cn i let u go bby .. I love u..
T- plz vivian i dont lv u .. Now i m kunj’s wife
He fumes n goes to her face ..
V- dont evn take his name..

T- no vivian.. She tries to push him with full force bt fails .. He kisses her on her neck.. She cries ..

Kunj cms to hotel.. N rushes to receptionist ..
K- could u plz tell me where is twinkle sarna?
R- lemme chck sir..
K- plz fast .. He looks n der to see twinkle..
R- sir she is in room no.101
Kunj runs to the 101.. He reaches the room.. N slams the door.. The door gets open..
He was hell shocked to see twinkle in that state .. Her sleeve was torn.. She was crying..
Twinkle looks at kunj n cries n feels relxd.. Vivian gets hell shocked to see kunj der..
Kunj runs to vivian n holds him by his collar..
K- vivian u… He hits him hard on his face stomch.. Evrywhere .. Vivian falls on grnd.. Kunj rushes to twinkle.. She hugs him tightly.. N twinkle cries .. Kunj has teary eyes..
K- twinkle shh see i m here .. I leavenot leave dis bastard..
T- kunj .. She cries more.. Thank god u came on time otherwise … Kunj cuts her. Words.. N says i will nvr let anythng hpn to u.. Suddenly kunj gets hit by a rod on his legs.. He falls in pain..
T- kunj kunj..

Vivian- haha ..
Vivian goes to twinkle n holds her by her arms.. N tries to kiss her..
V- now see her in my arms by ur own eyes..
Twinkle shouts kunj but kunj was trying to get up.. She tries to push him..
Kunj applies all his force n pulls vivian .. He kicks him hard.. Punches him very badly.. Twinkle was crying all the time.. K- meri twinkle k pass jaane ki teri himat b kse hogyi..
V- teri twinkle wo meri twinkle h..
He punches him agn..
V- kya hua twinkle u didnt tell him abt me..
Kunj looks at twinkle in confusion..
V- ki m tera pyaar hu?

Kunj kicks him.. Blood cms out of vivian’s mouth..
V- i m his bf kunj..
Kunj looks surprise at twinkle .. Twinkle nods in a yes..
V- once v were that much close .. Jinna tum dono b aajtk nahi ayye.. Kunj fumes..
T- no kunj no nthng hpnd btw us he is just tryng to provoke u agnst me..
V- oh bby dont lie now.. He is ur husbnd .. Kunj fumes n punches him agn .. He kicks him hard.. Vivian gets unconsious n falls on grnd..

Kunj stops. N fumes..
He looks at teinkle’s face crying.. She folds her arms.. Kunj goes near her with teary eyes.. Takes a deep breath..
N takes out his coat n makes her wear that.. Twinkle was feeling bit ashamed n awkwrd she wasnt making eyecontct ..

K- twinkle.. Look at me..
Twinkle looks at him.. N hugs him tightly n cries .. He consoles her.. He cups her face.. N says r u okay .. Did he do …??
Twinkle nods in a no while cryng..
He clears her face.. N takes her hand n walks outisde the room.. Evryone looks at them with suspicious look.. Twinkle feels awkwrd.. Kunj holds her by her arms n says. I m with u dont worry..

They cm to their car.. Kunj opens the gate for her she sits.. Kunj cms n sits to his side..
T- ku..nj.. I was abt to tell u that day that he was my bf but..
Kunj takes her hand n says its okay..
T- nthng hpnd btvn us kunj..
K- ik .. Ik u .. I trust u..
Twinkle gets relieved n looks at him lovingly..
K- chalei?
T- hmm..

They reach home..
Usha n evry1 were waiting..
U- twinkle puttar .. Tu iss halat m.. Kya hua tje .. Kya hua kunj isse.. Twinkle stays quiet..
K- maa kuch ni.. She got a prank call n she went their so.. Bs yehi..
U- twinkle puttar dubara ase mt jana .. Try confirming twice okay..
Twinkle nods in a yes..
Bebe- jaa puttar isse apne kamre m leja.. Thak gye hoge tum dono..

Twinj room..

The moment they enter the room.. Kunj hugs twinkle
tightly n starts cryng.. N kisses on her forehead..
K- if smthng wud hv hpnd to u.. I wud hv nvr forgiven myslf..
T- u vl nvr let anythng hpn to me kunj..
T- agr tum time pr ni atte toh m muh dikhane…
K- shhhshh.. Dont speak that agn okay..
T- hmm..
K- go n change now..
T- yeah..

She cms out changed n kunj was stnding in his balcony.. He turns n sees twinkle cmng.. He walks towrds her.. She stands there only.. Now kunj was quite near her.. She starts walking bck.. But kunj pulls her towrds him .. She has her hnds on his chest.. He cms closer to her nck.. Suddenly twinkle remmbrs how vivian kissd n she shouts no stop.. She shrugs kunj away ..

Kunj gets surprise .. Twinkle was breathng fast.. She looks at kunj n finds he is kunj not vivian..
K- wat hpn twinkle.
She gets teary eyes..
T- wo kunj.. Mje lga .. Mje lga ki tum vivia…
Kunj cups her face..
K- its mee.. Ur kunj.. Twinkle. Ur husbnd.. Look at me..
T- idk y i felt that u r vivian..
K- first clam down n dont thnk abt him.. Thnk abt me.. Thnk abt us.. Okay..
Ik its difficult for u ryt now..so lets just sleep okay..
T- no ..i mean.. its ..okay..
Kunj smiles .. Twinkle walks towrds him n keeps her hand arnd his neck .. Kunj looks at her with cute smile..

****26 th episode ends here***


Credit to: Pali

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