Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode-25)




Kunj gets closer to her face.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. He kisses on her eyes.. Twinkle takes a deep breath..
She opens her eyes.. N finds kunj looking at her lovingly..
T- i wantd to tell u one thng kunj..
K- shh plz twinkle.. Plz just dont spoil the moment i dont want to know anythng.. Right now..
T-no kunj listen to…. Kunj suddnly breaks her words by kissing her on her cheeks.. Twinkle gets surprise she feels evrysingle touch of kunj.. She thnks .. No i hv to stop him.. I hv to tell him abt my past first..
T- please..
Kunj stops n asks her to tell him.. She looks at his face but doesnt finds to start..
K- tell me..

T- wo kunj.. Wo..
K- bolo twinkle otherwise nxt time u wont b abl to stop me..twinkle gets surprise as he was getting naughty..
T- kunj i hv a past.. Kunj gvs a confusion Look..
T- i had a bf.
K- so..
T- i usd to love him..
K- obvio thats y u were in relationship with him.. Do u still love him..
T- no i mean no.. I dont.. Now i love .. I dont love him..
K- simple..
T- he is .. He is that..
K- who..
T- v were vry close once..
Kunj looses his grip.. N takes a step bck..
T- no no plz .. Not that close i mean ..
K- okay how much close tell me.. He steps close to her n kisses on her forehead.. Twinkle feels it..
K- dis much? Teinkle nods..
T- more..
Kunj kisses on her nck.. Passioantely..twinkel caresses his hair with her fingers ..
K- dis much..
T- more..
Kunj doubts a bit .. But still kisses on her cheeks..
K- dis much..
T- kunj u r not undrstnding..
K- what do u mean..
T- we didnt.. Doo.. Anythng ..physica..ll..

K- okay.. Okay listen to me twinkle..he cups her face..n says that was in ur past.. U had a bf fine.. He touched u offcrse i dont like this bt thAt was smthng frm ur past.. U had sm moments with him bt wat all i care at this tym that u r in MY arms .. Mine okay.. U r married to me.. U r my wife.. Nd i hv accepted ur evry false n truths of life.. Now if smthnf is disturbing u frm ur past.. So tell me.. If u still feel for that prsn i will hv no problm though i will not b abl to stay alive if u leave me bt i myslf will gv ur hnd in his..bt plz forget it.. N i trust u..
T- kunj kunj.. I dont hv any feelings for him now..
K- so for whom do u care now..
Teinkle immediately say..
T- for u.. Kunj smiles she realizes what she said.. N shys..
K- yes thats only what i care abt..
Both smiles at each other .. Still very close to each other.. Twinkle goes closer to his face n kisses him on his cheeks .. Kunj smiles .. Then on the other cheek as kunj shows his other cheek.. She kisses his cheek.. He then bow downs a bit n she kisses his forehead .. Twinkle shys n looks at his eyes..
K- do u still hv any sort of doubt?
T- no.. No..ww i .. M all clear..

K- great .. Kunj moves his fingers in her hair.. N twinkle smiles..
Kunj gets closer to her face agn.. Close to her lips.. Both parted their lips to hv a passionate kiss bt twinkle was feeling shy n she immediately interuppts
T – ghar .. Humei ghar chlna chahye .. Its gttng late.. Kunj gets bck n smirks..
K- u r gettng nervous..
T- no i m not..
K- u r nervous..
T- no..
K- okay then dont stop me.. He gets close to her agn.. Teinkle swallows..
T- okay i m nervous…kunj stops n looks at her with a cute smile..
T- u always make me nervous…
K- its okay.. Cm lets go home.. Kunj asks for her hnd , she readily gvs him.. N both gets in the car..while driving kunj takes twinkle’s hand in his.. Both smiles at each ohter ..
Twinkle moves a bit closer to him n puts her arms arnd his.. N puts her head on his shoulder.. Kunj caresses her hair n kisses on her forehead.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. She forgets evrythng.. She thnks i dont want anythng of this to end.. Kunj is so perfct .. He acted so much mature though i hvnt yet told the name of the guy but after ol i hv told him evrythng which i should.. I m just blessed to hv him n i the change in me that i hv experienced i dont want to end it.. I feel like now i m living my life..she opens her eyes n looks at him n he amiles at her..
Kunj thnks while driving .. That twinkle is so nice she wasnt cmng closer to me bcoz she wanted me to know abt her past first may b she had a doubt that after listening to it may b i wont accpt her but no i love her now.. How cn i just leave her just bcoz of her sm past.. Evryone has sm past but i really respct her that she first told me abt her past..
He says in a sensuous voice in her ears.. Twinkle i really like u.. Twinkle looks at him in surprise n puts her one hnd on his cheeks n kisses his cheeks n says i like u too both lovingly looks at each other..

They reach home.. Vivian was standing in his balcony .. He fumes seeing them cmng this late .. Twinkle wrapped in kunj’s shirt.. He hits on the grill in anger..
Twinkle n kunj goes to their room..

Twinj room..
Twinkle was going to washroom to change ..
K- twinkle..
She turns..
K- today was the best day of my life.. I m glad i hv u in my life..
Twinkle smiles looking at him..
T- i m blessed to hv u too kunj.. Both looks at each other lovingly.. She cms out n finds kunj restng on couch.. She wanted smwhere him to sleep on bed with her.. She feels awkward in aaying that to him..
T- kunj..
K- yup..

T- i guess u should sleep on bed..
K- offcrse not .. U wont b abl to sleep on couch.. Y ek dm se u r making me sleep on bed..
T- coz .. Wo . Bcoz u r not well. Ya u r not well.. So here u cn feel feverish agn.. U noe.. So..
K- oh bt now i m absoultey fyn.. But evn if i sleep on bed where will u sleep..
T- on bed ..
Kunj gets aurprise ..
K- with me..
Twinkle feels awkwrd..
T- ya i mean .. U r not wel. So i dont mind..
K- i dont mind either.. N smiles ..He jumps out of couch n sleeps bed on one side..
T- oh babaji
Twinkle also lies down on one aide…
Both feels awkwrd .. Awkwrdly exchanges looks..

Twinkle turns the other way.. Kunj was facing her back.. Kunj tries to get closer to her.. She feels him cmng closer.. He cms more closer to her..both breaths faster.. Kunj gets very close to her hardly any distnc btvn dem.. His face was toching her hair.. Twinkle closes her eyes.. N clutches the bedsheet..
Kunj puts his hand arnd twinkle .. Twinkle feels butterfly in her stomch..she feels nervous.. Herhearts beats faster.. The thought that kunj is so close to him she shivers n feels his touch..
He gets very close to her ears n says ..
Dont b nervous of me twinkle..
Twinkle smiles to herslf.. She looks at kunj’s hand n takes his hand in her.. Kunj smiles..
K- very good night..
T- good night kunj.. Both smiles to themselves while sleeping.. Both thinks that plz make this night longer.. They didnt do anythng just slept very close ..

Both opens their eyes at the same time.. Bith looks at each other n smiles..
K- good mrng mrs. Sarna!
T- good mrng mr. Sarna!
Twinkle was getting up but kunj holds her hnd n pulls her on him agn.. She falls on chest.. Both looking at each other.. Kunj closes his eyes n waits for a kiss.. Twinkle feels shy n gets close to him n kisses on both of his eyes.. Kunj smile at her touch.. He opens his eyes ..
K- thnkew
Twinkle feels shy n gets up to leave.. Kunj leaves her n looks at her gng..

Twinkle goes their n does sm kitchen work.. Den only vivian cms there n asks for water .. She angrily gives him water glass bt while gvng water glass he tries to. Touch her hand.. She removes her hand automatically.. N starts to leave the kitchn but vivian holds her hnd tightly n pins her to the wall..

T- vivian leave my hnd what r u doing..
V- shut up
T- u shut up .. N leave my hnd.. The grip was very tight..
V- dont evn try to scream otherwise u noe what i cn tell these ppl..

****25th episode ends here ****

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Credit to: Pali

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