Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode-24)


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Kunj opens his eyes n finds twinkle sleeping on him.. He tries to pick her bt fails .. He thinks that she also must b tired she did so much for me yestrdy.i hv to do smthng… I shud let her sleep.. So kunj also closes his eyes.. After a awhile twinkle opens her eyes , n finds that whole night she slept on him.. Oh no thnk god kunj isnt up.. Otherwse thngs would hv got awkwrd .. She touches his forehead , he was much better now .. She smiles n kunj opens his eyes..

T- how r u?
K- much better all bcoz of u..
T- i m glad that u r okay..
Kunj smiles ..

She gets up to leave but hr mangalsutra got stucked in his shirt buttons..
Kunj was also gettin up..
T- kunj no wait my mangalsutra.. Nothng should hpn to it..
Both lies on each other agn.. Twinkle tries .. Kunj looks at her .n thinks i dont know what all power this mangalsutra has in it i hv seen every singl married woman cares for it more then hr own life.. N same twinkle is doing… N tries to hlp her.. Both fingers touching each others.. Awkward looks were exchngd..
Twinkle was slightly cmng closer to him but kunj looks away .. She feels he is still angry a bit..n kunj thinks looking other way.. That i will not cm closer to u twinkle till the time u urslf dont figure out what the hell do u want.. N i dont understnd wat should i do..

Twinkle gets up n leaves.. Kunj feels bad that he cnt evn look at her like this..

Everyone goes down for breakfast.. Evn kunj manages to go down.. Twinkle still was gttn ready so she was in her room..

Breakfast table

Everyone was hving breakfast suddenly sm1 cms n stands at the door..
Manohar- hey so here u r ..He goes to him n hugs him..
Sm1- hello uncle..
M- hllo beta cm, guys this is my frnd’s son .. N he is here as he came to india after 1 yr .. N his parents r in still in UK..So i insisted his parents to make him stay with us..
Bebe- u did right manohar. The guy touches bebe’s n usha’s feet.. Manohar makes him intro to kunj..
K- hello , kunj sarna .. They shake hands.
The guy gets shocked n undrstnds that this is twinkle’s house n he is her husband.. He has no idea that this is her house..
Sm1- vivian khurana.. Twinkle was gttn down frm stairs n hears the name ..She gets shocked to see him standing with kunj n her family..
M- twinkle beta cm.. This is vivian my frnd’s son.. N he will b staying with us for a while ..

Twinkle cms slowly n stands near kunj..
Vivian gets shocked n smwhere gets a smile to see her..he streatches his arm for handshake.. Twinkle awkwardly looking here n der n stretches her arm .. Twinkle suddenly takes her hnd bck ..
N she holds kunj by his arm.. Kunj looks at her in surprise that wat is she doing.. She smiles looking at kunj n he smiles bck..

U- u r on ryt tym beta , cm n hv breakfast with us..
V- umm no aunty its okay ..
K- bro its okay u r not our guest okay.. Feel like ur own home cm..
Twinkle looks at kunj’s innocence.. Vivian sits for breakfast in front of twinkle..
She feels awkwrd that no 1 knows who he really is.. If any1 gets to know she will b in big problm.. She thinks vivian did this purposely by cmng here n troubling her..
Kunj looks at twinkle’s worried face .. N speaks in her ear..
K-r u okay..
Twinkle nods .. Still worried..
K- i m with u.. He takes her hand in his .. Twinkle looks at him in surprise.. She looks in his eyes n feels secured..both looks at each other lovingly..

Vivian looks at this .. The intensity that they share .. He gets angry at looking at them… N twinkle looks at his angry face..They finish their lunch n usha tells vivian .his room.. Which was just nxt to twinj room..

Twinj room

kunj goes in his room..
Twinkle was keeping her clothes properly.. N kunj interrupts her..
K- what has hpnd to u ..
T- nothng
K- dont lie .. I cn see that on ur face.. Nowadays u r always scared..
T- no i m not .. I m fine.. He gets angry n pins her to the almirah softly..
T- what r u doing kunj..
K- i m trying to undrstnd u..
T- why
K- coz i cnt see u like this..
T- y do u care for me so much..
K- coz i…coz u r my wife..
She looks at him lovingly…
T- kunj .. When time will cm i wil tell u myslf.. Till then plz trust me..
K- i trust u ..

He moves his fingers on her face n she closes her eyes ..twinkle shivers n feels butterflies in her stomch….He smiles he thinks she is not stopping me that means yes she also feels for me atleast smthng if not everythng.. He stops n she opens her eyes.. Both share eyelock moment.. Kunj starts going bck with a smile as if he is undrstanding smthng. Twinkle looks at him going bck n smiles with a confusd face .. She doesnt undrstnds whats hpning btvn dem.. He leaves..

Teinkle gets in her balcony n thinks this vivian is doing evrythng coz of her only.. He came here to trouble me .. Suddenly she hears her door opening.. She thinks its kunj.. N turns with a smile but suddenly her smiles fades seeing his face.. Vivian’s face..
V- oh my jaan ! I didnt know i will see u here like this..
T- how dare u enter in my room.. Get out..
He starts walking towrds her..
V- i srsly didnt know teinkle that this ur house..
T- shut up how much will u lie haa ik u came here to trouble me..
V- no i didnt..
T- axha den leave my house..
V- i cnt ..manohar uncle..
T- ik everythng abt u vivian ik u r not that staright.. U do evrythng for sm purpose..now get out of kunj n my room..vivian fumes.. N holds her by her arms..
V- dont dare to take that name okay u r just mine only mine..
T- leave me vivian.. She shrugs him away n fumes..

Sudenly kunj cms frm behind..
K- twinkle .. Vivian .. N gives one eye brow look..
T- wo actually kunj .. Wo..
V- i came to ask her abt hot water tap..
K- okay cm i will show u..
T- no kunj leave i hv told him.. He find himslf..
Kunj goes in his bathroom..

Vivian slowly speaks while keaving ..
V- ik twinkle u hvnt came any closer to kunj.. N u hvnt accptd him yet.. I vl make u both so much away frm each other u cnt evn inagine..
Twinkle gets scared..vivian leaves..
Twinkle thnks abt what to do..kunj cms .. N twinkle gives him his med. ..bt lost in her own thoughts..

K- twinkle..
K- teinkle..
She suddenly cms in senses..
T- ha u said smthng u want smthng..
K- yes u..
T- what
K- i mean u out frm ur own world..
T- i m fine..
K- no u r not..
T- i m ..
K- okay i wanted to ask u one thng
T- bolo..
K- will u go out with me today for dinner..
T- dinner ?
Kunj nods
T- u r not well..
K- i m .. I m fine ..i m totally fine..

Twinkle smiles n says i will cm with u..
Kunj gets happy.. N says her to get ready..
Both starts gettng ready.. Twinkle wears a saaree..n kunj wears white T , orange shirt on it n blue jeans.. Twinkle cms out of washroom fully ready..
Kunj was setting his hair.. N sees her frm the mirror n turns..
Twinkle smiles..
K- u r .. U r looking..
T- very beautiful ryt?
K- very very very very beautiful.. Both laughs.. N leaves their room.. They all see evryone sitting in the hall..

K- wo maa m or twinkle bahar ghumne ja rahe thei..
U- gr8 puttar jao hv fun.. Vivian looks at both of them n fumes ..
Both reaches a hotel..n eats a gr8 meal enjoying together..
K- so enjoyed the meal..
T- alot ..i always enjoy eveythng whn i m with u.
Kunj smiles ..
K- what abt a walk .. Ders a park near .. The weather is also good.. Whats say?
T- sure.. They gets up n cms out..

They both starts to walk silently.. Cold air was there.. Atmosphere was bcmng vry romantic.. Teinke starts feeling cold a bit.. Kunj realizes as she has folded her arms..he takes out his shirt n makes her wear frm behind..
N puts his hand arnd her.. Twinkle looks at her lovingly n touches his hand arnd her arms.. N nods thnks.. Kunj smiles..
Kunj takes her hand in his n pulls her under a tree.. Twinkle gets surprise..

T- wat r u doing kunj..
K- shh..
Twinkle widens her eyes .. His finger on her lips.. Both looking at each other..
T- kunj
K- teinkle plzzz just shhh.. He cms close to her .. She has her hands on his chest part.. She takes a deep breath..
K- i cnt stop myslf plzz.. Deep voice..he takes a deep nreath n gets more close to her .. He keeps his hnd on her waist.. Twinkle closes her eyes n clutches her fist..
K- idc. Twinkle what evr has hpnd to u for wat reasn u r behaving with me like that .. N i dont want to know..i just know that v r not phle wale twinkle kunjZz v hv smthng in us.. V hv sm sort of feelings for us.. That v both cnt undrstnd..
T- kunj..

Kunj keeps his finger agn on her lips..
K- plz twinkle today lemme say.. Idk ur past bt ik ur presnt that is u r in frnt of me.. Ik ur future that u will b with me.. I will nvr let u go anywhere.. I noe this thats all..
T- i will nvr leave u kunj… Both looks at each lovingly..
He cms closer to her neck.. Both hearts beating faster n faster.. Taking deep breaths..kunj kisses her neck.. Passionately for once.. Teinkle moves her hand frm his chest to his neck n caresses his hair.. He kisses her neck agn.. Twinkle silently says kk..uu..nnjj….
Kunj looks at her closed eyeS.. She opens her eyes..Both smiles at each other..

****24th episode ends here***


Credit to: Pali

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