Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode-23)


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She gets up nxt day n sees 11missd calls frm the same unknown no. I.e of vivian..she gets shocked .. She finds kunj has already left ..
Selftalk- i should call him..yes ..
She goes in her balcony n calls vivian..

V-twinkle ..
T- vivian..
V- i missed u somuch, y did u just kpt the call ystrdy..
T-y did u call me vivian..
V- wat do u mean y..i missd u baby.. Itsbeen 346 days n 9 hrs dat i hvnt talked withu.. I m bck frm london sweetheart..
T- ya so y after such a long time ha.. Y suddenly..
V- y its like u r not interestd in talking with me ..twinkle sighs she has mixd thngs running in her mind..
V- cn v meet?
T- vivian thngs hv chngd..
V- bt my feelings for u hsnt chngd twinkle .. U noe that.. So cn v..
T- not for long..
V- just 1 hr .. I will not evn take an xtra min of urs den..
T- hm
V- cm at the place v usd to meet..
Twinkle wanted to say no.. Bt she says fine.. T- bye..
V- bye , i will b waiting for u at that spot where i always usd to i hope u hv not forgotten that..
Twinkle closes her eyes n sighs.. N cuts the call..

She thnks wat she b sayng to kunj .. She calls chinki n tells her everythng.. Chinki says go n meet him.. N finish this okay.. She says ya..
She gets up dressed n leaves in her car.. She thinks y still she has confusions in her mind.. She should b clear that she has to end with vivian after all she is married now but smwhere still she had feelings for him..

She walks towards the spot they used to meet.. A guy turns towrds her with shades .. He was wearng a fitted black T n a track pant.. He was damn hot n s*xy..he starts walking towards her.. Sunrays were falling on his face n his face was glowing ? he smiles widely seeing twinkle coming towrds him..He had a way of walking like a model.. Twinkle walks towards him she thinks he is looking more hot then b4..

Vivian cms n hugs her..unkowingly twinkle gets widened eyes.. Bt being in his arms , it wasnt a new thing for her.. She felt relaxd n hugs him bck.. N both keeps their heads on each others shoulder n smiles..while hugging only vivian says i missd u baby.. Twinkle realizes n breaks the hug..

T- y hv u cm bck..
V- for u..
T- after 1 yr wow..
V- wait.. What is in ur hair n neck..Is that a mangalsutra ?
T- yes , i m married..
Vivian gets shocked ..
V- dont joke with me teinkle u noe i dont like suxh jokes..
T- i m not joking , i m married .. N dis is sindoor in my maang n dis mangalsutra in my neck n this ring is the proof that i m married ..
V- to whom..
T- kunj sarna , n i m twinkle kunj sarna now …
V- no it cnt b u cnt do dis to me..
T- do dis to u, n wat abt wat all thngs u did to me .. She pushes him away with her hand..
T- what abt that vivian haa..
V- u noe y i did that.. I did dat for us .. For u twinkle..
T- oh plz u only did that for ur own career..
V- i pursued my career so that i could stand on my own legs..n give u a bttr life..
T- u just vanished.. N lft me .. With all hate .. I was lost.. What do i supposd to do haa..i didnt hear anythng frm u more then after 1 yr den i decided to move on!
V- move on ? Hv u still moved on ha…i didnt vanished i lft so mny messages for u bt ur bhai didnt let it reach to u..
T- no u r lying , he cnt do anythng like this..
V- he did ..n thats y both of us r standing like dis.. U r married n i came here in a hope that u must hv got to noe abt all dis .. N u must b waitng for m..
Twinkle gets teary eyes.. Thinking abt uvi that really did he do this .. So that vivian n me cnt b together..

V- i love u twinkle..
Vivian gets teary eyes n hugs her tightly both hugs ech other.. Twinkle while hugging i missd u vivian .. I so much missd u vivian .. Everyday i usd to Think abt u.. Der wasn’t a singl day that i hvnt thot abt u..
Vivian cups her face n clears the tears..
V- dont cry .. Shh sshh see i m here .. Right in frnt of u.. In ur arms n u in mine.. U noe i cnt see u crying.. Lets just forgt everythng and make a new beginning.. She hugs him.. Vivian caresses her hair.. Lovingly..

She suddenly realizes abht kunj.. N she shrugs him away..
T- no v cnt do this.. No .. Vivian i m married now..
V- srsly twinkle.. U lv me .. N still vl u b abl to give this marriage a new step ha?
T- kunj is very nice.. He really keeps me very nicely..
V- n what abt me twinkle.. I love u only u..
Twinkle nods .. N says no i cnt do dis.. I m maaried n now i m twinkle kunj sarna.. His name has been joint with miNe.. I m no more taneja..Vivian .. How cn i b so selfish .. I dont noe what to do..
V- just listen to ur heart..
Twinkle looks at him n smiles..
T- u hvnt really forgot na how to make me smile..
V- i hvnt forgotten anythng .. The time we spent .. The moments v had.. U in my arms.. Wen v usd to touch each other.. I hvnt forgot anythng of it..
She gets shivers thinking that how close they both were once.. Though nothng that much physical but yes they had sm close moments.. She thinks ..she is wrong.. She did wrong to kunj..he doesnt deserves me.. I m a crap .. Nothing else..

V- hey!
T- yes..
V- do u like kunj?
Twinkle doesnt finds words to reply.. Dies she likes him or it was just attraction just infatuation.. She thinks did she always loved vivian only.. Or she has feelings for kunj too..
T- umm i do..
Vivian takes a step bck..
V- u hv forgotten me.. Hvnt u?
T- smwhere yes.. Kunj is very nice
V- btter then me?
T- see its not abt comparison.. Bt he is really nice..N watevr so circumstances r ..one truth remians that i m married..
V- twinkle .. Plz dont leave me i cnt live without u , till now i hvnt been in any other relationship bcoz my feelings for u were too honest.. I cnt evn imagine being with sm1 else..
T- stop this vivian.. Suddenly she gets a call frm usha ..she gets worried n picks the call.. She didnt infrm any1 that she is going out to meet sm1
U- twinkle.. Kaha ho tum
T- mummy ji.. I m wid chinki..
U- ohkay bt atleast beta , u shud hv infrm me ryt b4 u lft.. Bt its okay.. Enjoy.. Cm bck on time..
T- okay mummy ji .. Bye beta.. She keeps te call..
T- see vivian this was my mother in law.. She trust me soo much .. My father in law , he treats me like his own daughter.. Bebe she is so nice lady u cnt evn imagine.. N kunj’s sister she is so sweet .. How cn i ditch every 1 in dis sweet family .. Its not abt i will only ditch kunj .. I will ditch them all which i cnt.. I hv to go..she turns to leave..
V- okay if u r soo sure abt doing this n leaving me behind .. U may go..
Twinkle turns that how easily cn he say this..
V- but. I will always lv u… Cn i hv a last hug?
Twinkle hugs him.. Vivian gets a smile on his face.. They hv a passionate hug.. Vivian tries to kiss her on her forehead bt twinkle stops him.. Vivian touches her bare neck .. She gets shivers n tells him to stop but vivian says i cnt.. Twinkle shrugs him away.. Has tears in her eyes ..N says i cnt do this .. Bye..

Vivian stands there looking at her with teary eyes..

Twinj room..

Kunj was already in ..reading magazines.. Twinkle enters awkwardly..
T- hey, late ho gya na sorry..
K- did i say smthng.. Its oky..
Twinkle undrstnds he is angry..
T- wo m chinki se milne gyi thi..
K- hmm..
T- usko ek imp baat krni thi..
He nods..
T- isliye bs u noe hum baat krte krte late ho gye..
K- kk
T- kunj
K- hm
T- kkkuunjjj..
K- hm
She runs towards him n holds his face n makes him look at her both sitting on couch.. Teinkle looks at him with teary eyes..
T- plz look at me..
Kunj doesnt replies but looks at her..
T- plz say smthng..
Both looking at each other .. Twinkle cups his face..
T- i m sorry.. Tear falls frm her eyes..
Kunj looks at her.. N clears her face ..
N gets up to leave ..but twinkle holds his hand n makes him sit..
Kunj gets angry n shrugs her hand n suddenly falls on her.. Kunj abv twinkle.. Eyelock moment..
K- what do u want ..
T- i want u to say smthng.. Get angry at me.. U hv full right..
Still both on each other..
K- i dont want to say anythng..
He gets up to leave.. Awkward moment..he goes in her bathroom.. Twinkle sits n cries .. She doesnt know what to do .. Babaji plz hlp me.. I dont noe what to do .. I hv feelings for kunj too bt i hvnt forgottn vivian also..

– Nxt day –
Twinkle makes kunj get up bt he was not getting up.. She tocuhes him n suddenly feels that he is havng fever.. She touches his forehead neck , she gets scared bcoz his temp was very hot..
T- kunj get up .. Kunj.. She sprinkles sm water on his face so that he opens his eyes .. She ges worried..
His eyes opens slowly..
T- kunj ..
K- t.wink..klle..
T- yes kunj i m here .. See .. But u hv to do onethng u hv to try n get up so that u cn comfortably lie down on bed okay.. Plz try.. He tries to get up with her hlp.. N she lays him on bed..
T- plz kunj .. Keep ur eyes open .. Okay i will b bck in 2 min..
She leaves n brings cold water n thermometer n chcks his temp. Mean while bebe n usha cms.. They get worried n everyone does smthng..
T- oh no .. Its 102 temp.. Bebe..
U- lets call doc.
B- yes .. Doc cms n examines him .. He says just to put cold water taps on his body n to rest..it a normal viral fever..
Twinkle keeps full care of him.. He was sleeping.. N his body was getting hot n hotter.. She rubs his legs.. Puts cold water pouch on his forehead .. Gives proper medi.. She forgets her own food .she doesnt even think abt vivian for once.. She thnks it always hpns like this weneve i m with kunj i forget abt eveythng else.. . Bebe comes..
Tinkle puttar u hvnt ate anything its 5 pm .. Hv this ..
T- nahi bebe aap rakh do m khaa lungi..
B- twinkle puter even u will get sick..
T- idc bebe.. Ryt now wat i care abt is kunj..
B- ik puttar u care abt him u love him.. Twinkle looks at bebe in surprise..
Kunj opens his eyes..
T- kunj .. How u feeling now.. She keeps her hand on his forehead..
K- hv ur food ..
T- kunj u r lying on bed still u hv to order.. Bebe leaves..
K- do u want me to get up n make u eat..
T- no no u rest .. I m eating..
She eats 1 chapati n juice ..kunj looks at her..
T- okay?
K- good.
T- how u feeling now..
K- dizzy, my head is paining..
T- u will b fine okay… Kunj keeps looking at her worry face all time.. N thinks y does she acts odd n now she is caring abt me so much…
T- r u angry at me?
K- evn if i try i cnt ..
Twinkle smiles ..
After some time, kunj sleeps.. N teinkle was caring for him, sitting beside him.. She kisses him on his forehead n says u will b fine, i will nvr let anythng hpn to u .. I will nvr leave u…. Kunj was sleeping.. She feels dizzy n sleeps besides him only , keeping her head on his chest n her hand on his stomch.. Both shared bed for the first time…

***23rd episode


Credit to: Pali

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