Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 22)


Sorry guys for making u wait for a long time.. Was bzy smwhere .. I hope u like my ff agn with sm new twist in it.. Comment if u dont.. N comment more if u like it.. 🙂


Nxt day

Kunj gets ready for his office, twinkle comes n gives his coffee to him..
K- twinkle , has dad left yet?
T- nope , he hasnt , u r on time today..
K- ya all coz of u , u kept everythng ready , thnkew..
She smiles n turns to leave..
K- twinkle
She turns ..
T- yes
K- if u dont mind will u go out with me today..

T- cool..
K- gr8 i vl cm at 4 b ready..
T- okay.. He leaves..

They reach a food complex.. N twinkle gets excited as she loves food..
T- i so missd this place, its been 6 months that i hvnt cm here.. Thnkew so much for bringing, me here
K- i know yeahh.. Thats y i brought u here
T- how do u know i lv this place..
K- umm.. For me digging out informations is not a big thng..
T- ahaan uvi must hv hlpd..
K- unm yaa.. Chlo lets try smthng..
T- yes vl first go to dunkin..

K- cool..
They enjoy alot.. Eat alot.. Has fee cute eyelock momnts..
Then they go n sits in a park.. They talk abt here n der.. N they starts to leave when suddenly a dog cms n barks on them loudly.. Twinkle gets scared n holds kunj from his collar tightly n faces him.. N closes her eyes in fear.. Kunj consoles her that its ok.. N smiles on her innocent face..Then the dogs mentor cms n takes the dog away … Kunj tells her that the dog is gone .. Calm down n open ur eyes.. She feels relaxed n opens her eyes.. Kunj looks at her..
K- i m here na, calm down, i will nvr leave u alone or let u in any trouble..
Twinkle looks at him lovingly .. Both starts getting closer.. Looks at each other lips..twinkle was abt to close her eyes whn sm figure attrcts her eyes..

Kunj was waiting for the kiss.. But twinkle eyes gets shocked to see sm1 der.. She tries to figure out bt sees that yes he is the one.. Suddenly she starts sweatng.. Kunj opens his eyes.. Shocked to see her with widened eyes.. Kunj voice falls in her ears..
K- twinkle r u okay?

She cms in senses n shrugs kunj away.. Kunj gets shocked to see her behaviour..
K- wat was that twinkle y r sweating..
Twinkle doesnt replys she was kinda hiding her face..
K- look at me twinkle wat hpn.. Y did u shrugged me away.. Is everythng okay..tell me
T- lets go frm where..
K- why..

T- nthng lets leave..
K- what hpn ..y suddenly u r behaving like this..
Twinkle voice gets raised n shouts at him..
T- i said lets leave , otherwse i m leaving n u stay here..
Kunj gets angry n starts to leave.. Tears starts falling frm twinkle eyes n starts to follow kunj.. She turn to look at the fig n says yes dis is him bt y is he bck..
Thy get in car.. Kunj was fuming bt did nt say a word.. Twinkle was lost in her own thoughts.. They reach home.. Kunj tells her to go inside he has sm wrk.. He was dissapointed at her awkward behaviour.. he doesnt undrstnds wat this gl want.. He thinks that she doesnt like him.. Dats y she always behave like this wid him.. N today that ws just the limit being crossd ..

Twinj room..
Twinkle goes in her room n falls on couch.. As if her body lost that strength to hold her..thoughts were running in her mind only abt one persn but that wasnt kunj that was sm1 else frm her past..

SHe picks her fon n opens her dropbox of her old pictures. She stops at one of her picture wid a guy..her past.. The prsn she used to love or still v hv to find out..The prsn she dated once.. Her EX-bf..she crys.. Tears were just not stopping frm cmng out.. She looks at the guy n call his name.. VIVIAN..she talks to herslf.. Vivian how cn u b bck.. Y hv u cm bck to india.. Y did u do dat.. Y did u left me.. Now i was tryng to forget u i hv started liking kunj.. N again u r bck.. Y vivian y.. Y did u do dat to me..The tym v spnt y did u forgt in just a min.. She screams whyyy!!!!!n cries ..

Kunj opens the door n cms in n sees twinkle sitting on couch almost lost..
K- twinkle..
T- kunj..she looks at him n runs n hugs him tightly.. Kunj hugs her bck n consoles her that everythng is fine..she thinks in her mind no kunj nothng is fine.. I dont deserve u..u deserve sm1 far bttr den me…
She leaves him.. Suddenly on the thought of vivian..
K- what hpn twinkle.. Tell me..

T- nothing evry thing is fine..
K- twinkle tell me now i m worrying abt u..
She looks at him n says harshly u dont hv to worry abt me..kunj gets a back.. Her words hits him very hard.. He gets teary eyes n turns n lays on his couch..
Twinkle looks at him with teary eyes too.. She thinks i cnt tell u kunj what has hpnd.. Thats y i m hurting u .. Which is hurting me frm inisde more then u.. U r very nice.. N others r not that nice like u.. I cnt tell u ..sorry kunj..
She lies on her bed to sleep..

It was 12am n her fon rings.. It wakes her up n she sees sm unknown no. N picks the call so that kunj doesnt gets up..
She goes in the balcony.. N says yes ?
No voice came..
T- hlo who is dis..
No answer..
T- tell me otherwse i m keeping the call..
Sm1 calls her name..
Twinkle.. She gets shocked to hear the voice.. She could recognize it.. Her eyes gets widened.. Her heart starts beating faster..
“Twinkle can u hear me”

She looks at her fon..
N says .. Vi..vi..a..n..( in an trembling voice.. Her voice was shaking , sweat was all over her forehead.. Her hands had goosebumps)
V- yes its me, i knew u would recall my voice after all ik how much u love me..

Twinkle swallows in.. Memories strts flashing in frnt of her eyes.. Memories of the time spent with him.. Memories of vivian..her first love..
V- twinkle .. There??

Suddenly she hears her name agn but this time it wasnt vivian it was kunj.. She turns to see .. N shocked to see him standing..she cuts the call in hurry.. N composes herslf..
K- what r u doing here twinkle at the middle of the night..
T- woo kuunjj.. Wo actually.. Umm wo mje neend nahi aari thi..
K- okay were u talking with him sm1
T- me .. No no offcourse whom would i b talking with at this time.. Call centre ppl u noe.. Ye le wo le lo.. Just them..
Kunj feels smthngs not right .. She is lying to me..
K- okay cm , sleep..
T- ya u go.. I m cmng.. Tears falls her eyes..

K- r u crying?
She clears her face n says no no .. Just aakh m kuch chla gya..
K- okay..

Kunj thinks she is lying agn y is der need to lie to me.. Y is she hiding thngs.. He thinks that ik she doesnt loves me.. But i cnt leave her here like this.. He walks towrds her.. Twinkle swallows .. He walks closer..
K- ik u r hiding things from me, n i also know this thng that there must b sm good reasn.. N ik v dont share anythng like a married husbnd n wife but atleast v r frnds.. I m always here.. Wnever u will need me , u just hv to call my name once.. Okay..

Twinkle cries softly.. He picks her up in his arms.. Twinkle looks at him lovingly..
K- i cnt also not leave u here.. Chahe watevr u say.. He pulls her up towrds him.. Just eyes with teary eyes were talking.. She tightens her grip arnd his neck .. She makes herslf fall in his arms.. He keeps her gently on the bed.. Twinkle looks away n kunj goes to his couch to sleep..
Twinkle self talk- y the hell vivian is bck.. Y cnt he just leave me. Y is he back afte 1 yr.. Wen kunj will noe abt my past.. What vl b his reactn.. Oh babaji.. Y hv u sent vivian in my life agn wen i started feeling nice with kunj’s presence already.. She looks at his face..kunj y r u like this.. I shouted at u.. I behaved like a crazy girl.. I m not letting u cm closer still y u cmng closer to me.. Plz dont.. I dont want to hurt u..

Kunj self talk- i m sure twinkle is hiding smthng frm me..n she doesnt likes me.. I will now maintain my distnc n nvr let my feelings control myslf.. She just married me for her family but what abt the moments that v spnd togther.. What abt that smile that she gives me.. A special smiles.. Y i feel that even she likes me but on the other hand her acts makes me think that she doesn’t.. Idk babaji y u hv tied us with this knot of marriage .bt ik onething that actions speaks more then words so yes i will not go closer to her now, i will not create any awkward momnt where in she has to shrug me anyway…

****22nd episode ends here****


Credit to: Pali

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