Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 21)


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So they get in their car n drives back home.. While going home, only smiles vr being exhanged , awkward smiles.. Twinkle was bit shy for watevr hpnd or what was abt to hpn..kunj was happy that atleast things hv started happening..
They reach

Twinj room

Kunj changed , twinkle comes out changed wearing a whilte pataila..kunj gets up frm his couch.. N walks towrds twinkle, she suddenly stops n goes bckwrds.. Kunj steps forward, twinkle goes back.. Kunj feels something..He gives a look to twinkle..

T- whaatt
K- u .. Stepp..ing.. Bck..
T- ya .. Cozz.. U stepp..ing forwrd..
Kunj gets bck.. N says okay i got it i. M sorry , i wont cm closer ..
T- no its .. Itss not that..
Kunj gives a questioning look..
T- unm .. I need sm time.. To.. To basically figure out few things..
K- oh figure out few things, few things like what..
T- like us..
Kunj gets closer..
K- u really doing this , i mean whateve hpnd there, wasnt it a crystal clear thing..
T- still ..
Kunj gets irritated .. He says -okay i m going sleeping u go ahead n do ur lill firguring out game..in an angry tone..
T- dont say like that..
Kunj gets hyper n pins her to the wall, Nd says cming very close to her face..both breathing faster..
K- i dont y i cant just understnd u ..
Kunj gets bck n leaves her she doesnt undrstnds whats holding her bck..

He turns agn.. K- bt just remmber one thing , i will nvr do anything .. Anythng agnst ur will..
Twinkle nods ..n says ik that..

Kunj goes n sleeps on the couch.. Twinkle goes on her bed..kunj closes his eyes for trying to sleep..but she was looking at his peaceful face.. Kunj slept ..Suddenly sm urge comes in her , she gets up n goes close to him, she sits down, n keeps his face propprly on the couch.. She keeps looking at his face while holding it..she gets closer n kisses him on his cheeks .. (Yes guys finally a kiss ) she smiles … N gets on her bed n sleeps biting her lips n smiling endlessly

Nxt day-

Kunj gets up to get ready..he notices a mark on his face in the mirror.. He gets lill surprise that it was lipstick..
K- twinkle..
she was getting ready- yeaa..
K- can u see it on my face..
T- what .. She goes to closer to take a look forgot abt her lipstick mark..
K- is that a lipstick mark..
T- probbly not..
K- yeah , but ..
T- will u just stop thinking as u r already late for ur office, papa ji already lft..
K- ohh shit, he will kill me today..bye see u at night..
T-i hope he does , bye yeah ..twinkle breaths while he leaves n agn bites her lips.. N smiles broadly .. Says to herself that from nxt tym i hv to b more careful.. N laughs..on the thought..

Twinkle gets a call from uvi to meet him..they meet at a icecream parlour n orders some of their favs.
Uvi holds twinkle’s hand n says i so miss u ..
T- i miss u too..
U- i miss u in ur room..
T- will u start crying ..
U- probbly i feel like i will.. Uff tuff n up big bro..lol soo hows thins with kunj , u happy? Does he keeps u happy.?
T- very happy..
U- cool but wats that look on ur face , as if u r still not sure abt smthng..
T- do u spy on me?
U- haha what..
T- no u get to know eveythng abt me just by looking at me ..
U- thats what a big brother supposed to do..
T- yeah..
U- so wats that… Tell me..
T- umm i want to tell u one thing b4 that..
U- yes?
T- actually .. I ..i mean kunj n i nvr wanted to marry each other..
U- what do u mean ..surprised
T- v didnt like each other , v nvr did, v just married coz of our families..
U- ohhh, u married him coz of us.. Like srsly , twinkle y didnt u tell us , I would hv calld it off, i asked so mny times right?
T- ya calm down , u did , mom did too..i mean u all were so happy so ..
U- sooo , how cn u do that twinkle .. I undrstnd ur feelings for us,but y did u married him , if u nvr liked him.. N may b u nvr will, so whats the point of this marriage .. Haa.?
T- its not like that now..
U- as in .. Uu hv started liking him..
T- i guess so yeah..
U- ahaan ,
T- so now hlp me out ,
U- okay , tell me how u feel abt him..
T- i feel nice abt him, everything’s seems perfct with him.. He is very nice .. Cute , understanding , loving ..handles me carefully, i say just watevr i feel to him.. His family is perfect .. He is perfect .. V r perfect together..
Uvi- someone’s hv feelings for sm1 more then likings, well u urself said it twinkle.
T- did i just say tha v r per..fect.. To..ge..th..er..
U- yes u just did.. What r u waiting for lill sis.. U hv perfect him..
T- hv i .. Started..
U- exctly yes..U hv started falling for him..dont waste time .. Accept it.. N tell him.. Till it doesnt gets late..
T- yes .. Smiles cms .. On her face .. She has started falling for him..
T- i m going to tell him ..
U- today itslf..
T- like today ..today..
U- ya whats the problm in that .. He winks n says u hv full night..
Twinkle shys ..
U- come lets go..
They leave in their cars..
Twinkle thoughts to herslf while driving home- god i hv started developing feelings for kunj .. Kunj sarna .. That sarna .. I mean my husband.. She started smile badly .. Cant control the feeling.. I hv to tell him .. Soon..yes.. She touches her heart .. It was beating faster then ever..She reaches home..

Everyone were sitting talking.. Even kunj..she comes n stops at the door looking at him , lovingly.. Her aderaline started secretng faster.. Kunj turns n look at her standing ..
Manohar- what happen twinkle , y u standing der .. Cm ..
T- nothng .. She comes in n sits nxt to kunj.. He gvs sm odd looks coz of her behaviour.. Twinkle was just smiling n smiling.. They hv dinner n goes to their room..

Twinj room

Kunj sitting on couch n twinkle on her bed..
K- so u met uvi today.. Hows he..
T- yeah, he is great.. Asked abt u ..
K- haa.. U didnt tell me that u vl meet him(less audible)
Twinkle gives him a look..t – i just forgot..
K- its oky..
T- i hv something to say to u ..
K- ahaan..
She suddenly realizes no twinkle what r u doing.. This is guys work.. Boy propose first.. U cant just tell him , how u feel abt him.. First.. He should..
K- i m listening..
T- no nothng forget it..
K- u okay .. As in kinda behaving odd..
T- m i ? Like what..
Kunj now was standing near his cupboard..she gets up n walks gracefully towrds him .. Sensually.. Kunj surprised to see her like this…
T- like what m i behaving kunj..
K- lik..ee .. Di..ss..
She walks closer .. Now barely distanc left.. Kunj starts sweating..his heart beating faster..She goes near to his ears..n says deeply.. U r sweating..
K- yea.. I mean yea..i guess i m ..
Twinkle looks in his eyes n says calm down.. Kunj stops sweating , his beats getting slower now.. Both lost in each other.. Every singl cell of their body wanted each other so badly..

Both heart beats starts matching..
Kunj looks in her eyes n he gets closer to her neck..he kisses her neck moves his nose over her face n neck..both smiles n look at each other.tickiling reaching their body.. Sensations, feelings , likings , love… Twinkle caresses his hair passionately..
K- every time i look at u , my heart starts beating faster..
Twinkle smiles n kunj cups her face close to his.. Both goes into each other to hv a passionate kiss.. Wen suddenly..
T- ku..nn..jjj aahh. St..opp..
K-oh.. U really askin..g me to s.toop… What happen..
T- i m not sure if i cn do this..
K- u r joking..
T- no i m not .. I mean..
She shrugs him away n they apart.. Twinkle moves bck.. Kunj stands shocked..
K- what u doing twinkle, what is it..
T- i dont know , i feel v r just .. Umm.. Hurrying up.. Imean
K- ohh ohk i m m really sorry.. Ya v should nt hurry up .. He comes closer n takes her in his arms.. Both hugs each other tightly..Kunj cups her face n says dirctly looking into her eyes..

K- i totally understand u r feeling uncomfortable .. V will definitely not hurry up in any of the thing.. Okay… Will come close only when ur heart says to..
T- thnkew .. I m i m relieved.. Y the hell r u so much undrstnding..
Kunj laughs – bcoz i like u..
T- u do?
K- ahaan..
Kunj leaves her .. Goes in his balcony n shouts out loud.. Twinkle looks at him in surprise whats he doing..
Twinkle smiles .. At him .. Both laughs lovingly..
He stands besides the balcony looking at her.. She runs towrds him n he picks her up.. Both smiles..

Love has just begun ..

****21st episode ends here****


Credit to: Pali

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