Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 20 )


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Twinj room

Twinkle was still sleeping , but kunj was up n getting ready for his office. Sun rays were coming n falling on twinkle’s face n she was getting irritated , kunj sees this , he walks near her bed n stands btw the sunray n her sleep.. Twinkle was now able to sleep.. He turns to look at her n suddenly she opens her eyes , she looks at him awkwardly, n says what ?

K- nothing n turns , picks up his bag to leave.. When twinkle suddenly interrupts n says ..
T- u going early today..
K- ya some business meeting to catch..
T- okay .. Kunj leaves awkwardly..
She gets ready n plans to meet uv n leela..

Twinkle comes there ..
T- maaa ??
Leela comes out of the kitchen n gets excited to see her..
L- arey twinkle puttar what a pleasant surprise , they hugs , leela- mje toh lga tha sasural jaane k baad, u just forgot us..
T- what maa! Umm if u thinking u hv got rid of me then thats a sorry ! Bcoz i really really missd u ..
L- aww cm sit , lemme bring ur fav. Coffee n lets chit chat for a while..
She brings coffee n both settles down to talk..
L- so twinkle hows everythng going.. Hows sarna’s ..
T- everything is fine mom, n my new family is very gr8 , papa ji is very understanding, mummy ji is very lovely .. Bebe is just amazing .. Amaya n everyone .. Everyone’s gr8..
L- umm n kun..jj..
T- he .. He is also good.. I mean he is nice.. Well very nice..
L- is something irritating u ?
Twinkle shit always mumma caughts me.. Now what..
T- umm no..
L- dont lie , u noe u r a very bad liar..
T- haha , umm ya actually its with kunj..
L- what hpn, is he?
T- no no he is just gr8 , probbly the best husband .. But just i dont noe .. Leave mom i will figure it out ..
L- okay i leave that upto u , u r big girl now ..
T- n married too
L- absolutely ..
T- hows uv bhai btw..
L- oh yaad agyi bhai ki ..
T- oh plz maa , tell me na..
L- is out for some wrk.. Office work..
T- okay.. Suddenly he remmbers kunj.. N thinks ya even he left soon today.widout even talking with me…
Just then only her phone rings..
KUNJ(name of the lover n he calls)

Leela looks at her n leaves seeing kunj’s. Name giving an excuse..
She picks it ..

K- twinkle
T- kunj..
K- i m not disturbing u? M i..
T- definitely not..
K- cool , I actually called u bcoz, today my few old college frnds r coming to see me n then probbly will hangout somewhere, mind if u join me for the night..
T- ohh ur frnds.. Umm..
K- actually they were insisting for meeting. U too.. So if u wanna otherwise iits a hell okay..
T- umm okay i mean sure .. I cn join.. No problem..
K- dats sounds gr8..both awkward..
T- ya it does..
K- so i will cm at 7 to pick u up dirctly frm office..
T- i will b ready ..
K- see u at night..
T- ya bye.
K- bye .. Both keeps the call n thinks about each other..

Twinkle tells leela about this thing n asks her leave ..
L- u just came now, n u leaving..
T- umm maa , wo i hv to see what i will wear for the night..
L- ooo someone’s really excited..
T- kya maa, chalo m chalti hu..
L- changa puttar , apna khayal rkahio..
T- aap b ma , bye ..they hugs n twinkle leaves..


7 pm..

Kunj comes n sees twinkle ready ..
K- u look gr8 ..
T- thnks..
K- lets go then ..
T- waiit wait what ,
K- whaat..
T- u r really going in this outfit to meet ur frnds.. Who all must b seeing u after so long .. N u will show up in frnt of them in this perfectly blackberry fitted suit.. Like srsly?
K- do i look bad..
T- not just bad .. U look real bad..
K- dat means i really require a make over
T- definitely yes u do..
Kunj goes to his wardrobe n ..
K- mind if u suggest me smthing to wear..
T- umm sure lets see what u hv in this big size wardrobe of urs..
She takes many suits n shirts n jackets n t’s , jeans pant..N spills eveythng here n der..
K- u really did this.. Like spilled eveythng n created a mess..
T- u call this a mess , i call this a wardrobe not like pressed things kept one over the other..
K- u r insane
T- u r sick..
Both gives sarcastic look to each toher..
T- so after searching so much i hv found this..White T , a brown jacket n a denim..
K- i do hv many more specials, but i m on for this combo too..
T- well welcome..
K- oya i was abt to thnk..
T- ahaan go n change..

They reach the venue it was a beach..

T- a beach..
K- yes v used to cm here alot when b were in collg so thought of some memories to get fresh n up..
T- great..
K- ya come..
Their were 2 boys n 2 girls..

Shanaya – while looking at kunj as they arrive..oohh look at that someone’s looking real hot today..
Kunj laughs == nd someone’s looking pretty as always .. They both hug each other.. Kunj hugs his frnds..

K- so ya guys meet my wife , twinkle..
T-hey guys , nice seeing u all..
Shanaya- i must say kunj , ur wife is really beautiful..
Yug(one of his frnds) – ahaan .. She is hot.. U really lucky man.. N look at us standing nxt to shanaya only..
K- haha , u hvnt changed a bit bro.. Twinkle let me tell u these two started dating frm first day of our college n ended up marrying..
Yug- wasnt easy bro..
All laughs..

K- so kanika.. Found some one yet or still hooking up with randoms..
Kanika- u know me dude.. Everyone laughs..
Kush- ik u better kanika..
Kanika- shut up u flirt..
Everyone laughs..
Shanaya- hey guys v r making twinkle feel alone..
Kanika- exctly , so twinkle tells us something abt u or kunj or about both of u how u met..
Twinkle looks at kunj..
T- umm , okay so i just completed my college, married quiet a early ..family things u noe..
Shanaya looks at kunj..
Kanika- so u guys r arranged..
K- yes !
T- well long story..both xchanges looks..
Yug- must b interesting..
K- every bit..
Shanaya feels something awkward btvn kunj n twinkle..

Shanaya- guys , i m feeling hungry now..
Kush- ya lets eat something..
They hv dinner.. Everyone gets up to sit on the sand ..
Kunj makes some space n asks her if she fine n liking her frnds..
Twinkle looks at him. N says what if i say i kinda love ur frnds..
K- i will love to hear that…
T- ya ..

Kush – okay guys lets play something..
Yug- sure.. What abt truth or dare !
Shanaya- i m in
Kanika- in
Kunj- absolutely..
Twinkle- sure..

They had born fire btvn dem , it was cool breeze runnig.. Fun n lovely atmosphere.. Full of vibes n energy..

Yug spins the bottle..it stops at kanika questioning kunj..
Shanaya- ohhh ..
Kanika- okay kunj truth or dare..
K- umm i will go for truth..
Kanika- u r so dead now .. In frnt of ur wife.. Kunj one eyebrow up n looks at twinkle who was smiling at this..

Kanika- so did u really somewhere had a crush on shanaya.. Kunj rolls his eyes.. Twinkle looks at him eagerly for the answer..

Yug (shanaya’s husband) – twinkle n i both r listening kunj..
K- umm well , i do had a lill crush on her ..n winks ..
Kush- oh someone’s secret is out..
Twinkle laughs..
Shanaya- he didnt hv a lill crush he had a big crush on me..
Kunj- oh plz now dont fly..
All laughs.. The bottle spins agn..
Now it stops at shanaya asking ques to kush..

Shanaya- oh our poor kush.. Dont b scared .. Dare or truth..
Kush- truth..
Shanaya- ouch , with how many girls u hv slept..
Kush- shit.. Big number..
Yug- number..
Kush- probbly 16 no 17, oh forgot yestrdy’s 18 ya 18..
Kunj- OMG… Shame on kush..
All laughs .. Twinkle widens her eyes.. Still laughs..as she was liking the new company..

The bottle spins agn.. Now it stops at kunj asking ques frm twinkle..
Shanaya – now that is something interesting..
Kunj- right, dare or truth..
Twinkle- i will go with truth..
Yug- hit the ball kunj..
Kunj looks at her , he doesn’t wanted her to b nervous in frnt of his frnds.. N didnt even wanted to dig out something frm her dat too in frnt of sm1 else she barely knew..Twinkle speaks to her heart dont ques smthng hard one kunj..

K- how much do u love my family..
Twinkle thnk god this one’s easy..
Yug- u missd the chance man .. It should b something like how much u love me..
Kanika- exctly where does the family comes frm..
Both exchanges awkward looks..
T- i love them alot , same as my own family.. Now its not like its ur family , its mine too..u r reaaly special to me..
Everyone smiles on her answer .. N kunj touched by her words n looks at her lovingly..

It was getting late.. All started drinking .. Kunj n twinkle resisted to few sips..the bottle spins agn..
Now it stops at shanaya asking ques frm kunj..
Kush- ouch, dis one will b harder..
Shanaya- dare or truth..
Kunj – i guess , everyone’s asking for truth only, so this time lets go for dare..
Shanaya- ask for a romantic dance frm any one of the us..any gl..
Kunj looks at shanaya n undrstnds her trick..shanaya did this purposely to dig out the reality of their relationship..
Twinkle looks at kunj n thnks if he gonna ask her for their first dance together..

Kunj gets up .. Crosses shanaya n kanika .. Gets down on knees in frnt of twinkle n stretches his arm.. N asks
K- will u like to hv a dance with me..
Twinkle looks at him in surprise that srsly kunj is sitting on his knees asking me for a dance ..

Twinkle gives her hnd in his as assurance n smiles ..eye to eye..
A romanctic track gets played..
They feel awkward a bit.. It was their literal first dance..kunj takes her hand but feels awkward to keep his hand on her waist.. All frnds wre looking at them..
Twinkle looks down n takes his hand n places that on her waist.. Kunj smiles.. He keeps it firmly..twinkle looks up at him.. N in the same way kunj takes twinkle’s hand n places it on his shoulder..both comes closer .. N starts moving .. Kunj shows some salsa dance moves which twinkle readily meets the steps with..both comes very closer n just lost in the dance.. Kunj picks twinkle up n brings her down slowly.. While bringing her down their lips almost tocuhed .. Twinkle hair comes on his face.. While moving , twinkle clears his face softly..

Other two couple also gets up n joins them.. Both smiles while looking at them..
While dancing , twinkle places her head on his shoulder .. N says very silently in his ears .. They all r very nice.. Kunj says in her ears.. I m glad u like them..
They dances slowly..twinkle now faces kunj’s face .. Kunj Was already in her .. Twinkle asks whatt..
K- nothing..
T- say it..
K- i just cant take my eyes of u ..
Twinkle smiles at him..
She gets more closer to his face n says I kinda like when u look at me.. Kunj smiles.. She agn places her face on his shoulder n caresses his hair.. she smells him amd thinks damn he always smells so great…
K- i love ur hair..
She smiles while kunj was moving his fingers in her hair
K- i love ur smile ..
Twinkle smiles more at him.. Both getting more closer .. Both started breathing fastly..
T- u feel s..ome..thing.. At him smiling
K- yes U..
Twinkle takes a step closer to him .. Just sm cms apart now.. Both looking at lips then at each faces n breathing faster..both closes their eyes..their lips were just abt to touch when suddenly
Kush says – guys v r singl here , dont just start making out in front of us..

Kunj n twinkle suddenly opens their eyes , n leaves each other.. They kinda smiles at the thought that they were Abt to kiss.. But bcoz of this dumbass it just didnt happn.. They both compose eqch other..They share n eyelock moment then also..

Shanaya was looking at kunj n twinkle meanwhile the damce .. N realizes that they r so madly n badly in love with each other .. These stupids r just not making moves..

All starts bidding byes n starts to leave .. Kunj takes twinkle’s hand in his ,twinkle smiles at him.. All ques n answers now became meaningless…



Credit to: pali

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