Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 2)


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The guy then drives for his home and adjusted his shades .he then stops his car in front of a massive house. SARNA’S. Outside which a lady was standing . THE guy gets down the car puts his one leg outside first then the other in full heroic motion. Tucks his shades on his collar . goes close to the lady. The lady gets delighted and smies and says kunj puttar tu..

Kunj- ha bebe m! peri poona bebe .(by touching her feet)
Bebe- oh puttar u hvnt forgetten ur sanskrti. (kisses on his forehead)
Kunj – never bebe! Where’s others maa , papa and Amaya my lill sis.

Bebe – oh puttar u didn’t tell us dat u r coming so they all went to a party at TANEJA’S.
Kunj- yea I wanted to giv it a surprise. Okay btw taneja’s . who r they ? (while going inside the house with bebe)
Bebe – kunj they r one of the big investors in ur dad’s company and r very reputated family of 3 people. Ms. Leela taneja , single woman n a woman with grace and words , then is the elder son yuvraj taneja very well behaved and a friend of Amaya too. N then is twinkle taneja haye puttar iss ladki k bare m kya btayu tje wo kam h.she is ms Amritsar. Girl with serenity and purity . she is very beautiful and at heart too.
Kunj – acha bebe . asa kya. Btw bebe pta kya aaj m b ek ladki se milla wo b kaafi he sundar thi but gussa toh jse uski naak pr tha . bs chabad chabad bolti he gyi. And meri car ka b satyanaas kr diya.

Bebe – oh kse…something something
Kunj- kya bebe aap b na .. wo sb chodo… btw let me call dad.(he calls)

Kunj calls his dad and he tells him to join every one at the party in 20 mins. So he dresses up in a white suit n a bow. He was looking just perfect and a guy to die for. Kunj reaches the venue meets his family and evryone gets happy . kunj’s mom makes him meet ms. Leela taneja.

Leela- haye kina sona munda h .jwinda reh puttar.(as kunj touches her feet) kunj smiles.
Leela to usha (kunj’s mother)
Leela wait lemme too make u meet with my daughter now.leela calls twinkle where r u beta.. all the guests r here.. twinkle says im just coming maa in 2 mins.leela tells this to usha.

Kunj walks outside to see the mansion’s lawn.just then a car enters the gate with full speed.kunj was not able to see the face as the headlight was on. Then from which yuvraj comes out wearing blue tuxedo and twinkle comes out in a bottom length white and royal blue colour suit. she was looking just stunning. Kunj gets surprise to see her that why is she here. Twinkle and yuvraj walks in the house . twinkle has her hands in yuvraj arms and walks in with full grace. Everyone get astonished to watch a lovely pair of brother and sister.

Kunj also gets in and gets to know that she is twinkle. And behaves as he has not seen her yet when leela and usha were making them introduce.kunj and twinkle turns and faces each other . kunj keeps looking her and twinkle hair gets flare coz of wind..
Twinkle gets shocked and was ready to blast when kunj stretches his hand for handshake and

****2nd episode ends here*****
I hope you guys enjoy this one also… keep commenting .. thnkew looking forward

Credit to: Pali Garg

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