Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 19)


I hope everyone likes it..this episode is not that long , plz dont mind guys,short of time.. 🙂 🙂


Twinkle goes to the kitchen to help out bebe n usha in some household work..
T- bebe periponna , namaste mummy ji..
Bebe – zwindi reh puttar..

Usha- namstey beta ji,badi jaldi ready ho gyi ..ahem ahem..usha n bebe winks at each other..twinkle shys n looks here n there…
Manohar was passing n says y u guys r teasing twinkle , usha put my breakfast on the table..
Twinkle – papa ji namestey..m aapka breakfast laga deti hu..
Manohar, oho beta u r new to all this.n dont act formal okay, u like my daughter only…clam down..first days b relaxed n leave all this come hv breakfast with me..where’s kunj..
Usha- yes manohar ji is ryt..
Twinkle-thnkew papa ji for making me feel special , kunj umm wo he is in..

Kunj-i m here,everyone turns to look at him..twinkle looks at him n thinks white suits him alot…
Manohar-come lets hv family breakfast..n kunj there no need for u to cm to office today..spend sm time with twinkle…take her smwhere n enjoy okay..twinkle n kunj looks at each ther awkwardly…
k-ji papa, wse i hv got few passes for a night party today..will try n go der..twinkle looks at him in surprise that how cn he take her decision on his own if i dont wanna cm den…all husbands r like this ,its not even been one day n he strtd this ..m btati hu isse..

they hv breakfast..n twinj leaves for their room..

twinj room

twinkle comes rushing in the room ..
t- kuunnjj..
k- twinkle i wanted to say sorry , mne socha he ni may b u wont like to cm with me after ol v r just roommates,i m sorry downstairs i just said in frnt of them n then realized i shud hv askd u first..n its not a problm if u dont wanna come with me..
twinkle talks to herself isse kse pta chal gya..n she calms down , her anger fades away , whetevr she decided to say to him , the words got lost..he turns to leave..
t-umm woo..woo..i hv no problm in going at the party with u..
kunj gets happy ..
t-so whats the timing

k- 8 pm..
t- i will b ready ..
k-i will b waiting , both smiles ..

Kunj leaves the room so that she gets ready.

Twinkle has some difficulties in tying the knot of her blouse..so she gets late..kunj knocks the door agn n agn ..
k-how much more time twinkle?
t- i m a girl kunj i take time to dress up..
k- i understnd but hurry up..plz..
t-kunj cn u just hlp me out in a thing..
k- u want to me to cm in…
t-yaaahh..he looks at her ,she was looking flawless.he widens her eyes …he walks towrds her,..twinkle feels awkward in telling him..
k-ya so tell me..how cn i hlp..

t-k.u..njj. wo mer.a..a bloou.see…
kunj widens his eyes..
t-i m not able ..too..tiee.. it..so vlll u?
Kunj –s…uurrr..eee

Kunj walks towrds her..twinkle faces the mirror n kunj stnds behind her..he slowly holds the string ..n ties it..but with closed eyes..he didnt open his eyes till he was done..twinkle looks at his decency n smiles..

k-its done..twinkle takes a deep breath n says thnkew..kunj starts to leave but turns n says btw twinkle u looking very beautiful as always..twinkle smiles at him,she felt nice…they reached the party..

kunj shows his arm folded ,twinkle slides her hnds in his arms..they enter the party..they have drinks n enjoys..kunj goes to take a drink for him n leaves twinkle sitting alone..some cheapsters starts misbehaving with her..
A-haaye kyaaa maal h yr..
B- aaj toh mazze he aaagye..
Twnkle ignores them..
C-bhai ye meri h..

Twinkle fumes n shouts shut up u guys dont cross ur limits otherwise..
all 3 – otherwise what madam ,v know u ladies..firstly u say no den readily enjoys everythng..
Twinke dont dare to talk to me like that..stay far..dont come near to me..twinkle starts searching for kunj but she didnt see her..
B – bhai aaj toh ye meri h(bro today she is mine.)
Suddenly a voice comes from behind”bhaio ye meri h ”..twinkle turns to see , some familiar face..lights falls on his face..our daring KUNJ was the familiar face..
Twinkle smiles at him n says now wait n watch ..

Kunj comes takes twinkle’s hand n makes her stand behind him n asks if she is oky..she nods
k-ha toh kon bol ra tha ki ye kiski h..

B – mei, oho chikne side ho…kunj fumes in anger n starts hitting the guy ..the other two comes n starts hittting kunj..kunj looks at twinkle who had tensed face for him n starts hitting them again ..he shows all his moves n hits them hard..he holds the guy who said she is mine n starts hitting him hard n shouts ‘’wo meri h ‘’ ..saaale ‘’wo meri biwi h ‘’’..he fumes in anger..twinkle touched by his words..she comes n stops him. N takes him out dragging ..kunj was still fuming in anger..she takes him to the car n makes him drink water..
t- kunj calm down , i m fine..
k fuming in anger n says how cn i calm down twinkle how they could say like that u ..
t- oho kunj calm down see ur forehead is bleeding ..is their a first aid in car?
K – i dont require it , u came in btvn otherwsie i would hv ripppd out their hearts..
t-y kunj ..

k-how could he call u his..u r mi…he stopss…

twinkle looks at him lovingly ,she could just see the caring part not the love in his eyes for her,,

t- get in the car..they both sits in the car,she takes out the first aid box ..kunj looking outisde the car..twinkle takes his face in her hands n rotates it to face her..
twinkle looks in his eyes n says calm down..she starts applying the ointmnt on his afce ..he clinches in pain..twinkle blows the wound slowly..n says while the oitnment.. kya zarort thi unke muh lagne ki see u r bleeding kunj..y didnt u just let them go.now just look at u..

kunj holds her hnd n pulls her towrds him n looks deeply in her eyes n says in a deep voice i will not leave any1 who tries to come close to u.n leaves her hand …she looks at him confused n applys the bandage..kunj looks at her lovingly with teary eyes..twnkle was holding his face close to her..she looks at him lovingly..both lost in each other ..sajna ve plays…kunj starts geting closer to her,he lost his control while looking at her ..twinkle also lost in him..they were few metrs away..kunj gets more close..both could hear each others’s breathing..they were just few cms away now.kunj looks at her lips..twinkle not resisting…when suddenly a car from behind starts horning loud..

they comes into senses n realizes what were they abt to do..both looks awkward..twinkle realizes butterflies n thinks ye kya hone wala tha..abhi..y didnt i stop him..
the car person shouts from behind…they compose each other…

kunj starts the car..n drives..both remained silent ,kunj realizes he is not doing right he has to hv to control himslf from getting close to her. N hits the stearing wheel ..twinkle still looking outside closes her eyes…she thinks y she didnt she say anythng while he was coming closer, y seeing him in pain she was aslo feeling pain..y she was happy when kunj called her his n that she is his wife..she looks outside the window..but at the window glass she could see kunj’s face…she looks at him lovingly n starts asking ques to his refelction in her mind..that y r u so caring for her..y r u so much understnding …y do u make me feel butterflies,,y i dont hv any problm even when i m very much close to u ,y do u look at me in a diff way…y it seems u only hv eyes for me……….

both looking outisde..they reach home,,awkwardly they reach their room..silent air of love was moving in the room,,twinkle comes changed n kunj was already changed lying on his couch..twinkle comes n lies on her bed ..both turn n faces his each other..their eyes met n said everything just only words were missing …sajna ve plays..

******19th episode ends here****

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Credit to: pali

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