Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 18)


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Kunj gets dressed up in a white sherwaani n puts his sehra.. He was looking very cute n handsome?..
Uvi was wearing a green n black combination sherwaani n he was looking hot as always ?..
Kunj reaches the mandap and the pandit do some prayers ..everyone was looking very happy ..pandit ji asks to call twinkle for the further rituals ..

Amaya ,chinki , bubbly brings her to the mandap..
Twinkle comes wearing a pink n golden lehengha, she was looking dead gorgeous..kunj gets up to look at her n as a mark of respect.. Kunj looks at her n realizes he is marrying the most beautiful girl..he controls himself so that he again doesnt starts sweating after looking at her..

Twinkle was walking with full grace..she looks up at kunj n their eyes meet,both looking at each other lovingly..kunj finds words to express her beauty but fails ,he was just standing with his mouth open..twinkle starts walking towards him, again his heart started pounding faster n faster..he suddenly closes his eyes..even in his eyes closed he was able to see only twinkle’s face..he realizes that yes HE HAS STARTED LIKING HER.. Suddenly ,he puts that thought away n remmbers the deal n remmbers her words “i m doing this for my family”.. Twinkle comes n stands next to him..both smile at each other..

Pandit tells them to sit n then the marriage rituals started..kunj makes her wear the mangalsutra while coming close to her..both having eyelock moment..he puts the red sindoor in her maang..the colour of marriage..they then get up for the 7 pure fere(rounds)..twinkle finds difficulties in getting up bcoz of the heavy lehenga that she was wearing..bubbly steps to help her out but instantly kunj gives his hand to her ..she looks at him lovingly n smiiles..she gives her hand in his ..n then she gets up..twinkle loosens the hand grip but kunj was holding it tightly ..he didn’t left her..pandit announces the 1st fera..they walk hand in hand ..twinkle looking continuously at him ..kunj firm for the marriage n accepts every false n truth of her life..n promise to himself that he will never cross his limit ..he promises that he will always look for her interest first..he will stand by her in every sort of a problem or happiness..

she looks at him lovingly n thanks babaji for making him as her life partner..pandit announces ab aap pati patni h n ab apne bado se ashirwaad le skte h ..(now u r declared as husband n wfe n u can take the belsings of the elders..)every one starts throwin flowers on them..uvi hugs leela in happiness n looks at his happiest sister’s face..leela gets teary eyes..

kunj n twinkle looks at each other..the marriage gets over n twinkle strts to leave .. hugs uvi tight n tells him to take care of maaa..leela cries softly.evryone makes her to sit in the car….twinkle looks outside the window at the lovely faces of the people she loves n cries bitterly on the thought that now her life will b changed..the car leaves..

twinkle was still crying softly kunj looks at her n cups her face n clears the tears n says u did this for them..right? twinkle nods in a yes ..

k-v did a good thing ryt?

Twinkle nods in a yes n looks at loving face of her husband..

k-ufine now?

Twinke nods n clears her face ..they reach home..n twinkesuddenly realized that her home was the last one ..n she is standing in front of er new home…both gets down..bebe does the grahpravehs n they enters in their room..

Twinj room

Kunj turns n says ur new room,i hope u like it..

Tw-i hv no other choice kunj….kunj nods…they feel awkward..kunj realizes..n says

k-come twinkle here’s our balcony from where u cn see ur house..u cn go there anytime ,,okay

t-thnks kunj..

k-ya so see now just forget all these flowers n decorations..ok n v r frnds ..though v r married but still frnds..so no awkwardness nthng n v should feel free to say anything to each other..m i right.she looks at him n says corrct..

k-ya so must b tired after carrying ths much weight of the dress so go cn chnge , i will chnge outside..

t feels awkward her suitcase was alredy there..she leaves for changing..kunj realizes now he has to share his room..but he was ready after all she is his wife now, n he has to respect her feeling too.. He tells himself while changing that h has to control his feelings for her n hv to just suppress them till likings only.. Twinkle comes outside fully changed,but kunj was half dressed as in he was not wearing any clothes on his upper body.. Twinkle looks at him at his dashing body n suddenly turns..

Kunj looks down at him

Twinkle-kunj now u r not only one living in this room, v r on sharing terms..so just fastly get dressd up.. Kunj suddenly puts down his shirt ..

Kunj- so..rey yaa, i m done, now u can look at me..

Twinkle turns smiling n says i m not interetsd in looking at u..

K- oh plzz ,ladkiya marti h mere pr..

T- u r so self obsessed..


Twinkle with tensed eyes..

T- lga? kaha

Kunj keeps his fingers on his heart ..

T- kya lga..

K-ur words..

T- tum b na..n both laugh ..

K-soooo.. Now..

She looks here n der n says soooo…

K- its our suhagrahat ..

T- kunj ..he starts walking towrds her..

Twinkle goes back in hesitation n says kunj what r u doing.. Kunj still continues..

Twin- kunj stop der.. Dont come close to me i said..

K comes very close to her face .. Twin closes her eyes in anazemnt.. Kunj starts laughing loudly..teinkl opns her eyes..n sees him laughing she understand he was just joking..she starts running behind him,, kunj runs here n there .. Both laughs .. Twinkle runs shouting behind him..kunj climbs on bed .. Twinkle also gets on bed.. N strtd hitting him..Kunj holds her hnd , suddenly their legs slipped n twinkle falls on Kunj.. Flowers falls on them..they look at each other in surprise.. Both lost.. Twinkle had her hands on his chest..she keeps looking at him..both wanted somewhere the momnt to stop there only…twinkle hair comes on her face..kunj looks at them n takes his hand n tucks them bck softly..teinkle looks at him surpise n closes her eyes while he was doing this..he does it ..she opens her eyes ..she suudenly realizes n gets up ..kunj gets up..(awkwardness)..

Both look here n der..

K- sorry..twinkle nods her head looking here n der..

K-soo.. v should sleep.. now….

T-y..aa.kunj goes to his wardrobe n takes out two blankets ..twinkle looks ..standing there ..he keeps one on bed n other on couch..

K-u sleep on bed i vl sleep on couch..

T-no u sleep on bed i vl sleep on couch..

K-no its ok i hv practise to sleep here..

T-no its not oky , i vl sleep on couch u r very tall u wont b abl to fit there..so i vl sleepthere..

K-twinkle i m sleeping on couch no more decisions..

T-y no..

K-bcoz i wont like if u sleep on couch..twinkle looks at him lovingly n smiles …

K-gr8 goodnight!


Both turn to get on their places ….n lies down looking at each other in awkwardness..twinkle turns the other way…kunj keeps looking at her side n thinks i hv to control myslf damn it..the more i loook at her the more i m falling for her.. I have to keep the deal.. But even what can i do.. Whenever i look at her she looks more beautiful ,her smile, her dimple, her words, her eyes.. Suddenly twinkle turns ,both eyes meet.. Kunj closes his eyes n tries to sleep..

Now twinkle was looking at him, she thinks he so caring, understnding , there is no need for words also he undrstnds me b4 i speak also.. I m blessed to hv him as a husband.. He didnt even let me sleep on couch , he gave me more then half his wardrobe .. Till now everytime he has supported me.. Even he is doing this for his family , he such a nice person at heart too.. Kunj opens his eyes.. N looks at her looking at him..

Kunj- kya hua

T – kuch ni ..

K- neend ni aari…

T – umm haa new place i guess

K – ya it happens i understnd.. Umm lets do one thing .. Lets take matrix n place it in the balcony .. N lets talk n try to sleep ..

T– umm (with a big smile) i m into it..

K- cool come!

Kunj goes to the balcony n sets the chair aside.. N from inside twinkle asks where’s the matrix n ol i will bring it , now evn i should noe abt the room..

K- umm okayy , its in the bottom right shelf of the cupbaord.. She gets up n brings one ,kunj helps her n they place..

T- i guess its a big one , there no need for two..

K-one eye brow up.. Like v both on 1 ..

T- umm yaa i dont hv any problm i trust u..

Kunj smiles n says i m cool, .. He brings candles n pillows.. Twinkle looks n feels its looking so romantic but heres no romance n v dont feel for each other like that.. Both lies down , close to each other on each sides.. N looks at the open sky..

T- kunj u noe what..

K- tell me..

T- i always wanted to do this with my would be husband.. It was one of my wish.. Which. U fulfilld today, unknowingly.. He turns towards her n says .. Ya but u actually didnt accpt that there would b no romance ..

T- hesitates n says yeah offcrse v hv married in a diff situation , v dont hv feelings for each ohter..

Kunj looks away n says dude u r gone its only one sided ..n gets sad ..

T- kya hua..

K- umm nothing.. N was loooking at the sky.. Twinkle looks at his face n says u r very nice kunj.. Kunj was loosing control now.. He wanted her so badly .. He wanted her in his arms.. He wanted to kiss her on her forehead .. He wanted to tell her that how special she is to him..

Kunj – thnkew .. Both were facing each other now.. She feels awkward.. She thinks y is she feeling butterflies .. Both sleeps facing each other..


Both were lying , their feets were touching each other.. Twinkle hand were in middle of both of them n kunj’s hand were on her holding them.. Both face were also close.. They opens their eyes smiling , n says a very lovely gm to each other.. Later on they realizes in what position they r sleeping , twinkle takes away her feet n leaves kunj’s hnd but kunj leaves her hnd slowly , his eyes were saying everythng.both looks at each other in surprise… Both gets up n composes themselves.. Twinkle leaves for bathing.. Kunj stnds at the balconyy thinking abt her.. Aftersometime, twinkle comes out ..kunj goes to the room.. Both looking at each other un awkwrdmess.. Twinkle suddenly leaves the room n goes to usha n bebe..

***18 episode ends here***


Credit to: Pali

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