Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 17)


I personally love this episode ..i hope u guys also like this episode.. 🙂

Episode 17

Everyone asks leela to call twinkle as it was time for the ceremony ..leela tells uvi to bring her down..uvi goes to her room..he knocks..
t-ha bhai,Im ready , u cn come in..
uvi gets in and gets amazed to see her..
twinkle smiles n asks how is she looking..
uvi-my jaan is looking just perfect ,(he cups her face), I cant express twinky how beautiful u r looking n how much I m happy to see u like this. Twinkle gets teary eyes..they hug n have a bro-sis moment..
uvi takes his hand in his arms n start to come down..they pause at the stairs upfront ..everyone strts clapping..they both were looking the best bro n sis ..
someone was coming in front of the view of kunj as he wasn’t able to see at twinkle..he gets up to see her but still wasn’t able to see her somehow…then suddenly chinki,Amaya,bubblyand other girls holds kunj n takes him at the stairs..he shys a bit n smiles..

twinkle looks at uvi n both starts walking down.kunj slowly looks up , his eyes getting enlighten,his heart starts pounding fast ..he keeps looking at her he just forgot the crowd or lighst or uvi …his joy was showing from his eyes that how much happy he was to see twinkle..his eyes could tell how much he has fallen for her…his eyes could tell how much beautiful she was looking..finally twinkle n uvi stops at the final step of the stair ..they both gives a glamourous look to the crowd…
then,slowly kunj forwards his hand towards twinkle,the crowd strted clapping.twinkle looks at kunj’s hand and then at uvi’s face .uvi nods in a yes that yes go for it twinkle..kunj was looking at her in a hope ,twinkle finally loosens uvi’s grip n gives her hand in kunj’s hand..kunj takes her hand firmly in his..

At that moment he lost his breath to twinkle..he takes a deep breath while looking at her..both lost in each other’s eyes..their eyes could tell how much they love each other just the words were missing n acceptance to it..uvi gets very happy n hugs leela..whole of the crowd started shouting loud..

twinkle puts his hand In his arms..he looks at her in surprise still very relaxed from inside..twinkle looks at him..n says silently to his ears while going to the stage..
t- kunj u okay?
k-y..aaa ..i.i..mmm fine..
t- u r sweating too much..
k-oh..hh re.al..ly..
t- ya tensed ?
k-jus..t the tensi..on I g.ues..s ya..
kunj clears his face with hanky …still his heart was beating faster..twinkkle realizes ..she stops him..
t-what happen kunj..kunj thinks in his mind that whats happening to him y is he feeling so nervous while looking at her..
k-what nothing ..i m fine ..just may b crowd ..lighst n ol..
t-u sure
k-yea yea..come everyone Is looking at us..
twinkle takes his hand in her and says v r doing this for our family ..dont b nervous ..v r doing a good thing..n afterol twinkle taneja is with u man y u worrying ..
kunj smiles n corrects her twinkle sarna..she hits him n says not yet..both starts laughing..suddenly kunj gets relieved after looking at laughing face of twinkle..he looks at her lovingly..both climbs up the stage hand in hand..
uvi offers twinkle kunj’s ring and Amaya gives kunj the twinkle’s ring…

Kunj turn to face each other but twinkle turns to look at uvi n leela..both smiles at her..twinkle turns bck n looks at kunj..kunj takes a deep breath n twinkle offers him her hand..kunj holds it..he puts the ring of his name in her finger..evryone claps..
then kunj offers her his hand ,twinkle takes his hand n makes him wore the ring..both looks at each other..twinkle looks away to look at her family, kunj notices n thinks she is only
Doing this for her family n I should not forget the deal “v r just frnds”
all have fun n engagemnets gets over.

.sarna’s strts to leave..
twinkle was looking at her ring n then looks at kunj’s bck as he was leaving ..then she looks up n again looks at the door ..kunj turned to look at her..both smiles lovingly..sarna’s leaves..

leela looks at twinkle ring nd kisses her on her forehead ..
uvi keeps his hand on twinkle’s head ..
leela-kunj is a very nice guy
uvi-ryt mom…ryt twinkle?
t-ryt bhai ..
uvi – btw twinkle what hpnd to him while u were going on stage
twinkle smiles n says he got lill nervous of the crwd n noise n lights n oll..
uvi-what ,all 3 laughs..
leela-arey koi na fer puttar ho jata h ..its human tendency..all smiles..
twinkle sleeps looking at her ring..

kunj enters into his room and looks at his ring….he laughs on himself n says kya kunj u got so nervous that u strted sweating , he walks arnd n says oh no I hvnt told twinkle that how beautiful she was looking,she must hv thot abt dis..kya kunj tu inna rude kse ho skta h..girls like all this..he picks up his phone n forgets the time..n calls twinkle …
twinkle almost slept when her phone rings..she picks it n sees kunj name flashing n thinks seriously ab isse kya ho gya is he taking this engagement too much srsly..
k-u slept ?gets surprise n looks at time it was 2 am ,he gets shocked like srsly he called her at this time just to appreciate her.
t-ya I guess that’s what v do at 2 am..
k-oh ya ryt sorry vl talk tmrw..
t-ab call kr he dia h toh tell me y did u call..?
k-wo umm wo bs umm..realizes he is souding too much stupid..n says no nothng imp..
t-gets irritated srsly kunj ?tell me what do u wanna say..
k-woo actually umm
t-ahaan ?
k-wo umm…twinkle..
t-kunj I m listening
k-u were looking very beautiful , just so much perfection was there ,icant express how much pretty n beautiful u were looking n I called bcoz I ididnt say anything in the function for ur looks ..yes I wanted to say this that u were looking breath taking gorgeous

..he gulps in closes his eyes for her reply..
twinkle suddenly gets up n forgets all her sleep she was smiling widely she wasnot getting words how to express that how much thankful she is..n she just loved his wrds,..
k-ik I m sounding stupid at the middle of the night ,vl talk tmrw ,bye gn..kunj was abt to cut the call when her voice falls in his ears he puts the phone bck to his ears..
t-kunj,u noe what u r very cute n adorable ..nd u ..rr not..at all sounding stupid balki I really liked the wat ever u said in my appreciation at the middle of the night n u really called me to tell me this ,im really thankful to hv a frnd like u..n thanks for the lovely words..
kunj gets a broad smile on his face n gets relxd ..
k-u r beautiful twinkle even at heart..
t-thnkew kunj big wrds haa..
k-lol well chlo its late , goodnight hv sweet sleep.
Twinkle-thnkew nd gn ,sweetdreams,… 🙂 .. They ends the call..both lies in each other thoughts ..

Twinkle thinks that y the hell she is feeling butterflies , many people appreciated her about her looks but y his words were so special ..looks at her n sleeps ..

Nxt day
Sarna’s farm
Mehndi day

Everyone comes there for the rituals as marriage has to happen at their farms and all the small functions too..
They all get in their rooms n rests for a while.. After sometime, amaya comes to twinkle’s room to call her for mehndi rasam…she comes..

Usha- aja puttar !
Twinkle-hnji aunty..
Usha – aunty beta now u r engaged to my son.. Now i m also ur mumma..
T- hnji , she looks here n der ..

She sits n girls starts putting mehndi on her hands.. The girls asked so what is the name of the lucky guy ! Twinkle smiles and everyone shouts kunj.. Write kunj on her hand… Twinkle looks up and finds kunj in the crowd talking with uvi and manohar , kunj was laughing , twinkle gets a smile on her face ..
She thinks that now finally its time that she will be marrying kunj , n his name is being written on her hand n after her name..
The mehndi rasam gets finish.. The designs were looking very pretty on her hands..leela makes her sit in front of a table fan so that her mehndi gets dry soon.. She was sitting there alone and suddenly her hair starts coming on her face that was irritating her she tries to put them back but bcoz of mehndi she was not able to do it..

Kunj was passing n he looks at her n smiles ,he goes near her from behind n pulls her hair back softly,twinkle gets surprise n turns to see the person, she turns n finds kunj..she smiles .. N he ties her hair in a pony..twinkle thnks her n kunj was leaving but suddenly turns n asks if she needs anythng ..

T- actually i was feeling thirsty ,
K- oh ya wait ,he brings water for her ,
He makes her drink it, she continuosly looks at him while drinking water…kunj asks anythng else.. She says nothng thnks..he leaves.. Twinkle looks at him going n thinks he is so caring n understanding n thanks babaji for giving kunj as her friend n now as her life partner ..

Small rituals happend and everyone slept late ..

Next day –
The haldi day

Kunj and twinkle comes n sits on their respective places for haldi celebration.. They both were made facing towards each other so that while haldi they can look at each other’s lovely faces..

Ladies applies haldi on twinkle n kunj’s face.. Everyone was having fun..
Kunj to usha- maa ye sb haldi kyu laga rahe h mje (y everyone is putting haldi on me).. Everyone smiles..
Usha- taaki tu twinkle jaisa sundar sundar ho jayee(so that u look more handsome than twinkle) everyone laughs..
Kunj- acha maa so apply it on my legs n arms n legs also..
Usha- kunj sharam kr (kunj behave) 😀 Everyone starts laughing .. Twinkle looks at him n laughs lovingly..both look at each other n smiles ..
Haldi gets over..

Everyone goes in their room to sleep as it got late..
Leela n usha to twinkle- go beta n hv sleep u hv to look fresh tmrw ,dont loose ur glow..
Twinkle – hanji maa, n she strts to leave..she reaches near her room n saw some shady figure behind the tree.. She gets bit scared n shouts who is there? Come out? No one comes out.. She goes near the tree.. N kunj shouts bhoo.. Twinkle shouts in anger n falls ..twinkle on kunj…twinkle eyes were widened ..Kunj puts hand on his mouth as she was screaming..
Kunj–shhh shh twinkle its me..
Twinkle widened eyes n says mmmm..
Kunj realizes he has closed her mouth with his hand.. He removes her hand.. Still both on each other.. Twinkle strts hitting kunj..
T- dumbo u scared me..
K- haha
Both laughs n teinkle puts her head on kunj’s chest n both laughs lovingly..not realizing that they r so much close..

Suddenly both realizes ,twinkle gets up but was not able to ..kunj helps her out n both gets up (awkwardness)..
T-i m sorry..
K-i m sorry too but u r such a darpok twinkle(coward)
She hits him.. N both laughs..
T- so y did u came here..
K- just aise was passing n saw u coming..
T- okay ..
K- hmm
T- so tmrw is our wedding..
K- ya..
T- kunj..
T-i just wanted to say that even after marriage…..
K- come on twinkle ik !even after marriage we will remain frnds only.. N u can trust me on that dont worry, i will never force u to do anything that will b against ur will.. U nvr have to perfrom any patni vrata thing for me…n i remmber our deal..
Twinkle smiles n says im lucky to have u kunj .. Both share n eye lock moment n goes into their rooms n sleeps thinking about the biggest day of their lives..

***17th episode ends here****

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