Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 16)


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Leela n usha- haa bebe wse b hmei kaafi kaam h..
usha- Tikh h kunj n twinkle…. all 3 ladies leaves laughing..

both looks here n der in awkwardness..
t- chlo fir no other option lets buy something for u now..
k-ya come..
they reach a shop ..kunj goes for trials..but has problem in wearing that..twinkle from outsyd..

t- kya kunj kina der lagayoge inna der toh koi ladki bhe ni lagati..and laughs
k- shut up twinkle , I m stucked in this two piece…
t-oho kunj
k-kya oho inna h toh come help me out..
twinkle widens her eyes and says kya m …mm…
k- mm mm kya kri ri ho , ho gya bs..
twinkle -don’t give me challenge
k- haar maan lo..
t- m kbi haarti nahi..

she opens the trial rooms gate n enters..kunj get shockd to see her ..twinkle gets surprise to see him like this and laughs..

t- kya kunj tumse ek shirt ni pehni jaari ..
k shut up its not getting in .. twinkle walks closer to her, kunj keeps looking at her..

twinkle touches his shirt and says see iska ek buton idher b h , she opens it , and pull the shirt down and then he was able to wear it.. kunj takes a deep breath ..both laughs n suddenly realizes they r in a small room alone and that too this much close…

twinkle takes a step back and kunj takes a step forward ..she takes a step back , k takes a step forward..she gets shockd n widens her eyes in awkwardness…

t- kk..un….njjj kk.yaa kkr. .rahh..ee hoho..
kunj keeps looking at her..and comes more closer..
she closes her eyes as kunj was getting down ..she feels butterfies in her stomach..
kunj gets more close n gets down to take the 2nd piece of his dress n gets back and starts laughing..
she opens her eys n looks at him standing far..

k-tumne kya socha twinkle
t- kuch NI .. shys n she immediately turns n leaves the room..

she stands on the door n thinks mje kya ho ra h ,y m I hving butterflies in my stomch..y I feel butterflies whenever kunj comes near me..y babaji ,,
she sits on sofa n waits for kunj to come out from the trail..room gate opens..kunj steps outside..she gets up and looks very happy at kunj as he was looking damn hot..kunj comes to her n asks how he is looking ..

t-very hot
she comes in senses n says ha tikh thaaak lg re ho..lets buy this one only..
k- thik thaak naa mje hot dikhna h bbhai wse b m ek baar he shaadi krna wala hu..twinkle smiles ..

t-oho kunnj tum b na , u looking smart in this..
k-bs wo toh m wse b dikhta hu , I want to look hot..
t – huh, this guy..
k- u said something…

twinkle walks close to him , takes his sides of coats in her hand, kunj looks at her in surprise…
she then shrugs his coat n pulls him towards nim n says very deeply that u r looking HOT..kunj one eyebrow up look…n smiles.
.they remain in that position for a minute..saying everythning with their eyes,..

salesman-sir then which one r u buying?

kunj n twinkle gets into senses,twinkle leaves him awkwardly ..kunj still keep looking at twinkle and says pack the one I m wearing..twinkle smiles at kunj…

they then reaches taneja’s..
t- okay then bye n thanks for the ride..
t- ahaan..
k-i guess v r friends ..
t- yes v r ..looking at him
k-n tmrw is our engagement..
t-yes v hv ..
k-still u sayng me thanks..
t-i m sorry..
k-do u want me to repeat evrythng..
t-okay fine I got it no thnkew no sorry..
k-exctly..u r smart..
t-always..chalo bye..
k – bye tc…she gets down n kunj leaves..

he drives home thinking about her ,every single moment he has spent with her..

at night-

twinkle was standing in her balcony.she talks to her self-so finally tmrw is my engagement with kunj,pta ni kyu aisa lag ra h ki bht saaare ques h mere dimaag m but fir b m unka answer nahi chahti..she thinks about kunj and looks at the sky..she was urning to go bck to her room n suddenly saw kunj at his balcony looking at her…

she gets paused for a while and looks at him..
for them silence used to help ….twinkle nods in what?kunj says nothing..twinkle shows him in signals to sleep..kunj “mann ni h”..twinkle ‘y”..kunj shrugs in idk..kunj takes out his phone from his pocket n asks if he can call herr,,twinkle agrees..she runs to bring her phone from her room,she gets a cal n picks it..

(awkward silence)
t-so tumhe neend kyu nahi aarahi?
k-pta ni ,tumne cheen li saari..
t-acha ji flirting mood m ho..
k-jo aap samjhe
t- kunj btw don’t u think v actually don’t know about each other much n still v r getting engaged tmrw..
k-nope its not like that , ik a lot about u..
t-acha ji ,chlao lemme also see what u know about me..
k-okay soo..u r caring,u love ur brother n mother a lot,u r very beautiful, n ya very cute too..twinkle bites her lips n smiles..
t-that is but obvious any1 can tell that about me..tell me something else ..
k-okayy umm…n yea u have started liking me.he smiles rom inside.
Twinkle widens her eyes ..
k- yessssss..
t-nooooo, I don’t..
k-yes u do…
t- I so hate u kunj..

k- but I ….he stops realizes what he was about to say..he thinks how could he say that ..
k-nothing twinkle ,its late I guess we should sleep..twinkle feels something awlward but kunj cuts the call..she looks up to see him at his balcony but he had already left..

she thinks in her mind isse kya ho gya? She then goes to her room n sleeps…

Kunj goes IN his room throws his cell phone ,goes in front of the mirror n says what did I meant..do I ?no I don’t..offcourse I don’t..v r just frnds ,like buddies..i cant…v r just marrying bcoz of our family..kunj no u r not marrying her bcoz of ur family that was her reason , but urs was u r ready to marry her coz u ..he takes out his shirt n thinks no I don’t like or love her.. n suddenly he remember the trial room incident..he immediately gets a smile on his face thinking about her..kunj talks to himself n ignores evry thought that was coming in his mind about twinkle..he sleeps wearing the shirt only..

Next day
The engagement day


Sarna’s reaches at tanjea’s as the function was at their house..

Kunj comes with his family , he was looking awesome as he always does.. Taneja’s welcomes them warmly .. Uvi and kunj were standing together.. Kunj looking here n there as his eyes were searching for someone special..

Uvi- kya bhai! Badi jaldi ho rahi h kisi ko dekhne ki.. 😉
Kunj smiles n says nahi yr wo toh m bs decorations dekh ra tha, nice decorations..
Uvi- well thanks but twinkle is also about to come..
Kunj smiles to hear that but controls his emotions coz of yesterday’s night ..but still his eyes were desperate to look for twinkle..

****16th episode ends here****

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Credit to: Pali

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  1. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Pali, very nice episode.
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    Can u plz translate the in English ?
    I mean like Hindi then in brackets English.

    1. Thnks dayne! I will surely write them in english for u !

  2. Nice epi… But can u make it a bit longer one frm nxt time…its a request…

    1. No need to make request yr , u can say that to me directly , i hope u r liking my episodes 🙂

  3. fantastic as always !!!!

    1. Thnkew sanam 🙂

  4. Awesome episode

    1. Thnkew 🙂

  5. very nice
    i think
    kunj would realize his love for twinkle soon

    1. I wont tell u right now , lets see where the story goes 🙂

  6. awesome as always…!!

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