Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 15)


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Twinkle walks to her room thinking about whatever happened at sarna’s and she suddenly realizes that she has said yes to marry and that too with kunj sarna..0_0 ..but she ignores the fact that she is marrying him bcoz the happiness that she saw on uvi ‘s and her mother’s face was more imp. For her …
she then goes to leela’s room ,she waits outside ,as leela was holding twinkle’s frame and talking with it, she was talking emotionally..
she then goes to uvi’s room who was in his balcony looking at the sky..

She turns back to leave so that he doesn’t get disturbed , but uvi feels her presence and says twinkle?
Twinkle thinks ya not a new thing he can always feel my presence..Twinkle goes near him ..
Twinkle- why were u looking at sky..
uvi- telling dad that what i daily used to promise him , I have fulfilled my promise today..
twinkle- and what was that promise ?
uvi- finding the best guy for u which I hv found today
twinkle looks at him , he had tears in his eyes
twinkle- oho bhai u r getting very emotional, I hv nvr seen u like this…
uvi takes her hand in his hands and kisses them , lovingly,
uvi- I just want to see u happy twinkle ..
twinkle- I m happy, kunj is a ver nice guy and smiles..

uvi- and lucky too..
twinkle smiles more..
uvi- chalo ab u go in ur room n hv sweet sleep..as v both r sounding like daily soaps brother n sister..twinkle laughs and leaves by hugging him ,he kisses on her forehead..
twinkle goes to her room n sleeps..


kunj goes to his room and thinks y did he say yes to twinkle..y did I ask her to marry me..y babaji y …

-Next day-


Sarna’s come to taneja’s for marriage discussions..they all decided that tmrw they will hv ring ceremony and after 2 days the marriage ..twinkle was not there, kunj gets lill surprise after hearing the fact that they hv decided evrythng so sooon..evryone tells kunj to inform twinkle ..
Kunj comes outside to talk to twinkle…Twinkle was with chinki for some work..her phone rings..

Kunj- wo actually tumhe ye btana tha ki our parents decided to get us engaged tmrw and after two days .its our Marriage..
Twinkle stays numb for the fact that everythngs hpnong so fast..
Kunj- twinkle
T – ya…
k- u okay?
t- no
k- what happen twinkle?
t- no I mean I m fine.
K – can v meet?
k-if that’s not a problem..
t- oky come in gurudwara , I m near only..

k- oky c u.
t- bye..she tells chinki and leaves for gurudwara…

kunj was waiting there only…he saw her and waves a hi..twinkle comes and says hi too..

t- so y did u call me here..
k- JUST wantd to talk..
k- marriage..
t- kunj cm , lets sit ..
they both goes inside the holy place and sits silently and thinking about god..

a priest comes to twinkle, the same priest who came in my episode 1 , he keeps his hand on twinkle’s head and twinkle says app , sasriyakaal babaji ..
priest –khush reh puttar .. mne kaha tha na u vl meet a person who will b the best for u , he is the guy ,beta, by pointing towards kunj., twinkle looks at kunj in surprise, who busy in prayers, the priest leaves , kunj turns and asks what was he saying, twinkle keeps looking at him and says nothing, just giving his blessings,kunj smiles ..

they both comes outside near holy water and sits their both looking at the peaceful water ..
kunj- sb kuch kina zaldi ho raha hna twinkle..
t- ha
k- its like just now only our car trashed ,I saw u at the party ,n now see tmrw is our engagement..

t loosk at him and says mje toh kuch smj he ni ara, bs inna jaanti hu m , m jo kri ri hu apne maa or bhai k liye kri ri hu..
k- hmm..
t- btw kunj mje tumse kuch puchna tha..
t-y did U say yes to marry me ?
kunj gets amazed and doesn’t finds words ,he himself thought ki even I wantd to know the answer to this ques..
t- bolo kunj?
Kunj looks at her doesn’t finds words and says even im doing this for my family and looks away..
t- kina ajib hna kunj , hum dono ko iss shaadi se dikkat h fir b hmei iss shaadi se dikkat ni ..
k- haaa..
t-ya .. chalo lets go home.kunj nods..

they get up to leave when again twinkle get shaky n was about to fall but yet again our handsome holds her.. kunj smiles and twinkle looks at her lovingly…
t-ab toh meine personally tumhe iss job pr rkh lia h(still in his arms)
k- mje or b bht kaam h ,twinkle widens her eyes as kunj was loosing the grip ,she thinks he will leave her so she closes her eyes .. coz shemade her mind that she is ABouT to fall..
but kunj pulls her towards him.. twinkle opens her eyes still amazed..kunj says very sensually m apni saaari jobs ache se nibhata hu.. both smiles and keep looking at each other lovingly…kunj leaves her ..twinkle keeps looking at him and they leave for home..
on the way twinkle gets a call from leela to come at shopping mall..twinkle says okay maa..
t- maa ka phone tha, can u drop me at shopping mall…
k-sure ..

Shopping mall

they reach , kunj and twinkle gets down as usha and leela both were there..
k-arey maa , bebe app..
usha- ha kunj , wo tere liye b kuch shopping krni thi , n changa ho gya tum dono sath m he aagye,twinkle and kunj exchanges looks …

leela- come puttar..
all walk and starts selecting dresses..kunj waits as twinkle’s dress was being selected..

twinkle goes to hv a trial for a dress ..kunj was looking here n there..he suddenly saw twinkle coming in that dress , his mouth gets open in amaze ,as she was looking very beautiful..bebe looks at kunj and closes his mouth and says- puttar muh toh band krle , makkhi ghuss jayegi..kunj gets shy and stands to leave..

twinkle was cmng towards them and she looks at kunj for his reaction tha how is she looking,but kunj says nothing…kunj looks in front..n she looks at him..
while crossing each other twinkle’s dupatta got stucked in kunj’s watch(bolly style)..both exchanges looks and everyone was looking at the lovely couple…
kunj looks at twinkle as he was just mesmerized in her looks ..twinkle tries to take her dupatta out from his watch..but fails..n suddenly kunj touches her fingers and both tries while lost in each other…

usha and leela coughs in naughtiness.. they both come in senses and takes out the dupatta fast…twinkle starts to walk away thinking he didn’t even say it once that how I m looking….kunj calls her name very less audibly n says..u r looking just perfect in the dress..he walks away..twinkle turns back and smiles while he was going…he goes n stands outside the shop..

twinkle comes to leela n says- this dress is finalised I m wearing this tmrw..
leela-arey puttar dekhne toh de..ik tu kaafi sundar lg ri h issmie but..
t- but vat kuch ni, im wearing dis one is final…
all says okay n shops something more and comes outside as kunj was waitng..
bebe- usha or leela m kya keh ri thi, kunj k liye kapde ,inn dono ko he lene dete h n hum chalte h(winks)
twinkle n kunj amazed nd looks at ech other with widens eyes..;)

****15th episode ends here***


Credit to: Pali

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