Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 14)




Kunj asks twinkle u said no , that means u want this marriage ..She says i mean .. K..un..j .. I need some time to think about this.. I dont noe what to say and how to react right now.. To me all these things r very shocking .. I hope u..
Kunj looks at her..
Kunj- i understand even for me its equally shocking,
Twinkle- hmm..
Kunj- so now what our families r insisde waiting for us..
Twinkle- yea v should go inside..
Twinkle starts walking..

Kunj from behind- what v gonna say ? Like r v ready for the marriage ?
Twinkle- i dont know kunj, its too much things that r running in my head right now..
Kunj- okay u mean v just go inside and act as if v r ready..
Twinkle- i didnt say that ..
Kunj(angrily) – ya so tell me what do u want.. U dont want me to go inside n cancel this , and u also not ready for the marriage.. Its confusing damn it..
Twinkle- fine lets just cancel the marriage..
Kunj looks at her shocked dont know how to react so just nods in a yes.. Both walks inside and looks at the happy faces of the family..

Everyone turns at them.. And bebe says So the lovely couple is ready for the marriage ?. Kunj looks at twinkle.. Twinkle looks at leela and uvi and there happy faces ..
Kunj- umm woo bebe.. Umm hum ready.. Twinkle cuts him..
Twinkle – yes v r ready..kunj gets shocked and looked at twinkle in surprise..
Usha- wah meri bahu he tezz h 🙂

Uvi runs to twinkle and picks her up and says i m so happy for u baby, kunj will b perfect for u ..Yay..
Amaya runs to kunj and hugs him ,kunj doesnt hugs her back bcoz he was surprise , he wasnot able to understand whats happening and amaya says yay bhai is getting married wo wo.. Everyone started dancing..These words starts echoing in twinkle and kunj’s head..

everyone starts clapping and laughing..
Uvi pushes twinkle and kunj together for a groupfie(awkwardness) kunj looks at twinkle.. But she was not making any eye contct.. Uvi makes kunj put his hand on her shoulder, he awkwardly keeps his hand.. Twinkle closes her eyes for a moment… All have a great time, but kunj didnt get time to have words with twinkle..
Taneja’s starts to leave..

Kunj suddenly interuppts and everyone turns to look at him.. Twinkle closes her eyes and says ye kuch problem na kr de.. Kunj looks at her and says nothing just wanted to say bye to twinkle.. Can i go and drop her to her home myself if its not a problem ?.. Twinkle looks at him shocked
Bebe- oho puttar hum aaj k generation wale h , jaja chod aa apni twinkle ko , kyu leela koi dikkat?
Leela- na ji na bebe , i m all fine.. Okay twinkle u come with kunj, v r leaving ..
Everyone bids bye to uvi and leela.. Bebe tells kunj to leave twinkle to her home safely ..

Kunj opens the gate for twinkle, she sits in looking at him.. Everyone left and they were alone in the parking lot.. Kunj starts the car..
Twinkle suddenly starts blabbering ki ik kunj u must b having so much confusion and must b angry at me what i did.. Kunj doesnt reacts , twinkle touches his arms n says plz kunj atleast talk to me listen to me atleast what i hv to say..
Kunj stops his car .. It was a shady area.. Kunj turns to twinkle ..
Twinkle looks at him and was amazed y did he stop the car..
Twinkle- y did u stop the car kunj..
Kunj- to talk to u..

Twinkle looks at him lovingly..
Kunj- so yea now say y did u say yes to this marriage twinkle knowing that neither of us was ready for this.. Then y ..
Twinkle has teary eyes and said ik kunj both of us r not ready but for the first time in my entire life , after my dad died i saw her this much happy.. So how could i ruin her moment
Kunj looks at her lovingly..
Twinkle continues i m soo sory kunj i should hv talkd with u first coz outside v decided to say a no. Bt inside i said a yes bt m kya karti kunj maa phli baar inna khush thi.. N unki ye khushi sirf isliye thi coz i will b getting married now.. She vl b abl to see me settled with such a good family and a great partner like u..

Kunj looks at more..
Twinkle- uvi ne hmesha apni khushi se zyada mje khushi di h , he always wantd to see me getting married , she starts crying pta h kunj hum dono jb chotte thei, what he used to say ..
Kunj nods and keeps his hand on twinkle’s hand .. Twinkle looks at him with crying face and says
Twinkle – he usd to say i will find the best guy for u who wil love u more then anyone could do.. I m just waiting for that day jaan where in i will see ur husband coming on a white horse.. Kunj he treats me like his lill princess, yes i dont have a father but i have a brother like uvi..
Tear drops from kunj’s eye too..

Twinkle- so u tell me kunj how can i b so selfish that i vl say no to this marriage seeing the 2 most imp ppl in my lyf this much happy ..
Both remain in silence..
Twinkle continues but haa i also cant. B this selfish that i take decisions on ur part .. If u dont want to marry me .. I wont have any problem , i will equally respect ur decision.. She continues.. And suddenly kunj’s keeps his finger on twinkle’s lips , twinkle hair starts moving both look at each other with respect and love..

Kunj- thand rakh twinkle, thodi saas toh lele , bole he jaa ri h, she smiles..
Kunj haa ye huyi na baat bs aise he smile krti raha kr .. Twinkle smiles more..
N rahi baat iss shaadi ki decision jo tune li h .. Twinkle now i respct u more, the love of u for ur mother and brother is phenomenon man , mje nahi pta tha tu inni mature h , wah ..
He continues n rahi baat iss shaadi ki .. Umm he cups her face and removes tears from her eyes ..
I WILL MARRY U TWINKLE, will u like to b TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA? And smiles…
Twinkle smiles and cries in happiness and says
both smiles and hugs each other in happiness .and cries too. They hugged very passionately.. SAJNA ve plays..

Suddenly a car comes from front that disturbs them and they break the hug, feels awkward and looks here and there and compose each other..

At the same time both turn to each other and says but i dont love u , both smiles, again they say at the same time will remain frnds only after marriage also.. They laugh.. And looks at each other.. Kunj stretces his hand..
Kunj- so thats the deal?
Twinkle- deal..by stretching her hand..
Holding each other hands
Kunj -thats clear that v dont love each ohter and will remain like frnds only even after marriage.. Deal?
Twinkle- definitely a deal..
Kunj – great, now clear ur face u r looking horrible..
Twinkle hits him on his arm .. She doesnt have a hanky so looks here and there..
Kunj passes her his hanky.. She takes it and clears her face.. He starts the car and they reach twinkle’s home and kunj left..

****14th episode ends here****

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Credit to: Pali

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