Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 13)


Thnku so much guys for ur support and lovely comments. I read all ur comments. I really like coming here daily.. So here i come with my new episode ..hope u all like it 🙂


Usha calls leela and Invites them for dinner.Both have planned something special for their beloved children.

Usha sees kunj coming back from his office..
Usha- kunj beta aaj mene taneja’s ko ghar pr dinner k liye invite kia h , i hope u don’t have any problem in that..
Kunj- smiles , mje kaisi probelm hogi maa, aap h iss ghar ki head , jsa aap chaho ..
Usha- smiles and says okay then get ready they must b coming any time..
Kunj says okay and leaves..

Leela takes a dress for twinkle and enters into her room..
Leela- twinkle puttar..
Twinkle comes out from the washroom and says haa maa..
Leela- dekh puttar m tere liye ek dress layiii
Twinkle looks at the dress and gets very happy to see it .. As it was a lovely dress..
Twinkle- wow maa its so beautiful thnkew so much.. They both hugs..
Leela- bdia puttar tje achi lagi so wear this tonight as v have to go to sarna’s house ..
Twinkle- sarna’s y maa..
Leela- just a family get together.. A step to know them as they are our neighbours..
Twinkle – okay maa i will get ready but y this dress .. This one’s heavy.. And wse b its just a dinner..
Leela – oho puttar sawaal bahot karti h tu .. Just do what i said..
Twinkle- kya maa aap b na ..
Leela – smiles and says go beta get ready fast v have to leave soon..
Twinkle- okay maa.. Leela leaves..
Twinkle gets ready and looks stunning .. She has glitters on her face that was making her look fantastic..

Twinkle comes down and saw uvi and leela dressed up as if they were going in a party.. Twinkle gets amazed but ignores in a thought may b to maintain the family status in front of them.. She gets down.. Uvi takes her hand and says my baby is looking sooo beautiful on her special day..
Twinkle hears this and says my special day..
Uvi blinks his eyes and leela takes charge and handles the situation..
They then leave for sarna’s ..


Taneja’s arrives ..

Manohar , bebe and usha welcomes them warmly.. Usha kisses on twinkle’s forehead and makes her sit comfortably .. Kunj was yet not down from his room.. Bebe comes and hugs her tightly ..Twinkle feels something fishy as everyone was behaving oddly with her..

Leela asks ki kunj puttar kaha h .. Manohar says must b here and turns to see him standing on the stairs .. Everyone looks at him lovingly as he was looking damn hot and dashing..
Twinkle takes a look at him and smiles at his charming face ..
Kunj looks at her and smiles both share a loving eye stare… He comes to leela and touches her feet..
They all were sitting for the dining when accidently kunj and twinkle sits together .side by side.. But it was both the families plans..

Manohar sits on the head chair at the dining and clicks on glass by spoon ..
And says attention everyone ..
Kunj and twinkle looks at each other in question mark face..
Manohar- excuse me everyone may i hv ur attention .. I have a big announcement to make.. Everyone claps ..
Bebe- go ahead manohar..
Manohar nods and says so v sarna’s and taneja’s are taking our friendship on a nxt level..
Twinkle and kunj still amazed..
Kunj- papa aap kehna kya chah rahe ho..
Manohar – beta , its happening all bcoz of u and twinkle.
Twinkle gives a question marked face..
Manohar- v r taking our frienship to a nxt level by kunj and twinkle’s marriage ..

Kunj- papa ye aap kya keh rahe ho..
Twinkle looks at leela and uvi but both were smiling now she understood everythng..
Usha- haa kunj and twinkle , v have decided both of u to get married..
Leela – yes u r just perfect for each other..
Uvi – twinkle baby , kunj will keep u very happy..
Amaya- yes bhai , u will b very happy with twinkle di i mean bhabhi..

Both look at eAch other and the family members.. Still amazed..
Twinkle leaves from there in shock..
Kunj looks at her going bcoz he himself was shocked equally..
Leela and all thinks that she is shying .. And insists kunj to go to her and talk ..
Kunj was shocked that what will he talk to her as he also didn’t accept this..

Kunj still went outside to twinkle..
He walks slowly towards her in awkwardness.. Twinkle was standing there still thinking about everything what everyone said inside..
Kunj goes near her and stands in silence .. Both were silent.. Awkwardness was increasing in the air..

Kunj finally says twinkle
Twinkle doesnt says anythng.. Kunj continues ik u r shocked n same is with me even i didnt accept this and this marriage word only brings hell out of me.. Twinkle doesnt says anythng.. Kunj makes her turn towards him by holding her hands.. Breeze starts flowing and twinkle hair flows .. They both share eye lock stare..
Kunj looks in her eyes and says twinkle u trust me right? Twinkle nods a yes.. Kunj goes away a bit and says ik u dont want this marriage and trust me neither do i.. So ,i m going inside to cancel the marriage..
He turns and starts to leave.. Twinkle runs towards him and shouts nooo.. Suddenly kunj turns and both of them falls on the grass..

Twinkle on kunj.. Both hv intense eyelock.. Kunj was holding twinkle’s hand as they were on his shoulder and chest part.. Twinkle was also lost in his eyes.. Then only thoughts starts running in her mind about kunj .. Twinkle suddenly tries to get up and kunj leaves her .. Both gets up and stand there awkwardly..

****13th episode ends here****

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Credit to: Pali

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