Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (episode 12)


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After 3-4 days

At sarna’s
Usha goes to kunj’s room who was setting his office bag..
Usha- kunj ? I wanted to talk about something with u
Kunj- ha maa bolo?
Usha takes kunj’s hand and makes him sit ..
Usha- kunj beta,now u r quiet mature and responsible , so i wanted to ask u something…
Kunj- haa maa pucho itna formal kyu ho rahe ho
Usha- umm.. Beta how do u find twinkle?
Kunj looks at her and says what do u mean maa
Usha – i mean ksi lgti h tje wo
Kunj- haa tikh h , achi h ..
Usha – bs ?

Kunj gets up and thinks of twinkle..he thinks about the moments spent with her , her smile and says i mean ya she is good , she is beautiful , caring and now a great friend.. He suddenly stops and says maa by the way y r u asking all this and that too about her?
Usha- gets up to leave and says nahi beta bs aise he.. U get ready for ur office , ur breakfast is ready come fast..she leaves..
Kunj- maa mujhse twinkle k baare m kyu puch ri thi? Pta ni kya ho gya h sbko .. He ignores and carry on with his work..

At taneja’s
All having breakfast..

Leela asks the same question to twinkle about kunj..
Leela- twinkle puttar tje kunj kaisa lagta h?
Twinkle stops eating suddenly and looks at the reation of yuvi and leela.. As they were waiting for her to reply..

Twinkle- ye ksa sa sawaal h maa..
Uvi – kya twinkle seedha sa toh ques h how do u find kunj..
Twinkle – umm haa acha h kunj, ab toh mera friend b h acha,
Uvi- caring b h
Twinkle nods haa caring h
Leela – charming h
Twinkle nods again haa charming b h
Uvi- funny b h
Twinkle nods again ha baba funny b h ..
In whole bht acha h bss..
Uvi and leela looks at each other and winks..
Uvi leaves for his office ..twinkle leaves for shopping with chinki..

Shopping mall
Twinkle looks very happy as she came for shopping after long..
Twinkle- chinki aaj m sab khareed lungi.. Inni exctied huna m shopping k liye ..
Chinki- haha tu b twinkle pagal he h..
Both shops till late and have gr8 fun together ..
Kunj also comes with amaya to do some shopping ..

Chinki was in a shop .. Twinkle comes out from a washroom and kunj was passing from there only.. Suddenly they hit each other and twinkle was about to fall but he holds him with his one hand.. They remain in that position for long and looks at each other constantly.. Sajna ve plays..
Kunj pulls her suddenly towards him.. And she puts her hand on his shoulder.. But kunj doesnot puts his hand on her waist knowing his etiquettes..They share eyelock moment.. Twinkle gets bit surprised .. Kunj gets closer to twinkle .. Twinkle widens her eyes more.. And feels his touch and smells him.. She thinks that he is smelling so good ..

Kunj gets near to her ear and says very softly ik m bht handsome but iska matlb ye nahi tum har jagah he girrti raho taaki m tumhe pakdu.. Dont b soo..

Twinkle suddenly pushes him away and kunj gets back laughing… She says how .. And laughs and starts hitting with her shopping bags .. Kunj holds her hand and says easy mje lag jayegi yr ..Twinkle pushes him again and laughs while leaving.. Kunj turns to look at her going.. Twinkle sets her hair and turns to look at him and smiles .. Both turns back and leaves in opposite directions and both smiles unconditionally…

At night

Twinkle was setting her bed to sleep and her phone rings.. She looks at the screen and see’s KUNJ SARNA name flashing…she smiles and picks the call..

Kunj- hey there ?
Twinkle- yes twinkle here ..
Kunj- soo whats up ??
T- i m great.. Hru?
Kunj- i m also fine..
T- bdia .. Ummm they remain silent for a while doesnt finds words to say..he finally speaks
Kunj- hum zada he formally baat ni krei
Twinkle- xctly v r frnds now.. So y so much formality and ol
Kunj- xctly my point
Twinkle smiles
Kunj- come in ur balcony..
Twinkle — yy
Kunj- just come na..
Kunj was standing in his balcony
Twinkle also comes in her balcony .. Both look at each other.. And twinkle smiles .. Kunj waves .. Twinkle does the same..
Twinkle on call- so u wanted to see me (flirts)
Kunj- offcrse aap h he inni sundar
Twinkle smiles
Kunj- u r blushing
Twinkle – noo i m not , she turns so that kunj doesnt see her and she rubs her cheeks to remove the redness..
Kunj – yes i can see some redness on ur cheeks..
Twinkle- ohhh so u hv cat eyes that u can see in night also..
Kunj- yes.i hv eyes for u
Twinkle- bits her lips and says u r such a flirt .. Both laughs .. N says bye after sometime.. Both waves and enters in their rooms back..
They get on their beds and thinks about each other by looking at the balcony and phones .. And smiles by thinking about Each other and finally sleeps..

***12th episode ends here****

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Credit to: Pali

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